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"Misaka Mikoto" (お姉様みさかみこと Oneesama (Misaka Mikoto)?, lit. "Big Sister") is the 10th episode of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series and the first episode of the Sisters Arc. It was first broadcasted on December 7, 2008, with the script written by Nishizono Satoru, and the episode storyboarded and directed by Tachibana Hideki.

Due to being involved in several incidents that involved Index, Touma has skipped several days of his remedial classes, and consequently has to take them in them in the middle of August. Touma is then hit by the usual "misfortune", after his money is eaten by a certain vending machine, there, a middle schoolder who attends Tokiwadai Middle School who goes Biribiri, Misaka Mikoto appears before him. She breaks the vending machine after showing off a little "trick" to him, and the both of them are forced to run away. There, before the two of them, a girl with a strange way of speaking wearing military goggles appears, claiming to be the "Misaka Imouto" of Mikoto. Suddenly, Mikoto's attitude changes for some reason after she sees her, and later leaves with her. Later, while Touma tries to go home, he meets Mikoto's sister again but is confused by the fact that she came from a different direction from where he left her and Mikoto.


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The episode starts during night time; a slender-looking white-haired boy is seen walking out of a convenience store carrying his groceries. Meanwhile, a girl who looks suspiciously like Misaka Mikoto, the Railgun is seen on top of a rooftop, wearing military goggles that have a bluish-green color. The girl is holding a mounted sniper rifle, positioned to fire down the streets below. The winds blow her hair, and she speaks in an eerie monotone voice, she adjusts the scope of the gun to accommodate the change in the weather conditions, the target is the white-haired boy. The wind blows again, and once again she adjusts the scope of her rifle, she readies to fire and confirms the target's name, Accelerator. She fires the gun several times, seemingly accurate. The bullet should hit Accelerator, however, in a flash the bullet returns to its bearer, destroying the gun and hitting the girl. She is severely injured, frantically she staggers to run away, apparently afraid of something. She runs into the alleys, and sees the object of her terror. There, awaiting her with a smile, the white-haired boy that should've been killed stands; Accelerator.

It is daytime. Touma is walking to school to attend his make-up classes. He explains that apparently he needs to take more make-up classes because he had skipped them. He continues to say, that he used the term "apparently" because he is unsure because he had lost his memories, and now he has to do make-up classes out of nowhere for classes he didn't skip himself.

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Touma stops at a certain vending machine, apparently parched for a beverage. Touma has no change; as such he uses a full two-thousand yen bill on the machine. He inserts the bill and presses a button, however, no beverage would come out, he coerces the machine to give him something, but nothing would come out, because of this Touma utters a familiar phrase. His predicament is interrupted by Mikoto who pushes him out of the way. Surprised at the arrival of the young rude girl, he asks to himself who she is. This irritates Mikoto as she has already told Touma his name already before he lost his memories. She fires an electric attack towards him, declaring her name and demanding him to remember; Touma however, easily blocks the attack with his right hand and confirms to himself that she is actually an acquaintance of his. He quickly cuts into a casual opening question, stating that the vending machine eats money. Mikoto however tells him that she knows that and as such she developed a way to get a free beverage because of this. In an instant, Mikoto spins around and kick the vending machine on its side, exposing her shorts to Touma. Predictably, the machine spits-out a beverage, which she notes that it is unfortunate that she can't choose what beverage falls out of the machine. Touma complains that maybe the reason these vending machines are broken is because girls like her broke it, Mikoto asks why he is so angry about, however, she soon realizes that the vending machine may have eaten his money. Reluctantly, Touma confirms this to her, with Mikoto predictably laughing at his misfortune. Mikoto then says that he can get the money back to him, and demonstrates this by sending an electric current into the machine, however, the machine instead spits out several varieties of canned beverages. Knowing what would happen, Touma runs away while the vending machine alarm sounds.

Touma rests on a bench when Mikoto comes up to him with the beverages she pilfered from the vending machine. She tosses all of them to Touma, where he bemoans on how he became an accomplice instead of an innocent bystander to a criminal act. Mikoto later drinks one of the beverages and tells Touma to take responsibility as a victor of the one who has defeated her, Misaka Mikoto. Their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of Shirai Kuroko, who calls Mikoto "Onee-sama". Kuroko says that Mikoto pretended to be take special classes as a pretext to be with Touma, which irritates Mikoto. Kuroko introduces herself to Touma, and tells her that she is Mikoto's herald, and that Touma should check with her if he intends to "hit on" Mikoto; this irritates Mikoto so much that she releases her electric powers on Kuroko. However, Kuroko is unharmed and stands atop of a lamp post. She says that her "Onee-sama" wouldn't be so low as to settle with Touma and tells Mikoto to not make any mistakes. Mikoto tries to attack her again, but she teleports just before the attacks hit her.

Immediately after that, Touma hears another girl calling Mikoto "Onee-sama". He turns around to see a girl who has the same face and clothes as Mikoto. She says that she is Mikoto's sister, while describing on how she says her sentence. He asks the sister why she is referring to herself as Misaka, and that shouldn't she refer to her given name, as it would cause confusion. The sister tells Touma that her name is Misaka without delay. However, Mikoto suddenly yells at her, asking what she is doing here. The Misaka sister tells Mikoto that she is here for research, and as such Mikoto calms down and asks her sister to come with her for a while despite her protests. Mikoto says goodbye to Touma with her sister, with Mikoto having a look of uneasiness on her face.

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In the afternoon, Touma can be seen carrying the various beverages Mikoto has gotten for her. He soon notices a tennis ball stopping on his path. Weary of the implications, Touma moves out of the way, however, the wind moves the ball and Touma steps onto it, making him and the canned beverages fall. Touma soon realizes that Mikoto's sister is standing before him, which he confirms as she is wearing panties instead of shorts. Touma asks her on why she has with her military goggles, to which she replies that she needs it to track the flow of electrons and magnetic forces unlike Mikoto. Touma then asks her that wasn't she dragged buy Mikoto earlier, to which the sister denies and points to a different direction to which she originates. The sister gives Touma a hand on carrying juices; she kneels down handing the bevarage to him, and exposing her panties to Touma. The sister asks again where she needs to carry the beverages, with Touma turning down her offer, however, he soon reluctantly agrees due to her persistence.

They arrive at Touma's dormitory building where they are greeted by a maid on top of a spinning cleaning robot. Touma narrates that she is Tsuchimikado Maika, Motoharu's step-sister. She tells Touma that she is staying at her brother's place as the airconditioning in her place is broken, and apologizes for whatever noise they would produce during the night. Touma offers Maika one of the canned beverages he has with him, after she inquires him of it. Before going on her way, Maika advises Touma on how to hide a runaway girl in her home (Index), by letting her wander the city during the day and bringing her home during the night. Maika tells Touma that she knows of Index because she is too noisy.

Touma and the sister reach the floor where Touma's room is and discovers Index and Aisa on the floor with Sphynx. They discover that Touma is with another girl again, to which Aisa replies that Touma maybe a protagonist of dating sim, where he constantly triggers flags and goes down the women's story routes. Touma asks what they were doing, to which Index replies that Sphynx has acquired fleas, and as such they are trying to find a way to get rid of them. They argue for a while, with Index suggesting on using burning sage smoke on Sphynx and with Aisa suggesting in using an insecticide spray. There is conversation is interrupted by Mikoto's sister where she asks if they want to get rid of the fleas without using any chemicals. Touma confirms this and asks how she is able to do that; Mikoto's sister responds by electrocuting Sphynx with a small current from her powers, killing the fleas off of Sphynx. Before leaving, Mikoto's sister advises them to use fog-type insecticide to kill the fleas inside Touma's room.

The next day, Touma is one of his make-up classes, barely listening to Komoe's lectures. She reprimands him for it to which he responds that he wouldn't gain any power even if he listens. Both Aogami Pierce and Motoharu agree with him. However, Komoe says that they shouldn't give up. She cites on how Misaka Mikoto, the 3rd most powerful level 5 in Academy City was originally a level 1, however, due to hardwork she was able to work her way-up to the ranks. Touma is rather suprised that she is the 3rd level 5 esper (as he had lost his memories). Komoe asks Touma if he knows Mikoto personally, to which he denies.

Touma meets Mikoto during the afternoon, here, she is seen staring towards the horizon seemingly deep in thought. Touma greets her, to which Mikoto acknowledges him with an unfazed expression on her face. She tells Touma that she doesn't really like the blimp that is passing through above them, Touma asks her why, to which she replies that it is because humans are abiding by the words made by a machine. Touma thinks that she is talking about Tree Diagram, the world's most powerful supercomputer. Mikoto confirms this and asks off-handedly if such a thing really exist. Touma wonders what she meant but is hit on the head by Mikoto with a light chop and quickly leaves Touma.

Touma walks on and encounters Mikoto's sister again, this time trying to feed a black cat inside a carboard box. Touma thanks her for helping him the other day, to which the sister replies that being thanked was not her intention. Touma asks her what she is doing with that cat, to which she replies that she is trying to feed it, however, because she is unconsciously emitting a weak magnetic field that turns the animals like cats away from her. After much insistence, Touma takes the cat with him. While walking, they try to give a name to the cat. The sister cites various examples such as dog, Tokugawa Ieyasu and even Schrödinger.

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Touma and the sister arrive at a bookstore, where Touma wants to buy a reference book for cats while referring Index and Aisa. The sister warns him that it is illegal to harm animals, and is shown to be upset towards him for allowing Index and Aisa to mistreat Sphynx. Before going inside, Touma wonders if it is okay to bring in pets inside the store, to which the sister replies that he shouldn't have her take care of the cat. However, Touma tosses the cat towards the sister, where she immediately catches. He says that true friendship is born between her and the cat if they are to overcome the barrier of her having a magnetic field. The sister is confused on how such a person could easily throw a cat. Suddenly, a chill runs down her spine, and we see Accelerator behind her. She lays down the feline and faces him.

Gunshots can be heard in an alleway, the sister falls down due to a powerful force. Accelerator speaks for the first time, and asks her with a grin on his face, who the strongest level 5 esper in Academy City is.

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  • This episode features for the first time the infamous vending machine that eats money (later identified in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun as Vending Machine 7116), as well as Mikoto's infamous kick.
  • When Maika mentioned that she and Motoharu were making noise during the night, it may be a double entendre, considering how Motoharu is sis-con (someone who has sister complex or an attraction to sisters) and that Maika reads manga where siblings develop love for one anoter, which will be referred to later.
  • The episode mentions a school that does not focus on esper development.
  • Though unexplained in the anime, the celtic cross that Aisa has is a magical tool to prevent her powers, Deep Blood, from being detected by vampires.
  • This is the first time Aisa references Touma's incredible luck with girls he meet, which will expand tremendously in later episodes and novels.


  • The monorail bridge seen in episode 1 where Touma is running towards his school is seen again during this episode.

Cultural References

  • The sniper rifle that is used in the beginning of the episode looks similar to a Barrett M82, which seems to have been modified to fire automatically.
  • The flags Aisa is referring to are event flags in many dating simulation games and visual novels, where one can access the story routes as well as other flags of the subject after triggering certain conditions.
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu is referenced by Misaka 10032 during this episode. He was the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate which ruled over Japan for more than 200 years.
  • Erwin Schrödinger is referenced as well by Misaka 10032, as a name for her cat. Here, Touma states that naming a cat Schrödinger is a taboo, which is a reference to his famous thought experiment which included a cat inside a sealed box, that maybe alive and dead at the same time until someone confirms that the cat is either alive or dead when the box is opened. This thought experiment will be used in a later episode, to explain the Power Curriculum Program of Academy City.

Differences in Adaptation

  • The adaptation cuts the part where Misaka 10032 names the black cat "Later".[1]

Animation Trivia

  • The Misaka clone seen in the opening fires several bullets at Accelerator, however, only 1 seemed to have redirected back to the clone. Also, note there seems to have been little to no recoil at all during the firing of the rifle.
  • The Misaka Clone calculates her bullet trajectory according to the wind. Since Accelerator's redirection would send the bullet back following the bullet's original trajectory, the bullet should not have hit back directly at the Misaka Clone for there is also wind on the second trip.
  • Around the 10min 39sec time frame, Misaka puts the night vision goggles on but then has them in her hand in the next scene, and the back on her head in the next.
  • During the scene where Touma argues with Index and Aisa, you can see that Sphynx tail is wiggling back-and-forth, however, if one pays attention, you can also see Misaka 10032's eyes moving back-and-forth as well watching Sphynx's tail wiggling.
  • Just before Misaka shoots to Accelerator two people that resemble to Akito Takagi and Moritaka Mashiro (Bakuman protagonist) walks near him.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Is Accelerator the strongest level 5 esper?
  • Why does it seem that there are more than one of Mikoto's sisters?
  • Why is Mikoto's sister fighting Accelerator?


  • Mikoto: "Chaser!" -Mikoto, after kicking the vending machine.
  • Maika: "Hey, Kamijou Touma! My AC broke down, so I'm here for the night. I'll be making noise with my brother tonight, so bear with us, sorry!"
  • Touma: "Whenever girls say the phrase 'take responsibility', there's always a terrible to ring to it..." -referring to Mikoto saying that he needs to take responsibility as a victor against her.
  • Aisa: "Perhaps, that is his fate. He raises flags with other people and goes down their story routes."
  • Mikoto: "Tree Diagram - the most powerful supercomputer in the world, installed inside Orihime-1, the artificial satellite the Academy City launched using 'weather data processing' as a cover. That's what they say, but does something as extravagant as that really exist?"
  • Misaka 10032: ""This black cat will be called 'Dog'," declares MISAKA. "A cat, yet 'Dog'... hehe.."" -Misaka 10032 trying to name her cat.
  • Touma: "You said cats don't like you because of your magnetic field? Then overcome that barrier, and true friendship is born." -to Misaka 10032, after throwing her cat towards her.
  • Accelerator "Now, question. Who comes to mind when they ask who the strongest Level 5 in this Academy City is?" -to Misaka 10031.


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