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Toaru Majutsu no Index (《魔法禁书目录》 Pinyin: Mófǎ Jìnshū Mùlù?) is a massively multiplayer action role-playing video game based on the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe. It was developed by NetEase Games with supervision from Kadokawa and released for iOS on August 31, 2017 as well as Android devices on September 7, 2017.[1] The game also has support for emulators as well as a official emulator by NetEase so players can play it on PC for now if they wish, and a PC version of the game is to be released in October 2018, However it was delayed and released in January 2019.[2] The game is also stated to be released for other regions in October 2018.[3]

The service was concluded on January 17th 2022.[4]


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The game primarily adapts the story of the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels, focusing on the adventures of Kamijou Touma, a Level 0 esper wielding the Imagine Breaker, in the ongoing conflict between Magic and Science.


For more detailed information on character moves and stats, see Toaru Majutsu no Index (Mobile MMO)/List of Movesets.

Toaru Majutsu no Index is composed of real-time combat elements combined with instance-based gameplay and world events that gives rewards to participants. Players control a single character at a time, and receive Touma and Stiyl as starter characters. Over time, more characters can be unlocked by playing the Pachinko minigame or otherwise acquiring 10 character-specific USBs of a desired character.

Each character has its own skills and characteristics. Aside from basic movement most characters can perform a Light Combo, Heavy Combo, Combo Skills, Jump and Sprint as well as up to three skills that consume Ability Power, a resource that is generated from successful attacks and combos. However some characters have exceptions, such as Agnese having only two skills but having many combo skills and the ability to negate defense and Awaki having no sprint/dash and in return has the ability to teleport her opponents. Other characters, like Index Librorum Prohibitorum and Kazakiri Hyouka, also have a Transformation mechanic, allowing them to take an alternate form in combat. Each character can equip cards that can boost specific stats, and can be customized by equipping skins that change their appearance.

In-game missions have a variety of objectives such as sneaking past Anti-Skill, fighting off waves of enemies, as well as boss fights and defeat all foes. In some game modes, players can use two other characters to switch between or call down for help.

Game Modes[]

Story Mode[]

The player must play through the original story of Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Even though it features voice acting similar to the anime, the game takes more of a focus from the novels, such as featuring the Dummy in OT2 and having to fight Kanzaki in Angel Fall due to the misunderstanding. Currently players can play all the way to Volume 16 with Volume 17 being released soon.

Open World[]

Players can explore Academy City and interact with various characters from the series (as NPCs) and other players, with things to run around and do such as buying food for Index or causing trouble around the city and catching the attention of Judgment and eventually Anti-Skill or simply hanging out with others in the open bath.

Boss Rush[]

After a player completes a volume they unlock a mission in a separate mode where they fight the enemies as well as bosses that they have encountered in one go.

Player vs Player[]

There are several methods of PvP with other players, such as fighting player-made NPC teams or fighting actual people in 1v1s or teaming up with others in 3v3s, featuring a leaderboard, reward and ranking system for competitive play.


Players can create parties to tackle specialized Co-Op missions at various locations, where players team up to tackle various bosses and enemies such as Anti-Skill, Skill Out and Ice Golems.


Players can form relationships with various characters wtihin Academy City, giving them gifts and taking them out for dates. Doing so unlocks a store for each character that gives special items and cards.

Battle Royale[]

A total of 30 players are teleported to an island called Kawanoshima, each player is equipped with a collar that loses energy when they are out of the circle, when the collar reaches zero they start to lose health and must recharge it. In this gamemode every player is forced to be the same level and also can utilize various items for benefits such as a throwing item for combat or cake that increases your speed.


Sisters Dodge[]

One of the minigames, players are placed in a field with several Sisters, and must live until time runs out or defeat them all.

Robot Beat Down[]

One of the minigames, players are sent into a mission where all they need to do is beat up Security Robots and a giant variation.

Undercover Agent Cleaning[]

One of the minigames, players are sent into a mission where they must defeat waves of Agents that snuck into Academy City and finally face Motoharu as the boss.


Characters have several costumes from what they have worn within the series, such as the outfit Mikoto worn during the Sisters Arc or Touma's New Testament hoodie, though for characters who are lacking in outfits they get completely original ones or they originate from Toaru Majutsu no Index Struggle Battle.


Playable Characters[]

Character Roster October Edition

In Universe Characters

In-universe characters[]

Other Characters[]

Non-Playable Characters[]

Several characters appear as NPCs or support stickers, due to the sheer amount this list will not have all of them, just the notable ones


The game was made originally to act as a gift of gratitude to the fans of the franchise for the 10th anniversary of the anime series (on 2018) alongside the third season of the anime. Because of this, the head developers were already aware of the upcoming announcement, but limited the information to a number of key persons, with some informed only of an independent game based on Index instead of a joint project. The game received aid from those who worked on the anime in the aspects of art, post production, and audio (such as voice actors and music).[5] The game aims to be as accurate to the franchise as possible, allowing the game to act as a standalone adaptation of the light novel series alongside the manga and anime.

On a developers' insight blog on June 9, 2018, the development team has acknowledged the comparisons of the game's aesthetics with the Index PSP game and began focusing on polishing the game's quality, introducing higher-definition sprites for playable characters, performing upgrades to existing visuals, and fixing long-standing bugs. Other plans also include improving the new player experience through improved tutorials and implementing changes that would make the game a standalone adaptation of the light novel series.[6]

The developers also revealed an upcoming collaboration with J.C. Staff to create an anime intro for the game, with fripSide performing an original theme song.[6] The theme song of the game, entitled "adverse wind", was released on October 10, 2018 as part of fripSide's latest album, "infinite synthesis 4".[7]


The game entered a collaboration with the Senran Kagura: Estival Versus video game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita consoles and the PC. Ten characters from the video game (Miyabi, Hibiki, Murasaki, Imu, Ryobi, Ryona, Homura, Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, Haruka) would be available as cards which can be equipped to characters for bonuses, Miyabi and Yumi would be available as playable characters. Events related to the collaboration will start on November 14, 2017, Miyabi herself was available November 24, 2017 and Yumi was released in Spring 2018.

Adol Christin, the main character of the Ys role-playing video game series, is also confirmed as a playable character.


The game would later receive make a changes to cover-up a few characters that have revealing outfits. These would be:

  • Itsuwa's Avignon outfit getting a shirt underneath
  • Kazakiri Hyouka's alternate outfit is turned into a bodysuit
  • Oriana Thomson's worker outfit being buttoned up, and her office lady outfit getting a seethrough shirt underneath.
  • Acqua of the Back's "speedo" outfit is turned into trunks.





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