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Railgun × Mental Out (超電磁砲 (レールガン) × 心理掌握 (メンタルアウト) Chō-Denjihō (Rērugan) × Shinri Shōaku (Mentaru Auto)?) is the 8th episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. It was broadcast on March 20th 2020,[1] having been delayed at least two weeks from March 6th 2020 after the airing of Episode 7.[2] The episode was directed by Sokuza Makoto, the screenplay written by Yasukawa Shogo, and storyboarded by Takada Kouichi.

With the help of information from Saten and the clues obtained from Uiharu's computer, Mikoto located Shokuhou's hideout at School District 2 and confronted the girl in question. However, what she heard from Shokuhou was something unexpected. Misaka Imouto was in fact under her safekeeping, and she was responsible for the "exclusion" of Mikoto and the manhunt for the Sisters. Additionally, the proponent of the Level 6 Shift Project, Kihara Gensei, was the mastermind behind the latest incident. The two Level 5s built a momentary partnership, heading towards Gensei, where everything began!


At Judgment 177 Branch Office, Mikoto gains access to Uiharu's computer and restores the deleted data from the Auribus Oculi Fideliores Sunt website. Here, Mikoto, Saten and Kuroko discover a news article about a "DNA computer that generates abilities", with a picture of Shokuhou Misaki featured. Kuroko identifies the building in the picture as one similar to the Judgment office in School District 2, prompting Mikoto to visit it to investigate. After thanking Saten for the information, she promises to bring back Shokuhou so that she can restore their memories and leaves her mother in their care.

Shokuhou Misaki thinks about the complicated situation she is currently involved in, starting from when she and her associate Keitz Nokleben found the unconscious "sister" of Misaka Mikoto up to the article that exposed Shokuhou's identity. She is surprised that a friend of Mikoto's ends up involved due to her intrusion of the "hidden" Auribus Oculi Fideliores Sunt website, but realizes that it is inevitable. Soon, Mikoto confronts Misaki to ask her questions involving her "sister" and other things. Misaki assures Mikoto that her "sister" is safe, and recommends accompanying her while she presses her for more questions.

As Saten empathizes Mikoto's situation, Kuroko continues her investigation of the attacker who kidnapped Uiharu and Mikoto's mother earlier. Kuroko is still hesitant about believing that someone had tampered with their memories, but she shows an interest in giving out information from the Bank to Mikoto if it would help in the situation.

Mikoto and Misaki board a container truck away from the School District 2 headquarters of Judgment. Misaki refuses to allow Mikoto access to the whereabouts of her "sister" still. Meanwhile, Mikoto asks about the group of people who were initially presumed as Misaki's allies but were still on the search of her clones despite Misaki already achieving that feat. Misaki reveals that they are also her enemy, and their actions may be related to the "setback" in the Level 6 Shift Project and how one organization is aiming to obtain the Sisters (and possibly the access to the Misaka Network) for themselves. In order to interfere with this plan, Misaki decided to infect the Network with an electrical virus input through the Sister in her custody. This way, anyone who attempts to kidnap another clone, even if it is Kihara Gensei, the proponent of the Level 6 Shift Project, would be unable to break into the Misaka Network. Misaki reveals that they are heading to School District 9, where Gensei himself is secretly attending the International Psychic Power Research Conference. She is using this opportunity to finish the entire issue once and for all.

Putting aside Kihara Gensei, Mikoto confronts Misaki about her motive for manipulating the memories of her friends, as well as how the situation threatened Kongou's life. Misaki's lack of concern towards the events that unfolded enraged Mikoto, but Misaki reminds Mikoto that her excessive sense of trust had caused the Radio Noise and Level 6 Shift projects. Misaki also tells Mikoto that she always reads the minds of people she works with, and she does not want to work with someone whose mind cannot be looked into. In this particular situation, however, Misaki agreed to help Mikoto out of respect for her devotion to her friends, and to get the job done more quickly.

Uiharu wakes up for the first time after the attack on her and Misuzu earlier, and despite Saten's initial choice to keep their investigation with Kuroko a secret from her, the two girls decide to inform her about the current situation. Although Uiharu is sad about acting as a hurdle to her friends, Kuroko presses her into action, openly trusting her abilities in obtaining information.

At School District 9, Mikoto immediately rushes to the conference hall, as she thinks about the Level 6 Shift Project and its ultimate goal. Meanwhile, Misaki struggles to catch up, which is almost mistaken by Mikoto as abandoning her. Misaki then proceeds to tease Mikoto for having an "aerodynamic" and "childlike" body, which is answered by Mikoto accusing Misaki of being "out of shape". Eventually, both Level 5s tire themselves out of bickering and decide to go separately, hoping that one wouldn't interfere the other.

Elsewhere, Kouzaku Mitori reports that the one who stole information from their hideouts was not Mikoto but was Misaki, who also knows of the non-lethal approach to be applied to Mikoto by MEMBER. Despite Mitori's worries, the one on the other line, none other than Kihara Gensei, asks Mitori to continue her mission and to not worry about the situation, which he reveals is "going along all too well".

Adapted From[]

Major Events[]

  • Misaka Mikoto visited the location where Shokuhou Misaki's picture featured in the Auribus Oculi Fideliores Sunt urban legend site was taken.
  • At School District 2, Mikoto confronted Misaki about her involvement in tampering with the memories of her friends, as well as the attack on Kongou Mitsuko. Misaki admitted to have manipulated the memories of Shirai Kuroko, Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari, but revealed that another group was acting against her interests.
  • Misaka 10032 was revealed to be in Misaki's custody, with an electronic virus implanted on her to prevent unauthorized access into the Misaka Network and, by extension, any further attempt to kidnap other Sisters clones left behind from the failed Level 6 Shift Project.
  • Misaki brought Mikoto to School District 9, where Kihara Gensei, the proponent of the Level 6 Shift Project, was about to secretly attend a conference.


By order of appearance:


New Abilities[]

  • Unknown psychic photography ability which uses water a droplet as lens


New Locations[]


  • The two unnamed researchers are voiced by Shinohara Kōtarō and Hase Norihito.


Cultural References[]

  • Although Misaki is correct in stating the added mass of large breasts would require more energy to move, when in a upright position women with large breasts are actually more aerodynamic than women with small breasts.
  • Misaki references shoujo manga, with the demographics being aimed for young girls and the protagonist usually has sparkles in their eyes, specifically in older shoujo manga from 80s to 90s.

Differences in Adaptation[]

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Additions/Omissions, Clique mention, 10032 taking hit meant for Mikoto
  • Mention of Amai Ao is omitted from Keitz Nokleben's discussion with Shokuhou Misaki.[4]
  • The imagination spot of Mikoto and her friends in chibi form during Misaki's explanation on why she brainwashed Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten from the manga is removed here.[4]

Animation Trivia[]

  • Accelerator's fantasy appearance in this episode depicts his murder of the Sisters, yet he is shown wearing his outfit from after he reformed, together with his choker, despite not having them at the time of those events. This is fixed in BD releases, where his clothes are changed to the one before the end of the experiment.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What preparations have Mitori and Gensei made against Mikoto?


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2 final phase Opening
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nameless story Kouzaku Mitori speaks with Gensei, ED
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  • "Cooperation? Trust? How am I supposed to believe in such unreliable things?" — Shokuhou Misaki, explaining her mindset when it comes to working with other people


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