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"Academy City Research Exhibit Assembly" (学園都市研究発表会 Gakuen Toshi Kenkyū Happyōkai?) is the nineteenth episode for the second season for the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaption, and the forty-third episode overall. It was first broadcasted on August 23, 2013. The script was written by Yoshino Hiroyuki and storyboarded as well as directed by Gotoh Keiji. The animation was co-directed by Sato Marina and Naoya Takashi.

Mikoto and the others find a strange girl sleeping in a park flower bed. The girl says her name is Febrie and knows Mikoto's name for some reason. Mikoto has no idea who the girl is and Judgment has not received a notice of a lost child.

Febrie takes a liking to Saten, so Saten and Uiharu work together to look after her. The next day, they check photographs from various databases but find no data on Febrie, so they treat her as a Child Error. Febrie is accepted into Asunaro Park, but they must look after her for the five days until she can enter.

Mikoto struggles to get her to say her name, but...


With the help of Saten's knowledge on how to deal with young children, the girls listen with surprise as the girl named Febrie introduces herself and mentions the name Misaka Mikoto. Saten others wonder if Mikoto knows the girl, to which Mikoto denies. After punishing Kuroko for suggesting that the girl is her daughter, Mikoto decides to introduce herself to Febrie. However, the shy girl quickly goes to Saten's side as if cautious of the girl who is just talking to her.

Mikoto refuses to admit defeat over a young girl, so she uses her rare pink Gekota and a hairclip to charm Febrie by making it dance using her ability. It did work, but Mikoto is shocked as Febrie quickly snatches her pink Gekota and runs away, although Kuroko easily brings her back. A disgruntled Mikoto scolds Febrie for "stealing" her Gekota toy, and Febrie instinctively returns to Saten's side; unfortunately, even Saten, who may already had the little girl's trust, was unable to persuade Febrie to return the Gekota toy to Mikoto.

Night soon falls, and Uiharu and Kuroko decide to contact Judgment for any information about a lost child that matches Febrie's description. To their disappointment, there are no reports of missing persons that match Febrie, and Anti-Skill cannot be contacted at that time. Saten then decides to take care of the then sleeping Febrie for the meantime, putting her experience over younger siblings to good use, although she also decided to ask some assistance from Uiharu as well.

That night, Febrie gets to stay at Uiharu's place. For a moment, she remembers her friend and former roommate Haruue Erii who just left to take care of her long-lost friend Edasaki Banri, but now, Erii's spot in the bedroom is now reserved for the young girl they found earlier. As Febrie munches onto another lollipop, Uiharu and Saten assume that she is hungry, so they prepare dinner for the night, consisting of rice, meatballs, mixed vegetables and some noodles, all of which Febrie accepted heartily. Afterwards, Saten and Febrie enjoy a nice bath together while Uiharu checks up on Febrie's belongings. For a moment, Uiharu notices that her bag is filled with lollipops, and that her dress has its tag ripped away. Soon, she joins the two inside the bathroom.

Meanwhile, over at the Tokiwadai Middle School Dormitory, Mikoto laments at the fact that Febrie took a member of her Gekota collection. Kuroko, however, does not see the reason to be exasperated over losing a children's toy, much to Mikoto's chagrin. Mikoto then remembers how Febrie was familiar of her name and wonders about how she learned of her name and the reason why she is scared of her. Kuroko is utterly shocked at discovering Mikoto's interest in children and decides to act like one for Mikoto's sake, but it spectacularly backfires when it awarded her with an electric shock.

As a charred Kuroko twitches on her bed, Mikoto continues thinking about how Febrie found out about her name.

At the Uiharu Residence, Saten almost dozes off while trying to read a bedtime story for Febrie as she sleeps. She did manage to wake herself up, though. Uiharu then joins her, commenting on how Febrie seemed like an oddball. Then, as Saten gazes at Febrie's cute sleeping face, she gains the curiosity to try out Febrie's lollipop.

Her response, as do Uiharu, Mii, Kuroko and Mikoto's, describes the lollipop's flavor as "intense", to say the least.

Uiharu and Saten take Febrie to 177th Branch of Judgment and Uiharu and continues to look for any information regarding Febrie. Even after adding Febrie to the missing persons list, there has been no immediate responses, causing Kuroko to suspect that Febrie may be a Child Error.

Soon, Erii shows up in the Judgment office after finishing preparations with her new apartment unit. The other girls soon fill her up on Febrie's current situation, and Erii shows her concern about her next place to call home, as she is anxious that not all facilities may treat her nicely as they hoped. Fortunately, Mikoto was able to ask permission fom the Tokiwadai Dormitory Supervisor to take Febrie into Asunaro Park, but the dormitory supervisor tells then that it would take five days to prepare the necessary papers for the transfer. Saten and the girls show their determination in taking care of Febrie during those five days, and Febrie is happy to hear about it, although she continues to ignore Mikoto, much to her despair.

Kuroko soon reminds Uiharu about the security meeting they need to attend for the upcoming Academic Assembly and the girls soon part ways with Erii, who was greeted with joy by Febrie, putting even more salt on the lonely Mikoto's wounds.

As Mii, Kuroko and Uiharu take the girls and Febrie to the venue for the security meeting, Mikoto vows to herself that she will make Febrie say her name before the end of the next five days.

The girls arrive at one of the participating facilities for the Academic Assembly, and Saten notices that it was empty, far from what she was expecting from a widespread event in Academy City. Mii explains that it is unsurprising for someone like Saten to have this kind of impression of the Academic Assembly because it was designed for research and development instead of celebrations and having fun.

Soon, Kongou Mitsuko, along with Awatsuki Maaya and Wannai Kinuho show up, much to Kuroko's shock. As Maaya introduces herself to Febrie, Kongou and Kinuho explain that a senior has asked for their help for the Academic Assembly, a favor Kongou quickly volunteers for. Soon, Maaya tells Kongou and Kinuho that Febrie has agreed to be friends with her, much to Mikoto's threefold despair. The three then leave shortly. Kuroko and Uiharu decide to attend the security meeting, leaving Mikoto and Saten to handle Febrie for the rest of the day. Mikoto takes this as a chance to try to win over Febrie's heart, but Saten seems to have foreseen this, so she decides to leave with Uiharu under the excuse of going to the washroom.

Nearby, a puzzled Yomikawa Aiho checks up on the security perimeter and laments over the large area she has to cover when two students, both operatives of Judgment, are about to receive some supplies for the upcoming event but are unauthorized to do so. As Aiho looks at some documents about the students of the school they are currently assigned at, she discovers that the school is known for their achievements in the Academic Assembly, although students of this school never show up in other venues. Soon, one of the Judgment operatives notices a man walking from a distance, although the girl was barely able to determine the identity of the unknown person.

That man was contacting someone on his phone, reporting about the delivery of certain supplies. He ends the call, but not until telling the person on the other line that he would call once again when he locks on his target.

In the school's courtyard, Mikoto finds herself struggling to interact with Febrie, who impatiently waits for Saten to return. As Mikoto ponders on her next move, Febrie impulsively follows someone wearing a Gekota suit, only to be shocked to find out that inside is a lolicon with blue hair and piercings. She soon roams around the school premises, seemingly disappointed about her meeting with the "guy in a Gekota costume", but soon finds out that her pink Gekota toy is missing. At that moment, the fact that she is lost dawns on Febrie.

Mikoto frantically searches the school perimeter in search for Febrie while holding the Gekota toy she dropped. After quickly calling her friends, they begin a tight search on their missing friend. Fortunately, she and Kongou manage to find Febrie... only to discover that there are three security robots that are speeding towards her. Mikoto quickly calls Febrie's name before leaping to her position, using her ability to hurl the robots away from Febrie.

The Railgun is relieved that Febrie, despite constantly ignoring her, is safe in the arms of Saten, who arrived shortly with Uiharu and Kuroko. Meanwhile, one more person who has shown his interest over Febrie has reported about the sighting through phone.

After what happened earlier, Mikoto apologizes to Saten for almost losing Febrie, but Saten also says sorry for being part of the mess that had happened. Saten then asks Febrie to say sorry for worrying Mikoto a lot. Febrie goes to hug Mikoto, but she actually snatches Mikoto's pink Gekota once again. This time, however, she actually thanks Mikoto for the "gift". Although shocked by Febrie's quick move, Mikoto shows a smile of relief before deciding to start a game of tag with Febrie.

Saten, Uiharu and Kuroko seem relieved that Mikoto has finally become friends with Febrie, while Kongou's "contributions" end up being treated as a joke by Kuroko, much to Kongou's frustration.

Elsewhere, the events that unfolded was discussed by five mysterious figures, who have commented that the opportunity to perform experiments on not only the ranked-fourth Level 5 but the ranked-third as well is—in a twisted irony—a godsend for them. Once more, a votation is opened, revealing yet another unanimous vote... this time, towards the experimentation of the Railgun, Misaka Mikoto!

Major Events

  • Mikoto bonds with Febrie.
  • STUDY proceeds to test their research on Misaka Mikoto.

Adapted from

This episode features original content, as such it is not adapted from any previous material.


New Characters

No new characters were introduced during this episode.


New Locations

No notable locations were introduced during this episode.


New Abilities

No new abilities were introduced during this episode.


  • Despite what Mii says, Anti-Skill in the anime adaptations have been contacted at such late an hour, specifically when Kamijou Touma sees Misaka 10031's body in episode 13.
  • Febrie refers to all her friends using their given names.
  • This marks the first time Aogami Pierce debuts in a Railgun-related work.


  • Mikoto alludes to her Sisters.
  • Erii's moving from the Uiharu Residence is referenced during this episode.
  • Asunaro Park and Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor's work is referenced during this episode.
  • Wannai and Maaya's senpai is once again referenced during this episode.

Cultural References

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Erii's height fluctuates during this episode, specifically in the outside shot of the Judgment 177 Branch Office, she is shown to be taller than all of the girls present there, including Mii.
  • The walking animation for the gang as they try to go to Asunaro Park is poorly animated, with the girls barely moving their bodies and the illusion of their legs moving faked by having them "moved" up and down, especially that of Febrie, whose legs aren't shown allowing for a easier way to hide her walking.
  • During the scene where both Mikoto and Febrie are sitting on the same bench, the shadow for Mikoto's blouse goes over a line. This is quickly corrected after Mikoto flinches when Febrie doesn't respond to her.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Why is Febrie antagonistic to Mikoto?
  • Why is the tag on Febrie's dress ripped?
  • Why does Febrie suck on a strong-tasting lollipop?
  • Is Febrie really a Child Error?
  • What is Febrie's connection with STUDY?
  • Who really is Wannai and Maaya's senpai?
  • What is inside that delivery truck for the assembly?
  • Why didn't anyone see Haruki near those mad security robots?
  • Why didn't Kongou do anything after finding Febrie?


  • Mikoto: "My pink Gekota! There's only a one in 24 chance of getting it!" —Mikoto after her pink Gekota is stolen by Febrie.
  • Mii: "It's... intense."—upon tasting Febrie's strong flavored lollipop.
  • Kongou: "I've made another friend!"—Kongou after Febrie agrees to be her friend.
  • Mikoto: "This is tough. And here I thought kids liked me. No, I can't give up yet! I don't care if she takes this one from me too. I'll give her this rare among rares, with a one in 60 chance of getting one... My rainbow Gekota!"—aside glance.
  • Aogami: "Wow, what a cute little girl!"—Aogami after seeing Febrie.
  • Febrie: "Thanks, Mikoto!"—To Mikoto after stealing her pink Gekota again.


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