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"Accelerator" (一方通行アクセラレータ Akuserarēta?, lit. "One-Way Road") is the 13th episode of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was first broadcasted on December 28, 2008, with the script written by Nishizono Satoru, the episode storyboarded by Komino Mashiko, and directed by Takashima Daisuke.

Mikoto wants to help the Sisters at the expense of her own life, but Touma blocks her way. She pours her lightning power mercilessly into Touma's body, but he doesn't even try to use his right hand. Mikoto asks him why he would go so far, to which the fallen Touma replies with surprising words. The major premise of the experiment that the Tree Diagram calculated was that Accelerator is the strongest in Academy City. To stop the experiment, Touma concludes that he must beat Accelerator. Mikoto tries to persuade Touma that it is impossible to win against someone who can face a military alone while smiling. But Touma tries to pry out the whereabouts of Accelerator from her. At the same time as this, Misaka Imouto's battle with Accelerator is about to begin in the switchyard.


A young girl wearing the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform is walking the streets of Academy City alone, during a windless evening. The scene cuts to a seemingly empty railway cargo holding area, where we see the girl walking into the area. She stops and starts reciting her current coordinates as well as the time. The girl calls herself test material 10032, Misaka 10032. She then recites on how the purpose of the test is to develop maneuvers for battles where 'reflection' cannot be used, Accelerator's Reflection. The scene suddenly cuts to a flashback of Touma asking who she is and what she is doing, but the scene quickly returns to the present, where Misaka 10032 says she does not know and does not understand Touma. She looks up and asks herself why she is recalling his face at such a time.

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Meanwhile, in a certain bathhouse, Komoe is explaining a variety of esper-related information to both Index and Aisa, while they are relaxing in the bathhouse. Komoe, while her back is being cleansed by Index, which in turn being cleansed by Aisa,says that in the experiments for ability development where various methods have been used to separate one from normal reality, RSPK Syndrome or Poltergeist is caused by espers who cannot perceive reality properly due to mental trauma or heavy stress. The scene later changes to the three of them in the bath, where Komoe says that an esper that is separated from proper reality will be able to obtain their own Personal Reality, and as such they can distort the rules of the world by using their own rules. The scene then cuts to them opening bottles of coffee milk, and drinking them enthusiastically in a certain manner. The scene jumps again to Komoe enjoying a backrub from a massage chair, where she says that Academy City's ability development is actually the process of artificially creating one's personal reality, with the help of drugs and hypnosis to cause a change on the human brain. The scene briefly jumps to Index enjoying the massage chair as well, however, it quickly returns to Komoe continuing her explanation. Here, she explains that it is possible for all humans to gain esper abilities if they were to intake a certain amount of curriculum. The scene quickly jumps again to show Aisa sitting on the massage chair, where she tells on how there are people like Kamijou Touma who did not attain any sort of power at all. The scene returns to Komoe where she says that people like Touma are more significant. The scene then switches to Index on the chair asking Komoe what Touma's power are, to which Komoe responds in a ecstatic and embarrassed manner that Touma has been a 'naughty' since he enrolled and that many things have happened since then, to which Aisa and Index responds angrily. Komoe continues her explanation that the fact that there are level 0 espers means that there are things that are yet to be explained, and that it may be the key to SYSTEM: "Those who aren't deities that reaches that senses of the heavens". Komoe continues by saying that they still don't know the truth about the world, but maybe if someone appears who are superior to humans appear, then maybe able to understand God. This leaves Index to wonder about she just learned from Komoe.

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Touma begins to regain his consciousness, he looks at his hand and recalls how he lost his consciousness; he had taken Mikoto's electric attack head on without using his right hand. He looks around, and sees no one on the bridge, suddenly tears drop from above. It is Mikoto weeping and with Touma's head resting on her lap and with her being worried of being hurt from her attacks. Touma speaks and says that he now knows how to stop the experiments. He says that Tree Diagram designed the experiment under the assumption that Accelerator is the strongest esper in Academy City, however, Touma says what would happen if Accelerator was to be beaten in a street fight. He states that there is no reason for the experiment to continue, if the assumption of Accelerator as the strongest was false. Mikoto says that it's impossible, as she draw from her experience from facing against Accelerator once, that a battle with him wouldnn't even be called a match. Mikoto says that even if she was to miraculously defeat, the researchers will simply conclude that it was within the error range, as such won't see Accelerator as weak. Touma stands up and says that he will be the one to fight Accelerator, as he is a level 0; Mikoto protests, saying that it is impossible for him citing the fact that Accelerator can control all vectors and Touma being heavily injured from Mikoto's attack. However, Touma simply smiles in a smug manner and shrugging of her protests, and asks her where Accelerator's location is.

Back in the railway cargo holding area, Misaka 10032 is walking along the railroad until she is called by a familiar voice. She looks up, and see Accelerator sitting on top of a shipping container, where he confirms that the clone before him is his next victim. Before starting the experiment, Misaka 10032 suggests to Accelerator that to say the password to confirm his participation in the experiment. This irritates Accelerator somewhat, though he simply states that he really doesn't need to confirm anything because it's an experiment that is trying to make him stronger. Accelerator compliments Misaka 10032 for being calm even though she knows what situation she is in; he then tells her to use her brain, though Misaka 10032 does not understand and states the current time before the experiment begins. She asks for one final time if Accelerator is finished with his preparations.

Accelerator begins telling Misaka 10032 that his life is what is the most important to him and as such he won't carelessly throw it away like her, and as such his desire for more power has no limitations even at the cost of a thousand clones like her. Misaka asks why he wants more power even though he is already the strongest esper in Academy City, a position where no one can reach him. Accelerator says that the only reason people know that he is the strongest is because people fought him and lost. He says that to her, that kind of strongest is not enough and strives something beyond that, a power that once acquired by him that challenging him would be a sin. Misaka 10032 once again states the current time left before the experiment would begin, and asks Accelerator again if he is done with his preparations. Though annoyed, Accelerator accepts this and jumps off of the container and lands in front of Misaka 10032. She puts on her goggles and confirms that the experiment will now begin.

Meanwhile, Touma is hastily trying to get to Accelerator's location, leaving Mikoto and the cat on the bridge. Back in the cargo area, the experiment begins and Accelerator charges.

Back in the bridge, the cat in Mikoto’s arms becomes restless due to her electromagnetic field. She recalls on how Touma instructed her not to interfere in his battle against Accelerator, as it is crucial for him the level 0, to beat Accelerator the level 5. Touma also says that he will bring her (Misaka 10032) back. Mikoto understands that she won't be able to anything if she goes there, however, she runs towards Accelerator's location as she can't just leave things be and do nothing at all.

Touma finally arrives outside the railway cargo holding area, and hears the sound of battle inside.

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In battle, Misaka 10032 jumps up and attacks Accelerator with her electric power. Predictably, the attack has no effect on Accelerator. The battle continues with Misaka 10032 continuously attacking Accelerator with her electric attacks, to no effect. Accelerator comments on her buying some time, and says that nothing will change. The battle comes into a slight lull as Accelerator tries to catch his breath; he looks up and sees that Misaka 10032 is on top of shipping container, commenting on how windless the night is. Accelerator suddenly smells something in the air, and realizes that Misaka 10032 is using her powers to break up the oxygen and create ozone in their battleground and making him run out of air. Accelerator is rather impressed by her ingenuity, though he says that her plan will fail if he catches up to her, and charges towards her. He catches to her and indicates that he changed the vectors of his feet before punching her. Misaka 10032's body rolls a few feet away from Accelerator before stopping. She is obviously in pain and is unable to get up; however, Accelerator's figure looms over her body. Accelerator asks her if she knows of a way of beating an opponent without punching them. He kicks in the stomach and says that the answer is by touching the person's body and change the vector of the opposing momentum. He keeps on kicking Misaka 10032 until he notices something, Touma has arrived.

Touma orders Accelerator to get away from Misaka 10032, much to Accelerator's amusement. Accelerator is exasperated that he has to kill a civilian in order to keep the experiment a secret. Touma however, tells him to shut-up and orders him once again to get away from Misaka 10032. Though, surprised at this Accelerator demonstrates his power to Touma, by kicking a small rock and destroying a tower. Even then, Touma does not flinch at the site of his power. Accelerator becomes intrigued at the site of Touma's fearlessness.

Touma moves towards Accelerator, however, Misaka 10032 sees him much to her surprise. She recalls the brief time they spent time together, and asks him what he is doing this for her even though she has as many replacements as needed. Touma tells her to shut-up and says that the reason he is here is to save her, because there is only one of her in this world.

Accelerator rambles on how Touma is acting like a hero with the lines he said to her, and seems to have forgotten of his presence. Touma tries to punch him; however, Accelerator simply taps his feet on the ground, creating an explosion of rock and dirt, throwing Touma a few feet away from Accelerator. Accelerator mocks Touma for being slow, and proceeds to tap on the metal of railways. The metal began to distort and bend towards Touma. Accelerator taps the metal and it hurls towards Touma, though he dodges it. Suddenly, Accelerator begins throwing several metal rails towards him.

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The scenery is engulfed by smokes of dirt and dust, caused by the rails hitting the ground. The smoke clears with Touma in the middle of the rails, seemingly unhurt by Accelerator's attacks, he looks up and suddenly sees several metal beams falling towards him. It hits the ground causing dirt and dust to be displace into the air, covering Touma from Accelerator and Misaka 10032's view. The scene cuts to Touma, gasping for his breath, he looks up and sees Accelerator standing on top of one of the metal beams, mocking Touma for his lack of speed. They stare down each other for awhile, before Accelerator goes down on the ground. He taps the ground again, displacing dirt and rock on Touma's person. Touma falls to the ground to which Accelerator proceed to walk towards him. He raises his hand, indicating that he will end Touma by touching him. Accelerator cackles and slowly starts moving his hand to Touma. With the hand coming closer, Touma slaps it away with his right hand.

For a few seconds there is silent air between them, with Accelerator being unable to comprehend the situation. Suddenly, Accelerator screams and stomps the ground, displacing rock and dirt into the air and injuring Touma. The force of the explosion is so powerful that Touma's body is propelled onto a metallic container. Accelerator tries to kick Touma, but he dodges it before his kick can connect, which visibly dents the metal container that Touma's body had hit. The force of Accelerator's kick displaces several containers that were on top and making them fall spilling its contents, and with Touma being forced to dodge them. Touma recovers and slowly inches away from the wreckage. He sees Accelerator walking towards him, saying that the containers seemed to have contained wheat flour in them, and also comments that it would be dangerous since there is no wind tonight. He quips what would happen if the powdery flour floating in the air would catch fire, and asks Touma if he knows what dust explosions are.

Realizing what's going to happen, Touma makes a run for it while Accelerator laughs. A part of the cargo holding area is engulfed in flames, as an ignition is set-off and making the flour explode.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Misaka 10032 battles Accelerator as part of the Level 6 Shift experiment.
  • Touma interrupts the battle between Misaka 10032 and Accelerator. Touma meets Accelerator for the first time and does battle with him.


By order of appearance

New Characters

No new character were introduced during this episode.



New Locations


  • RSPK Syndrome is mentioned and explained by Komoe during this episode, as well as the Power Curriculum Program.
  • SYSTEM is mentioned during this episode by Komoe as well, and is referred to by Accelerator. In actuality, the experiment for clones to be killed by Accelerator is so he can reach SYSTEM, also known as level 6.
  • Misaka makes a pun on Accelerator's name, One-way road, which is the literal translation of Accelerator's name in kanji.


  • The style on how to drink coffee milk in a bathhouse that Komoe showed Index back in episode 3, is applied during this episode by Komoe, Index and Aisa.
  • The night being windless that was mentioned by Touma back in episode 11, is referenced and used to their advantage by both Misaka 10032 and Accelerator.

Cultural References

  • Ozone is produced naturally in the earth's stratosphere, where the ozone layer resides, which absorbs ultraviolet light that is potentially damaging to life on earth. Ozone can also be produced by electrical discharge, as what Misaka 10032 did.
  • A dust explosion is used by Accelerator by igniting flour in the enclosed location of the railway cargo holding area. Dust explosions are frequent hazards to people who work in enclosed spaces such as coal mines.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • The glass breaking animation that is played before the second half of anime starts, is delayed for a few seconds before finishing. The accompanying sound where the Toaru Majutsu no Index logo is displayed after the animation was removed as well.
  • Accelerator does a midair somersault during his battle with Misaka 10032.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What exactly is the true nature of SYSTEM?
  • What occurs when Accelerator achieves SYSTEM?
  • If in theory, anyone who has went through the Power Curriculum Program can gain a personal reality and therefore gain abilities, then why do level 0s exist?


  • Komoe: "Well, Kamijou-chan has been a bit of a naught boy since he enrolled. A lot of things happened... A lot." -said to Index, regarding Touma.
  • Mikoto: "That's not possible. I've met Accelerator face-to-face only once. But I could tell. A battle with him wouldn't even be called a match. A battle, to him, is just a one-way road of slaughtering his opponent."-said to Touma, regarding Accelerator.
  • Accelerator: "Strongest, eh? Well, how do you people know that? Because they actually fought me and lost, right? In other words, my strength is only at the level of 'fun' or 'let's try picking a fight with him... I don't like that, got it? Not a single bit. That kind of strongest is completely worthless! I strive for something beyond that, that challenging me would be the most ridiculous thought ever, that fighting me would be a sin. I strive for that 'absolute' nature!"-Accelerator answering Misaka 10032's question on why he was participating in the experiment.
  • Mikoto: "I know, okay? I won't be able to do anything even if I go there. But, you think I can just stand here?"
  • Misaka 10032: ""Misaka doubts her own mental status. For a clone that has as many replacements as desired, what are you trying to do for Misaka?" asks Misaka once again."-said to Touma.
  • Touma: "Shut up. Like I care about all those little details. I am standing here to save you. There's only one of you in this world, isn't there?! Don't be dying on me like that, okay? I have plenty of things I want to give you an earful on, okay? So I'm going to save you now."-said to Misaka 10032.


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