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For the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator episode of the same name, see Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator Episode 06.

Scavenger (屍喰部隊スカベンジャー (Shikuu Butai (Sukabenjā)?, lit. "Corpse-eating Corps") is the 22nd episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. It was broadcast on September 4th 2020. The episode was directed by Sakurabi Katsushi, the screenplay written by Inotsume Shinichi, and storyboarded by Ohashi Yoshimitsu.

Mikoto is on the search for the truth behind the "soul creation" experiment, the study that creates two cyborgs from a single body. But before she could infiltrate the institution where the experiment took place, a mechanical "doppelganger" that looks exactly like Kuriba Ryouko had escaped the facility. After her firsthand encounter with Kuriba, Mikoto is informed of the hidden dangers involving the Doppelganger as well as how Kuriba created Indian Poker to resolve this problem.

Mikoto is still somehow not satisfied with Kuriba's explanation and decides to escort her. But, before they could part ways, the escaped Doppelganger appeared. And, at the same time, the Dark Side organization Scavenger launches an attack with the Doppelganger on their sights!


Scavenger arrives at Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory, eager to make up for their previous failed mission and make a name for themselves. Although by this time the Doppelganger has already left the facility, Leader easily locates her current location through her ability.

Meanwhile, Kuriba Ryouko explains the danger posed by the possibility of the Doppelganger's soul if its mechanical body is destroyed. According to Kuriba, in such a scenario, the soul could become "free" and consume Academy City in a large-scale possession phenomenon. However, she assures Mikoto and Misaki that the Doppelganger cannot cause harm to itself due to several safety mechanisms she personally developed. Mikoto soon opens the topic about a connection between Kuriba and the rise of Indian Poker cards. Kuriba does not deny Mikoto's claim, and clarifies that she created the Indian Poker cards to enable someone else to formulate a countermeasure against her Doppelganger in her behalf. Shortly after, Kuriba leaves to continue her personal work, with a request for Mikoto to refrain from further intervention.

Kuriba returns to pick up her delivery of Miahilin inside the apartment building, only to discover her Doppelganger approaching her. She fails to run away from the physically superior Doppelganger, but barely escapes by using an electromagnetic wave source. Then, a truck suddenly comes sliding towards the Doppelganger, followed by a series of attacks from Scavenger. Although durable enough to survive the beating, the Doppelganger appears to be restrained by Naru's paper, enabling the rest of Scavenger to confirm the target's identity while Seike pursues the girl who shares their target's likeness. Leader, however, is shocked to discover that the paper designed to bind the target was easily unraveled, and the Doppelganger grabs her arm with increasing force to the point of breaking her bones. Before the Doppelganger could reach out for Leader's eyeball, Naru immediately uses her ability to deliver a destructive blow onto the attacker's body.

Mikoto, through Misaki, eventually learns Kuriba Ryouko's motivations behind her participation in the cyborg experiment and the propagation of the Indian Poker cards. Understanding that Kuriba's actions were relatable in some way, Mikoto decides to go after Kuriba, but not before making a short call to Kuroko. Mikoto soon rescues Kuriba from Seike at a construction site, assuring her that she is on her side this time. Although Seike has confirmed that this particular Kuriba Ryouko is not the target of Scavenger, he decides to confront what he knows is an Electromaster. However, his guess wavers as his enemy begins hurling debris towards him. Seike decides to finish off his enemy by launching himself using the manipulated frictional force of her blood escaping from a wound he inflicted on himself, only to discover that his enemy is not only a girl but is the Rank-Third Level 5, Misaka Mikoto.

Scavenger returns their focus to retrieving their target despite Leader's injury. As Yakumaru prepares painkillers for Leader's broken arm, the Doppelganger begins to move again. Naru decides to finish off their target using her paper armor. But, to their shock, the Doppelganger tears off part of Naru's paper armor and attaches it to her head and right arm, replacing the parts destroyed by Naru earlier.

As Seike falls to the power of Mikoto's electricity, Naru is defeated by the Doppelganger, leaving Yakumaru the only one left to deal with their target. Yakumaru is forced to rely on a feint using her chemical vials to restrain and freeze her in place. However, she ends up targeting a paper clone, exposing herself to the Doppelganger's attack. With a last-ditch attempt to regain control of the paper taken over by the Doppelganger, Naru gives a split second to Yakumaru to release a thermite explosive, enabling them to escape.

After securing Leader's injured arm, she, Naru and Yakumaru focus on locating Seike for the meantime. But, to their shock, the Railgun appears, and is about to approach them.

Adapted From[]

Major Events[]

  • Scavenger successfully tracks down the so-called Doppelganger and begins their attack. Although successful in damaging the Doppelganger, the ensuing counterattack left Scavenger with two members injured: Leader and Naru.
  • Seike, assigned to pursue the girl who resembles the Doppelganger, was defeated by Misaka Mikoto, who decided to follow Kuriba Ryouko after learning of her motivations through Shokuhou Misaki.
  • Scavenger manages to survive the counterattack of the Doppelganger, only to find themselves in an encounter with Misaka Mikoto. This would be their second encounter in a row involving a Level 5 after their humiliating defeat from Accelerator.


By order of appearance:


New Abilities[]



  • The unnamed controlled woman is voiced by Komatsu Naoko.
  • Kill Bear makes its appearance for the first time since the Sisters Arc, being an important plot point in that arc.
  • According to Railgun manga editor Ogino Kentarou, Mikoto did a reproduction of Hokaze Junko's Rampage Dress when she teleported in front of Seike.[1]


  • After Misaki mentioned that Ryouko intends to solve her problems by herself, Mikoto remembers her attacks on the Level 6 Shift Project facilities in the previous season, having the same reason as Ryouko's.[2][3][4][5]

Cultural References[]

  • A hyena is a wild animal from Africa and Asia that looks like a dog, hunts in groups, and makes a sound similar to a human laugh.[6] Hyenas are also known for being scavengers, the reason why Naru suggested the team name.
  • Miahilin is derived from Miach, the name of the son of Dian Cecht, the god of medicine in Irish mythology. He is the one who replaced Nuada's silver arm with one of flesh and blood.[7]
  • Immunosupressive agents are drug that suppress, or reduce, the strength of the body's immune system. Some of these drugs are used to make the body less likely to reject a transplanted organ.
  • Pulmonary Edema is an affliction in which fluid, usually blood, is suddenly accumulating in parts of the lungs, in the case of blood likely due to an injury to the blood vessels or weakness of the heart.
  • The OS of Ryouko's tablet seen in her flashback resembles Android OS.

Differences in Adaptation[]

  • In the manga, BLOCK and MEMBER gets referenced as well in addition to ITEM and SCHOOL where Naru thinks of team names. In this episode, only the latter two were referenced.[8]
  • A scene of Mikoto calling Kuroko in their dorm is anime-original.
  • Leader having an indirect reference to Kamijou Touma as an urban legend gets cut in the adaptation.[9]

Animation Trivia[]

  • At one point in Ryouko's flashback, while testing a cybernetic arm, her appearance is that of after the cyborg experiment, not before it.
  • The ending is played for a few seconds over the scene where Scavenger encounters Misaka Mikoto before the ending animation starts.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What is the reason of Ryouko in erasing the soul of her doppelganger?
  • At the end of the episode, what will Mikoto do to Scavenger upon approaching them?


# Title Time Scene & Notes
Shikuu Butai Scavenger on search of the Doppelganger[10]
dual existence Opening
Unverified Track Ryouko's explanation on free soul
Unverified Track Ryouko on Indian Poker
Unverified Track Ryouko encountering her Doppelganger
Tech Riot 〜 Honmono no Bakemontte no Wa Nā! Scavenger starts attacking the Doppelganger[10]
Unverified Track The Doppelganger snaps Leader's arm Mikoto saving Ryouko from Seike, Part 1 End
Unverified Track Part 2 Start, Ryouko's flashback on the experiment
Unverified Track Misaki discussing to Mikoto on Ryouko's plan with Indian Poker
Unverified Track Seike starts to confront Mikoto
ITEM The Doppelganger using her 'Soul Possession' upon Naru[11]
Unverified Track Seike realizing he's battling with the third-ranked Level 5, Mikoto defeats Seike
Unverified Track Scavenger struggling on the Doppelganger
Aoarashi no Ato de Leader, Yakumaru and Naru encounters Mikoto, Ending
Unverified Track Preview



This section requires expansion
  • Naru: "Mainpulator of paper, Naru!"
  • Seike: "Controller of frictional coefficients, Seike!"
  • Yakumaru: "Leave the chemicals to me! Yakumaru!"
  • Leader: "Master of the birds eye biew, Leader!"
  • Scavenger: "The four of us combined are Scavenger!"
  • Naru: "What if we introduced ourselves that way?"
  • Others: "Reject."[12][13]



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