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Joining the Battle (参戦 Sansen?) is the 11th episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. It was broadcast on April 10th 2020.[1] The episode was directed by Yamamoto Yusuke, the screenplay written by Ishino Atsuo, and storyboarded by Tachibana Hideki and Horiguchi Kazuki.

Upon tuning the brainwaves of the Exterior and undoing the protections installed on the Sisters, Gensei took over the Misaka Network. "Can she be able to reach Level 6—the sense of the heavens?" With those ominous words, Mikoto's powers went out of control. As she transforms into a grotesque form, Mikoto delivered an immensely powerful attack on the Windowless Building, with someone's voice guiding her along.

A massive lightning bolt brought Academy City to a state of turmoil. Upon witnessing this attack, Shokuhou, Kamijou and the seventh-rank Level 5 rushed into action! And Kuroko, who now knew the person targeting Mikoto, rushed to the battlefield with Uiharu and Saten supporting her. Sure enough, the puppet controlled by Kouzaku made its appearance.


Dark clouds envelop School District 2. Kamijou Touma, who was just informed by Saten and Xochitl about Misaka Mikoto being targeted by someone, rushes to her location. Saten also relays what she knows to Kuroko, and Uiharu confirms the presence of powerful electrical discharges at School District 2. Meanwhile, Kouzaku Mitori, who had recently been given access to Exterior, uses its power to goad Mikoto into attacking what she claims as the source of the suffering of the Sisters: the Windowless Building. In response, Mikoto sends a massive lightning bolt upon the Windowless Building. Mitori discovers shortly after that it sustained no damage from the powerful attack. Gensei is aware of the failed attack on the Windowless Building and recommends waiting as he claims that Mikoto's power is still 2% into the path to Level 6.

In spite of the strain she is experiencing due to the unauthorized use of her ability, Misaki is able to prevent Anti-Skill from a potentially fatal intervention against Mikoto. As the Anti-Skill prioritizes evacuation policies, she thinks about ways to stop Mikoto at her current state. Then, by sheer coincidence, Touma appears within the range of her ability. Misaki takes the opportunity to "telepathically" inform Touma of what has happened to Mikoto and asks Touma to "try" disconnecting Mikoto from the infected Misaka Network using his right hand.

Misaki soon heads to the rooftop, where she frees Keitz from Gensei's control of him earlier. Upon requesting Keitz to bring Mikoto's clone somewhere safe as she pursues Gensei, Misaki is restrained by Mitori's liquid metal puppet. Kuroko frees Misaki shortly after, and uses her ability to teleport Keitz, Mikoto's clone, Misaki and herself away from Mitori's puppet. Kuroko parts ways with Misaki after she was given an instantaneous mental briefing of what has happened so far.

Touma continues his attempts to touch Mikoto with his right hand. But, the rain of debris delivered by Mikoto poses a great amount of danger to him. Soon, the seventh-rank Level 5 Sogiita Gunha joins the battle and begins arguing with Touma about being near such a dangerous situation. Eventually, Touma and Gunha realize the capabilities each other and join forces in dealing with Mikoto's rampaging powers.

With Uiharu and Saten to assist her, Kuroko begins a thorough search for Kouzaku Mitori around Mikoto's current location. Meanwhile, Touma and Gunha repel Mikoto's attacks, with Gunha destroying the rubble and Touma nullifying her electricity. With debris and an iron-sand barrier still surrounding Mikoto, Touma tells Gunha of his plan to get close to Mikoto, and Gunha decides to use his Super Amazing Punch to clear the path for Touma, who was thrown immediately after Gunha delivered the punch. To Touma's surprise, his right hand can only dispel a small area for a short period.

Meanwhile, Misaki finally finds Gensei.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Misaka Mikoto's powers went on a rampage as a result of the forceful connection to the infected Misaka Network. Kihara Gensei speculated this state to be 2% within the path to Level 6.
  • Kouzaku Mitori used the powers of Exterior to manipulate Mikoto into delivering an attack against the Windowless Building. A powerful large-scale lightning bolt struck the Windowless Building shortly after, without any noticeable effect on the structure.
  • With Misaki's intervention, Anti-Skill focused on a wide-scale evacuation process for all attendees of the Daihaseisai. All outdoor events were cancelled as a result of this evacuation procedure. Meanwhile, Misaki goes alone to look for Gensei.
  • Kamijou Touma and Sogiita Gunha confronted Mikoto due to different circumstances and eventually worked together to subdue her rampaging powers.
  • Shirai Kuroko went on a manhunt for Kouzaku Mitori after discovering her falsification offenses related to her Bank records and, later on, her involvement in targeting Misaka Mikoto.


By order of appearance:


New Abilities


New Locations


  • The unnamed Anti-Skill Head and Anti-Skill officer are voiced by Kikuchi Yasuhiro and Mine Akihiro respectively.
  • The unnamed member of the Daihaseisai Management Committee is voiced by Shiraki Nao.


Cultural References

  • Gunha's "Hyper Eccentric Ultra Great Giga Extreme Another Hyper Amazing Punch" is a reference to the "Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful Bomber" by the character Rocky Hada from the 80's manga The Burning Wild Man.

Differences in Adaptation

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Saten original scenes, Kuroko's teleportation delay ignored, fight against Mikoto extended
  • The scene where Touma approaches Saten and Xochitl, asking about the situation concerning Misaka Mikoto at the beginning of the episode is anime-original. This scene also elaborates how Touma got this detailed info from Xochitl, which is not explained or shown in the manga.[6]

Animation Trivia

  • At least 1 minute of footage from the previous episode is reused in the beginning of the episode before actual original scenes for the episode are seen.[7]

Unanswered Questions

  • Why Mitori wanted to attack the Windowless Building through Mikoto?
  • What is Gensei planning for Exterior?


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Saa, Jikken o Hajimeyou Recap, Touma gets involved
2 final phase Opening
3 Rimitta Kaijo Kodo Current Situation
4 Unverified Track Kouzaku Mitori manipulates Mikoto into attacking the Windowless Building
5 Shinka no Kaidan Windowless Building unscathed, 2% towards Level 6, areas closed off
6 Watashi no Tensai-ryoku ☆ Misaki's message to Touma
7 Ketsu Misaki and Keitz[8]
8 Kaminara Me Mi Nite Kouzaku tries to capture Misaki, Kuroko intervenes
9 Gaiso Dai No Outdoor events suspended, Sogiita Gunha looks on
10 Barunhanta Touma tries to reach Mikoto, Kuroko looks for Kouzaku
11 Ikari o Osae rare-so Ninai no Wa Kuroko calls on Uiharu's aid, Liquid Shadow encounter
12 Haipa Sugoi Paaaanchi! Touma and Gunha against Mikoto
13 nameless story Ending
14 Unverified Track Preview



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