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"Strongest vs. Weakest" (最強さいじゃくVS最弱さいきょう Saikyō (Saijaku) VS Saijaku (Saikyō)?) is the 14th episode of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series and the final episode of the Sisters Arc. It was first broadcasted on January 11, 2008, with the script written by Nishizono Satoru, the episode storyboarded by Nihei Yuuichi, and directed by Sakurabi Katsushi.

Touma ruses towards the desperate struggle of Misaka Imouto, defending her against the incredible strength of the Accelerator. However, Touma reflexively strikes out his right hand and is able to smash the face of Accelerator. The proud and mighty of the strongest esper is felled momentarily in close combat, confusing him. And with this, Touma delivers a barrage of punches towards Accelerator repeatedly. However, Accelerator desperately tries to fight back and reverse the situation, he manipulates the movements of the wind to strike Touma down. Mikoto ignored Touma's advice and rushes towards the scene as Touma pleads for Mikoto not to come. Meanwhile, Acclerator produces plasma by manipulating the wind. Mikoto cannot come up with a countermeasure against his tremendous power that can shake up the entire human race, as a result, Mikoto tries to wake up a person who has fallen.


Touma survives the dust explosion caused by Accelerator, who is uninjured and comments on how he almost killed himself as the oxygen was used in the dust explosion he caused. Accelerator comments on how Touma should rejoice as he is the first one to have pushed Accelerator into a near death situation. Touma does not respond, and only pulls himself up to confront Accelerator once again. Accelerator gloats on how no matter what Touma does, as he can control any vector he comes in contact with, and with him touching Touma he can blow up all his veins and organs. He keeps on gloating, saying that Touma still being able stand and breathe before him is Accelerator is a somewhat a miracle, and order Touma stay down already. Accelerator begins to charge towards Touma, extending his right arm trying to touch him. With nothing left to do, Touma clenches his fist and attacks Accelerator with a punch to his jaw. The force of Touma's punch hurls Accelerator a few feet away from him.

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Touma is surprised himself at what happened, and realizes that Imagine Breaker works against Accelerator. Meanwhile, Accelerator struggles to get up from Touma's punch, and says that Touma made his blood jump for joy. However, it was simply a facade by Accelerator as he charges towards Touma again in an enraged state. Touma successfully dodges his advances, and punches him in the face. Touma gives several quick punches to Accelerator's face, with Accelerator being unable to defend. Touma gives a powerful punch to Accelerator, flinging him a few feet away from him. Touma tries to connect another punch; however, Accelerator uses his vector powers to leap in a considerable height and retreat. Accelerator is obviously shaken by Touma's punches and tries to regain his balance, and is unable to comprehend what just happened. Touma walks into Accelerator's pondering of his situation, and mocks him for his status of being unbeatable. Touma says that since Accelerator deflects all attacks and defeats his opponents in one attack, he would never know how to street fight. Enraged by Touma's insults, Accelerator uses his vector powers to control the metal on the railways. They begin to distort and bend, carrying Touma into the air who was standing on the metal. Despite this, Touma uses the metal propelling him into to the air to deliver a punch to Accelerator, sending him in to a stop sign. Touma comes closer towards him and asks him why those people (Mikoto clones) who try to live their lives the best they can end up being prey to him. Accelerator who is sitting on the ground laughs at what Touma said; he stands up and says that what Touma just said about those people trying to live their lives is all nonsense.

Accelerator raises his arms and began spouting strange clicking and screeching noises from his mouth. The sounds lead to his laughter, and suddenly gusts of wind fill the area they are on, though most notably streams of blue energy begins to form above Accelerator. Swirling and whirling above him, within his control. Accelerator says "kill him", and the blue energy compresses into a small sphere, and then suddenly it releases several streams of energy towards Touma, who is overwhelmed by its power and is blown away. Accelerator laughs at him, and begins to form another ball of energy. He tells Touma that he is all talk and is truly powerless against him, and tells him that he will finish him off with one more hit.

Toaru Majutsu no Index E14 06m 53s.jpg
Toaru Majutsu no Index E14 07m 12s.jpg

Accelerator raises his arms high, with his hands below the swirling streams of energy, saying that it is air compressed. Accelerator asks an unconscious Touma where all his bravery, and asks him to play along with him. However, someone shouts his name, Accelerator. Mikoto has arrived and is ready to fire her railgun towards him. Touma however, asks Mikoto to not do anything. Mikoto smiles and apologizes to Touma, saying how Touma wished for nothing to be lost, and for everyone to be smiling, but that is impossible, Mikoto continues by saying that she is about to do is selfish; however, she just wants Touma to live on. Mikoto prepares to fire her signature attack; however, she realizes that something is amiss. Mikoto notices that the ball Accelerator is forming is plasma, formed by controlling the direction of air and compressing them into one spot.

The sphere of plasma is getting larger and larger by the second, and Mikoto notes that her power is unable to do anything. Suddenly, Mikoto notices the wind, and describes that Accelerator is calculating the flow of wind to control the plasma. Mikoto suddenly hears the mew of a certain cat, and sees that the cat is with an unconscious Misaka 10032, and goes to her side. She asks Misaka 10032, to wake up because she needs Misaka 10032 to do something for her, as she is the only who can do it, to protect Touma's dream. Misaka 10032 is awakened by Mikoto's cries and stands up, and says that she does not understand the meaning of Mikoto's words; however, Misaka 10032 says that her words resonate strongly within her.

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In the city, the wind turbines are moving on their own, producing powerful gusts of wind. Meanwhile, Accelerator is losing his control over the ball of plasma, and asks himself if he had miscalculated the flow of the winds. Back in the city, several sparks are coming out of the nacelle of the wind turbine. Accelerator realizes that there shouldn't be any miscalculations in his part, and discovers that the wind is being produced artificially, by directing electric power on the motor of the wind turbines to make spin; Accelerator turns around and sees Misaka 10032, referring to her as the one who tampered with the wind turbines. In the city, several Misaka clones are directing their electric power unto the motor of the wind turbines empowering them to turn. Accelerator is enraged by this, and threatens to kill Misaka 10032; however, Mikoto arrives to protect her. Filled with contempt at this sight, Accelerator says that Mikoto is too weak for him, even though they are both level 5s.

Suddenly, Touma's voice calls out to Accelerator, telling him to not touch them, as he slowly walks towards Accelerator. Though surprised at first, Accelerator becomes excited, saying that Touma is truly the best and charges towards him. He runs towards Touma, extending his hands. They both reach the point where they could touch each other, Accelerator uses his hand to try and touch Touma, however, he ducks, and forcing Accelerator to use his other hand to try and touch, however, Touma blocks his other hand as well using his Imagine Breaker. Accelerator is left with an opening, unable to defend himself fast enough; Touma prepares his stance and clenches his fist. Jumping towards Accelerator, he gives one final punch to Accelerator's face, which sends him rolling a few feet away from Touma, and before the Mikoto and Misaka 10032.

Touma faints shortly afterwards with a smile on his face.

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Toaru Majutsu no Index E14 13m 39s.jpg

Touma is seen sleeping in a familiar ward; however, he soon becomes uneasy and wakes up. He looks to see that Misaka 10032's figure looms before him, holding his hand which is resting upon her breasts. Surprised by this, he asks himself why such a happy event is occuring to him as he does not remember raising any flags for this moment at all. Misaka 10032 informs Touma that he was the one that grabbed her, though she said that she was the one who moved his hand towards her breast, as so she can measure his heartbeat and brainwaves using the electric flow in his body; much to Touma's dismay since he cannot feel that he is touching them due to the anesthesia applied on him. Touma says in relief that they somehow both made out of the situation alive. Though Misaka 10032 states that she cannot return to the world as of yet, even though the experiment with Accelerator has been suspended, as her body needs readjustment as she is a clone that was accelerated to growth. She says goodbye to Touma, carrying with the black cat she brought into the ward with her. Before leaving, Touma asks Misaka 10032 if the readjustments would cure her, to which she replies that he does need to worry as she will see him again soon. She leaves shortly thereafter.

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The next day, Touma receives an inspection from the frog-faced doctor, saying there is nothing serious with his condition. He then says how Touma seem to have affection to the particular room that he is in, to which Touma half-heartedly laughs-off. The doctor says that Touma should rest for the time being before leaving. Touma then goes to sleep; however, he is soon awoken by the arrival of Mikoto who came to visit him, bringing with her a gift from him. She tells him that the cookies she just bought was the most expensive she can find in a basement of a department store. Touma says that homemade cookies are the best, which irritates Mikoto as she believes Touma wants her to be a character of some sort – which specifically is character who is clumsy, but tries her best to make cookies even though they have become crumbs – forcing him to apologize to her quickly afterwards. Touma then remembers that Misaka 10032 came to visit him a while ago, and explains her current condition to Mikoto. Touma's explanation to Mikoto is off-screen, and Mikoto tries to quickly leave after hearing it. Before leaving, Touma says that if Mikoto hadn't given away her DNA map, then the sisters would've never been born. He continues on by saying, that even though the experiment was wrong, their birth is something she should be proud of. Mikoto replies by saying that because of her more than 10,000 of her clones have been killed. Touma replies by saying that the sisters don't hate her because of it, and if they have never been born at all, then they wouldn't be able to experience happiness or sadness. Touma concludes that it is okay for her to smile, as her sisters aren't people who satisfy themselves by forcing their pain on to other people. Mikoto closed her eyesand smiled after hearing this; she says simply says goodbye and leaves afterwards.

Toaru Majutsu no Index E14 20m 17s.jpg
Toaru Majutsu no Index E14 20m 42s.jpg

Later midday, Touma is all alone in his room, sleeping soundly. The sound of the cicada can be heard from the outside. The door to Touma's room slides open, a shadowy figure appears, moving closer towards Touma's bed, wearing a mischievous smile on her face. The figure climbs on top of his bed, looming over him and disturbing him enough to awake him. Touma opens his eyes, and to his horror, a girl wearing white robes is on top of him, it is Index. She asks Touma if he has anything to say; though Touma is stricken in fear, he answers her promptly by saying the word "good morning". Predictably, Index is angered by his words and a familiar crunching sound is heard, that is later drowned by his scream. Index is biting him, and with Touma trying to plead her, saying that his injuries are serious and that shouldn't she worry about him, the master of the house. Hearing this, Index stops biting and shouts that she was worried. She hugs him and repeats what she just said, that she was worried, unable to do anything about it, Touma says sorry to her. Index says that Touma is always putting burdens upon himself and tells him that he should consult her or else she might lecture him. Index then asks him what he fought for this time, to which Touma answers that he fought for himself.

The scene later cuts to Mikoto smiling and walking back to her dorm. The dormitory doors open, to which Kuroko greets her oneesama and hugs her, burying her face into Mikoto's chest. The scene changes to Misaka 10032 feeding her cat. The cat consumes the piece of food that she gives to it, and jumps on her leg, rubbing itself on her. Misaka 10032 brings the cat near her face, and it licks her face. This surprises her at first, though in the end it makes her smile.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Accelerator discovers how to create plasma using his powers.
  • With the aid of Mikoto and the clones, Touma is able to defeat Accelerator.
  • The Level 6 Shift experiment is suspended, and the clones are sent to facilities for readjustment on their bodies.


By order of appearance

New Characters

No new characters were introduced during this episode.




  • This episode confirms that Accelerator is physically weak due to him constantly relying on his powers.
  • Though Touma often gets into perverted situations unintentionally, this episode features his dismay at being unable to feel Misaka 10032's breasts.


  • Accelerator once again references that he would have died if there were no oxygen left, as the dust explosion he caused nearly burned all the oxygen. This is similar to the previous episode, where Misaka 10032 uses her electric powers to create ozone, so that she can beat Accelerator due to the lack of oxygen.

Cultural References

  • The 'flags' that Touma were referencing when his hand was on Misaka 10032's breast, refers to games such as dating sims and visual novels, were triggering certain scenarios or flags as they are called, can lead to good scenes and endings.
  • Touma references the anime/manga character archetype 'dojikko', when talking about cookies that Mikoto bought for him.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • At least 40 seconds of footage from the previous episode is reused in the beginning of the episode before actual original scenes for the episode are seen.
  • The 6th punch that Touma throws to Accelerator's face, shows a quick close-up. Here, there is a frame where one can see Touma's fist indentation remains on Accelerator's face for a short-while after he threw the punch. Also, note that Accelerator's face was slightly off-model during this quick scene.
  • Misaka 10032 should've been unconscious near the railway tracks, as the previous episode shows. Though during this episode, her body is seen between two shipping containers and not any tracks, though thinking that Misaka 10032 simply moved towards that location is not that farfetched a speculation.
  • During the scene where the Misaka clones direct their electric power to the motor of the wind turbines, several scenes show that some of the wind turbines are close to each other. This should be impossible, as there is not enough room for the rotors of each wind turbine. The only plausible way the scenes would make sense is that the Misaka clones are directing their electric powers on the motor of a vertical-style wind turbine, even then, we have yet to see any examples of Academy City actually using vertical wind turbines instead of the horizontal ones. Also note, vertical wind turbines need at least a wide enough space for their rotors to move.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What happened to Accelerator after the experiment?


  • Touma: "So, you've never lost, huh? You defeat all your enemies in one shot. You deflect all attacks away. People like you wouldn't know how to street fight."-said to Accelerator.
  • Touma: "Even they... do their best in fulfilling their lives. They do their best... living all they can... and these people who lived all they could... why do they have end up being food for the likes of you?"-said to Accelerator, regarding the clones.
  • Mikoto: "Sorry. You wished for nothing to be lost, for everyone to be smiling, for everyone to be able to make it back safely. But, that's not possible. So, sorry... I know this is selfish of me, but even so... even so, I want you to live on."-said to Touma.
  • Mikoto: "Please, wake up. I need you to do something for me. No, this is something only you can do. I know this is asking for too much. But please, just wake up this one time! Just listen to my wish this one time! I probably won't be able to save everyone... no matter how hard I try I won't... so please... so please, I need your power to protect his dream!" -said to Misaka 10032, regarding Touma.
  • Misaka 10032: ""I do not understand the meaning of your words, but for some reason, they resonated very powerfully," comments Misaka with utmost honesty."-Misaka 10032's respones to Mikoto's pleading.
  • Touma: "Grit your teeth well, 'strongest' one. My 'weakest' attack... might shake you up a little!"-to Accelerator before beating him.


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