"Angel Fall" (御使堕し(エンゼルフォール) Enzeru Fōru?, lit. "Fallen Messenger") is the 15th episode of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series and the first episode of the Angel Fall Arc. It was broadcast on January 8, 2009, and was directed and storyboarded by Nakatsu Tamaki, and the script written by Minikami Seishi. The opening theme masterpiece, does not replace PSI-Missing during this episode, and is later moved for episode 17. This mistake is later rectified in the DVD and BD releases of the anime.

After Touma, the Level 0, defeated Accelerator, his ordeal has reached a certain infamy. It has become such an out of control mess that the Board of Directors has instructed him to go abroad and temporarily leave Academy City—destination: the sea. Touma goes to the beach house "Wadatsumi" accompanied by Index, who got out of Academy City without suspicion for some reason despite being an illegal immigrant. However, his cousin and childhood friend, and parents were suppose to meet him after Komoe's careful consideration but was unable to due to various circumstances. The next morning, Kamijou Touya, Touma's father, and company arrives... However, for some reason, mother Kamijou Shiina was in the form of Index, and cousin Tatsugami Otohime was in the form of Mikoto. It was like a bad trick is what Touma concludes, but truthfully, a queer phenomenon that affects the entire word is happening, where the "contents and appearance of human beings have been interchanged". Before long, Touma comes upon a strange sister wearing a red cloak.


The episode begins with seabirds fluttering in a clear sunny sky. The scene pans down to a beach resort, known as Oowarai, where it seems that no one is around. The scene cuts to Index in her bathing suit playing in the waters, and then seeking the attention of Touma, who is resting under an umbrella. Touma sits up, apparently hearing her call. He begins a voice-over on how he is involuntarily away from Academy City and is in the beach with Index. The scene then cuts to Touma arguing with Komoe in the teacher's lounge in a certain highschool, where Komoe urges Touma to move out of the city for a while due to higher-up's-of-the-city's insistence. Komoe takes out a magazine featuring Oowarai Beach on the cover, the scene then immediately cuts to Index demanding Touma that she'll go with him on the trip and with Touma explaining that she can't go because she has no ID. The scene changes again to the outside of Academy City, where Index is getting her identity checked in the database and apparently getting clearance, surprising Touma as the taxi cab they are in drive out of the city limits.

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The scene returns to the present, where Index comes up to Touma (making him blush) who says she found a hat for him and will give it to him as a present, Index then shoves a jellyfish into his face, with the cries of Touma's pain somehow echoing in the empty beach. Touma is later seen applying cream into his face as the result of the stinging of the jellyfish while Index apologizes. The landlady of the resort explains that since there has been outbreak of jellyfish in the waters, there have been no guests in the resort. The landlord later comes in – coughing – and prostrates himself towards Touma and Index; he says that the party that Touma is expecting will arrive tomorrow morning instead of today. Index is visibly annoyed by this, though Touma says it is alright. Touma narrates that he is supposed to meet his parents, Kamijou Touya and Kamijou Shiina as well as his cousin, though he seems restless about it. Touma is later urged by Index to have a bath with her in the hotsprings; seperated by a wall, Index asks Touma what kind of parents Touma has, to which he answers that she should know when they come tomorrow, though this irritates Index. Touma however, is aware of that he will find out who his parents are himself tomorrow, as well as what kind of son he is to them.

The night arrives, with Touma still worrying about his parents finding about his memory loss, though he disregards this and goes to sleep, worrying about it tomorrow instead.

Touma is awoken the next day by the call of the landlord, informing that his party will be arriving soon. Touma gets up and opts to not wake Index up and goes outside of the resort house. Touma later notices a man walking up the road, where the man shouts his name. The man picks up his pace and meets up with Touma face-to-face; he is his father – Touya – and gives Touma a souvenir from his trip to India. Touya notices Touma's strange behaviour and inquires him about it, though Touma quickly changes the subject. Touya informs him that his mother and cousin will be arriving soon as well. They wait atop of the hill for them; Touma muses about how the person before is really his father. Touya then apologizes for arriving late; supposedly, they were to arrive last night, however, since they just recently moved into a new house. Though this confuses Touma (since he lost his memories), his father quickly reminds him that he told him about it last month. Initially, Touma is disheartened by the fact that he will not be able to see the house he was born in, however, he quickly gets over it.

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Suddenly, a girl shouting 'onii-chan' is heard, Touma's father says that it must his cousin coming. When she comes closer, much to his horror, his cousin appears to be Misaka Mikoto herself. She jumps on Touma and fondly cuddles him, much to his embarassment. His cousin tells Touma that she wanted to see him badly, and asks him to take her to the beach later; she slowly comes closer to Touma's face until Touma pushes her away. Touma demands from "Mikoto" why she is acting in such a way, though she does not understand, he then asks his father why she brought "Mikoto" here and how he knows her in the first place, though he does not understand as well – calling her Otohime. Suddenly, a girl with the exact appearance of Index arrives wearing a dress and a hat carrying a bag, commenting on Touma's embarassment on his cousin hugging him. Touma demands "Index" why she is acting that way all of a sudden, however, his father stops him and demands Touma to respect his mother, asking why he is talking to his mother in such a manner. The wind blows before Touma can respond; Touma tries to confirm to his father, that the girl before them is his mother, and that the girl who is hugging him is his cousin. Touya confirms that they are indeed his mother and cousin respectedly, and asks Touma once again what's wrong with him. After an awkward silence, Touma laughs it off. Suddenly, Touma shouts at the top of his lungs, decrying on their cruel trickery. Touya tries to calm him down, though it does not work and Touma quickly leaves them behind for the resort.

There, he is shocked to see a woman with the appearance of Misaka Imouto welcoming him, having the mannerisms of the landlady that was present yesterday. Touma, suprised by her involvement, demands to know how long has she been hiding in the resort. Touya who has arrived in the resort along with the rest, says that she shouldn't mind him. Suddenly, a man with the appearance of Stiyl but the mannerisms of the landlord Touma met yesterday comes in and thanks them for staying at the resort. With his appearance, Touma has no words left to speak on how truly unbelievable his appearance in the resort is. Suddenly, familiar white robes lined with gold, slowly comes down the stares; Touma gazes upon the figure that descends upon them, to which his eyes widen and beads of sweat appear on his face, forming a visible expression of dread upon beholding the figure before him. Touma screams in absolute horror as the figure he behelds is that of Aogami Pierce, wearing Index's robes.

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The scene changes to the beach, where Otohime (with the appearance of Mikoto) is playing around in the water and asking Touma to join her – who still thinks they are tricking him. Touya later arrives and asks Touma if he has calmed down a bit, and gives him a souvenir he got from his trip to Russia. Shiina (with the appearance of Index) arrives with an exceedingly revealing swimsuit. Touya refers that it was a good idea of him to pick the swimsuit for her, to which Touma grabs his father telling him that he is a failure of a person for being a lolicon. Suddenly, Touma hears a voice humming a tune coming towards their general direction, a feeling of dread flows through Touma. He turns his head and sees someone with the face of Aogami but wearing Index's swimsuit. As a response Touma buries him in the sand and leaves the beach, with the disapproving remarks of Otohime and Shiina bearing on him, to which he disregards. Back at the resort, Touma notices the frog-faced doctor on the television reporting about an incedent regarding the White House, Touma wonders what the doctor is doing, however, he suddenly sees Komoe on the television reporting live at the White House. Touma comes closer to the television, asking to himself what Komoe is doing, however, the scene shifts to Komoe reporting that the president has arrived, to which an absolutely wordless Touma sees Shirai Kuroko as the president.

Touma realies that what's happening is far too ridiculous and elaborate for it to be a trick. Touma goes into town and sees that everybody has their body somehow switched. Suddenly, Otohime comes up to him from behind and pulls out her cellphone, showing a photo of her and Touma from last year's New Year's celebration. Touma sees that Otohime's appearance in the photo is very different from her current appearance (Mikoto's), and is apparently unaware of it herself.

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While returning to the resort, Touma ponders to himself what's going on. He notices a girl, wearing a strange red outfit and thinks that she should be his acquaintance, since from his experience, anyone who is wearing crazy costumes are probably his acquaintances. He tries to greet the girl, but is met with a saw to his neck. The girl demands if Touma is 'the spellcaster', though Touma is unable to answer her question; however, a voice pleads with the girl to not attack him. The scene cuts to Motoharu and Kanzaki. Touma notices Motoharu, where Kanzaki converses with Motoharu since Touma apparently sees Motoharu as normal. Kanzaki convices the girl holding the saw to Touma's neck that he should be treated the same as them, as he is unaffected. Kanzaki introduces herself as a member of Necessarius to the girl, she tells her that she is investigating the same thing as the girl and says it is unreasonable for the girl to conclude that Touma is the 'caster'. The girls moves her saw away from Touma's neck and introduces herself to them, her name is Misha of Annihilatus, she asks a couple of questions to Kanzaki to prove Touma's innocence. Confused, Touma demands to know what's happening though he is ignored. Kanzaki tries to answer Misha's questions but is interrupted by Touma's constant demand for answers. Kanzaki acknowledges him and remarks on how he has not changed. Touma is relieved that she did not know that he lost his memories of her, and is relieved that his playing dumb worked; Touma then asks her to at least tell him what's going on, to which Kanzaki agrees.

Kanzaki says that the whole world is affected by a magic spell, called Angel Fall. Kanzaki states that humans cannot attain the rank of angel, and vice-versa, however, before she can continue in her explanation Touma interrupts her as he is confused. Motoharu states that Touma should also feel the effects of the spell such as the switching of appearances, and states that this is the result of an angel falling. Motoharu says that they don't know who cast the spell or why, though they do know that Touma is in the center of the distortion of the world. Kanzaki says that Touma is the number one suspect for the Angel Fall incident, as he has escaped the effects of the magic, as such the magicians will target him. Kanzaki continues by saying that Touma shouldn't be the suspect at all, as he does not possess magical knowledge as well as he does not have any injuries when an esper uses magic. Misha comments on how Touma is unaffacted by the spell as rebuttal to Kanzaki's statement. Motoharu however, comments that Touma has the Imagine Breaker that can nullify any magic with his right hand. Touma is surprised on how Motoharu knows this, but before he can answer Misha chants a spell. Suddenly, water from the sea is brought forth and is called to attack Touma, to which he immediately dispels with his hand. Misha says that his displaying of his powers is sufficient evidence for him to prove his innocence in the incident; she apologizes for attacking him earlier.

Motoharu then says that the fact that Angel Fall is centered on him, the caster must be near Touma. Kanzaki says that it is difficult for a single caster to cause Angel Fall, and must have a ritual location for the spell somewhere, to which Motoharu states that they should destroy the ritual location or kill the spellcaster, as they are two ways to stop Angel Fall. However, Touma interrupts their conversation and demands answers from Motoharu, to which he answers that he is also a member of Necessarius.

Adapted FromEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 04

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  • Imagine Breaker - Kamijou Touma

New AbilitiesEdit

  • Angel Fall
  • Water Magic - Misha Kreutzev


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  • This episode features Touma and Index outside of Academy City for the first time since the start of the series.
  • The character Hino Jinsaku who appears in the novels, is completely removed during the duration of this arc.
  • This is the first time we hear the tune that Index (Aogami) is humming, which would be used by several characters in the both Index and Railgun anime adaptations.


  • Touma references his memory loss again in this episode.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The scene where Index demands Touma to take her to the beach, features Index having several varieties of food for her to eat, while Touma only has a cup of instant food with him.
  • Index's identification data has a picture of her holding a negi for no apparent reason.
  • The reason Touma is nervous regarding the beach is because Oowarai can be translated to big laugh, joke or jeer.
  • The Hindu deity Ganesha is seen in the form of a small statue souvenir during this episode.
  • Otohime calls Touma 'onii-chan' a common Japanese honorofic often used on older male siblings, though it can also be used to refer to an older male, especially when the person has a close relationship with the person who uses the honorific.
  • Prank shows that humiliate and embarass unwitting people on televesion is referenced during this episode.
  • The mask as well as the restraints that the fictional character Hannibal Lecter is often seen wearing in the Silence of the Lambs Trilogy, is used to restrain Touma during his tantrum against Index.
  • A Matroyshka doll is seen during this episode, though featuring several leaders of Russia (Yuri Andropov, Leonid Brezhnev, Nikita Khrushchev, and Joseph Stalin) instead of the usual little girls.
  • The episode references Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" slogan for the 2008 United States Presidential Campaign. At the time this episode aired, Obama had already been elected as the 44th President of the United States, though he did not assume office until the 20th of the same month.
  • Shana-tan of the Shakugan no Shana-tan specials is mentioned in this episode.
  • The Tree of Sephirot is referenced by Kanzaki during this episode, the version shown of the tree is that of Athanasius Kircher which is most notably used in the Hermetic Qabalah.

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Animation TriviaEdit

  • The video games seen during this episode are reused from the first episode of Shakugan no Shana, they are also reused in episode 17 of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaptation.
  • For no apparent reason, the rubber duck that was floating in the hot sping Index was in, suddenly changed into a chicken with a surprised expression.
  • The scene where Index is playing on the beach and Touma responding to her beckoning is reused later in the episode with Otohime.
  • Unlike other episodes, this is one of the rare cases where the breaking animation eyecatch is used to end the first half of the episode. Usually, this animation is used before the second half of the episode starts.
  • During the Angel Fall, one of the newscaster (no line, appears together with the one in Heaven Canceller's appearance) assumes the appearance of Tessou Tsuzuri (introduced as a character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun).
  • When aired on TV, the opening PSI-Missing was used. This was changed for the DVD/BD release.


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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How does it happen that an ID entry of Index can be found at the gate of the Academy City?
  • Who is the spellcaster of Angel Fall?
  • Who is the Angel Fall that was cast off because of the spell?
  • If Motoharu is a magician, why is he also an esper as well?


  • Touma: "Yeah, I'll find out tomorrow. I lost my memories, so I obviously don't remember how my parents are, what kind of people they were, or what kind of son I was. Will I able to act naturally before them? As such, I'm uncharacteristically nervous right now." -said Touma regarding his parents.
  • President of the United States of America (with the appearance of Shirai Kuroko): "Yes We Can."


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