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Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan: Miracle of Endymion Movie Edition, officially titled as Movie Edition Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan: Miracle of Endumion or maybe not (劇場版とある魔術の禁書目録たん-エンデュミオンの奇蹟-があったりなかったり Gekijōban Toaru Majutsu no Indekkusu-tan: Endyumion no Kiseki ga attari nakattari?) is a bonus short animation parody of Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion featuring the eponymous Index-tan. It was first released on August 28, 2013 in limited special edition copies of the aforementioned movie's Blu ray and DVD release.


Index-tan falls down from the balcony.

On a certain summer day, Kamijou Touma encounters someone very familiar. She starts to state her hunger, but gets fallen before complete the sentence. Touma later states that it was a miracle that she was alive.

Later, Index-tan showed up on Touma's head, complaining that the staffs were forgetting the bonus footage, and become not sure if she was the hero. Touma calmed Index-tan by telling the greatly-animated movie, he also complained the producer's work, and tells how his stress of the movie made his hair all-white. Index-tan then said she remembers someone with white hair, mention the White-Haired Devil, and laughs. Touma later warns Index-tan to watch her mouth or she won't be a hero again. Index-tan get mad and start plucking Touma's hair, said that she'll forever be the heroine, as the work's title has her name on it. She also mentioned that she has released tons of songs, appears on the most scenes, and she had a photobook. After mentioning everything she had, she pointed to a scenery, and asked something inside it, but Touma refuse to explain it, make Index-tan mad.

Somewhere, Kazari explained about the failed spaceplane project, skipped it through and just tells that Endymion is going to be opened soon. Mikoto complained how she skipped so many lines, but she ignores it and tells how she loved the civil engineering. As the two get into seat, Ruiko complained why Endymion was built, and as soon as Kazari opened her laptop, she noticed Kuroko mad, teleport in, and get mad to Ruiko for questioning the movie's biggest hole, mentioning how hard the staffs having hard time to cover it.

Touma and Index-tan are going to blind!

Arisa later appears, explaining her origin, and tells that her reason for being idol is aiming for fame and rich, and execute out her idol radiance over Index-tan and Touma.

On Touma's dorm, in the night, the naked Arisa gets excited and writes everything she got for her new song as what the producer told her to. She even calls Index-tan as a 'third-rate', much to Index-tan's unpleasant. But later Index-tan understand why, and as soon as Arisa execute out her idol radiance mentioning her mission, Index-tan ran out of idea but saw her radiance is filled of hope. Later, Touma enters and get excited to see two girls naked, but he was ignored, and leave them be.

Index-tan Endymion 05.22.png

Somewhere, Kuroko asked why Ladylee made Endymion and Kazari tells that it was the destiny of humans, and tells how how she loved tall things. Explaining everything Kazari got, they back to the main topic, made Ladylee mad. She later asks did 'those things' have their own raison d'etre, and Kazari tells that the holes were made to make it lighter, much to everyone's surprise. The scene later become mosaiced and the sentence 「出渕さんにはちゃんと話を通してネタやっております」 appears.

Index-tan Endymion 06.20.png

In the space, Kanzaki appears from a spaceplane with sound effects, talking about her unpleasant feeling and mad while attacking the missiles. Touma and Index-tan later sees Kanzaki falls down to Earth, questioning herself about what will happen to her after falling right into the atmosphere, giving three choices:
①Burn away;
②Burn away;
③Burn away.
And she keeps falling...

Later, Laura narrate the title of "Nazenani Index-tan: Movie Edition" alone, and complaining on it. Then Laura introduce herself and tells how the staffs worked hard to put the movie in the timeline, she later states that she will answer the questions that the fans had. Gets into the first question, Laura said how stupid was that question, throws the script and tells the viewer to buy the manga adaptation of the movie. Continues to the second question, Laura throws the script again and asked did the questioner really watched the movie, explained how there were foods which gives immortality, but she herself wasn't sure about them, and Laura herself give pity to Ladylee for not being able to die. Then she moves to the last question, mad to whoever asked it and explain how rough the staffs worked through as Railgun's new series is starting after the movie. She later throws the script and end the segment.

Somewhere inside the city, Arisa alone walked around and sing―or much like complaining over Academy City, and comparing it to Yamanashi. Then she continues walking while singing...

Within the Endymion, Touma is seen running with Index-tan. He thinks who to punch, complaining both are girls, but he then ignore it because his belief towards gender equality. Soon, he caught the idea of punching peoples with 'right height,' and decided to punch Shutaura. He later tells Index-tan that they should split, and while Index-tan 'drools' something gold, Touma focused on his excitement of punching Shutaura. Later, he is seen in the live hall, casting his catchphrase over Shutaura, and punch her.

Within the silence over the city, Touma and Index-tan later showed up, discussing about the movie. Index-tan later be proud of herself to become a movie star with her long nose, but Touma don't care about it and focused on how so many peoples liked the movie, and how the thing's left is the home video release on their top of popularity. Index-tan then 'cheer' Touma up that Kamachi wrote the story so fast, but Touma later told how the producer Nakayama got the rough way to stay in anime-producing business. Index-tan then said that Kamachi and Miki could get it easy, and brought her 'business' with Misawa about the third-rate back.

Adapted From[]



  • Teleport - Shirai Kuroko, Level 4.
  • Nanasen - Kanzaki Kaori.
  • Yuisen - Kanzaki Kaori.



  • All image cards of Index are based off poses of Yuka Iguchi, Index's seiyuu, gravure photos.

Cultural References[]

  • "White-Haired Devil" that Index-tan mentioned was a Japanese urban legend, which refers to blond hair of foreign peoples.
  • Arisa references Yamanashi prefecture in Japan on some scenes, particularly where she mentioned that she was born there and during her lone singing, even comparing it to Academy City. She also referenced Mount Fuji, which also located in the aforementioned prefecture. Funnliy enough, Yamanashi was the hometown of Arisa's seiyuu, Sachika Misawa, even promoting the prefecture biweekly in a radio show together with fellow seiyuu Natsumi Takamori.
  • Ladylee does a short Rakugo sequence, which is a likely reference to Joshiraku, whose humor is derived from Rakugo, as her seiyuu Ayane Sakura, voiced Buratei Marii the main character of that anime.
  • Index-tan Endymion 09.11.png
    A poster of Joshiraku is shown during Arisa's lone singing in the streets during the night, though the eyes of the main characters have black bars over their eyes to censor them.

Animation Trivia[]

  • During the sequence in which Kanzaki plummets into the earth from space and catches fire, realistic looking flames are once again used.




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