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Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan Episode 04 (とある魔術の禁書目録たん(インデックス)4 lit. A Certain Magical Index-tan 4?) is the fourth episode of the bonus short animation parody of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime featuring the eponymous Index-tan, the mini-version of Index. It was first released on June 22, 2011 in limited edition copies of the fifth Blu ray and DVD releases of Toaru Majutsu no Index II. It was directed by Nagaoka Tomoka, while the animation direction was done by Kimoto Shigeki.


Sketch 1: Kamijou Touma and Index-tan

Touma receives a call from Komoe telling him to go to his make-up class, naturally, Touma is indignant about this. Touma then begins taking out the mattress of his bed, to air it outside on his balcony, all the while lamenting his misfortune. While there, Touma discovers an incredibly small nun with a symbol over her eye, much to his shock. The little girl awakens due to hunger, and tells Touma that she is hungry. Surprised by this, Touma takes a step back, with her stomach all the while still continuously grumbling loudly.

The little nun explains that if he'll fill up her stomach then she'll be really grateful. Touma does not take this kindly, and reacts violently, punching the little nun while saying something that was a reference to another older anime. The punch sends the nun flying into the distance. With that all over, Touma says that since he has learned from his mistakes he will not let them happen again.

Eyecatch 1: Itsuwa

Itsuwa is dressed as a waitress in a certain restaurant offering napkins and saying "douzo".

Sketch 2: Seiyu Awards

Accelerator gives a distorted smile as he points his shotgun at Amata, saying "Kihara-kun" and continues by saying that since he has won the new best seiyu award and won the best co-star award as well, all he needs to do is to become the main protagonist.

Amata berates him for it however, and tells Accelerator not to get cocky just because he is young and then suddenly begins beating the living daylights out of Accelerator while inappropriate sound effects play, as well as Accelerator saying sorry and then later saying gibberish. While Accelerator is in his how little world muttering to himself, Amata tries to get him to answer to his threats while beating him up, however, footsteps begin to come into the office.

It is Kuroko who said she got the awards herself as well, much to Amata's disbelief.

Eyecatch 2: Itsuwa

Itsuwa is wearing a Gekota costume next to Green Mart and handing out Academy City maps.

Writer's Public Announcement

White text on a black background displays a message a writer not wanting to put up a scene where the pun of Vento of the Front eating a bento is made.

Sketch 3: A Certain Fronthook Bra

Aisa's face shows an uncomfortable expression. She appears to have choked on the potato and asks help to Touma, who offers his hand to loosen the clogged potato. Touma's gentle approach did not work at first, and when he puts force into it, he unexpectedly unhooks Aisa's bra.

Aisa realizes this but cannot bare to tell Touma what just happens when he asks, as such Touma continues rubbing Aisa's back. Touma continues rubbing, saying that Aisa's face is all red, to which Aisa says it is nothing. Touma continues asking about this and rubs her back all the while. Touma smirks and continues to Aisa regarding her red face, to which she still says it is nothing.

Suddenly, FukIyose Seiri literally slides into the screen and exposes on how her bra is front hook today. Touma immediately gets aroused, with blush and drooling on his face. He states that it is every male's dream, and says that it is action-ready and easily accessible. Aisa also says hers is normal, while Seiri is just smiling smugly at the fact that her bra is a front hook.

Touma then calls everyone to say that Seiri's bra is a front hook today, immediately after the class creates an uproar and begins to celebrate Seiri's front hook bra. Meanwhile, Tsukuyomi Komoe walks with colleague Yomikawa Aiho. Komoe and Aiho arrive in front of the class that Komoe usually teaches and the pink-haired teacher is shocked by the chaos inside the classroom. After entering, the students ask what kind of bra she wears, back or front. Komoe replies that she doesn't wear one because she wears a training bra. As Komoe assesses the situation inside, Aiho remarks that she is somewhat jealous of Komoe's class, who is able to enjoy things without any worries.

Eyecatch 3: Itsuwa

Itsuwa wears a kimono apparently working in an inn, and saying "douzo".

Sketch 4: Himegami Aisa and Index-tan

In a certain hot pot restaurant, Komoe is enjoying a beer in front of her entire class. She reports to Aisa on how the meat is now cooked. With that Aisa obliges, she moves her hair out of the way as she tries to eat the meat, however, suddenly Index-tan.

Index-tan slides into the screen and eats the meat.

Komoe then says that the vegetables are now cooked. Aisa then once again tries to eat the vegetable, however, Index-tan slides into the screen and eats the vegetable. With nothing left, Komoe asks Seiri to beat the eggs. Seiri begins beating the eggs furiously and with much gusto, all the while Aisa says that she just wanted to eat the meat.

Eyecatch 4: Itsuwa

Itsuwa is feeding Sphynx and saying "douzo".

Sketch 5: Misaka clones and little sisters in galge

In the beginning of this sketch, what we see is the sideview of a girl facing a computer screen, clicking the mouse; and then the viewpoint turns, revealing an eery scene: it is actually five identical girls in a row facing five identical computer screens in a row - they are five Misaka clones left in Academy City, playing a game. Misaka 10032 asks where the fun is in a game where one spoils their little sister. On that matter of games, Misaka 10039 states that "Nei" was a superbly cute. Misaka 13577 not only agrees with 10039's comments but states that she was industrious as well, here, she states on how nostalgic she is feeling.

One of the clones comments that the Nei even had ears, hearing this Misaka 19090 states on how she can't follow her train of thought. Misaka 10044 then states on how the two of the clones are now apparently straying away from the topic of little sister games. With that, all the clones become silent and blink in relay.

Suddenly, an ahoge pops up from the back of the very last clone. It is Last Order who looks into the camera to say that the audience probably has no idea what the clones are talking about. She says this, as she too is devising a plan for new little sister game.

Hearing her, the clones (including Last Order) blink in unison, and begin giving a long monotonous inquisitive hum. Before the camera cuts, one of the clones tries to open the topic of Nei again.

Eyecatch 5: Itsuwa

Itsuwa has a "come hither" look upon her face, with closed eyes and her skin blushing red while saying "douzo".

Sketch 6: Misaka Mikoto and otaku

Misaka Mikoto has had enough of Awaki's tricks and begins to threaten her with her electric powers. However, Awaki uses her Move Point to teleport several people in front of her, asking Mikoto if she knows which one is someone who is involved or someone who is innocent.

Looking at the people Awaki teleported, Mikoto realizes that they are just a bunch of otaku. Seeing this, Mikoto declares that there are no innocent people here, and fires her Railgun on a group of people with suits, all the while a ringins sound is played like a gameshow, indicating that Mikoto got the correct answer.

Meanwhile, Kuroko looks from afar questioning what she is doing.

Eyecatch 6: Itsuwa

Itsuwa is dressed in a medical profession attire, apparently in a clinic, offering a free bed and saying "douzo".

Sketch 7: Misaka 10032 and Last Order

Last Order is jealous for being left out as everyone in the Radio Noise network has goggles while she does not have one, and demands that she wants one too.

Misaka 10032 points at the thing on her head (the scene does not pan on what she is pointing) and asks if that is what Last Order is talking about. Last Order confirms it as she begins playing with Misaka 10032's skirt. Misaka 10032 states that she knows that Last Order is only pulling off a cute act and says that it is backfiring because she is only getting annoyed by it.

Finally, Misaka 10032 comments on the thing on her head are not googles, but a Virtual Boy (bleeped out of course). Last Order is intrigued by this discovery, to which Misaka 10032 repeats herself. Last Order cannot make a reply to this and remains silent. However, Misaka 10032 begins a monologue on the Virtual Boy, enthusiastically stating over a product of yesteryear.

Eyecatch 7: Itsuwa

Itsuwa is in a train carrying a large bag, and offers a seat on the train while saying "douzo".

Sketch 8: Uiharu Kazari and Shirai Kuroko talk even more while we watch

In a certain restaurant, Kuroko talks about on how the the pilgrimage to the Holy Land was televised, as so this could make this anime a historical work and to carve the work into not only the history of Japan but that of the world, and to show the romantic beauty between her and her Oneesama but has no idea how. Kuroko then wonders if Kazari who is eating her parfait is listening.

Kazari confirms this, as she eats another scoop. Later, Kuroko then comments if Kazari has any idea on how to do it. Kazari comments on Kuroko doing something like "lucky pervert" every two minutes. Kuroko disagrees as it would be too much "service" and says it would be difficult on her end. While Kazari continues to eat Kuroko mentions that her idea isn't what the anime is about, to which Kazari agrees.

Kuroko then asks for more ideas from Kazari. Kazari comments on she could just get a guitar and sing. Kuroko responds that her idea would be an obvious parody of "another" musical anime as such it would not be acceptable. After sipping her tea, Kuroko continues by saying that the producer isn't stupid, and would recognize the parody immediately.

She smiles and looks at Kazari.

After eating another scoop, Kazari states that they should just take her idea as a good joke, with Kuroko not responding. The scene briefly cuts to the outside of the restaurant.

Kazari then sighs and states that she wished Saten Ruiko was with them right now, and eats another bite obviously enjoying her parfait. Kuroko, however, responds to her and reminds her that they promised not to say that and sighs.

Eyecatch 8: Itsuwa

Itsuwa is wearing an apron while handing out food with chopsticks, saying "douzo".

Sketch 9: Kamijou Touma and Index-tan

Touma is walking during a wonderful evening with Index-tan on top of his head eating food she gets from nowhere, here, Touma comments on how this being their fourth release they're running out of things to do.

Index-tan comments on how Touma shouldn't say that, she continues on by saying that it has been five years since Shana-tan was started by the studio, and that because of such a long time, the writers inevitably start running low on ideas. Touma replies on how those who can write at 100% even if there is nothing to write about are called "pros".

Disgruntled by Touma's response, Index-tan begins to attack Touma's head, saying "Chut up" and saying what he said was untrue. While doing this, she says that even if it's hard to wrote, they don't show it and just do what they're supposed to do.

Index-tan afterwards becomes tired, she sits down and begins to rips of Touma's hair while saying "Be bald" several times and other variations thereof. Touma however, is unperturbed by this, and states that they do this again then he'll see her by then as he walks away.

Near the end she asks Index-tan to talk about Orsola instead, angering Index-tan.

Adapted From

Parodies of various Toaru Majutsu no Index anime episodes, specifically:


By order of appearance


  • Electrical discharge - Misaka Mikoto, level 5
  • Move Point - Musujime Awaki, level 4
  • Railgun - Misaka Mikoto, level 5



  • Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan was released on the fifth limited edition DVDs and BDs of the second season.
  • The opening parodies the appearance of Index to Touma from the third episode of Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan as Index-tan tries to say "geso" even though she is no longer looks like Ika Musume.
  • Accelerator referring to him wanting to be the main protagonist maybe a reference to him becoming the primary protagonist of the Science side during the later half the of the series.
  • As a recurring gag in the Index-tan specials, Aisa once again does not get to eat meat.
  • Uiharu Kazari referencing Saten Ruiko with Kuroko remind her that they shouldn't be talking about her maybe maybe a reference to her popularity in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime (being a main character despite originally being a minor character) as well as not appearing as well not being referenced in the second season of Toaru Majutsu no Index.
  • The Index version of Julian's restaurant instead of the Railgun one is used in the scene with Uiharu Kazari and Shirai Kuroko.
  • Itsuwa continually saying "dozo" is a reference to her appearing in the second season saying "dozo" several times.
  • Index-tan says Sogebu to Touma during her usual routine of making him bald. This is a reference to Touma's famous catchphrase "I'll break that illusion of yours!" in Japanese which is "Sono Gensou wo Buchikorosu!" with Sogebu being derived from the first two letters of which word.

Cultural References

  • The episode slightly references Shinryaku! Ika Musume with Index-tan saying "geso", despite not looking like a squid girl.
  • Touma references Gemini Saga of Saint Seiya fame during his attack on Index-tan. It is also likely a reference to Ring ni Kakero, where the main character has a special move known as Galactica Magnum, and has a similar catchphrases to Touma: "Time to blow away your illusions!" The background and character art changes accordingly during the scene, which is similar to stereotypical older anime art styles.
  • Accelerator once again references his seiyu winning the rookie award for voice acting, as well as referencing him winning the Best Actor in supporting roles award for the 2011 Seiyu awards. Kuroko also references her voice actress winning the award for the Best Actress in supporting roles on the same awards ceremony.
  • The red goggle-like object Misaka 10032 is wearing during her scene with Last Order is a Virtual Boy video game console, Nintendo's failed effort in creating a console capable of displaying "true 3D graphics" out of the box.
  • The musical anime that Kuroko and Kazari references is K-On!. This is a seiyu joke since Uiharu Kazari's seiyu voices the main character of the series, who plays the guitar and sings.
  • Shana-tan is once again referenced during the episode, where in Index-tan states that it has been five years since Shana-tan has been released by J.C.Staff.
  • The clones' discussion references Nei, a main character in the classic Mega Drive game Phantasy Star II.

Animation Trivia

  • The scene in the hotpot restaurant features an animation of Komoe directly borrowed from episode 11 of the first season.
  • One of the otaku that falls after Awaki uses her Move Point is wearing Accelerator's old black and white shirt.
  • The episode features new animation for Index-tan attacking Touma's head and hair.


  • Touma: "Galaxian Explosion!" -upon punching Index-tan.
  • Touma: "Because I have learned from my errors, I shall not let them happen again." -after punching Index-tan.
  • Accelerator: "I've already won the best new seiyu award and I've won the best co-star award as well! Now all there's left for me is to be the main protagonist!" -to Kihara Amata.
  • Sign: "I wanted to make a pun on Vento of the Front eating a bento but... I decided not to." -writers on puns.
  • Seiri: "By the way I am wearing a front hook bra today." -said to Touma.
  • Touma: "Say what? Any male's dream! The action-ready, easily accessible front hook?" -Touma upon discovering that Seiri is wearing a front hook.
  • Komoe: "I wear a training bra." -said to Aogami as a response on what type of bra she is wearing.
  • Komoe: "Swinging a beer can over my head in front of my students is amazing!"
  • Aisa: "The meat, I just wanted to eat the meat." -Aisa not getting meat again.
  • Misaka 10032: "Just what is the fun in playing a game where you spoil your little sister?" -Misaka 10032 just not understanding little sister fetishes.
  • Last Order: ""You definitely can't tell what they're talking about, right?" Misaka asks as Misaka asks cheerfully while reflecting back on the past games while also devising plans for a new little sister game!" -Last Order on the conversation.
  • Mikoto: "What is this? Innocent people? There are none!" -Mikoto guessing the correct answer.
  • Misaka 10032: ""An ecstasy of black and red." Misaka 10032 replies enthusiastically over the produce bought yesteryear." -Misaka 10032 on the Virtual Boy.
  • Kazari: "Then how about I get a guitar and sing?" -Kazari referencing a certain cute girls doing cute things, and sometimes play a little music anime.
  • Kazari: "If only Saten-san was here with us right now."
  • Kuroko: "I thought we promised not to say that." -Kuroko's response on Kazari wishing for Saten Ruiko.
  • Index-tan: "Touma you can't say that, if you think about it, it's been five years since this studio started Shana-tan!" -Index-tan with a little advertising and history lesson.
  • Touma: "Instead, let's talk about Orsola!" -Touma is clearly a man of taste.



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