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Bust Upper (巨乳御手バストアッパー Kyonyū Ote (Basuto Appā)?, lit. Bust Hand) is the 18th episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. It was broadcast on August 7th 2020. The episode was directed by Kitamura Sho, the screenplay written by Yasukawa Shogo, and storyboarded by Yamakawa Yoshiki.

Indian Poker enables the experience of the dreams of other people. Those dreams are passed around, and were confirmed to allow useful skills to be learned in a method similar to sleep-learning, causing traders of various Indian Poker cards to make an appearance.

Mikoto, who discovered a certain trader along the street, was recommended a card containing the unparalleled dream of an eccentric genius scientist. Its name is Bust Upper--Mikoto, who was initially uninterested, suddenly changed her mind and seized the card at lightning speed. However, the card was also being held by another girl. It was ITEM's Kinuhata Saiai. With their circumstances making the card necessary for both of them, the two girls scrambled for the card, pressing on for the data hidden deep within!


At an open park, Saten demonstrated to Mikoto how Indian Poker cards can be used to learn new skills. In this particular instance, Saten showed how she learned how to play kendama (a traditional Japanese toy) overnight using an Indian Poker card. Saten also mentions that mastering the English language and playing professional-level bowling is possible, although she prefers pen twirling to learn next. Mikoto soon learns from Saten that obtaining Indian Poker cards now involves traders that exchange them for lower-rarity cards or money, and she hopes that the transactions don't go the way of BLAU and his ilk.

Meanwhile, ITEM freshens up at their hideout with a shower after a successful mission. Kinuhata Saiai, however, finds herself feeling jealous over her more well-endowed companions, and she is even overtaken by Frenda's sudden "growth" (which she blamed her sister for). Eventually, Hamazura Shiage becomes the target of Saiai's frustrations, with Saiai misinterpreting Shiage's purchase of Musashino Milk as mockery over her figure.

Later, during her stroll across town, Saiai discovers a street trader of Indian Poker cards. As she looks for a low-rarity card with a unique story to enjoy, Mikoto stumbles upon the same trader and initially rejects an offer to buy one, stating a "super bad" previous experience with one. However, she changed her mind as soon as the trader shows the only S-Rank card in his possession: a card that is rumored to contain the eccentric dreams of an Academy City scientist, the Bust Upper.

Quickly, both Mikoto and Saiai got a hold of the card, and it becomes a struggle over which one would get the Bust Upper to the point that the trader feared that this struggle would cause the film on the card to come off, rendering the card useless. The trader tackles off the card from the two girls, causing the Bust Upper card to be mixed with his other cards. With even the trader not knowing which among the pile of cards is the Bust Upper, Mikoto decides to buy off all of the trader's cards, with Saiai agreeing to pay half. At that moment, a momentary alliance is formed between Mikoto and Saiai.

The two girls decide to rent a nap room at a nearby internet cafe for their search for the Bust Upper card. Knowing that fighting over the card is fruitless, they agreed to share what they would learn from the Bust Upper card regardless of whichever of the two would get to the card first. Soon, Mikoto would find herself in the dream of a frustrated scientist experiencing a stagnant "growth" of her figure, a lady who mistook herself as being scouted for an idol contract and a student of Tokiwadai who remembered her gaffe at the Daihaseisai and her own insecurities. Meanwhile, Saiai experiences the dreams of a maid-in-training with a perverse but sincere older brother and a kunoichi discovering the secrets of being a femme fatale.

Eventually, the two are asked to leave as their frustrations became too loud for the other customers and they decide to move to a hotel's outside lounge to continue their search. Mikoto soon finds herself in a dream where she does not pose as someone else. Instead, a girl wearing a lab coat lectures about girls who spend their time longing for their ideal figure and warns Mikoto about "a threat that cannot be ignored". Mikoto is left confused about the cryptic message in that dream, oblivious to the fact that one Indian Poker card was taken by a wild crow, which is startled by a certain nun's cat, causing it to fall to a stranger's side.

At late afternoon, Mikoto and Saiai lament over their failure to locate the Bust Upper among the cards they bought and convince themselves that the Bust Upper is a scam before parting ways. Saiai punishes Shiage's vagueness upon discovering that the Musashino Milk was for her height, not her bust size (which was an issue when watching R-15 movies using a fake ID), while Mikoto sleeplessly talks about her experiences of the day (including her off-screen dream with a certain street performer) to Kuroko, who is compelled to not leave her Onee-sama behind.

The next day, Saten brags about her newly-learned pen twirling skill to Uiharu and plans to learn card tower stacking. Then, Saten notices a girl pass by, with a pair of noticeably large breasts.

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  • The unnamed female student who got the Bust Upper is voiced by Okuno Kaya.
  • The unnamed narrator in Kinuhata's dream is voiced by Souma Kouichi.
  • The unnamed hotel employee is voiced by Hori Soushirou.
  • The unnamed internet cafe clerk is voiced by Murakami Yuuya.
  • With Shiage's appearance in this episode, this means that all three main protagonists of Toaru Majutsu no Index have appeared in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaptation.
  • Index makes a cameo appearance for the first time in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.


Cultural References

  • Kendama is a game that uses a toy of the same name to perform tricks.
  • Cybele #5 is a reference to Cybele, an ancient Anatolian goddess representation the personification of motherhood that eventually made its way into Greek and Roman mythology.
  • Some names of Indian Poker cards have references to other media, such as:
  • Motoharu references Leviathan, a sea creature from Jewish mythology, which was referenced many times in the Bible.

Differences in Adaptation

  • Due to the scene from Railgun Manga Chapter 72 where Saten explained sleep-learning through Indian Poker being cut in Railgun T Episode 16, it was brought up here in this episode instead. This also means the mentions of cards involving conversational English and pro-level bowling are brought up here as well.[11][12]
  • The scene with ITEM at the beginning of the episode is originally a flashback in the manga.[13]
  • Some dream sequences from the manga are cut in this episode, including:
  • The above latter two cut dream sequences from the manga are replaced by anime-original dream sequences, such as:
    • Mikoto's dream as Yumiya Rakko, replacing her dream with Fusou, which was written by Railgun manga editor Ogino Kentarou[18]; and
    • Mikoto's dream as Kirifu Megumi, replacing her dream with Fukiyose, in which was written by Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T scriptwriter Yasukawa Shogo.[19]
  • Saten showing her amazing pen tricks to Uiharu thanks to Indian Poker is anime-original.

Animation Trivia

  • The fan that Takitsubo holds in this episode, as well as some Strange Juices given by Hamazura to ITEM are rendered in CGI.
  • Unlike the dream sequence in Railgun T Episode 16 which was animated with higher hues and lighter outlines, this episode instead animated the dream sequences (except Kuriba's dream) normally with 2.35:1 aspect ratio.[12] This also happened in Nunotaba Shinobu's flashback with Misaka 8912.[20]
  • In the flashback where Shiage forge Saiai's age in her ID to watch an R-15 movie, at one point, they go out of bounds from the background.

Unanswered Questions

  • Who is that mysterious strange-haired girl with the lab coat in Mikoto's dream?
  • Who is that mysterious girl who got the Bust Upper?


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