Daihaseisai (大覇星祭 Daihaseisai?, alt. "Daihasei Festival", lit. "Grand Champion Star Festival") is the 2nd episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. It was broadcast on January 17th 2020.

With the opening ceremony concluding safely(?), the Daihaseisai finally begins. Once again, Saten hears about a certain urban legendShadow Metal—and receives a scolding from Kuroko. Meanwhile, in the pair competition where Mikoto was supposed to participate, her supposed partner Kuroko's arrangement with Kongou enabled the Fuujin-Raijin combo to make its appearance instead.

In the Three-Legged Race, the very first event, despite being targeted by the other competing schools, they show off their slight edge in using their abilities and made a good show. Amidst the sporting events unfolding between espers that are enjoyed by audiences inside and outside of Academy City, on the other side, there are people who are planning for something...


At a certain hospital, Konori Mii delivered a special request from Kuroko: a special wheelchair that Kuroko thinks is better suited for Judgment duties than the ones provided by the hospital. Mii voices her concern for her colleague for wanting to go back to duty at once. Kuroko, however, is determined to return to work so that Uiharu would not exert too much for her sake. Meanwhile, the Management Committee is relieved about completing their Level 5 scouting mission, but can't help but have a bad feeling about the opening ceremony about to unfold.

The Daihaseisai starts the opening ceremony with the Athlete's Pledge, with Shokuhou Misaki and Sogiita Gunha on the spotlight. The pledge starts as normal until Gunha begins to improvise on the pledge with his own flavor of guts, ending it with an Amazing Punch that sends the surrounding attendees flying.

The events start immediately after the opening ceremony. Elsewhere, Saten and Uiharu talk about an urban legend called "Shadow Metal", a mysterious (and potentially rare and expensive) substance created when hundreds of espers clash. Saten is promptly scolded by Kuroko for spreading rumors and getting into trouble, but she manages to distract the Teleporter by showing footage of Mikoto and Kongou as they prepare for the Three-Legged Race event.

  • Misaki and Gunha reciting the Athlete's Pledge.
  • Gunha forgets the Athlete's Pledge.
  • Misaki's speech being drowned out by Gunha's fiery speech.
  • Gunha ending the speech with his Amazing Punch.
  • Two teachers agree that the ceremony is a bust.
  • Misaki sulks saying she was defeated.
  • Saten talking to Uiharu about an urban legend.
  • Kuroko scolds Saten for spreading rumors.
  • Saten manages to distract Kuroko with footage of Mikoto.
  • Mikoto and Kongou teaming in Three-Legged Race event.

As Misaki loses her advantage in the 100-meter Dash event due to her sling bag taken by Judgment, the Three-Legged Race starts with the participants of Airin Girls' High School wrapping the other competitors, Mikoto and Kongou included, with bandages, giving them a headstart. The girls eventually get caught in the "hamster trap" set by the participants of Ninoudefuzoku Middle School, while the representatives of Habatobi High School simply swatted them hamsters aside.

Habatobi High School remains on the lead on the home stretch to the finish line, with Ninoudefuzoku Middle School and Tokiwadai Middle School on the pursuit. The competitors of Ninoudefuzoku slipped from the friction trap left behind by Habatobi, while Mikoto maintained their pace using magnetism. The Habatobi pair then exposed their trump card, with Amime manipulating friction on their feet and Todoroki igniting the water particles in the air to launch themselves into the finish line. However, the fire caught a piece of bandage stuck on Amime's shoulder, causing panic to the pair. Due to the quick thinking of Mikoto and Kongou, the Habatobi pair who was launched off-course landed safely. The defeated Habatobi pair later realize that iron sand was mixed with the asphalt from the start of the race, which was prepared by Mikoto in case they would take the lead.

  • Habatobi High School remain in the lead.
  • Habatobi pair set a friction trap.
  • Mikoto used magnetism to keep their pace.
  • Todoroki boosts the pair with his ability.
  • Fire catches on a piece of bandage, causing panic to the pair.
  • The pair launch off-course.
  • Mikoto and Kongou launch a shock-absorbing mat.
  • The pair is landed safely on a shock-absorbing mat.
  • The pair realised they have iron sand on themselves.
  • Mikoto and Kongou win the Three-Legged Race.

Tokiwadai Middle School wins the Three-Legged Race, although Kuroko is jealous because she is unable to join her as Mikoto's partner. Meanwhile, Saten stumbled upon a seemingly familiar girl struggling with her phone. After receiving help from Saten, the girl contacted a certain Professor about her successful infiltration of Academy City who promptly gave her a mission as an operative of MEMBER.

Mikoto meets Uiharu and Saten after the Three-Legged Race, who celebrate her victory. Although pleased by her performance, she considers a change of clothes, but realizes that she would be unable to catch up to the next event if she does. Suddenly, Mikoto's mother Misuzu appears, much to the amazement of the two. Misuzu, who bears a striking resemblance to Mikoto "except for certain areas", quickly becomes curious about "him" that Mikoto is mumbling about, and Saten and Uiharu filled Misuzu in on the details, much to Mikoto's shock.

At the main stadium, after watching the Tug-of-war Event takes place, Kinuho and Maaya talk about their competitive spirit, and they wonder if they still need to learn about fighting with others. Then, they witness a group of students who want to "overthrow Tokiwadai Middle School" as they are approached by Kongou Mitsuko and her posse. After showing amazement towards Kongou's graceful handling of the situation, a Tokiwadai student approached Kinuho and Maaya, revealing that they cannot find Mikoto for the next event. Here, they saw someone who closely resembles Mikoto (who has been seen sulking about not being able to join the events) and they take her to the venue of the next event. Moments later, Mikoto stumbles upon her lookalike and is surprised to discover her playing for Tokiwadai.

  • Mikoto meets Uiharu and Saten after the Three-Legged Race.
  • Uiharu and Saten surprised to see Mikoto's mother Misuzu
  • Saten states Misuzu has "certain areas" which Mikoto does not have.
  • Misuzu is curious about a certain person who helps Mikoto.
  • Misuzu, Uiharu and Saten discussing together about a certain person.
  • Which leaves Mikoto emabarrassed.
  • Kinuho and Maaya talking about fighting with others.
  • Tokiwadai student approached Kinuho and Maaya as they cannot find Mikoto.
  • Kinuho and Maaya mistook Misaka 10032 for Mikoto
  • Mikoto hides as Misaka 10032 takes her place as a participant.

The Balloon Hunter is about to begin, with Tokiwadai Middle School facing another school which another operative of MEMBER, Baba Yoshio, currently belongs to. As Baba prepares for a plan to "render her powerless", he stands against Tokiwadai, with Mikoto's clone unaware of what is about to unfold.

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Major EventsEdit

  • The Daihaseisai finishes its opening ceremony with the Athlete's Pledge led by Shokuhou Misaki and Sogiita Gunha. The Athlete's Pledge went into slight disarray as Gunha began improvising his lines.
  • The sporting events began after the opening ceremony. Among those are the 100-meter Dash, Tug-of-war, Three-Legged Race, and Scavenger Hunt. Nagatenjouki Academy remained undefeated in the events they participated, while Tokiwadai Middle School won the Three-Legged Race.
  • Operatives from MEMBER mobilize themselves during the bustle of Daihaseisai.


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New AbilitiesEdit

  • Ability summoning earth pillars - Aoki
  • Ability manipulating anything touches (Telekinesis-type)- Unnamed Airin Girls' High School student
  • Ability breaking down anything to raw material - Unnamed Airin Girl's High School student
  • Telepath whose ability is limited to only hamsters - Two unnamed Ninoudefuzoku Middle School students
  • Ability involving manipulation of coefficient of friction - Amime
  • Ability involving manipulation of water particles - Todoroki


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  • Two unnamed female students of Airin Girls' High School are voiced by Yamane Aya and Shiraki Nao.
  • Two unnamed female students of Ninoudefuzoku Middle School are voiced by Kazama Mayuko and Ogino Hazuki.
  • Two unnamed students in Balloon Hunter are voiced by Watanabe Mitsuru and Mino Yuudai.
  • Xochitl debuts her disguised appearance, something that was completely removed in her debut in Toaru Majutsu no Index III.
  • The anime adapts Baba Yoshio's chubbier appearance from the manga in contrast to his much slimmer appearance in Toaru Majutsu no Index III.


  • Saten asks Xochitl if they have met somewhere before, indicating that the events of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City, which were teased in the final episode of Railgun S, may have occurred.[1][2]
  • By the time Mikoto met her mother in the Daihaseisai, Mikoto already finished participating in the Scavenger Hunt event, where she was featured dragging a "spiky-haired boy".[3]
  • Awatsuki Maaya and Wannai Kinuho's conversation about not having fought before reveals that their participation in the Silent Party is not recognized by canon.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Kongou references in this episode her combination with Mikoto as the Fuujin and Raijin combo respectively, the god of thunder and the god of wind in Japanese mythology and Shintoism, before the Three-Legged Race.
  • Xochitl's phone resembles the one used by Kuroko, with a compact design and pull-out film-like screen.

Differences in AdaptationEdit

Fukiyose Seiri takes Shokuhou Misaki's bag - Railgun Chp 44

Fukiyose taking Shokuhou's bag in the manga.

Animation TriviaEdit

  • The spectators are all CGI.


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