The Beginning Song (始まりの歌 Hajimari no Uta?) is the sixth chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index: Miracle of Endymion manga, released on July 12, 2013 in Monthly Shōnen Gangan.


Shutaura has Arisa lay down in a large room in a base by Ladylee. There, trying to confirm her suspicions, she discovers that the broken piece of bracelet that Arisa has fitted with hers. Ladylee arrives and mentions on how the both of them were fated to cross paths. She repeats the story of the Miracle of 88, but tells that there was one person who died, and that is Shutaura's father. Ladylee continues by saving that by the time anyone noticed it was already too late, the world rejoiced over the miracle, and the truth behind Shutaura's father was kept hidden. She looks over Arisa, and states in that incident, a girl appeared out of nowhere in the spaceplane and performed a miracle, and refers to Arisa as that girl. Hearing this, Shutaura asks why she still claims it to be a miracle, to which Ladylee says that it is because no one should have survived the accident. Sensing what she is implying, Ladylee interrupts her thoughts, and says that she thought that it would work in outer space, but in the end everyone but Shutaura's father survived. However, Ladylee says that she has at least gotten an interesting by-product of the Miracle of 88. Slowly, Shutaura dawns on her that Ladylee was the one who killed her father, and in anger takes up her blade and stabs a smiling Ladylee. There, Ladylee falls as blood gushes out of her wound. However, she doesn't fall long, and after her automatons arrive, she laughs and sits up, showing to Shutaura that she is still alive. Shutaura is shocked, and is later apprehended by the automatons, one of which she recognizes from the mall that was rigged with bombs. Ladylee asks Shutaura if she is done, and comments on how that her stabbing marks the 18th time she has been stabbed. Shutaura calls her monster, and Ladylee agrees, but says Shutaura is one as well. She says to Shutaura that she will let her live, and that she will enjoy the moment that she will show her a real miracle. Shutaura proclaims that she will stop her no matter what, but Ladylee is not concerned. She orders the automatons to take her away. Now alone with Arisa, she wakes her up and gives her an offer she can't refuse.

The next day, Endymion opens and many people have come to it, the great tower. Back with Touma, he is resting in the hospital with Index and Mikoto by his side, reporting on how Arisa could not be found. Heaven Canceller comes over and remarks on Touma's amazing injury, a burn, asking if he is trying to break a hospitalization record. Suddenly, Motoharu and Stiyl arrives asking for his audience.

Meanwhile, the Black Crows begin their operation, taking over the Endymion's security and sealing the place down. Back with Touma, Stiyl tells him of Ladylee's history, and her plans, to which Motoharu says would cause the destruction of the northern hemisphere of the earth. As later is the hour in which the plans of Ladylee have come, he either needs to destroy Ladylee or destroy its core, Arisa, as Ladylee's spell could destroy the world. Touma as expected does not abide by what Stiyl must do. Touma then stands up with his fresh bandages and begins dressing himself. Index arrives, and worries for him, for his injuries have yet to fully heal. But Touma says that he cannot just stay here and let the magic and science side factions handle things for surely Arisa will die. Stiyl could only grimace at Touma's intentions. However, Motoharu knowing of Touma's inevitable intervention, stops him and says that he had got him some help. Their conversation however is overheard by three Misaka clones, who then relay the information the Last Order. She on the other hand, talks of this matter loudly before Accelerator, irritating him. Mikoto returns with juice after leaving Touma's room only to find it bereft of occupants, including its patient.

Shutaura is chucked into a dark room in Endymion. Here, she contemplates on the miracle Ladylee told regarding the Miracle of 88. Suddenly, Crow 7 arrives. Shutaura says that their client, Ladylee had them ordered to put her there, but Crow 7 says that there is only person who they will follow orders from, and that is their Crow Leader, Shutaura. He then springs Shutaura free. Their, he reports to Shutaura on Ladylee's whereabouts and status and on how Anti-Skill has already arrived. Shutaura later boards the underground emergency high-speed elevator of the Endymion, intending to do it alone and telling him not to have anyone else come up.

Up in the orbital station, people gather towards for the concert that Arisa will now hold. Arisa is in an observation room, remembering Touma encouraging her to follow her dreams. Floating alone with the memories of him, he calls out to Touma for a miracle. Ladylee then arrives to confronting Arisa about her decision. Arisa acquiesces to her demands, as Ladylee has threatened the lives of the audience, but states that she will sing for their sake, not for her.

Back on the ground, Motoharu presents to Touma the Ballistic Slider, the spacecraft that will take Touma and Index to the top of the Endymion. With the Anti-Skill, they are forced to contend with a large mobile weapon sent by the Black Crow Unit guarding a bridge into Endymion, as the underground train entrances and press entrances have been sealed off. Seeing the Ballistic Slider take flight, Stiyl and his witches try to infiltrate the underground passageways of Endymion. Mallybath comments on how they will be trying to make it easier for the others, to which Stiyl says that they'll be following orders and kill Arisa. Marie then says that it'll be impossible at this point to make it to the top, putting Stiyl to silence. Hearing that, Stiyl turns aside in a huff and says that they'll have to cause as much destruction from down below as they can. Hearing this, the three witches comment on how Stiyl isn't really honest with himself. Arisa goes on with the performance to an enthustiastic crowd while heroes gather to stop Ladylee's plan.

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Major eventsEdit

  • Shoutaura Sequenzia discovers that she has a connection with Meigo Arisa and that crash that led to her father's death was Ladylee's doing.
  • Ladylee is revealed to be immortal.
  • Endymion is officially opens to the public, and Arisa is forced to perform a concert by Ladylee.
  • An operation consisting of Touma, Index, Stiyl and his three witches, and Motoharu begins in order to stop Ladylee's nefarious plot with Endymion and Arisa.


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No new characters were introduced during this episode.


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No new locations were introduced during this chapter.



There were notable referbacks in this chapter.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Stiyl references that Ladylee once was a Greek sibyl.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Where did Arisa come fron actually during the crash?
  • How is Ladylee immortal?


  • Touma: "Arisa has a dream... and she is giving her all to pursue that dream.Why does a girl like that have to be treated like a villain who will destroy the northern hemisphere!? Someone working desperately towards their dream will be crushed underfoot instead of being rewarded!? I can't let that happen!!"
  • Arisa: "I'll sing, but not because it's my dream, or because it helps yours. I'm singing for the people who genuinely enjoy my songs. I'll sing for them. I don't know what you're planning, but I will sing a miracle song that even you won't predict."―said to Ladylee.
  • Crow 7: "Only one person can tell me what to do. Leader! That person is you. Now, your orders.
  • Ladylee: "Life and death. Finite and infinite. In this space where everything intersects, the physical laws on the ground don't apply. Everyone's excitement and blood are an offering for the god's banquet. Your breath will break the Endymion's eternal curse!"
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