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"Vending Machine" (自動販売機 Jidō Hanbaiki?) is the eleventh episode for the second season of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun series. It was first broadcasted on June 21, 2013. Its screenplay was written by Sunayama Kurasumi, storyboarded by Nagai Tatsuyuki, and directed by Ishii Kazuhiko. The animation of the episode was co-directed by Komatsubara Sei, Ishii Tetsuya, and Taniguchi Motohiro.

The research institutes that have been doing the "experiment" have been shutdown after the efforts of a certain person. After a long and lonely night, Misaka Mikoto finally returns to her everyday life. There, however, a spiky-haired boy appears before her, Kamijou Touma.

But a quarrel is an assurance with the two of them, as Touma seemingly does not remember her leading to Mikoto to become infuriated. Withal, the fuss is made much worse as the yearnful kouhai Shirai Kuroko appears.

Same old same old. Mikoto tries to relieve herself of this every day life of hers, but suddenly, a "Sister" appears before her, who tells her that the experiment is still ongoing, much to Mikoto's shock. Appalled by this revelation, Mikoto is forced to confront this naked truth before her!


On a certain park inAcademy City , Misaka Mikoto stumbles upon a spiky-haired boy in front of a vending machine . She quickly recognizes him as the boy who "rescued" her from the thugs that had tried hitting on her. Although she considers him as an idiot among those who pass by that incident as it unfolded, Mikoto is rather relieved to see him.

Mikoto pushes aside the boy, named Kamijou Touma, and casually smiles at him, although she was greeted by a confused face, followed by a rather rude question: "Who are you?" Mikoto delivers a shock at him out of frustration, but it was quickly nullified by the boy's right hand. As Mikoto stands there disappointed at how her power was nullified, the boy snaps at her for using her esper ability at someone like him.

As if ignoring the boy's complaints, Mikoto focuses on the vending machine in front of her and tells Touma about her experiences with this particular vending machine. However, Mikoto's rather amused that Touma had it worse than her, as the vending machine ate his 2,000-yen bill just moments ago. (In reality, the vending machine actually ate Mikoto's 10,000-yen bill long ago.)

Mikoto decides to help him out. After skipping a few times, she performs a roundhouse kick on the poor vending machine.

Elsewhere, Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu enjoy some leisure time at a garden-themed cafe, where the three girls discuss about Mikoto's misadventures. Kuroko reveals that she has been worried of Mikoto since she started hiding what she has been doing lately, but is trying to be patient to know the truth. Suddenly, Saten hypothesizes that Mikoto might have been going out with a boy all this time, and Uiharu adds more to the speculation by guessing what Mikoto's type of boy is like. Kuroko is rather alarmed at this sudden turn of events that she needed a lot more sugar to her tea than normal.

Then, an alarm, more specifically a vending machine alarm, rings in the air.

Kuroko and Uiharu stand up, preparing to head to that vending machine, but Kuroko seems to have an idea about the racket at that particular vending machine, which is the only one closest to her position, so she decides to go alone.

And much to Kuroko's shock, she finds Mikoto sitting and having a rather interesting conversation with a boy over 2,000 yen worth of canned drinks. As Kuroko realizes the truth behind Mikoto's actions, she decides to confront the alleged boyfriend of her Onee-sama, only to get a shock for creating such a misunderstanding; fortunately, she manages to escape her Onee-sama's wrath thanks to her teleportation ability. After the encounter with Touma, Kuroko thinks that he is not a threat, and she could even use him to undermine the reputation of men in Mikoto's eyes, so she decides to leave him be.

For a moment, amidst this, Kuroko is relieved that Mikoto is finally her typical self again.

On the other hand, although Mikoto is annoyed to see her make a fuss over a normal conversation with a boy, she is rather relieved herself to have been able to return their usual banter.

Then, her calm day is shattered by the presence of "another Biribiri".

As the clueless Touma tries to make sense of seeing two Mikotos in front of him, Mikoto is stunned upon seeing yet another clone after the chaos she experienced following her previous encounter with one. Mikoto confronts her clone about what she was doing, and the word "training" sends chills down the Original's spine. Mikoto then decides to talk to her personally, leaving behind a very puzzled Touma and a stack of canned drinks.

Elsewhere, Mikoto asks the clone about the reason for her activity, and she is shocked to find out that the "experiment", which is the Level 6 Shift Project, is still proceeding according to schedule, and the clone in front of her is the 10,030th experiment. (This means that 61 experiments have been carried out since the death of clone #9968.)

Mikoto is overwhelmed with both shock and confusion, and the epiphany that he has began killing again — or rather Mikoto herself has began killing her clones anew — dawns over her. Meanwhile, the clone in front of her, is rather focused on a nearby cat stuck on some hedges.

At that moment, Mikoto snaps. She tells her clone to leave after feeling uncomfortable of the clone's looks and manner of speaking, which the clone immediately complies to. Then, regret sets in, followed by frustration. As Mikoto clenches her fist, now red after hitting a nearby lamp post, she laments over her rudeness at her clone.

Meanwhile, as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon, Touma ends up lugging the stacks of canned drinks by himself, only to find himself on the ground as he steps on a tennis ball. There, someone who resembles Misaka Mikoto offers a helping hand to him.

On his personal office, Keitz Nokleben receives a visit fromAmai Ao , who seems angry at how many parties turn out to be involved in the development of the Level 6 Shift Project, something which he deems unnecessary. Keitz assures Ao that the project will still be a profitable one despite the amount of outsourcing involved, and he reminds Ao that the smooth progress of the Level 6 Shift Project remains at top priority.

By that night, 183 more facilities are contracted to assist in the Level 6 Project, a fact that daunts Mikoto. To make things worse for, she realizes that the experiments may have been approved by the upper echelons of Academy City.

As Mikoto finds out that Academy City itself may be her enemy at that moment, the experiments continue with impunity. Meanwhile, as Accelerator finishes off yet another clone, he remembers the very first moments of the project, where a mysterious man makes him wonder about the possibilities of acquiring a power that exceeds that of "the strongest". As of the present, he still needs 9,970 kills before he could reach that power.

Later that night, Mikoto spends her time with Kuroko in Tokiwadai's dormitory. Mikoto's dreadful mood makes Kuroko worry once more, and she suspects that "that ape" did something to her. However, what's in Mikoto's mind is the feeling of helplessness that she can no longer do anything about her clones being killed by the strongest esper in Academy City. Soon, Mikoto thinks that the only way to destroy the experiments is to destroy it at its core, exposing the secret of the experiment to the rest of the world.

Mikoto soon asks Kuroko about what she would do if her Onee-sama would so something major to Academy City, and as a true operative of Judgment , Kuroko vows that she will take Mikoto down if she would be a threat to Academy City's peace, although Kuroko points out that she will be Onee-sama regardless.

Moments later, as Kuroko retires to her dreamworld, Mikoto looks at her, seemingly accepting her fate in the hands of Kuroko if ever her actions become a threat to Academy City.

Major Events

  • Kamijou Touma is officially reintroduced to Misaka Mikoto after losing his memories.
  • Shirai Kuroko meets Kamijou Touma.
  • Kamijou Touma and Misaka Mikoto meets Misaka 10031. Touma would later meet Misaka 10032 .
  • Misaka Mikoto discovers that the experiments persist.
  • Amai Ao angrily complains about the splitting of funds of the project.
  • Mikoto opts to do something that would be fundametally detrimental to Academy City.

Adapted From


New Characters


New locations


New Abilities

No new abilities were introduced in this episode


  • Despite their meeting in episode 19 of the first season of Railgun, Touma does not remember Mikoto.
  • The song, stand still by Iguchi Yuka , Index's seiyuu, replaces Grow Slowly as the ending theme during this episode.
  • Misaka 10032 arriving to aid Kamijou Touma with the beverage can is taken from the 3rd light novel volume, likewise is Accelerator's chewing a clone's finger, though that one was taken just before his confrontation with Misaka 10032 in the switchyard. For coverage on the confusion between Misaka 10031 and Misaka 10032, please visit Misaka 10031–10032 confusion page.


  • Mikoto and Touma's first meeting is referenced by Mikoto, as well as their fight in episode 04 in the artificial riverbank.
  • Misaka 10031 recalls through the Misaka Network the cat that Mikoto has taken a liking to back in episode 5.

Cultural References

No notable culture references were introduced during this episode.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Nearly the entire flashback of Touma's first meeting with Mikoto in episode 04 of the first season of Railgun is reused in the beginning of the episode.
  • After Accelerator spits the clone's finger on the ground, it is closed upon but it is censored in the television broadcast.
  • Scenes from episode 5 and 6 are once again reused for this episode.


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Unanswered Questions

  • How involved is the board of directors in the Level 6 Shift Experiment?
  • Now that the experiments have started again, how will Misaka attempt to stop them from here on out?
  • What is the reason that Accelerator wasn't satisfied with being the strongest esper in Academy City and instead wanted to be a level 6?
  • Will Misaka Mikoto talk to the clones again, or will they avoid her?


  • Touma: "What's with her?"―said to Mikoto.
  • Mikoto: "I told you... My name is Misaka Mikoto, damn it!"―said to Touma as a response to the above question.
  • Mikoto: "Chaser!"
  • Saten: "I've tried to avoid this conclusion, but... it has to be a man's doing!"―said to Kuroko and Uiharu regarding Mikoto's strange behavior as of late.
  • Saten: "Misaka-san's the type who wants to be treated like a normal girl."―said to Uiharu on Mikoto's preferred type of man.
  • Kuroko: "My name is Shirai Kuroko; I serve as Onee-sama's herald and lifelong partner. As you seem to be an acquaintance of hers, I must introduce myself."―said to Touma.
  • Mikoto: "What should I do? What can I do?"―regarding on how to stop the still-running Level 6 Shift.
  • Mikoto: "Stop! Stop... The way you speak and the way you look... Don't show yourself like that in front of me!"―to Misaka 10031 after being overwhelmed by despair.
  • Mikoto: "I'm so stupid. How didn't I realize it before? Academy City's constantly under surveillance by cameras and satellites. If there are any inhumane experiments regularly carried out in broad daylight in this city, then the upper echelons of the city leadership must be aware of it. That means... that Academy City as a whole... is my enemy?"
  • Agent: "You're right. You really are the strongest esper. But what has being the strongest done for your life? Not much, has it? But what if you achieved an absolute power, beyond that of the strongest? That'd make some changes in your life."―to Accelerator in a flashback tempting him to join the Level 6 Shift Project.
  • Kuroko: ",I've no idea why you would even ask such a question. However, if someone were to threaten the peace of this city, be it you or anyone else, my duty remains the same."―to Mikoto after she asked a hypothetical question on what she will do if she caused harm to the City.


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