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Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan (とある魔術の禁書目録たん(インデックス) lit. A Certain Magical Index-tan?) is the first episode of the bonus short animation parody of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime featuring the eponymous Index-tan, the mini-version of Index. It was first released on January 23, 2009 in limited edition copies of the first Blu ray and DVD releases of Toaru Majutsu no Index. The screenplay was written by Asanuma Shintarou, and directed by Yanagi Shinsuke. Index-tan was designed by Nakamura Naoto.


Sketch 1: Kamijou Touma and Index-tan

Touma receives a call from Komoe telling him to go to his make-up class. Naturally, Touma is indignant about this. Touma then begins taking out the mattress of his bed, to air it outside on his balcony, all the while lamenting about his misfortune. While there, Touma discovers an incredibly small nun with a symbol over her eye, much to his shock. The little girl awakens due to hunger, and tells Touma that she is hungry. Surprised by this, Touma takes a step back, however, the girl is suddenly away by a small flying bird, only leaving her headdress. In the end, an audible falling sound is heard, with Touma still unbelieving of what just occurred.

Intermission 1: Misaka Mikoto

Mikoto tells people to conserve electricity and be power smart, and ends with her saying Biribri.

Sketch 2: Kamijou Touma and Index-tan

Touma is walking with Index-tan on top of his head eating sandwiches she gets from nowhere. Touma comments on how familiar the scene is, to which Index-tan replies that is because of the fact that the publisher and the studio are the same. Touma comments that her hypothesis is non-sense, which irritates Index-tan and begins telling to shut-up in a childish manner. Hearing her tantrum, Touma states that she should not force herself to imitate her, hearing this, Index-tan immediately plugs in an advertisement regarding a DVD that is suspiciously censored. Touma tells her to stop it, to which Index-tan states that she will begin plucking out his hair, and does so several times. Touma keeps on walking throughout this ordeal, apparently unperturbed by Index-tan's hair pulling, though he still tells her to stop it.

Intermission 2: Misaka Mikoto

Mikoto tells people to again conserve electricity and be power smart, and instead ends with her saying Mugimugi.

Sketch 3: Himegami Aisa

The sketch parodies Aisa picking up Sphynx, however, instead of Sphynx she picks a certain palm-top tiger kitten thing. Aisa ends the short sequence asking "why?"

Intermission 3: Misaka Mikoto

Once again, Mikoto tells people to again conserve electricity and be power smart, and instead ends with her saying Pichipichi.

Sketch 4: Tsukuyomi Komoe and Index-tan

During the healing magic ritual, Index-tan tells Komoe to imagine a beautiful golden angel with the physique of that of a child. Komoe tries her best to imagine an angel, but gives up, however, she realizes that her room begins to distort and she slowly sinks into the floor. Index-tan continues to tell Komoe to form an image of an angel.

With little time to spare, Komoe tries her best to imagine a cute angel. With her effort, the room stops being distorted and an ominous bluish glow begins to appear. Here, "cute" angels appear and begin to merge as Komoe opens her eyes, which later forms into a much bigger yet still crudely drawn angel. With the image of the angel formed, Index-tan confirms the fixation, and laments the situation.

Intermission 4: Misaka Mikoto

Once again, Mikoto continues to tell people to conserve electricity and be power smart, and instead ends with her saying Purupuru.

Sketch 5: Teach us, Kanzaki-senpai!

The segment begins with a deep voiced being asking if Kanzaki Kaori is really 18 years old. The segment immediately cuts to Kanzaki telling him to shut his mouth and calling him an amateur.

The second question asks Kanzaki regarding her leg wear, asking if they are either jeans or short pants. It cuts with Kanzaki once again telling him to shut his mouth and calling him an amateur.

The third question, was not finished yet refers to a certain voice actress getting drunk at the launch party of the anime. It immediately cuts again with Kanzaki shouting the same thing, however, it continues on with Touma getting kicked in the face, telling him not to talks as if he knows what's going on. While beating Touma up with his scabbard, Kanzaki tells that she did her best and tried to liven things up there, gulping them down in one shot and immediately got drunk.

A disclaimer later appears on-screen stating on how the current events is what really happened. Meanwhile, Stiyl appears behind a pole reserved for him observing the spectacle.

Intermission 5: Misaka Mikoto

Once again, Mikoto to tells people to conserve electricity and be power smart, and ends with her saying Pechipechi instead.

Sketch 6: Kamijou Touma and Index-tan

Touma blushes as he looks down upon a sleeping Index-tan, Touma then realizes something regarding Index-tan's mouth and inserts his finger into it. Penetrating deep down within the contents of her mouth, however, it makes Index-tan vomit, as Touma laments his misfortune.

Intermission 6: Misaka Mikoto

Mikoto to tells people once again to conserve electricity and be power smart, and ends with her saying Pokapoka instead.

Sketch 7: Kamijou Touma, Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori

Touma blocks the power of John's Pen Mode Index's Dragon's Breath, while telling Stiyl and Kanzaki on how they have waited for this very moment, where in a method where they don't need to be Index's enemies is possible, a method where everyone smiles and which would lead to the best happy ending.

Touma continues his blocking of the beam, and keeps telling them that this development is what they have been waiting for, and that they swore to save Index with their own hands. Unfortunately, during his extended monologue, Touma asks them if they'd like to be the main characters of the story too, and stop being side characters. Hearing this, Stiyl and Kanzaki immediately seize upon the opportunity. The scene cuts to the ending song during the credits, with Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori's name along with their voice actors are headliners, and a sound of attacks occur after the scene blacks out.

Intermission 7: Misaka Mikoto

Mikoto to tells people again to conserve electricity and be power smart, and ends with instead with her saying Bokuboku.

Sketch 8: A Certain Anime's Shopping Channel

Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce are the hosts for a shopping channel, this time they present a Cleaning robot to the audience. Here, Motoharu and Aogami begin explaining the various uses for the machine. Finally, they show the price for the contraption, presented by none other than Kanzaki Kaori.

Kanzaki, says 7000 yen, however, Aogami asks her to repeat the price again. Embarrassed, Kanzaki repeats the price again, however, Aogami giggles and asks her for the price again. Kanzaki becomes irritated, however, she continues to say the price of the contraption. Aogami wiggles around, obviously enjoying making fun of Kanzaki, and asks for the price again, this time, however, Kanzaki instead says Nanasen. The screen cuts to black, with a sound of sharpness is audible as well as flesh being rendered.

Index-tan is apparently amazed by this, but is told by Touma to shut-up.

Intermission 8: Misaka Mikoto

Mikoto once again tells the audience conserve electricity and be power smart, ending it with a mimic of an onomatopoeia, Dekideki.

Sketch 9: Tsukuyomi Komoe, Himegami Aisa and Index-tan

Komoe, Aisa and Index-tan enjoys dinner in Komoe's home. Komoe presents an extravagant deluxe dinner set to Aisa while Index-tan eats a bowl of rice twice her size.

Here, Komoe continually tells Aisa that several ingredients have cooked, to which Aisa gives an appropriate comment or thanks Komoe everytime, however, when Komoe sees a piece of meat she takes it for herself and eats it. Near the end, Aisa begins to ask for meat from Komoe, to which Komoe apparently ignores, they repeat this process up until the screen fades to black.

Sketch 9: Kamijou Touma and Index-tan

A false ending begins, with a short excerpt of the ending song is played which completely cuts into Touma and Index-tan going to a bathhouse. Hear, Index-tan asks Touma regarding Nasi Goreng, whilst Stiyl once looks out of pole reserved for him.

Adapted From

Parodies of various parts and sequences taken from Toaru Majutsu no Index anime episodes, specifically:


By order of appearance


  • Imagine Breaker - Kamijou Touma
  • Electromaster - Misaka Mikoto, Level 5
  • Healing magic ritual - Tsukuyomi Komoe and Index-tan
  • Dragon's Breath - Index
  • Nanasen - Kanzaki Kaori



  • Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan was released on the first limited edition DVDs of the first season. It parodies certain scenes of the anime and borrows the concept of an extremely super deformed Index from fellow J.C.Staff and ASCII Media Works show and light novel Shakugan no Shana.
  • The mark on Index-tan's left eye has yet to be explained.
  • Aogami Pierce's non-canon interaction with Kanzaki Kaori would be the only time both characters talk to each other.

Cultural References

  • Apart from her diminutive size, Index-tan mimics several idiosyncrasies of Shana-tan. First off, Index-tan rides her partner the same Shana-tan does, on top of the partner's head. Second, Index-tan eats yakisoba the same way as Shana-tan eats her melon pan, fast and seemingly endless which pulls from her back (hamperspace). Third, when Index-tan says Chut-up instead of shut-up when she is angered by Touma, this comes from Shana-tan who says that word whenever her partner angers her, which is further derived from Shakugan no Shana protagonist Shana's tendency to say the word shut-up several times in quick succession when irritated. Finally, Index-tan hair pulling of Touma's hair and says "be bald" is similarly derived from Shana-tan.
  • Index-tan actually advertises the Shakugan no Shana DVDs, which was censored for some reason.
  • The Palmtop Tiger, a mascot from popular light novel and anime Toradora! (from both ASCII Media Works and J.C.Staff respectively) appears during Himegami Aisa's first appearance in a sketch.
  • The events wherein Kanzaki Kaori's seiyu, Shizuka Itou, became drunk during the launch party of the anime actually happened.
  • Stiyl Magnus hiding behind a post reserved only for him is a reference to Yoshida Kazumi and Wilhelmina Carmel's behavior in the Shana-tan specials, stalking of Sakai Yuji and Shana-tan respectively. Interestingly, Shizuka Itou is the seiyu Wilhelmina Carmel.
  • Kanzaki's attack the Nanasen is used as a pun as its pronunciation is similar on how the number 7000 is pronounced in Japanese.
  • Nasi Goreng refers to a fried rice found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Animation Trivia

  • Apart from Index-tan's movement animation, nearly all animated sequences of the special are reused from various parts of the first season of the anime during its first half.
  • The background featured in the A Certain Anime's Shopping Channel features an entirely new background not seen in the anime.
  • Index-tan being starry-eyed after the commercial is actually only a miniaturized Index from the first episode and not really Index-tan. This is apparent because Index is lacking the mark on her left eye.


  • Komoe's voice is still audible despite beeing bleeped out by a moo sound in the final sketch.


  • Touma: "Why don't I help her reach happiness in a far, far away place?" -Touma after seeing Index-tan and later get taken away by a bird.
  • Mikoto: "Ta-da~ Conserve electricity and be power smart! Biribiri." -Mikoto's first public announcement.
  • Index-tan: "Chut up! Chut up! Chut up!" -Index-tan channeling Shana-tan
  • Touma: "You don't have to force yourself to imitate her." -said to Index-tan referring to Index-tan's copying of Shana-tan
  • Index-tan: "Fixation of the form has... this is sad." -said by Index-tan after seeing Komoe's cute angel.
  • Kanzaki: "Shut your mouth, you amateur! Don't talk as if you know what's going on! I did what I could, too! I did, I tell you! I tried to liven things up there, gulping them down in one shot! And I got drunk immediately! But there's nothing I could do! I couldn't liven things up!" -Shizuka Itou explaining herself through Kanzaki.



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