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"Febrie" (フェブリ Feburi?) is the twentieth episode for the second season for the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaption, and the forty-forth episode overall. It was first broadcasted on August 30, 2013. It was directed by Suzuki Youhei, the screenplay written by Yamada Yasunori, and storyboarded by Sayama Kiyoko. The episode's animation was co-directed by Motomura Kouichi, Taniguchi Motohiro, Sakai Satoshi, and Komabatsura Seri,

In the venue where the non-esper-based presentation, known as the "Academy Assembly", in Academy City took place, Febrie came upon rogue security robots. And though no great trouble had befallen, there was still doubt and suspicion that was drawn from it, for they should have not malfunctioned and began to move on their own.'

Meanwhile, Mikoto and Febrie bond over Gekota after the battle, and later joins up with Judgment's Konori and the others, there they dared to go inside naked in a public bath! As they make their way home, Powered Suits come attacking. Mikoto tries to control them using her ability but it doesn't work for some reason. She is saved however with the intervention of Kongou. However, Febrie suddenly collapses―.


Anti-Skill heads to the scene shortly after Uiharu, Mii and Kuroko report a case of malfunctioning security robots in one of the schools participating in the Academic Assembly. Yomikawa Aiho, one of those who responded to the call, laments at the repercussions of this incident to Anti-skill's reputation, while her colleague inspects the security robots. To the other Anti-skill's surprise, he discovers that the security robots has yet to receive their power sources, making their sudden malfunctioning episode a mystery to both Judgment and Anti-skill.

As the perplexed Anti-skill and Judgment operatives look at the remains of the security robots, a mysterious purple object is seen lying on the ground nearby.

Uiharu finds out that the inspection of the malfunctioned security robots will take longer than expected, so she decides to stay for the meantime. Meanwhile, Saten prepares to leave with Mikoto and Febrie. Mikoto is still preoccupied with winning over Febrie's attention, and is doing everything she could to bring back the rare pink Gekota that Febrie refuses to let go. Soon, Kongou shows up with Maaya and Kinuho, and Mikoto and Saten take the chance to thank them for helping with the search for Febrie earlier. Although delighted to be invited for some tea by Mikoto, Kongou decides to stay with Kinuho and Maaya in their work. Febrie, Mikoto and Saten head out shortly after.

In an unknown location, the mysterious group contemplates on using the data they acquired from the Rank 4 Level 5 Mugino Shizuri. They consider the lack of preparation time for such an experiment, but the green light was given nonetheless, their excitement as high as ever.

In a branch of Julians, Mikoto, Saten and Febrie head over for a quick snack, with Febrie enjoying being spoonfed some ice cream by Saten, much to Mikoto's chagrin (i.e., she loses a chance to get back her rare Gekota).

Judgment's work in the case of the malfunctioning security robots is done for today. As Mii laments on the fatigue on her body, Kuroko notices the similarities between the case with another seemingly unrelated incident involving traffic lights that went haywire. In response, Uiharu comments that something unusual such as the string of malfunctions occuring recently is something that would pique Saten's interest.

Mii suddenly decides to invite everyone, including Mikoto, Saten and Febrie over to a hot springs. Kuroko quickly finds it as a chance to be intimate with Mikoto, but she finds the Tokiwadai Dormitory Manager as a wall that stands before her and Mikoto, who is already enjoying the bath inside with the other girls. To Mikoto's relief, Febrie seems fine with her washing her hair, and Mii, Saten and Uiharu admire at the somewhat "sisterly" bond Mikoto has with Febrie at that moment.

Although happy at first, the mention of "sister" quickly reminded Mikoto of the dark memories she had involving her clones — which she treats as "sisters". But Mikoto manages to muster a smile as she finally decides to give her rare pink Gekota to Febli for good, a decision that surprises the others.

Having fun with her Onee-sama is just at the other side of the frosted glass door. Unfortunately, Kuroko needs to massage the Tokiwadai Dormitory Manager, robbing her of that perfect chance to be with Mikoto.

The girls soon part ways with Mii at late afternoon, and the four girls and Febrie head back home before sunset. Mikoto notices that Febrie has gotten used to sleeping on Saten's back, but the latter reminds Mikoto that Febrie will only stay by her side for five more days until she is integrated into Asunaro Park. Although the girls feel a bit sad about their numbered days with Febrie, Uiharu remains optimistic about it.

Soon, the girls discover that the path ahead of them is closed, and they decide to follow the detours. Minutes later, they end up at a seemingly abandoned warehouse. Uiharu, perplexed by their current situation, decides to check the map function of her phone, only to be surprised that Kongou Mitsuko has been trying to call her and Mikoto dozens of times during their stay in the hot springs.

Then, the shutters of the warehouse burst open, and a machine which bears a resemblance to the HsPS-15 units emerge from inside, heading straight towards Mikoto. Saten, Kuroko and Uiharu stand back as Mikoto takes on the mechanical unit alone. To Mikoto's surprise, the machine was unharmed by her electrical attacks, and she suspects that this machine has no electronic components, leaving her confused about how it is able to move without those parts inside. Mikoto is forced to use another application of her ability — the manipulation of iron sand — to deal with the mechanical threat.

Saten barely leaves unharmed as Mikoto hurls the machine into several steel beams and almost fell down on her and Febrie. Kuroko manages to teleport her and Febrie away in time, but with Uiharu unable to contact Anti-skill due to a lack of signal coverage. Then, Febrie suddenly runs towards the Gekota she dropped in the chaos. Mikoto goes to take her to safety, but the mechanical enemy quickly approaches them for the kill.

Suddenly, their enemy suddenly stops. Then, a steel beam comes flying towards the machine, throwing it far away from Mikoto and Febrie. Meanwhile, Kongou Mitsuko shows up and brags about her timely entrance.

Once again, the girls are faced with a case of a machine that malfunctions with possibly lethal effects. But this time, the machine involved is expected to be piloted but is completely empty. Then, Febrie suddenly becomes feverish at the aftermath of the unexpected battle.

Kuroko manages to contact Anti-skill this time, and Aiho once more inspects the destroyed machine. Again, the machine involved had no batteries inside, and there are no pilots controlling the machine from the inside. What added to the mystery was that no security cameras recorded anything out of the ordinary, and that Uiharu and Kuroko's phone lost their coverage during the incident. Aiho decides to handle the case herself and advises Uiharu and Kuroko to focus more on their friend, which was taken into a nearby hospital after the incident.

As Kuroko and Uiharu head to Mizuho Medical Institute, Aiho discovers an unusual transparent container inside the empty cockpit of the machine.

Mikoto and Saten, who are in Mizuho Medical Institute, came with Febrie, who was just admitted into the hospital after what happened to her. As Mikoto tries to cheer Saten up, the doctors come out with Febrie still in a worrisome condition. To make things worse, even the doctors admit that they cannot do anything about her unusual fever. Febrie is then scheduled to be transferred to a bigger hospital as soon as possible. All Mikoto could do at that moment for her was to give the pink Gekota back to her hands before seeing her disappear into the hallway.

Elsewhere, the experiment involving Mikoto was regarded as a success, making Mikoto an equally viable target for the experiments, although the results were both expected and disappointing. Nonetheless, the results allow their plans to go to yet another stage... this time, directly targeting Febrie herself.

Inside a certain hospital where Febrie was transferred to, both Saten and Mikoto are left puzzled as to what happened to Febrie. However, Mikoto has a hunch that the attack earlier that afternoon is targeting her alone. And seeing another civilian get hurt because of her leaves a bitter feeling in her heart. Uiharu and Kuroko soon arrive, relaying the investigations currently done by Anti-Skill regarding the incidents. Kongou also shows up, revealing that she had been calling them to give a warning about a man she had seen earlier in the school premises during Febrie's short disappearance. She then tells them that she, Kinuho and Maaya overheard a conversation of that man with another person about "reclaiming Febri". Kongou leaves shortly after receiving a worried call from Maaya and Kinuho.

The four girls wonder about the phrase "reclaiming Febri", finding it weird to use the word "reclaim" for a person, and Mikoto is clearly uneasy about it.

The girls spend the rest of the night in the hospital, and the frog-faced doctor tells them good news of Febrie regaining her consciousness. As Saten, Kuroko and Uiharu accompany Febrie in the hospital room, the frog-faced doctor decides to have a private talk with Mikoto.

Outside, the frog-faced doctor reveals that Febrie's condition improved on her own, and that he cannot do anything for Febrie...

...because she is "fully and scientifically manmade".

Major Events

  • Febrie is revealed to be man-made.

Adapted from

This episode features original content, as such it is not adapted from any previous material.


New Characters


New Locations

No notable locations were introduced this episode.


New Abilities

No new abilities were revealed this episode.


  • The other students in STUDY are finally given voices.
  • Shinobu's face is finally revealed.
  • Saten hums A Certain Tune as she enters the bathhouse.


  • STUDY references the test done on Mugino Shizuri back in episode 18. Moreover, Kongou, Wannai, and Awatsuki recall their meeting him from that episode.

Cultural References

  • No references to culture were introduced during this episode.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Scenes from episodes 5 and 16 were reused for Mikoto's flashback sequence in the bathhouse.
  • The frame of a fully white Kuroko sticking her tongue out while having her fist on her head and smiling from episode 1 of the very first season is reused again in this episode.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Why couldn't Mikoto control the Powered Suit?
  • Why did the Powered Suit suddenly shut down?
  • What is that blond strand of hair inside the case?
  • If Febrie was man-made, then who made her?


  • Kongou: "What are you saying? How could I, Kongou Mitsuko, abandon my friends?"—To Kinuho and Maaya.
  • Saten: "To be honest, I've never been to any of the exhibits before, either. Must be nice to have a field \Nyou can immerse yourself in. Maybe I should research something too. Like urban legends!"—To Mikoto on the Academy Research Exhibition Assembly.
  • Kuroko: "'ve dreamed of bathing with Onee-sama for so long! Worry not, Onee-sama! I'll make sure to clean every inch of your body! All your bits and tits too!"—To Mikoto.
  • Kuroko: "Oh, paradise is just beyond those doors! My own, personal paradise!"—Said as she massages the Dorm Supervisor's foot.
  • Mikoto: "I don't know who or what was behind that, but it was after me. Another innocent bystander got hurt because of me..."
  • Heaven Canceller: "She's not human... She is, fully and scientifically, man-made."—To Mikoto, regarding Febri.


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