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Trust (信頼 Shinrai?) is the 5th episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. It will be broadcast on February 7th 2020. The episode was directed and storyboarded by Hashimoto Toshikazu, and the screenplay written by Ishino Atsuo.

Due to a setback in finding her sister, Mikoto is forced to stay with members of Shokuhou's clique, unable to do anything. Moreover, Kuroko and the others, who were supposed to be her last hope, lost their memories of Mikoto because of Shokuhou.

Mikoto is in a race against time, but the pair Balloon Sandwich event she has planned to join with Kongou allowed her to explain the situation to her. Kongou reveals that in the Balloon Hunter event, she was aware that Mikoto herself did not join the competition. As the match ends, Kongou begins her search of Mikoto's "sister" as promised and, at the spot where she collapsed, a clue in the form of a black cat is found. However, as she tirelessly follows more clues, Kongou has an encounter with MEMBER's Baba...


Although enraged by Shokuhou Misaki's tampering of the memories of her friends, Mikoto still considers the possibility of asking help from them, even as a stranger. Nonetheless, as the next event for Tokiwadai is about to begin, Mikoto is forced to accompany Misaki's clique to the event venue. Meanwhile, after a noteworthy performance in a previous event, Kongou encounters Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu. Immediately, she notices that something is unusual with the way Kuroko ranted about the Railgun of Tokiwadai, and both Kinuho and Maaya wonder if the two had a fight earlier.

Mikoto and Kongou eventually meet for the Balloon Sandwich event. Here, Kongou reveals that she is aware of Mikoto's "sister" joining the Balloon Hunter event in her place. Mikoto immediately sees this as a chance to ask help regarding the whole situation about Misaki and her clone and, throughout the race, tells her side of the story. After their victorious run in the Balloon Sandwich event, a dismayed Kongou agrees to help, but also warns her that anyone, including Kongou herself, may already be under Misaki's control. For this reason, Kongou instead vows to bring back her "sister" to show that she is on her side.

With the attention of Misaki's clique still focused on Mikoto, Kongou begins her own search for Mikoto's "sister". Hokaze Junko, a key member of the clique, becomes interested in Mikoto after finding out the Ace of Tokiwadai's Gekota merchandise, and Mikoto soon realizes that she is falling into Junko's "trap" as their conversation goes on.

Kongou manages to track down the last known location of Mikoto's "sister". She is puzzled about Misaki's decision not to use Mental Out on her directly, and she begins speculating on her possible actions as she looks for more clues at the site. Kongou soon finds a Gekota mask and a black cat that Kinuho later identifies as the cat that accompanies Mikoto's "sister". After being told of Mikoto's "sister" going missing, Kinuho decides to contact her Psychometer friend. The two girls are unaware that Baba, through his robot dogs, are scouring for information about Mikoto's "sister" after contacting a girl in a gothic nurse attire about his progress. Baba then goes out to meet Kongou to talk about the missing "sister" in private.

At an open area, Baba talks about being asked to shelter Mikoto's sister and requests for an exchange of information about her. Kongou, however, remains suspicious of the boy's intentions, and is quick to respond as several robot dogs attack her. Although unsure if Baba is on Misaki's side or is part of another group interested in Mikoto's "sister", Kongou is certain that the boy in front of him is an enemy.

Baba uses the power of numbers in an attempt to overwhelm Kongou, confident about his intel on her ability. However, Kongou manages to overturn the situation by using her Aero Hand to launch a nearby parabolic antenna on Baba and his robot dogs. Baba realizes that his Type: Great Dane robots are no match for Kongou's ability, so he diverts his attention to the black cat accompanying her. Moments later, Kongou is in a vulnerable state due to the effects of Baba's Type: Mosquito that attacked her while she protects the cat from danger. Baba proceeds to mock both Kongou, for helping someone without anything in return, and Mikoto, for dragging other people into her business. While still protecting the cat, Kongou desperately tries to keep Baba from walking away and asks him to take back his scathing remarks about Mikoto. This annoys Baba into kicking Kongou until she passes out.

Reminding himself that she needs Kongou alive to extract vital information about Mikoto's "sister", Baba prepares to have Kongou carried back to his control center nearby. At that moment, Saten, who saw Kongou accompanied by Baba earlier, brought Kinuho and Maaya to the area in pursuit of her, only to see Kongou in a bad state. For the first time, Kinuho and Maaya felt rage in their hearts. After asking Saten to carry Kongou and the cat to safety, Kinuho and Maaya prepare to confront the one who hurt their friend.

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  • Animal-type Psychometrist from Tokiwadai, credited as Swimming Team member, is voiced by Shibata Mei.
  • Three unnamed members of Shokuhou Misaki's Clique are voiced by Sasaki Hitomi, Yamane Aya, and Hirose Yuuki.
  • Two male students are voiced by Mino Yuudai and Matsuoka Youhei.


Cultural References

  • In the medical overview of Misaka 10032, there are references to medical terms such as:
    • DSA+ may refer to Donor-Specific Antibodies, with the + indicating the patient tested positive for these, which are antibodies that cause rejection of tissue after a transplant as they see the transplanted tissue as hostile, foreign matter to the body, or Dynamic Search Algorithm, an algorithm which dynamically adjusts the amount of computer resources needed to maintain a certain quality of service for a specific action.
    • The Copenhagen interpretation is an expression of the meaning of quantum mechanics that was largely devised from 1925 to 1927 by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. The anime misspelled this as "Copenhargen Interpretation".

Differences in Adaptation

  • Misaka and Kongou competing in the Balloon Race while the former explains her situation to the latter is skipped completely.
  • A crow attacks Misaka 10032's cat instead of dogs thereby removing the scene where Kongou is chased by them.

Animation Trivia

  • The crow that attacks Misaka 10032's cat is completely CGI.

Unanswered Questions

  • What will Misaki do to Misaka 10032?


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