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"Deep Blood" (吸血殺しディープブラッド Dīpu Buraddo?, lit. "Vampire Killer") is the ninth episode of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series and the last episode of the Deep Blood Arc. It was first broadcasted on November 30, 2008, with Nakatsu Tamaki as the storyboarder and episode director, while the script is written by Minikami Seishi.

Aureolus requires Himegami Aisa to attract vampires for him, for he requires the vampire's powers but the reasons are yet unknown. Meanwhile, Index came upon Misawa Cram School looking for Touma, falling into the hands of Aureolus. Touma and Stiyl locate Aureolus' whereabouts, but when they get there they find him with Index who has been put into sleep. Seeing this, Stiyl starts talking about the reasons why Aurelous seeks power. Aurelous explains his situation but then, Stiyl informs him that his purpose is now meaningless, as Kamijou Touma has already fulfilled it. Filled with raged, Touma is confronted by Aureolus Izzard and the powerful Ars Magna, where he can bring anything into existence with only a word. Can Touma contend against him with only the power of his right hand as his weapon?


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Touma and Stiyl have returned to the school building. Stiyl has somehow confirmed where Aureolus’ office is, and they are now heading towards there. Touma ponders on how they are going to save Aisa and now Index, who he feels has now gotten involved with the situation, from a man who can do anything just by saying it. Stiyl explains to Touma that Aureolus wouldn’t attack Index even if she did wander into the school; however, he suddenly stops his explanation and comments on how Aureolus not knowing what’s happening in the world due to him hiding for three years.

The scene cuts to Aureolus and Aisa, with Index on the table sleeping. Aureolus tells Aisa that the grief with her powers will be over soon, and that she now needs to lure a vampire. However, both Touma and Stiyl arrive in Aureolus’ office, and where Touma confirms that Index truly is in trouble. Stiyl tells Aureolus that he will not allow Aureolus to attain his objective and that Aureolus will be unable to save Index. Aureolus states that he will succeed at what Stiyl failed in doing, save Index. Stiyl states that Aureolus was Index’s partner three years ago. Aureolus continues to say on how every year Index needed to have her memories erased in order to live and Stiyl finishes his sentence by saying that conversely, Index could survive if she weren’t human. Stiyl tells Touma that Aureolus simply wants to turn Index into a vampire. To Aureolus, regardless of the consequences, Index will still be saved. Aureolus says that Stiyl should understand him as he too has experienced what happens to Index every once a year. Hearing this, Stiyl states that Index has already been saved by the young boy next to him, Kamijou Touma. Stiyl tells him that Aureolus may have not heard the news since he is in hiding. Aureolus responds to the absurdity of the situation by stating that Touma is a normal human, not even a magician or an alchemist. He is however told by Stiyl, that Touma has with him in his right hand, the Imagine Breaker – a power that is beyond what humans have. Stiyl them surmises his position: all of his efforts to cure Index were completely in vain, and tells him that Index is completely happy with Touma as her partner.

There is a moment of silence between them. However, it is broken by Index’s calling for Touma and wanting some food. Stiyl finds this hilarious and laughs, as well as Touma. Their laughter however, is interrupted by Aureolus’ sudden manic laughter, and then commands them using Ars Magna to fall to the floor, angered that his efforts were trampled on. Aureolus takes out one of his needles and stabs himself in the neck, but before he can state his command Aisa stops him. She tells him that she understand his feelings, and tells him that what he is doing is not right. However, while doing so, Aureolus has already stabbed another needle into his neck and commands her to die, causing her to fall to the floor. At the same time as this, Touma breaks out of Aureolus’ command by biting his own thumb and catches her.

We get to see a flashback of a young Himegami Aisa. She is sleeping in her futon. Aisa’s narrates that she attracted the vampires and her blood killed them, along with people she knows. Aisa wishes that she could not kill anyone anymore. She joins Aureolus because she believes that her blood will be used a means to save Aureolus’ loved one.

Back in the present, Touma holds Aisa in his hands, calling her name. Aureolus laughs and comments on how he doesn’t need Deep Blood anymore, and how he has kept his promise, that she will be released from the curse of her own blood – through death. However, Aisa suddenly moves and gasps for air, signaling that Touma has dispelled Aisa’s death through Aureolus’ Ars Magna by using Imagine Breaker. Aureolus is obviously shocked by this, but is told by Touma to shut-up already and declares that he will destroy his illusion. Touma charges towards Aureolus who uses his Ars Magna to attack him. Touma however, dispels everything Aureolus throws at him with his Imagine Breaker. Attacks like suffocation, electric attacks, and summoned cars falling from the ceiling. Seeing this, Aureolus confirms that his right hand can dispel his Ars Magna without exception. He postulates on what would happen if Touma was attacked by something that Touma cannot touch his right hand. Using his Ars Magna, Aureolus specifies a pistol that can fire magical bullets that exceeds human motion recognition. He demonstrates an attack, destroying the wall behind Touma. Feeling confident, Aureolus says that he won’t kill Touma easily and wants him to entertain him more. Using Ars Magna, he conjures two pistols with several barrels on them. He fires several bullets on Touma, and it hits him; however it seems that Touma is uninjured. Aureolus laughs and reminds him that he won’t kill Touma easily.

Aureolus prepares to fire another set of rounds on Touma, but is interrupted by Stiyl. He asks him why he needed Deep Blood – which somehow angers Aureolus. He continues on saying why he did he not use Ars Magna, to create a vampire himself if his words can truly distort reality. Infuriated with what Stiyl said, he commands him to float above to the ceiling, and is ripped off of all his skin, exposing his innards.

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This makes Touma almost vomit at the sight of the now horribly disfigured Stiyl floating above him. However, Touma realizes something; he stands up and begins to realize why Aureolus could not just command Index to be saved. While thinking this, Aureolus changes his pistol to be capable of firing a blade. At the same time as this, Touma realizes that Aureolus does not distort reality through his words; however, Aureolus has already fired his blade and slices Touma’s entire right arm off of his body, with blood gushing forth.

Believing that he has won; Aureolus laughs in his victory. However, Touma suddenly laughs as well, and is smiling in a deranged and frightening manner – he is still alive. Touma walks slowly towards Aurelous, and seeing him alive, Aureolus fires another blade with the intent of beheading him but somehow misses completely. He repeats the same process, but instead uses several blades; he however, still misses Touma completely. Aureolus now agitated, uses his Ars Magna to summon several guillotines above Touma to cut him, but are all dispelled completely once they reach him. Touma suddenly talks to Aureolus, mocking him and urging him to use his power to distort him. Aureolus panics and spills several of his needles on the floor, while being mocked by Touma. He runs towards the table, obviously frightened on how his Ars Magna is not working on him, however, while looking up, he sees that Stiyl has come back down, and is completely alright, carrying Index and smiling smugly at him. Aureolus keeps telling to himself that with his power he cannot lose to Touma and Stiyl. He turns around and sees that Touma has already cornered him and still mocking him while smiling, telling him the true nature of his Ars Magna. That it does not distort reality with his words, but distorts reality with his thoughts. Due to the sight of Touma, Aureolus believes that he is a monster, and suddenly a dragon head replaces Touma’s entire right arm, and attacks Aurelous with it.

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The next day, Touma is in a certain hospital being treated by the same frog-faced doctor, who is amazed, himself that the reconnection surgery was successful and asks him if his body is made of fantasy. He leaves after getting bored with Touma, after telling him that he didn’t end up in the hospital just because of a nurse fetish. He is later visited by Stiyl who has brought a fruit basket with him. He states that he is visiting not because he wants to befriend him, but to see how he was doing. Stiyl says that the dragon that formed as Touma’s right arm was the despair Aureolus felt in the eleventh hour. Touma asks what happened to Aureolus, and Stiyl replies that he lost his memories and the ability to do magic but did not kill him; they changed his form and released him as so the Roman Catholic Church would not hunt him anymore. Stiyl also notes that Misawa Cram School has been closed down. Stiyl then states that he tried to thank Touma, but felt kind of stupid since all Touma did was make Aureolus self-destruct. Touma brags about his losing his entire arm off and being able to suppress the pain of it and pull-off a massive ruse to beat Aureolus. Stiyl however, notes that his senses were simply paralyzed from the pain, and that he was simply high from the shock, the same way Aureolus uses his needles to properly perform Ars Magna. This irritates Touma, and tells Stiyl not to compare him with Aureolus, who tried to save a girl using some weird magic and putting his faith on vampires whose existence is unconfirmed.

Their conversation is interrupted with Index going inside the room, at which point Stiyl disappears instantly, giving the plate of apples he cut to Touma.

Index climbs on top of Touma’s bed and tells him that she has heard on how he has fought for Aisa’s sake this time. Aisa comes in and is asked by Touma why she is with Index. Index tells Touma that Aisa wanted to thank him no matter what; as such she escorted her to his room. Aisa asks him why he saved her even though they only met once in a restaurant. Touma replies to her question, that he doesn’t need a reason to save someone, which surprises Aisa.

The episode ends with Touma telling Index to get Sphynx out of the hospital as animals are not allowed, after it scratches Toumas face. Aisa implies that she has somehow moved in with Touma now, without his permission but is too bothered with Index running after Sphynx who is seems to be causing damage to the room Touma is in. The episodes fades out with Aisa smiling.

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Major Events


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New Characters

No new characters were introduced during this episode.


  • Deep Blood - Himegami Aisa
  • Imagine Breaker - Kamijou Touma
  • Ars Magna - Aureolus Izzard

New Abilities

No new abilities were introduced during this episode.



  • This is the first time that someone has managed to completely cut-off Touma's Imagine Breaker from his body.
  • Aisa is the second girl to move in with Touma, though it is short-lived.
  • Stiyl can apparently eat apples while having a cigarette in his mouth.


  • Touma confuses Aisa with the wave-emitting fake magician Aogami referred to back in episode 7 of the anime.

Cultural References

  • When Index talked in her sleep during Touma and Stiyl's confrontation with Aureolus, she speaks of wanting apples from Aomori. Index is talking about the Aomori prefecture in Japan, which is famed for its apple orchards.

Differences in Adaptation

  • In the novel, Stiyl uses his rune cards in order to make an illusion for Aureolus to miss his Ars Magna spells.[1]

Animation Trivia

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Unanswered Questions

  • Were did Touma put Sphynx before he went into the school?
  • What happened to the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church?
  • What happens exactly when you cut-off the Imagine Breaker from Touma's body?
  • What does Aureolus look like after Necessarius changed him?
  • Why didn't Touma's right hand come back when Aureolus doubted his ability?
  • How was Stiyl still alive despite his body skin being ripped off?


  • Aureolus: "Inevitably, if no religion or technology can undo a wrong, why would any hesitation be necessary in taking a stary path from human reasoning."
  • Aureolus: "You simply failed at saving her. But I will save... this girl... who shoulders the burden of 103,000 grimoires and cannot escape from this curse. And regardless of this, she accepts her fate and wishes for the fortune of others more than worrying about her own misfortune." -to Stiyl, regarding Index.
  • Aureolus: "At that time, she told me... that she didn't want to forget... that she didn't want to die and go against her teachings... that she didn't want memories in her heart to be erased... she said all this with a body that couldn't even move a single finger! She told me all this while she was smiling!!!" -referring to Index.
  • Touma: "What year are you from, man?" -to Aureolus.
  • Aisa: "I yearned for magic. I attracted them. And everyone... and everyone died in front of me...I didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. His smile didn't contain a single speck of lie. It only contained one pure wish. To save a loved one. That's why... I..." -Aisa narrating her flashback.
  • Touma: "Shut the hell up already. Who cares about that?! All right, man... If you think you can do anything you want... let me destroy that messed up illusion first!" -to Aureolus.
  • Stiyl: "This floor is cold."
  • Touma: "Right, this guy's objective was... If he could distort everything just as his words command... then why didn't he order for Index to be saved? He didn't think of it? That she could be saved? That's why he couldn't say it out loud? That's how it is...This guy's power isn't one that distorts reality through his words." -Touma realizing Aureolus' Ars Magna's weakness.
  • Touma: "There's no way you can beat us. Because your power isn't one that distorts reality with your words... but one that turns your thoughts into reality!" -said to Aureolus before beating him.
  • Heaven Canceler: "I'm surprised it got reconnected successfully. Is your body a piece of fantasy?" -said to Touma.
  • Touma: "I don't need a reason to save someone." -Touma's answer to Aisa's question on why he saved her.


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