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Auribus oculi fideliores sunt. (Auribus oculi fideliores sunt.見ることは聞くことより信じるに値する Mirukoto wa Kikukoto yori Shinjiru ni Ataisuru?, alt. "The Eyes Are More Trustworthy Than The Ears") is the 7th episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. Originally planned to air on February 21st 2020, the episode's broadcast was delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.[1] It was broadcast on February 28th 2020.[2] The episode was directed by Mori Yoshihiro, the screenplay written by Inotsume Shinichi, and storyboarded by Nihei Yuichi.

Wannai and the others stumbled upon a clue as their gamble on using Psychometry on Misaka Imouto's black cat paid off. Saten, who was supposed to relay this information to Mikoto, had a bad feeling about the fact that she already had Mikoto's contact details on her phone and decided to consult Kuroko about it. Mikoto, who was contacted by Saten, rushed to their meeting place, but Kouzaku Mitori, who took Uiharu hostage beforehand, made her appearance.

Mikoto raised her guard at Kouzaku's mention of the Sisters and the Level 6 Shift project as she examines if this person tracking her behind the scenes is related to Shokuhou or not. Mikoto appears to have saved Uiharu as she takes control of the situation, but Kouzaku has taken her mother Misuzu as hostage as well!


After crushing Baba Yoshio's Type: Mantis robot, Mikoto investigates his hideout truck. Although not surprised that Baba, who was able to escape the scene, has not left much evidence to be extracted from his computers, Mikoto instead concludes that the truck's size is the type that travels along main roads and shifts her investigation to the security cameras installed nearby.

Shokuhou Misaki's clique is split between searching for Mikoto and attending the next sporting event. Amidst this dilemma, Kinuho brings good news to Maaya and Saten regarding Kongou's condition. As they leave Kongou to recover, they meet again with the Psychometer from earlier, hoping that her ability would pick up clues from sensory information still in Misaka Imouto's cat. The Psychometer was able to see a "tall man" and a girl, with the tall man asking about a certain "Auribus Oculi Fideliores Sunt". Soon, Kinuho and Maaya part ways with the Psychometer, heading back to Kongou's hospital room to watch over her. Meanwhile, Saten is asked to contact Mikoto about the clue they found, and she is startled at how she has her number despite not being familiar with the Ace of Tokiwadai.

As Mikoto tries to look for a better way to track down the roads Baba's truck took, Uiharu meets Misaka Misuzu as she is in Judgment duty. Misuzu is amazed at how the GPS system embedded in the IDs of all visitors within Academy City during the Daihaseisai helps in locating lost persons during the event. She is unaware that someone is using this exact system to locate her and Uiharu to be used as hostages.

Confused about the current situation, Saten decides to meet up with Kuroko to talk about the attack on Kongou and the involvement of Misaka Mikoto in the situation. Although Kuroko is still in denial that someone like Mikoto is their friend, Kuroko decides to help out as part of her duties in Judgment. Saten then contacts Mikoto by phone and relays the information they recently obtained from the Psychometer, agreeing to meet her with Kuroko somewhere.

Mikoto's call with Saten is interrupted by a cloaked girl who has taken an unconscious Uiharu as a hostage. Forced to end the call to keep Uiharu safe, Mikoto confronts the cloaked girl, who then reminds Mikoto of her attacks on their "villas", stealing information related to the Sisters and the Level 6 Shift project. The cloaked girl also comments on Mikoto's amazing feat of being able to live a carefree life despite being exposed to the "true face" of Academy City on multiple occasions.

Mikoto shrugs aside the cloaked girl's provocations and focuses on saving Uiharu. But, she is startled as the cloaked girl reveals another hostage—her mother, Misaka Misuzu—guarded by someone who looks exactly like the cloaked girl in front of her. Regardless, Mikoto pushes through with her plan to save Uiharu. By using her electricity to unhinge the bench where Uiharu was located, Mikoto launches herself into her enemy, putting herself between Uiharu and the cloaked girl. The "other" cloaked girl voices her disappointment in the breakdown of negotiations and is about to eliminate her hostage when Kuroko appears to quickly teleport out Misuzu from the area.

As one of the cloaked girls flees from the scene, Kuroko brings Misuzu to Mikoto as she prepares to apprehend the other cloaked girl, who was unconscious after receiving Mikoto's electricity. But, to their shock, the other cloaked girl is not human and is impervious to both electricity and Kuroko's metal bolts. Then shortly, this cloaked girl, which is made out of liquid metal, lost its form. Meanwhile, the real cloaked girl escapes into the sewers. Voicing out the difficulty of holding negotiations, she recalls what happened earlier and concludes that there may still be a chance of getting information about the Sisters at another time.

At a nearby park, Kuroko confronts Mikoto about how she had a hunch that she was there during the confrontation with the cloaked girl. Mikoto reveals that she was able to assume that Kuroko would come based on Saten's attempts to call Uiharu during the ordeal, and she thanks Kuroko for allowing her to help rescue her friend and for being there to save her mother. Kuroko becomes flustered because of Mikoto's compliments, and this feeling intensifies as Mikoto offers to assist her as she remains injured.

Mikoto, Kuroko and Saten return to Judgment 177 Branch Office, where Misuzu and Uiharu are given a chance to rest. Meanwhile, Saten decides to divulge what she knows about Shokuhou Misaki, the girl seen by the Psychometer earlier, and the urban legend site Auribus Oculi Fideliores Sunt. Aware that content on the Internet cannot be truly deleted, Saten is certain that someone is trying to cover up the traces of the site. Mikoto eventually links this to the attack on Uiharu, and Saten suggests that there might still be data left in Uiharu's computer. Upon opening Uiharu's computer to restore its deleted data, Mikoto, Kuroko and Saten discover a news article related to "a DNA computer that can give rise to esper abilities" with a picture of Shokuhou Misaki featured.

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Qualia, Ep4, "villas" mentioned by Mitori
  • The Animal-type Psychometrist from Tokiwadai, credited as 'Swimming Team member', is voiced by Shibata Mei.
  • Two unnamed members of Shokuhou Misaki's Clique are voiced by Sasaki Hitomi and Minami Mayu.
  • Sound distortion can be heard in Mitori's voice during Mikoto's confrontation with her, foreshadowing how Mikoto was facing a liquid metal doll of Mitori instead of the real deal.


  • The scene of Mikoto agreeing to give her DNA map a researcher from Railgun S Episode 2 is used during Mitori's enumeration of all the dark side things Misaka has been involved in.[3]

Cultural References

  • Yoshio Baba is using a Windows-styled keyboard in this episode. The logo seen in the keyboard is the combination of pre-XP and post-Windows 8 logos.
  • In philosophy and certain models of psychology, qualia are defined as individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.

Differences in Adaptation

  • Misuzu checking her phone is an anime-original scene.
  • The station building seen in the manga gets changed in this episode.[4]
  • The mention of Mikoto and Kuroko on encountering a rock doll before is cut in the adaptation.[5][6]

Animation Trivia

  • The liquid metal doll's mouth during Mitori's confrontation with Misaka is mostly either not drawn in distant shots or off-screen in close-ups, as part of the twist that the one Misaka is confronting is not the real Mitori.

Unanswered Questions

  • What is the mystery regarding Misaki, who was seen in the website?


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