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Toaru Majutsu no Index: Imaginary Fest (とある魔術の禁書目録インデックス幻想収束イマジナリーフェスト Toaru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku (Indekkusu) Gensō Shūsoku (Imajinarī Fesuto)?, lit. "A Certain Magical Index Illusion Convergence) is a mobile card game for iOS and Android devices, released in 2019.[2] Toaru Majutsu no Index: Imaginary Fest officially started its service on July 4th 2019. Pre-Download of the game on Google Play/App Store was made available on July 3rd 2019.[1]


The new card game for iOS and Android devices was announced during the Index III Special Broadcast on January 5, 2019 with a small teaser movie. The game is an "academy superpower battle RPG" and will as a free-to-play title with item-based micro-transactions in 2019 in Japan. The game allows the player to relive scenes from the anime and build decks using the characters from the from anime, movies, the latest light novels, and from sidestories. Attesting to this, the teaser movie briefly showed Othinus, Leivinia Birdway, and Kuroyoru Umidori. The game is being developed and published by Square Enix.[2] The theme song of the game, entitled "JUNCTION", will be performed by Kurosaki Maon.[3]

Live Broadcast

The first live broadcast promoting the game was aired on March 15th 2019.[4] The second live broadcast promoting the game was aired on June 11th, 2019.[5] The third live broadcast promoting the game was aired on June 12th, 2019. It was aired with four Virtual YouTuber: Roboco-san, Shirakami Fubuki, Oozora Subaru, and Minato Aqua.[6]

Official Character Poll

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Imaginary Fest Official Character Poll

Misaka Mikoto

The Official Character Poll begins on April 25th. It ends when pre-registration of the game finished.[7] The character who shines the most vote will be implemented at the start of the campaign. The poll continued on until July 1st.[8] On July 3rd, the final result of Top 20 Characters was released. The winner was eventually Misaka Mikoto.[9]

Rank Character Poll
1 Misaka Mikoto 77,973
2 Accelerator 65,360
3 Kamijou Touma 25,284
4 Measure Heart 23,641
5 Othinus 22,514
6 Kakine Teitoku 22,206
7 Index 18,959
8 Shokuhou Misaki 15,507
9 Saten Ruiko 14,007
10 Shirai Kuroko 13,693
11 Meigo Arisa 11,457
12 Itsuwa 11,385
13 Last Order 9,396
14 Kinuhata Saiai 7,371
15 Frenda Seivelun 5,677
16 Kanzaki Kaori 5,593
17 Sisters 4,527
18 Lessar 4,328
19 Leivinia Birdway 4,325
20 Tsuchimikado Motoharu 4,146

Official Swimsuit Poll

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the game, the official swimsuit poll held from June 28th to July 11th 2021. The gacha includes all the previous swimsuit units, with 3 units rate-up, being winners from the swimsuit voting results.[10]

Rank Image Title Character
1 Shokuhou Misaki - Summer (IF).jpg Desired Swimsuit Shokuhou Misaki
2 Leivinia Birdway - Summer (IF).jpg Mid Summer Magician Leivinia Birdway
3 Mugino Shizuri - Summer (IF).jpg Elegant Night Mugino Shizuri
4 Misaka Mikoto - Summer2 (IF).jpg Swimsuit Maiden Misaka Mikoto
5 Misaka Mikoto - Summer1 (IF).jpg Endless Summer Misaka Mikoto
6 Kinuhata Saiai - Summer (IF).jpg Swimming Kinuhata Saiai
7 Itsuwa - Summer (IF).jpg Summer Vacation Itsuwa
8 Konori Mii - Summer (IF).jpg Swimsuit Judgment Konori Mii
9 Frenda Seivelun - Summer (IF).jpg Waterside Mischief Frenda Seivelun
10 Kanzaki Kaori - Summer (IF).jpg Sunset Beach Kanzaki Kaori
11 Shirai Kuroko - Summer2 (IF).jpg Summer Rescue Shirai Kuroko
12 Misaka Imouto - Midsummer (IF).jpg Mid Summer Holidays Misaka 10032
13 Saten Ruiko - Summer (IF).jpg Large Flowers in the Night Sky Saten Ruiko
14 Shirai Kuroko - Summer1 (IF).jpg Temptation Under the Sun Shirai Kuroko
15 Kongou Mitsuko - Summer (IF).jpg Ultimate Swimsuit Model Kongou Mitsuko


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Sidestories, Events


In-universe characters

Science Side

Magic Side

Crossover Characters

Image Title Characters
Imaginary Fest X Konosuba Collaboration.jpg KonoSuba
Imaginary Fest X Shana Collaboration.png Shakugan no Shana
Imaginary Fest X DanMachi Collaboration.jpg DanMachi
Imaginary Fest X TenSura Collaboration.jpg TenSura
Imaginary Fest X Saikyō Kenja Collaboration.jpg Saikyō Kenja



Opening Theme


Character Introduction

Live Broadcast

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