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Toaru Majutsu no Index Comic Guide 11.5 is a special volume of the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga. It does not contain any chapters containing manga, but instead provides detailed profiles and dossiers about the characters and the events from Volume 6 to Volume 11 of the manga. It also includes author interviews, quizzes, and a small manga side story.

Publisher's Summary

The entire famous scenes of the characters of the famous product! The second edition of the very popular comic fanbook if finally released.

  • The entire famous scenes of the characters of the famous product from Gangan Comics, the Toaru Majutsu no Index 2nd edition fanbook is released!
  • An 8 page bonus manga by Kogino Chuuya that is a "must read for fans of Index's female characters".
  • The results of the various popularity polls with illustrations for the winners. Awards for Best Character, Best Combination, and who will shine for the Best Dressed Award? Will your vote be the one listed in the paper!?
  • Interviews with Kamachi and Kogino. Special comments from Haimura, Fuyukawa, Asakura Ryousuke (artist for the movie manga), Nishikiori Hiroshi (producer of the movie), and the anime cast.
  • A Special collaboration of Kakusansei Million Arthur and Toaru Majutsu no Index! The book comes with a serial code that is valid for a limited period for Kakusansei Million Arthur! Get the cute Index drawn by Kogino!
  • Serial expiration date: until 23:59, February 21, 2014

Bonus manga


Featured in the Comic Guide is a bonus story by Kogino Chuuya. It details Sphynx being lost in Academy City and Index looking for it. It later comes to a place where a cats are eating from cans left behind by someone, which turns out to be Misaka Mikoto, a call back to chapter 38 where Shirai Kuroko mentions that Mikoto goes behind their dormitory where the cats gather to feed them. However, because of Mikoto's electromagnetic field, it scares Sphynx away. As it wanders off, Index continues searching and is joined by Kamijou Touma and Himegami Aisa. However, Sphynx manages to find its way back to Index, thanks to Kazakiri Hyouka bringing it to her.

Back with Mikoto, she's downtrodden with what happened. But suddenly, Kuroko teleports before her, mentioning she captured Mikoto's various expressions while trying to feed the cat on her camcorder. Naturally, Mikoto doesn't take this well.


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