Translated Stats

Stats are distributed based on how many points put into the main 5 stats, for example points in Power benefits your overall attack stat and type specific attacks such as science or magic. The growth from the points varies based on every character and points are acquired from level ups, though you can manipulate your stats further by adding cards and scenes to your specific character.

Scene and CardsEdit

Card layout

Scenes are an overall stat buff to every character and golden scenes can even outright add points into the 5 main stats themselves. Cards are more specific based on who you place; there is also a system of "connections" where two or more character cards can connect to one another for a stat bonus. Connections that require 3 people or more require all members of that specific group. For example, you cannot have the ITEM bonus if you only have Mugino and Frenda.

List of Character movesEdit

Universal MovesEdit

Every character in the game has a normal/light attack combo and an alternative/strong attack combo as well as a jump attack and a sprint attack and at least one combo special. The amount of attacks in each combo varies based on the character and through attacking they build ability power for use of their superskills. Characters can also gain ability power passively or through taking damage, up to 5 bars of ability power can be filled normally on a character though with usb upgrades a character can gain up to 7 extra bars.

There are three types of damage in the game Magic, Science and Normal damage, some characters can do a mix and some can only do Science or Magic, as a good rule of thumb Magicians/Magic creations are weak to science damage, Espers/Academy City residents are weak to magic and normal damage affects anyone normally but also isn't super effective against anyone.

Accelerator (Pre-OT5)Edit

Character Ability: Reflection - Accelerator negates damage taken and reflects it back to his opponent, at base it starts at 10% of damage taken.


  • [Attack] Killing Strikes - Razes enemies using attacks boosted by Redirection. Combo cycle of five attacks, finishing this move grants Accelerator a 20% speed boost
  • [Alt-Attack] Star-Splitter - A series of frontal attacks with great force. Combo cycle of two attacks, starting this move when Accelerator's redirect meter is full grants Accelerator hy armor
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack+Attack] Mid-Air Killing Strikes - Delivers powerful attacks in mid-air after jumping. Can attack up to three times; final attack deals a strong knockback.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Downward Star-Splitter - Fires a beam of downward energy on enemies below.
  • [Attack while sprinting] Sprint Attack - Delivers a spinning kick on enemies while sprinting.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Rock Impact - Pulls out large stones from the ground and hurls them on enemies.
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Earth Rampage - After delivering three attacks on enemies, the earth splits in front, dealing additional damage to enemies in a cone.
  • Vector Transformation - Accelerator pulls steel beams from the ground, causing them to rain down on enemies within a line up to a large distance away. Requires 100 Ability Power, enemies hit by this move will be rooted.
  • Earthquake - Unleashes an array of quick aerial attacks before ending with a powerful impact landing. Requires 200 Ability Power, finishing this move grants Accelerator a 20% speed boost
  • Plasma Orb - Creates a vortex of ionized air, which is then released on enemies in front. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Accelerator (Post-OT5) Edit

Character Ability: Choker - The battery on his choker fluctuates, granting Accelerator more damage when its full and making him slower and weaker when it is empty.

Secondary Ability: Black Wings - When Accelerator does any of his special attacks, he gains black wings for 9 seconds, however he loses the ability to reflect and takes more damage in exchange for doing more.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Killing Strikes - Similar to Pre-OT5 Killing Strikes. Combo cycle of six attacks.
  • [Alt-Attack] Star-Splitter - Stomps the ground, causing it to rupture and deal damage to enemies in a cone.
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack+Attack+Attack] Mid-Air Killing Strikes - Similar to Pre-OT5. Can attack up to four times, final attack no longer deals knockback.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Downward Star-Splitter - Fires a shotgun on enemies below after performing a jump.
  • [Attack while sprinting] Sprint Attack - Hits enemies in front with his walking stick while sprinting.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Handgun - Strikes an enemy with his walking stick before firing a shot from his handgun.
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Whirlwind - Calls forth a column of spinning wind that attacks enemies in a small range.
  • Blood Flow Manipulation - Tampers with an enemy's normal blood flow, dealing six hits of damage. Requires 100 Ability Power.
  • Tornado - Unleashes four tornados around Accelerator, damaging nearby enemies. Requires 200 Ability Power.
  • Black Wings - Accelerator manifests his Black Wings, viciously attacking multiple enemies. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Agnese Sanctis Edit

Character Ability: Calm - So long as Agnese is calm she can ignore her enemies' defense and deal more damage, however each hit decreases how calm she is, she regains her composure passively.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Void Attack - Hurls three purple orbs from her Lotus Staff, dealing damage to enemies hit. Combo cycle of three attacks. Ignores 10% defense per hit
  • [Alt-Attack] Tranquil Weapon - Strikes the ground in front, damaging enemies it hits. Ignores 20% defense
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack+Attack] Aerial Void Attack - Throws void orbs to enemies below Agnese after performing a jump. Ignores 10% defense per hit
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Pinpoint Attack - Attacks a single enemy multiple times before ending with a knockback. Ignores 20% defense
  • Clergical Strike - Unleashes a strong quick attack on a small area. Requires 100 Ability Power. Ignores 20% defense
  • Will of the Clergy - After planting the Lotus Wand on the ground, Agnese performs a series of swift strikes on enemies around the Lotus Wand. Requires 200 Ability Power. Ignores 10% defense per hit

Index Librorum Prohibitorum Edit

Character Ability: A Sense of Crisis! - After taking a certain amount of damage, Index will transform into John's Pen mode automatically, regaining health.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Actress-Like Attack - Index throws random things on enemies. Combo cycle of four attacks. Normal Damage
  • [Alt-Attack] She and Her Cat - Throws Sphynx on a single enemy. Normal Damage
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack] Hungry Attack - Whacks enemies with a frying pan after performing a jump. Can attack up to two times. Normal Damage
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Hungry Rage - Hits with a downward strike after performing a jump. Normal Damage
  • [Attack while sprinting] Stumbling Dive - Trips and falls over enemies in front while doing a sprint. Normal Damage
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Touma! Touma! - Calls Touma to attack enemies in her behalf. Science Damage
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Hyouka? Friends! - Calls Kazakiri Hyouka to help in her friend's combo. Normal Damage
  • Sheol Fear - Attacks enemies that surround Index. Requires 100 Ability Power. Causes Silence on her enemies(they cannot attack) Magic Damage
  • Activate John's Pen Mode - Forcefully activates Index's defense system. Requires 100 Ability Power
  • [Attack during John's Pen Mode] Dragon's Breath - Fires a beam of powerful magical energy. Requires 100 Ability Power. Magic Damage
  • Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani - A blood-red beam of light that obliterates anything it touches. Requires 200 Ability Power. Magic Damage Using this move reduces the duration of John's Pen mode
  • Sword of the Harvest God - Summons three swords that revolve rapidly around Index, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Magic Damage Using this move reduces the duration of John's Pen mode and grants Index a 20% damage increase for 6 seconds

Itsuwa Edit

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Hidden Strange Power - Itsuwa performs precise attacks using her Friulian Spear. Combo cycle of five attacks. Normal Damage
  • [Alt-Attack] Shelterer's Heavy Blow - Performs a series of kicks which ends with an overhead spear strike. Normal Damage
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack+Attack] Powerful Mid-Air Strikes - Attacks enemies in mid-air, ending with a powerful knockback. Normal Damage
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Shelterer's Airborne Heavy Blow - Drives Itsuwa's spear into the ground while in mid-air. Normal Damage
  • [Attack while sprinting] Sprint Attack - Delivers diagonal strikes on enemies in front while sprinting. Normal Damage
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Blaze Flash (Fire) - A quick slash followed by a stabbing attack that sends enemies flying back. Magic Damage
  • [Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Windy Flash (Air) - Two quick attacks followed by a spear attack enchanted with a vortex of wind. Enemies hit are tossed in mid-air. Magic Damage
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Wave Flash (Water) - Three quick attacks followed by a spinning attack that leaves pools of water behind. Magic Damage
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Earthen Flash (Earth) - Four quick attacks followed by stabbing the ground, causing rocks to emerge from the surface. Magic Damage
  • Nanasen - Summons fine wires that slash through enemies in an area. Requires 100 Ability Power. Normal Damage
  • Saint Destroyer - Attacks enemies using the same magic designed to defeat Saints. Requires 200 Ability Power. Magic Damage
  • Killer Prohibition - Calls forth Kanzaki Kaori and Tatemiya Saiji to assist in attacking enemies. Requires 300 Ability Power. Magic Damage

Kamijou Touma Edit

Character Ability: Determined - Any attack that utilizes Touma's right hand negates any enemy attack so long as it happens in the moment that they launch their attacks.

Moves Edit

Any attacks that utilize Imagine Breaker will do Science Damage, otherwise he does normal

  • [Attack] Level 0 Attack - Touma delivers his flurry of "weakest" punches and kicks. Combo cycle of six attacks.
  • [Alt-Attack] Level 0 Struggle Attack - Delivers heavier, but more staggered, attacks on enemies. Combo cycle of four attacks.
  • [Attack while sprinting] Sprint Attack - Touma buries his fist on the first enemy he hits while sprinting.
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack+Attack+Attack] Level 0 Mid-Air Attack - A combo of punches and kicks done in mid-air after jumping.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Level 0 Dive Attack - Performs two roundhouse kicks in mid-air.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Be Afraid! Bite Your Tongue with This Fist for Making Me Bait! - Delivers a powerful uppercut.
  • Imagine Breaker - Drives his right fist onto an enemy, incapacitating it. Requires 100 Ability Power. Reduces the enemy ability power by 1 bar
  • Dragon Strike - Summons a dragon's head to destroy enemies in front. Requires 200 Ability Power. 5% chance to instantly kill a enemy under 20% health
  • Eight-Headed Dragon - Touma summons dragons that damage enemies in a three-hit combo. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Kanzaki Kaori Edit

Character Ability: War - The more Kanzaki continuously attacks, the faster she attacks in addition to gaining higher critical damage.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Battoujutsu: Whirlwind - Kanzaki uses her expertise in battoujutsu to perform numerous slicing attacks on enemies. Combo cycle of seven attacks.
  • [Alt-Attack] Heavy-style Battoujutsu: Sweeping - Creates heavy strikes that deal damage to enemies in a large area.
  • [Jump+Attack] Mid-Air Battoujutsu: Sweeping - After jumping, slashes enemies below. Can attack up to four times.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Mid-Air Heavy-style Battoujutsu - Performs several slashes in mid-air after a jump before landing with a spinning attack.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Sword-Whisking Technique - A quick attack that deals a circular strike on surrounding enemies.
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Floating Kick - A series of slashes that ends with a high jump.
  • Nanasen - Summons fine wires that attack enemies in a large area. Requires 100 Ability Power.
  • Yuisen - Coats Kanzaki's sword with magic power before delivering a quick slash on enemies. Requires 200 Ability Power.
  • Amakusa-Style Magic - Kanzaki calls forth a ball of energy that deals Magic Damage to enemies in a large area around Kanzaki. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Kazakiri Hyouka Edit

Character Ability: AIM Field Expand - The more damage she does or takes fills the meter that allows her to transform into Artificial Angel mode

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Unknown Truth Strike - Deals powerful melee strikes that belie Hyouka's appearance. Combo cycle of four attacks. Finishing this attack weakens normal damage resistance for 3 seconds Normal Damage
  • [Alt-Attack] Unknown Truth Heavy Strike - Deals surprisingly strong melee attacks on enemies. Combo cycle of two attacks. Finishing this attack weakens normal damage resistance for 3 seconds Normal Damage
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Attack] Artificial Angel Attack - Hyouka attacks using unnatural tendrils from her back. Finishing this attack weakens Science damage resistance for 3 seconds Science Damage
  • [Alt-Attack+Alt-Attack] Artificial Angel's Strong Attack - Heavier blows from Hyouka's unnatural tendrils. Finishing this attack weakens science damage resistance for 3 seconds Science Damage
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack] Artificial Angel's Mid-Air Attack - Performs long-ranged attacks after jumping Science Damage.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Artificial Angel's Strong Mid-Air Attack - Fires an energy ball on enemies below after jumping. Science Damage
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Feathers of Warfare - Releases feathers that explode after a delay upon contact with enemies. Finishing this attack weakens science damage resistance for 3 seconds Science Damage
  • [Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Feathers of Branding - Performs two quick attacks before summoning a beam of light that attacks enemies. Science Damage
  • Light Cocoon - Creates a shell of light that explodes after a delay, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Requires 100 Ability Power. Science Damage
  • Wing Dragon Coil - Summons a tornado of energy that moves forward, damaging enemies that make contact with it. Requires 200 Ability Power. Science Damage
  • Angel's Wings - Hyouka summons her angelic wings, allowing Artificial Angel skills to be used. Requires 300 Ability Power. If used while Angel's Wings is already active, it unleashes a powerful blast around Hyouka, dealing damage to enemies within a large area. 20% chance of lethal damage Science Damage

Misaka Imouto Edit

Character Ability: Sisters Network - Summons two sisters to help fight

Moves Edit

Misaka Imouto only do normal damage

  • [Attack] Toy Soldier - Misaka Imouto fires at enemies using her F2000 assault rifle. Can increase critical damage by 1% with a max stack of 50 if continously attacking
  • [Alt-Attack] Metal Eater - Fires a round from the Metal Eater sniper rifle.
  • [Hold Alt-Attack] Omega Railgun - Equips the Omega Railgun and fires a high-recoil round from it. Can stun enemies.
  • [Special] Summon Sisters - Misaka Imouto calls her fellow Sisters to temporarily aid in combat.
  • [Jump+Attack] Hand Grenade - Throws a grenade that explodes after a short delay.15% chance to stun enemies
  • Complete Armament - Performs a perfect strafe on enemies in a cone in front of Misaka Imouto. Requires 100 Ability Power. Can increase critical damage by 1% with a max stack of 50 if continously attacking
  • Misaka Network Alpha - Calls three Sisters to perform a bombardment of a medium-sized area. Requires 200 Ability Power.15% chance to stun enemies
  • Misaka Network Beta - Calls five Sisters to gun down any nearby enemies. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Misaka Mikoto Edit

Character Ability: Agitation - Either passively or through attacking Mikoto can enter a state of agitation, increasing damage and giving all of her attacks the ability to paralyze opponents.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Electric Shock Attack - Mikoto unleashes a flurry of quick electric bolts on enemies. Can perform a combo cycle of five attacks.
  • [Alt-Attack] Electric Shock Heavy Attack - Releases a stronger lightning bolt on enemies.
  • [Jump+Attack] Electric Mid-air Attack - Attacks enemies from mid-air, finishing with a strong knockback. Can attack up to three times.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Electric Mid-air Heavy Attack - Jumps twice before crashing down with an electrified impact.
  • [Attack while sprinting] Sprint Attack - Deals up to three attacks while sprinting.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Roundhouse Kick - Drops a vending machine on an enemy before performing a spinning kick.
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Thunder Strike - Finishes an Electric Shock Attack combo with a splitting lightning bolt.
  • Railgun - Fires a powerful electric shot using arcade coins. Requires 100 Ability Power. Ignores 40% of the target's defense
  • Iron Sand Sword - Slashes enemies using a sword fashioned out of iron sand. Requires 200 Ability Power. Increases speed by 20% for 6 seconds
  • Lightning Cannon - Fires down a massive bolt of lightning from above, causing heavy knockback. Requires 300 Ability Power. If the opponent is hit by the full attack, they get stunned immediately

Misha/Sasha Kreutzev Edit

Character Ability: Angel Power - By dealing damage, Misha fills a secondary bar allowing her to transform

Secondary Ability: Unrealistic Review - Misha's regular attacks have a chance to mark her opponents as unrealistic, allowing her special attacks to do more damage.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Unrealism Trial - Uses a full array of weapons to punish enemies. Combo cycle of seven attacks. When in Angel Form, combo cycle of three attacks. Normal Damage
  • [Alt-Attack] Unrealism Removal - Delivers a powerful attack on the ground, damaging nearby enemies. Normal Damage
  • [Jump+Attack] Ghost Hunting - From mid-air, throws exorcizing daggers designed to attack spirits. Can attack up to three times. Magic Damage
  • [Attack while sprinting] Roundhouse - Spins and kicks nearby enemies while sprinting. Normal Damage
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Water Serpent - Sends waves of water crashing on enemies after three basic attacks. Decreases the target's speed Magic Damage
  • Sweeping Wave - Summons pillars of water to attack enemies from below. Requires 100 Ability Power. Decreases the target's speed Magic Damage
  • Piercing Ice - Rains down shards of ice on enemies. Requires 200 Ability Power. Magic Damage
  • [Special] Archangel's Wrath - Transforms into an Angel, locking out all abilities aside from Basic Attack but vastly increasing the damage of Basic Attacks. Magic Damage
  • Astro in Hand - Pulls down heavenly objects to attack lowly mortals. Requires 300 Ability Power. Magic Damage

Mugino Shizuri Edit

Character Ability: Body Crystal - The use of body crystal increases her damage for a certain period of time, however it weakens her afterwards.

Moves Edit

Mugino only does Science Damage

  • [Attack] Electron Beam Attack - Mugino fires down electron beams on enemies. Combo cycle of four attacks.
  • [Alt-Attack] Heavy Electron Beam Attack - Fires a salvo of electron beams on enemies, causing knockback.
  • [Jump+Attack] Mid-Air Electron Beam Attack - After performing a jump, Mugino unleashes up to three downward electron beams on enemies below her.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Mid-Air Heavy Electron Beam Attack - Unleashes a quick array of electron beams on enemies below after performing a jump.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Atom Detonation - Causes atoms near an enemy to explode after performing a basic attack.
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] High-speed Particle Cannon - Unleashes five large beams of energy after doing three basic attacks.
  • Silicon Burn - Mugino uses silicon cards to focus her beams into one focused point. Requires 100 Ability Power.
  • Particle Waveform High-Speed Cannon - Fires down a electron beam that strikes a line in front of Mugino. Requires 200 Ability Power.
  • Meltdowner - Mugino gathers immense amounts of energy into a massive beam of electrons, fired in a straight line in front. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Musujime Awaki Edit

Character Ability: Mental Strength - With enough Mental power, Awaki can teleport her enemies, it refills by doing damage.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Cupboard Throw - Teleports various kitchen items onto enemies. Combo cycle of five attacks.
  • [Alt-Attack] Garbage Disposal - Drops a dumpster on unsuspecting enemies.
  • [Jump+Attack] Luggage Drop - Hurls down a luggage bag after jumping.
  • Target Point - Teleports enemies in front of her nearer to her current location. Deals minor damage. Causes Confusion on her enemies
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Twin Handguns - Shoves back enemies before firing at them with two pistols.
  • Complete Wipeout - Uses her handguns to fire at enemies that surround her. Requires 100 Ability Power.
  • Move Point - Teleports two cars before causing a collision, damaging enemies near the two vehicles. Requires 200 Ability Power. 20% chance to stun
  • Void Destruction - Creates an orb of unstable energy in a single point that explodes, damaging enemies within a large area around that point. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Oriana Thomson Edit

Character Ability: Shorthand - Using her Shorthand, Oriana can drop traps on the ground, it refills passively and by doing damage

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Route Disturb - Delivers several graceful attacks on enemies before finishing with a kick that knocks back enemies. Combo cycle of six attacks. Normal Damage
  • [Alt-Attack] Trap Setting - Creates a magical trap that explodes after a delay. Magic Damage
  • [Jump+Attack] Mid-Air Route Disturb - Attacks enemies for up to three times after performing a jump.Normal Damage
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Basis-Bearer's Mid-Air Attack - Performs a drop kick with the force to rupture the ground Normal Damage.
  • [Attack while sprinting] Sprint Attack - Oriana delivers an upward spinning kick while doing a sprint. Normal Damage
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Basis-Bearer's Attack - A direct punch followed by an upward kick. Normal Damage
  • Drop Rest - Summons a dark purple cyclone to incapacitate enemies. Requires 100 Ability Power. Magic Damage
  • Blade Crater - Creates a rainbow-colored zone around Oriana that damages enemies inside. Requires 200 Ability Power. Magic Damage
  • Earth Symbol - Summons columns of rock that have a chance to stun any opponents hit. Requires 300 Ability Power. Magic Damage

Shirai Kuroko Edit

Character Ability: Concentration - To teleport, Kuroko needs to focus. Each use of teleportation consumes this ability, it refills passively.

Moves Edit

All attacks that utilize Kuroko's teleportation does Science damage, otherwise she does normal

  • [Attack] Public Order Maintenance - A series of quick kicks and punches used for supressing threats, finished by a teleport strike. Combo cycle of six attacks.
  • [Alt-Attack] Needle Probe - Fires numerous spikes that deal damage to enemies in a line. Decreases the target's speed
  • [Jump+Attack] Mid-Air Public Order Maintenance - After performing a jump, fires up to two groups of spikes on enemies below.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Mid-Air Needle Probe - Performs a drop-kick after a successful jump.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Roundhouse Kick - Kuroko spins and delivers a strong kick at enemies in front.
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Suppression - A combination of punches and kicks that ends with a medium knockback attack. 10% chance to stun
  • [Special] Summon Onee-sama - Call out your Onee-sama to assist by firing a Railgun on your enemies.
  • Iron Spike Shower - Kuroko empties a "magazine" of iron spikes to damage enemies in an area. Requires 100 Ability Power. 5% chance to root her enemies
  • Flying Kick Volley - Kuroko leaps into the air, kicking enemies and teleporting around. Requires 200 Ability Power.
  • Teleportation - An enraged Kuroko lunges towards enemies, dealing damage in a larger area. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Stiyl Magnus Edit

Character Ability: Runes - The more runes Stiyl places the more damage he does, certain attacks places runes.

Secondary Ability: Burn - Stiyl's attacks have a chance to do burn damage, which can stack for impressive amounts of damage done.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Flame Wave - Summons waves of fire to scorch enemies. Combo cycle of five attacks. Finishing this combo places one rune
  • [Alt-Attack] Dazzling Flame - A sweeping burst of flame that hits enemies multiple times. Finishing this combo places one rune
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack+Attack] Flame Wave: Aerial - Creates waves of fire in mid-air after performing a jump.
  • [Attack while sprinting] Sprint Attack - Scorches approaching enemies with a fireball while sprinting.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Burning Whip - Lashes enemies with a massive whip made of fire.
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Fire Vortex - Creates an outburst of flame from the ground after doing three consecutive basic attacks. Doing this attack places two runes
  • A Gift of Pain For the Giant - Slashes an enemy using Stiyl's Flame Sword. Requires 100 Ability Power.
  • Squeamish Bloody Rood - Performs two diagonal slashes using two Flame Swords. Requires 200 Ability Power.
  • Witch-Hunting King Innocentius - Stiyl summons Innocentius, which attacks the nearest enemy before disappearing. Requires 300 Ability Power. Deals both explosion damage from the summoning and the damage from Innocentius itself.

Tsuchimikado Motoharu Edit

Character Ability: Regeneration - Motoharu can heal using Auto Rebirth.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Deadly Thrust Killing Slash - Motoharu employs a rowdy style of combat, finishing off with a headbutt. Combo cycle of five attacks.
  • [Alt-Attack] Deadly Thrust Killing Slash: Strong-style - A heavier version of Motoharu's normal attack. Can attack up to twice.
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack+Attack] Mid-Air Deadly Thrust Killing Slash - Delivers a series of punches from mid-air after a jump.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Mid-Air Deadly Thrust Killing Slash: Strong-style - Drives his fist into a hammer punch on enemies below.
  • [Attack while sprinting] Sprint Attack - Performs a right hook on approaching enemies while sprinting.
  • [Attack+Alt-Attack] Pistol Shot - Motoharu does a quick attack, then fires his handgun on enemies.
  • Auto Rebirth - Motoharu rapidly recovers lost hit points. Requires 100 Ability Power.
  • Black Spell - A column of water surges upwards, damaging enemies near Motoharu. The skill also gives Motoharu and any nearby allies a temporary defense buff and does 10% damage to himself
  • Red Spell - Using paper cranes, Motoharu targets a location and bombards it with a magic spell. Both Motoharu's current location and the target deal damage to enemies that are inside or near either location. The Skill also gives Motoharu and any nearby allies a temporary offensive buff and does 10% damage to himself

Acqua of the Back Edit

Character Ability: Power of Water - Weapon attack hits have a 30% chance to deal bonus Magic Damage on enemies.

Moves Edit

  • [Attack] Light Attack Combo - Acqua swings his jousting lance on opponents, dealing Normal Damage. Combo cycle of five attacks. The third attack hits the enemy twice.
  • [Alt-Attack] Heavy Command - Acqua deals a heavy swing on enemies, followed by a rapid spin, dealing Normal Damage. Cannot be used if Power of Water is less than 40%. Combo cycle of two attacks.
  • [Attack while Sprinting] Dashing Attack - Stabs his jousting lance on opponents in front of Acqua after a spring, dealing three hits of Normal Damage.
  • [Jump+Attack] Air Light Attack Combo - Leaps into the air before swinging his lance on enemies below Acqua. Combo cycle of two attacks.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Air Heavy Attack Combo - After jumping, deals an upward slash.
  • [Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Water Shield - Creates a shield of water that halves damage taken by Acqua in the skill's duration. Can only take up to 5% of Acqua's maximum HP before disappearing. Lasts for a maximum of 8 seconds. Consumes 20% Power of Water.
  • [Attack+Attack+Attack+Attack+Alt-Attack] Combination Technique - Summons five water cyclones, each dealing two hits of Magic Damage. Consumes 20% Power of Water.
  • Water Hammer - Causes water to crush an enemy, dealing Magic Damage. Requires 100 Ability Power.
  • Great Cleave - Combines water magic with Acqua's swordsmanship, dealing four attacks of Magic Damage on enemies. Requires 200 Ability Power.
  • Water Tail - Summons four water cyclones that approach the nearest opponent and deal Magic Damage. The cyclones can target a single enemy. Requires 300 Ability Power.

Miyabi Edit

Character Ability: Form Change - Miyabi is able to permanently transform into Frantic or Shinobi Forms from her Normal form. The form change is a one-way transformation until the mission ends or you change characters in open world reverting her back to Normal form

Secondary Ability: Paradiso Gauge - The Paradiso Gauge takes 100 seconds to fill up and goes down just as fast when active. The Paradiso Gauge is used to stay in her temporary invulnerable form change after using her 300 Ability Power while in Shinobi or Frantic forms.

Form Specific Ability: Normal - Normal Miyabi gains additional defense and attack after using her dodge for 6 seconds, effects stack upon consecutive dashes. Her stamina regenerates at a faster rate.

Form Specific Ability: Frantic - Frantic Miyabi gains a large boost to her attack at the cost of losing half of her defense. In addition, all of her attacks deal an additional 3% damage of the target's max health per hit. This effect lasts until the target falls under half of their health. After they fall below half of their health the extra damage deals the 3% of their current health instead.

Form Specific Ability: Shinobi - Shinobi Miyabi gains a decent amount of defense and attack while in this form.

Moves Edit

Miyabi damage varies on the form chosen, Frantic does Science Damage while Shinobi does Magic

  • [Alt-Attack] Black Flame Stinger - Charges up Black Flames in her open hand then rushes forward with a long distance jab dealing 5 hits.
  • [Jump+Attack+Attack+Attack] Mid-Air Killing Strikes - Two left right slashes followed by a downward palm strike.
  • [Jump+Alt-Attack] Helm Breaker - Strikes the air then drops downward forcing aerial enemies to be put into a floored state and doing 3 hits.
  • [Dodge] Slide - Miyabi dodges by using a slide, Slide has invulnerability frames preventing damage
  • [Launcher Dash] Fly - Homes into the opponent following a launching attack opening up her unique Flurry move in the air
  • [Fly + Attack + Attack + Attack + Attack] Flurry - Following Fly she does Mid-Air Killing Strikes then uses a Black Flame Ball doing 9 hits then ends with Helm Breaker
  • Delightful Inferno - Stabs and slashes the enemy rapidly before ending with a multihitting Black Flame cloud dealing a total of 10 hits slowly. Requires 100 Ability Power
  • Purgatorio of Good and Evil - Charges up a ball of Dark Flames doing a total of 13 hits rapidly. Requires 200 Ability Power
  • Paradiso of the Abyss - Transforms into her Winged Paradiso form dealing 7 hits and begins draining the Paradiso Gauge, reverting at 0. Requires 300 Ability Power and Paradiso Gauge to remain in form

Base Miyabi Moves Edit

  • [Attack while Sprinting] Sprinting Attack - Slashes downard once but does 4 hits
  • [Attack + Attack + Attack + Attack + Attack] Rapid Slash - Swings quickly wildly back and forth before ending in a double spinning slash launching the enemy
  • [Attack + Alt Attack] Rising Uppercut - Launches the enemy with a rising slash
  • [Attack + Attack + Attack + Alt Attack] Black Flame Volcano - Slams the floor with a Dark Inflamed Hand erupting the ground in Black Flames and launching the opponent

Frantic Form Specific Moves Edit

  • [Attack while Sprinting] Sprinting Attack - Forward slashes twice
  • [Attack + Attack + Attack + Attack x Infinity] Frantic Combo - Swings left, right, around, and forward indefinitely as long as you keep pressing attack over again
  • [Any Number of Attack + Alt Attack] Black Flame Smoke - Launches the enemy with a rising Black Flame Smoke attack

Shinobi Miyabi Specific Moves Edit

  • [Attack while Sprinting] Sprinting Attack - Steps forward doing a palm thrust hitting 6 times
  • [Attack + Attack + Attack + Attack x Attack] Ground Flurry - Jabs and slashes a few times leading into a Black Flame Ball that launches
  • [Attack + Alt Attack] Inferno Divider - Lifts the enemy with an uppercut before launching them away in a followup slash
  • [Attack + Attack + Attack + Alt Attack] Black Flame Viper - After three strikes she stabs the ground and lifts her blade forward firing out three Black Flame eruptions one in front of the next dealing 2 hits

Paradiso Form Specific Moves Edit

  • [Attack + Attack + Attack] Judgement Cut - Slashes three times widely with the floating sword doing four hits in total
  • [Alt + Attack] Black Flame Blade - Places the Black Flame engulfed blade forward doing 5 hits
  • [Attack + Alt Attack] Black Flame Ball - Attacks once then forms a Black Fireball over the sword doing 6 hits of damage
  • [Jump + Attack+ Attack + Attack] Aerial Judgement Cut - Slashes three times in the air doing 4 hits
  • [Jump + Alt Attack] Helm Splitter - Dives down with the floating sword pointing downwards

Character Showcase Videos Edit

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