Beginning of the Conspiracy (陰謀の始まり Inbō no Hajimari?) is the fifth chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index: Miracle of Endymion manga, released on June 12, 2013 in Monthly Shōnen Gangan.


Meigo Arisa treats Index, while the shadow of the Church hounds them. Meanwhile, Touma converses with Motoharu regarding Arisa, but Kanzaki later appears and states that Arisa is a Saint or someone whose power is similar to one. She then says that she is temporarily ranked as the ninth Saint, and if her power awakens, she will displace Kanzaki. This surprises Touma, but Motoharu says that nothing is set in stone. Kanzaki asks Motoharu's opinion to which Motoharu says that he is not sure as he isn't exactly sure what a Saint is, unless Kanzaki allows him to examine her thoroughly inside and out, much to her irritation. Motoharu says that regardless of what she is, Academy City will want to find an anatomical explanation to her natural ability and utilize it, specifically Ladylee Tangleroad.

Back in the restaurant, Arisa gives Index the lyrics of the song she was working on, referring to her wanting to sing it with her. There, the three witches make their move. Mitsuko, Kinuho, and Maaya, meanwhile pass by the restaurant, where Mitsuko relates to her being Mikoto's partner in the three-legged race. They are then suddenly befuddled by the witches breaking the glass of the resturant and escaping with Arisa after using wind to cover their tracks. As their sight clears, they find Index with ice wrapping her mouth. And they do not what to make of it.

Touma receives a call from Index, as Motoharu continues to tease Kanzaki, and there discovers that Arisa has been abducted again. Touma calls Komoe who is in the bathhouse and requests her help. Shutaura also discovers of Arisa's abduction and has a call from Crow Four, telling her of the movements of Stiyl and company. She then prepares to take the mission.

While in the car, Jane tells Stiyl not to smoke as it will stunt growth, though Stiyl says that he is already grown as he is, though Jane tells him that he is talking about herself. Stiyl then notices something in the side mirror, and tells them that the Black Crows have come. With their cloacks deactivated, the Black Crow's machines make their move. Stiyl orders Marie not to let them pass as he climbs up to the roof of the car to contend against them. Shutaura appears and throws her discs upon the car. They are besetted by explosions, and the car's movements become disturbed. One of them latches on to them with speared wires, but Stiyl forces it off. Marie herself, rams one of them and manages to shake it off. In the tunnel, Jane calls out to Stiyl and takes up his rune cards for him. There, Stiyl summons Innocentius and fells the other Black Crow machines other than Shutaura's for great is her skill and long did she contend against it.

The fighting in the tunnel catches the attention of Touma, who with Komoe's car, tries to intercept them. The battle comes out of the tunnel and there the fires of Innocentius could not hold. Shutaura strikes the car and it swerves to side, though all the witches and Arisa survive but unconscious. The machine comes up to Stiyl, but Touma just arrives in time to tell to stop. Touma tells Stiyl not to jump to conclusions for no one is sure if Arisa is a Saint as of yet. Stiyl is annoyed, knowing Kanzaki has told Touma of her what she knows. Then, Stiyl tells Touma he has been given new orders, and asks Touma what he thinks that great tower, Endymion, is. Touma naturally replies that it is a space elevator, but Stiyl references several wondrous structures: the Tower of Babel, the Ziggurat of Ur, the Great Wall of China, and the Pyramids of Giza. Stiyl states that architectural structures of unreasonable scale gain magical significance simply by standing, and states that there is someone who tried to use one as a super large-scale magic device by putting a Saint inside it, Arisa. Shutaura meanwhile, listens on to their strange conversation, but is then contacted by Ladylee, stating that Anti-Skill is on the move and that she must leave. With that order, the machine moves and rips apart the metal of the fallen car to take away Arisa. There, she sees something, a blue necklace inside a bag. Laydlee contacts her again, surprised that Shutaura figured it out, but then says that she should bring Arisa to her. Shutaura takes Arisa and Stiyl tries to attack, though she screams to stay back. Touma tries to plead with her, calling her by her name, but she does not heed his words, telling him that her business has nothing to do with him. With that, Shuatura catapults several discs Seeing the danger, Stiyl tries to go towards the fallen three witches who are still unconscious. Stiyl shouts to Touma to run away, but it is too late, and the skys are lit in flames by Shutauras explosions, the force of which throws Touma to the ground.

Misaka Mikoto meanwhile is searching the Internet regarding Ladylee, but is then contacted by Saten Ruiko, telling her that Arisa has been abducted. Mikoto then leaves to go to them, not knowing that a little picture on her computer shows Ladylee with a couple of gentlemen from 1870.

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Major eventsEdit

  • Arisa is taken by Shutaura for "protection" under Ladylee. Shutaura also discovers a part of her broken bracelet on Arisa's person.
  • Touma discovers that Arisa, who is likened to that of a Saint, will be used in a magic device, Endymion, for a spell.


New CharactersEdit

No new characters were introduced during this episode.


  • Water Magic - Marie Spearhead
  • Wind Magic - Jane Elves
  • Fire Magic - Stiyl Magnus
    • Innocentius
  • Earth Palette - Shutaura Sequenzia, level 4

New AbilitiesEdit

No new abiiities were introduced in this chapter.


New LocationsEdit

No new locations were introduced during this chapter.


  • This would mark the second reference to Saints having ranks other than that of the light novels and movie, the latter this manga was adapted from.
  • In the original movie, Stiyl only references the Tower of Babel and the Ziggurat of Ur, as if to liken Endymion to it.


  • The song Arisa tries to write back in chapter 3 is referenced.
  • Mitsuko and Mikoto's partnership in the Daihaseisai is referenced.
  • Index saying that Endymion is like Tower of the Babel from chapter 1 is brought up again.

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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Is Arisa really a Saint? If not, what is she?
  • Who is the person who will make Endymion into a magic device using a Saint?
  • Why was Shutaura shocked by the blue jewelry Arisa has?


  • Motoharu: "I'm not even sure what exactly s Saint is, anyway. Unless of course you let me examine you thoroughly, inside and out..."-said to Kanzaki.
  • Kanzaki: "N-Not in a million years!"-said to Motoharu as a reply to the above statement.
  • Jane: "Teacher, you shouldn't smoke in the car. Don't you know it stunts you growth?"-said to Stiyl.
  • Stiyl: "The Ziggurat of Ur. The Tower of Babel. Architectural structures of unreasonable scale gain magical significance simply by standing. The problem was there was someone who tried to use as s super-large scale device by putting a Saint inside."-said to Touma regarding the truth of Endymion.
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