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Dragon Strike (竜王の顎ドラゴンストライク Ryūō no Ago (Doragon Sutoraiku)?, lit. "Jaw of the Dragon King") is the 14th episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. Originally planned to air on May 8th 2020, the episode's broadcast was delayed for a week due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[1] It was broadcast on May 15th 2020.[2] The episode was directed by Miyazaki Shuuji, the screenplay written by Yasukawa Shogo, and storyboarded by Tachibana Hideki.

Kuroko restrained Kouzaku and sealed off her movement. Meanwhile, Shokuhou's carefully laid-out plan led to the destruction of the Exterior and the severing of Gensei's control over the Misaka Network. However, despite Mikoto regaining her consciousness, her rampage continued and the black swirling mass of energy did not dissipate. This power is entirely different from esper abilities, is from another world, and is beyond human understanding. In order to release Mikoto, Sogiita cleared a path using his guts and sent out Kamijou towards Mikoto. Kamijou's right hand finally reached Mikoto, but his right arm was blown away from the shoulder upon touching the black mass. Then, at the following moment, eight enormous dragons emerged from Kamijou's right shoulder!


With Kihara Gensei's defeat, Shokuhou Misaki claims the spoils of war by taking his knowledge about the virus currently infecting the Misaka Network. Meanwhile, Kuroko restrains Kouzaku Mitori using handcuffs, but is forced to contact reinforcements as she is too exhausted to use her ability.

Outside, the fight between Touma and the rampaging Mikoto continues. To Touma's surprise, Gunha used his "guts" to bring himself back to fighting form and returns to his side, wanting to use his ability to suppress Mikoto somehow and warning Touma about taking on Mikoto directly. However, not even Gunha is able to stop Touma from his plan, so he decides to push on with suppressing Mikoto, allowing Touma to charge into the rampaging Level 5. At this time, Mikoto is already aware of what is going on, but is helpless in stopping Touma from trying to destroy the swirling energy surrounding her.

Upon making contact with this swirling energy, Touma's right arm is torn away from his body. But, out from his shoulder emerged eight massive dragons that immediately tear through this barrier of energy, severely weakening it. Then, afterwards, the dragons fade from sight, leaving behind Mikoto, who is now freed from her otherworldly transformation earlier.

Touma, whose arm miraculously returned to normal, gives encouraging words to Mikoto for her struggles thus far and lends his jacket to cover her body. Meanwhile, Gunha voices out his amazement in seeing dragons come out of Touma's arm and wishes to fight him someday. Then, as he prepares to leave to parts unknown, he comments on the mysterious metal that appeared at the battlefield.

Mikoto makes a visit to a certain hospital, where her "sister" is making a recovery. The frog-faced doctor assures Mikoto that she is in a stable condition thanks to the administering of the necessary vaccine and may need a few days of recovery. Afterwards, she visits Kongou Mitsuko, who was recently transferred to the same hospital. Mikoto immediately apologizes for dragging Kongou to the entire incident, but Kongou assures her that she had no regrets in helping a friend in need. Moreover, Kongou realizes that someone like Mikoto has taught her to be more considerate to others. Mikoto soon informs Kongou that it was her friends Awatsuki Maaya and Wannai Kinuho who saved her from harm, something that surprised Kongou and left her elated.

As Misaki confronts the restrained Mitori at the sewers, Mikoto accepts Saten's invitation to watch the fireworks that night. By this time, Mikoto's memories from Saten, Uiharu and Kuroko had been restored and everything that had happened is replaced by an event involving capturing terrorists. Likewise, Mikoto's lack of participation in the sporting events is manipulated as well such that it would keep the Sisters and the Exterior a closely guarded secret. Mikoto would soon find out from Saten and the others that Misaki made everyone believe that she was in the toilet the entire time after eating too much and once threatened Misaki's clique over it, making it a hot topic among the Tokiwadai student body.

The rest of the Daihaseisai proceeds as normal, with Saten winning the Baseball Bat Race in Day Three, Maaya and Kinuho participating in the Cavalry Battle event in Day Five, and the return of the Fuujin-Raijin combo in Day Seven. Soon after, the Daihaseisai draws to a close, and Mikoto once more joins Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu in the festivities. By sheer coincidence, Touma stumbles upon Saten, which in turn enables Mikoto to see Touma again. Upon seeing Mikoto's familiarity with Touma, Saten quickly forms a plan to set up Touma as Mikoto's folk dance partner, with Uiharu preventing Kuroko from getting in her way.

With Saten unable to dance because of "fatigue caused by the Scavenger Hunt", Touma ends up doing the folk dance with Mikoto. Here, as Saten, Uiharu and Kuroko watch from a distance, Mikoto talks about her resolve to save everyone in spite of the "unpleasant parts" of Academy City. Touma teases Mikoto by suggesting that he is included in those people she wants to save, but this moment is interrupted by Kuroko, who delivers a dropkick on Touma before he could stay with Mikoto for too long.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • After the defeat of Kihara Gensei, Shokuhou Misaki obtained the necessary information from his brain to develop a vaccine for the virus that was used to infect the Misaka Network.
  • Kouzaku Mitori was arrested by Shirai Kuroko after a long confrontation.
  • Sogiita Gunha joined Kamijou Touma in a decisive push against the rampaging Misaka Mikoto. Gunha was able to suppress Mikoto's powers long enough for Touma to touch the swirling mass surrounding Mikoto, but ends up destroying his right arm in the process. In a shocking turn of events, eight massive dragons emerged from Touma's right shoulder. These dragons tore through the swirling mass of energy surrounding Mikoto, paving the way for her release from her transformations and the failure of the Level 6 attempt on Mikoto.
  • Shokuhou Misaki manipulated the events that occurred, using her powers to make it seem like the Daihaseisai was postponed over the capture of a terrorist. She also restored the memories of Mikoto from Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu, and made it such that Mikoto's absence was due to a severe stomachache.
  • With the help of the data obtained by Misaki, the Heaven Canceller developed a vaccine that removed the effects of the virus from the Misaka Network. He informed Mikoto that Misaka 10032 only needs a few days to recover fully.
  • Kongou Mitsuko made a full recovery and eventually returned in time for the Fuujin-Raijin combo to return at the last day of the Daihaseisai.
  • After the sporting events of the Daihaseisai, Mikoto joins Touma on the folk dance with the help of Saten's scheme. This, however, was short-lived as Kuroko delivered a dropkick on Touma as soon as their moment started to last too long.





  • The unnamed female student is voiced by Matsuoka Misato.

Various school flags


  • Scene of Mikoto telling the Shokuhou Misaki's Clique members to move from Railgun T Episode 6 is used as flashback when Mikoto ponders on the altered memories of her friends about her participation in the second day of Daihasesai.[3]
  • The unnamed character that Touma accidentally gropes in the 67th chapter of the Index manga, and later reused in chapter 69 of Railgun makes her appearance in this episode, in the scene where Saten wins the baseball bat race.[4][5]
  • The events of the bonfire folk-dance was first alluded to in the beginning of Index II Episode 14.[6]
  • Mikoto's speech to Touma regarding the good and bad parts of Academy City is similar to the one she gives to Therestina Kihara Lifeline back in Railgun S Episode 22.[7]
  • The Judgment Boy and Twin Tails Girl, last seen in the epilogue of Railgun Episode 6, once again made their brief cameo appearances in this episode, seen when Kuroko dropkicks Touma to the head.[8]

Cultural References

Differences in Adaptation

  • The scenes at the beginning of the episode, such as Misaki reading Kihara Gensei's mind and Kuroko handcuffing Mitori are anime-original. Both of these, however, are only alluded in the manga.[9]
  • The hospital scene where Mikoto visits Misaka 10032 is anime-original.
  • The time where Mikoto visits Kongou at the hospital was moved from the fireworks display in the manga to late afternoon in the adaptation.[5]
  • Another anime-original scene is when Mikoto receives a text message from Saten, telling that they should view the fireworks at the same roof they go at back in Railgun T Episode 4. It also moved the scene where Mikoto meets her friends from after the fireworks display in the manga to evening in the adaptation.[10][5]
    • Related to the previous statement, the fireworks scene in this episode is anime-original.

The flags seen in the manga. See above for anime version.

  • The flags seen at the seventh day of Daihaseisai are changed from national flags to school flags participating in Daihaseisai.[5]

Animation Trivia

  • Unlike other episodes in the Railgun anime adaptations, and by extension, Index anime adaptations, the episode starts with the OP before the episode proper.
  • The OST Saijaku VS Saikyō from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Original Soundtrack 2 was finally used for the first time, when Touma is about to touch the giant black sphere that Mikoto created and when he unleashed 8 dragons from his arm.[11]
  • When Touma is about to release the dragons in his arm, his right eye turned red, the same effect when Kiyama Harumi used Multi-Skill, albeit in her left eye.
  • In the bonfire folk dance sequence, some students dancing in the background are rendered in CGI.

Unanswered Questions

  • What happened to the eight dragons that Touma unleashed from his right arm? Where are they now?
  • What happened to Kihara Gensei after the incident?


# Title Time Scene & Notes
final phase Opening
Saa, Jikken o Hajimeyou Touma and Gunha thinking about how to stop Mikoto in her current state
Saijaku VS Saikyō Touma is about to touch the black sphere with his right hand. Briefly paused when Touma loses his right arm before it resumes when he unleashed 8 dragons from his arm. Used for the very first time.[11]
Little by Little Touma tapping Mikoto with his left fist.
Chīsana nozomi Mikoto visits Kongou[12]
Taisetsu na tomodachi Kongou learning that Wannai and Awatsuki protected her[12]
Unverified Track Kouzaku Mitori in the sewers
Sono kimochi no saki ni Memories back[13]
Unverified Track The rest of the Daihaseisai
Itsumo no gonin de Mikoto and friends strolling through the night on the last day of Daihaseisai.[13]
Uiharu Kazari Mikoto learning that Touma and Saten know each other.[12]
Yare yare Saten's plan[14]
Skater's Waltz Talk during the folk dance
Judgment no katsudō Dropkick[12]
nameless story Ending
Unverified Track Preview



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