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Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan Episode 02 (とある魔術の禁書目録たん(インデックス)2 lit. A Certain Magical Index-tan 2?) is the second episode of the bonus short animation parody of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime featuring the eponymous Index-tan, the mini-version of Index. It was first released on May 29, 2009 in limited edition copies of the fifth Blu ray and DVD releases of Toaru Majutsu no Index. The screenplay was written by Asanuma Shintarou and directed by Nakatsu Tamaki. Index-tan was designed by Nakamura Naoto.


Sketch 1: Kamijou Touma and Index-tan

The episode starts with Touma receiving a call from Komoe, telling him to go to his make-up class. Naturally, Touma is indignant about this. Touma then begins taking out the mattress of his bed, to air it outside on his balcony, all the while lamenting about his misfortune. While there, Touma discovers an incredibly small nun with a symbol over her eye, much to his shock. The little girl awakens due to hunger, and tells Touma that she is hungry. Surprised by this, Touma takes a step back, however, the girl is almost taken away by a small flying bird. Successfully dodging it, the girl celebrates her fortune and calls the bird an idiot repeatedly. Suddenly she taken away by a small kitten that suspiciously looks like Sphynx, only leaving her headdress. In the end, an audible sound of meowing and flesh being rendered is heard, with Touma still unbelieving of the absurd situation that just occurred.

Intermission 1: Himegami Aisa

Himegami Aisa is given time to introduce herself. She politely says that her name is Himegami and tries to continue saying something relevant, but is cut-off.

Sketch 2: Kamijou Touma and Accelerator

Accelerator slowly walks towards Touma who is on the ground, determined to end their fight now. He lifts his arm and intends to touch Touma with his hand while cackling madly.

Seeing his apparent doom slowly coming towards him, Touma could only do one thing: slap Accelerator's hand away with his right hand. There was an awkward moment of silence afterwards, with Accelerator unable to comprehend on how Touma is able to do that. However, instead of being enraged, he merely blushes.

Intermission 2: Himegami Aisa

Himegami Aisa is given time to give a message to her fans. Aisa explains that it's not that she doesn't out, but before she could finish her sentence, she gets cut-off.

Sketch 3: Ghost Car in A Certain Highschool

In a certain high school, Aogami and Tsuchimikado Motoharu explains to a skeptical Touma of a scary rumor regarding a car that is moving without someone in the driver's seat.

After class, Touma comments to himself on how he can't go to the bathroom at night if he hears stories such as those. Suddenly, Touma hears a ridiculously childish singing put on echo, and a white car apparently without a driver drive pass him, scaring Touma to the point of wetting his pants.

Back in class, Aogami comments on how Komoe is the best.

Intermission 3: Himegami Aisa

Himegami Aisa is given time to tell her favorite quote. Aisa quotes her version of René Descartes' famous quote, "I get ignored, therefore I am."

Sketch 4: Sherry Cromwell

Sherry Cromwell is lying on the ground with poorly made characters drawn all around. Meanwhile, Sherry continues to draw and is singing a childish ditty.

Intermission 4: Himegami Aisa

Himegami Aisa is given time to say what she wishes for the second season, while a disclaimer is on the screen says plans for the second season hasn't been talked about yet and they are just making things up. Aisa says that she doesn't want to have her own episode, but before she could finish her sentence, she gets cut-off.

Sketch 5: Kamjou Touma, Kazakiri Hyouka and Index

In the Underground Mall, Touma is looking for Index and Hyouka, but then he hears an incomprehensible mumbling of some song inside a changing booth.

Touma comments on how they are either mumbling the song to avoid copyright violations or they are just really bad singers. In the booth, Hyouka and Index starts laughing.

Intermission 5: Himegami Aisa

Himegami Aisa is given time to tell the viewers her favorite food. Quite appropriately and directly, she answers "meat".

Sketch 6: Power of God

Kanzaki states that this is Misha's power, to bring out the night as to power her attribute. She is the symbol of water and the governor of blue, the guardian of the moon, and the protector of the rear side; she is the Power of God. Suddenly, a marlin leaps out of a water, with a distorted voice saying "Fish on!"

Intermission 6: Himegami Aisa

Himegami Aisa is given time to give another message. In a very soft spoken voice, Aisa tries to say a certain quote regarding dying but is immediately cut-off before finishing it. (Reference to Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl))

Sketch 7: Atsushi Abe and Yuka Iguchi

Midday, Touma is all alone in his room, sleeping soundly. The sound of the cicada can be heard from the outside. The door to Touma's room slides open, and a shadowy figure appears, moving closer towards Touma's bed, and another person wears a mischievous smile on her face. The apparently small person climbs on top of his bed, looming over him and disturbing him enough to awake him. Touma opens his eyes, and to his horror, a girl wearing white robes is before him, is Index-tan being carried by an inconspicuous black-clothed figure. She asks Touma if he has anything to say; though Touma is stricken in fear, and he answers her promptly by saying the words "you're small". Predictably, Index-tan is angered by his words and a familiar crunching sound is heard.

While the sun is setting, Index-tan sits on top of Touma's head in a certain hospital and once again eats yakisoba bread she takes out from hammer-space, while the black figure stands at the corner (and now we can see two tawny ponytails extruding from two sides of the top of this figure, reminding us of Shirai Kuroko). Touma scolds Index-tan for eating the sandwich as it makes crumbs and for eating them in a hospital. Angered by this, Index-tan begins to pout and shouts a childish version of shut-up several times at Touma. Index-tan begins saying that he always lectures her, and the people who Touma fights say that he is like a teacher.

Touma is unbelieving of this, to which Index-tan confirms this and continues saying that Touma isn't acting like himself like he was on his blog. Confused by this, Touma asks Index-tan what she is talking about. Index-tan responds that Touma shouldn't play dumb as she knows everything. She says that she knows that Touma has been making the picture of him wearing green pajamas and hugging a pillow the top of the page.

Realizing what she is on about, Touma asks Index-tan if she is talking about a non-fictional person, and if so talk about Kamijou Touma instead. Suddenly Index-tan says Atsushi-san to Touma, he responds to Index-tan using a different voice. Index-tan asks Touma a question if that picture on top of "his" page is his agency's way to try and appeal to people with his cute side by having him hug a pillow, or if it is his own taste. Touma responds by saying, that those were really his pillow and pajamas, with Index-tan laughing that it is great. The scene is later cut-off before it continues into another exchange.

Link to Abe Abtushi's blog:

Intermission 7: Himegami Aisa

Seemingly, responding to the last sketch, Himegami Aisa is asked if she is not going to make her own blog. She says that she is worried about how much access she would get. The scene is then cut-off.

Sketch 8: Kamijou Touma, Misaka Mikoto and the Sister clones vs. Accelerator: Abridged

The sphere of plasma is getting larger and larger by the second, with Accelerator saying he is getting stronger and stronger. Misaka Mikoto asks Misaka 10032, to wake up because she needs Misaka 10032 to do something for her, as she is the only who can protect Touma's dream, while Accelerator makes some fairly ridiculous noises.

Misaka 10032 is awakened by Misaka's cries and has already stood up, and is smiling, giggling and staring at her with her blank eyes for no apparent reason. Misaka once again asks to protect Touma's dream, but Misaka 10032 still does not respond and just laughs. Seeing this, Misaka is stunned and just stares at her for a while.

In the city, several sparks are coming out of the nacelle of the wind turbine. Several Misaka clones are directing their electric power unto the motor of the wind turbines empowering them to turn while humming an ominously monotonous tone. All of a sudden, the turbines explode for apparently having too much power directed at it by the clones. This, however, does not disturb the clones as they continue on with directing electricity at them and humming their tune.

Accelerator continues to make the sphere larger, and laughs while doing so. Here, he states that "he" has won the rookie award, and as such is now a full-fledged voice actor, and that he is no longer a weak voice actor. Suddenly, the switchyard explodes, probably killing Touma, Mikoto and Misaka 10032.

Sketch 9: Misaka Mikoto, Sister clones and A Certain Anime Announcement

After a false ending, Misaka Mikoto is lined up along with her clones, one of which is wearing sunglasses. Mikoto asks a question from the clones the title of the anime based on the light novel by Kamachi Kazuma-sensei. The first clone next to Mikoto says yes, and says that the title is Toaru Majutsu no Index. Mikoto slaps her violently in the back of the head, with a small heart appearing on the bottom of the screen apparently to keep score on how many times the clone is slapped. Apparently, the clone didn't say it correctly.

The next sunglasses clone answers, and says Toaru Mafia no Knee Socks. As a response Mikoto slaps the clone next to her and says the clone's answer was scary, adding another heart. The next clone says she was dead from a certain surgery, making Mikoto slap the clone next to her again and says that it is too gloomy, adding another heart. The next clone says that she got 3% in art class, making Mikoto slap the clone next to her again and says that she fails, adding another heart.

The cycle starts back to the clone next to Mikoto again, here she says a comment regarding having business with A*X all the time, Mikoto slaps her again but says thanks to "them", meanwhile the score resets, with a much larger heart appearing at the bottom of the screen. Next up is the clone with sunglasses, saying Marimokkori as a gift all the time, as a response Mikoto slaps the clone next to her again, adding another yet smaller heart and comments on how they get that often. The next clone says that she doesn't have to go to the toilet now, to which Mikoto slaps the clone next to her and says that it is nowhere close now, adding another smaller heart. Finally, the last clone raises up her hand and says nothing, prompting Mikoto to slap the clone next to her and say to raise one's hand only when one has something to say, and adding another smaller heart.

With that clones make a pose, and points at the screen in unison. They then state that this is the conclusion and says that Toaru Kagaku no Railgun is coming an anime. Mikoto then smiles and points at the screen, saying to look forward to it.

Sketch 10: Himegami Aisa

As the final sketch, Aisa is given an opportunity to talk regarding herself. Here, Aisa says that she is being treated horribly, and compares it to shooting last in "rock, paper, scissors." Aisa continues to say that she doesn't want to complain, but in that situation she couldn't at all.

The screen however, turns to black, with a "This is a work of fiction" disclaimer, with the message regarding on how the feature actually has no connection the to the "people inside" (the characters), and asks people do not imagine things on their own or use them as the topic of the story. At the bottom of the main message is a short sentence regarding on how it is going to get hard to work if the "people inside" get angry at us.

Meanwhile, Aisa continues her message on how they are all grown-up and people shouldn't take back their words, before being cut-off by the end of the special.

Adapted From

Parodies of various Toaru Majutsu no Index anime episodes, specifically:


By order of appearance


  • Imagine Breaker - Kamijou Touma, level 0
  • Water Wing - Archangel Gabriel
  • Astral in Hand - Archangel Gabriel
  • The Sweep/God's Purge - Archangel Gabriel
  • Electrical discharge - Misaka Mikoto, level 5 and Misaka clones, level 3
  • Radio Noise - Misaka clones
  • Healing magic ritual - Tsukuyomi Komoe and Index-tan
  • Plasma creation - Accelerator, level 5



  • Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan was released on the fifth limited edition DVDs of the first season.
  • The opening parodies the appearance of Index to Touma from both episode 1 of the first season as well as the first episode of Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan.
  • Index appears as one of Sherry Cromwell's chalk drawings.
  • Aisa comments several times in the episode regarding her being ignored, this is a reference to her apparent lack of relevancy in the series, and her apparent lack of notable features (as she said so herself back in episode 21 of Toaru Majutsu no Index anime season 1). Aisa indeed gets at least an important role in season 2.
  • Aisa saying her favorite as meet may be a reference to her asking meat from Komoe from the first episode of Index-tan.
  • The clones announce the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime, which was first announced in the last episode of the first Toaru Majutsu no Index anime.

Cultural References

  • Aisa quotes her version of René Descartes' famous quote, "I think, therefore I am." It means that someone who wonder whether or not they exist is, in and of itself, proof that they exist (because, at the very least, there is an "I" who does the thinking). In Aisa's version it is, "I get ignored, therefore I am," which would mean since people are willfully ignoring her existence, it is in and of itself proof that she does exist.
  • The line regarding dying during one of Aisa's intermissions, was supposed to be a quote from Jigoku Shoujo as a voice actor joke, since the title character of the anime, shares her voice actor (Noto Mamiko) with Aisa.
  • In Sketch 7: Atsushi Abe and Yuka Iguchi, the figure, who dresses all in black and carries Index-tan into the scene, is a reference to "kuroko" (which can be literally translated as "black person") - the stagehands in traditional Japanese theater, who dress all in black. Also, the two tawny ponytails extruding from the two sides of the top of this "kuroko" reminds us of Shirai Kuroko - an apparent pun on her name:
  • Near the end of the sketch where Index-tan visits Touma in a certain hospital, their voices change. This is of course Yuka Iguchi (Index) and Atsushi Abe (Touma) talking to each other. Their conversation regarding a picture of Abe wearing pajamas and hugging a pillow in his top of "his" page is an actuality at the time of this writing (6/16/11), you can visit Abe's official blog here.
  • Accelerator comments on how he has won the rookie award for voice acting, this is a reference his voice actor, Okamoto Nobuhiko who won the 2009 Seiyu Awards for the best Rookie actor for his voice work of Accelerator and other characters, alongside Kaji Yuki.
  • During the sketch where Mikoto slaps her clones, all the responses the clones gave has a pun on the "toaru" word of the Toaru Majutsu no Index title.
  • One of the clones references AT-X, an anime television channel which exclusively airs anime (among them Toaru Majutsu no Index) and removes some censored material that would normally be censored in normal channels.
  • One of the clones also reference the Marimokkori a character that was popularized by Hokkaido.

Animation Trivia

  • Despite Index getting her entire head bitten by the kitten, and no animation showing that it was about to fall off, her headdress remained in the balcony similar to the first episode where she was instead taken by a bird.
  • Like the previous episode most of the animation is reused, however, for Sherry Cromwell's appearance features entirely new animation and background.
  • Similarly, Mikoto and her clones announcement sketch features new animation, though repeated several time in that sketch alone.
  • All the explosions used on the wind turbines are the same, although a few are mirrored to give the illusion that it is different.


  • Index-tan: "Idiot, idiot, idiot!" -Index-tan after dodging a bird.later get taken away Sphynx.
  • Aisa: "I'm Himegami. Um, I'll do my—" -Aisa's first interference.
  • Touma: "I can't go to the bathroom at night if I hear stories like that." -Touma commenting on Aogami's ghost story, tempting the universe to create irony.
  • Aisa: "I get ignored, therefore I am." -Aisa's favorite quote.
  • Sherry: "Penguins on the southern island~ Train goes choo-choo moving on the rail~" -Sherry's song while drawing.
  • Touma: "Hey, is this mumbling to not get caught for violating copyrights, or are you really that bad?" -Touma on Index and Hyouka's singing.
  • Index-tan: "You always only lecture me! Everyone who you fight says you're like a teacher" -Index-tan on Touma's character.
  • Touma: "Wait! Aren't you talking about a nonfictional person there? Talk about Kamijou Touma!" -Touma on Index-tan setting up a voice actor inside joke.
  • Accelerator: I received the rookie award! So now I'm full-fledged voice actor! I'm no longer a weak voice actor!" -Accelerator commenting on his apparent voice acting prowess.
  • Misaka clones: "'That concludes things. "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun" is coming as an anime." -Misaka clones announcing Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.
  • Disclaimer: "In this special feature, everything is "fiction" and has no connection to the real lives of the people inside". Please do not imagine things on your own or use them as the topic of the story." -the message at the end that states that the animated special is in no way relevant to the show's characters or the plot.



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