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"Power of God" (大天使かみのちから Kami no Chikara?, lit. "Archangel") is the 17th episode of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was first broadcast on January 28, 2009, and was directed by Hashimoto Toshikazu, storyboarded by Nihei Yuuichi, and the script written by Minikami Seishi. The opening theme PSI-missing is replaced by masterpiece in the original television broadcast.

To stop the large scale magic Angel Fall, one must either destroy the ritual location or defeat the caster. Touma and Motoharu become suspicious of Misha due to her strange actions. However, she later runs away from Touma's house after finding each other, immediately after discovering that the appearance of Kamijou Touya and a photograph from the past remains the same. Only the caster is unaffected by the magic. Kamijou rushes back to the hotel and confronts his father. He questions him on why he had to dabble into magic and the occult, to which Touya begins talking of events in the past in Touma's life that made him miserable and that he wanted to free him from it. Misha appears before them, prepared to kill the "target". However, Kanzaki Kaori appears to stop her and tells of very interesting facts.


Touma appears before his father, Touya, with the latter wondering if his mother came back with him. Touma is dead silent and is seemingly unable to speak his mind; Touya then asks him of what he thought of the new house he and Shiina moved into. Touya then notices Touma's expression and asks him what's wrong; however, Touma suddenly speaks, appearing angry. Touma asks why he became involved in the occult and demands an explanation from him. Seeing Touma act this way surprises him, though he accepts this and starts explaining himself to Touma.

Touya asks Touma what people called him as a child; obviously Touma is unable to answer, though Touya immediately tells him that Touma was called a god of pestilence. Touya explains that since misfortune happened around Touma, his friends as well as adults began distancing themselves from him. Touya says that he placed Touma into Academy City, since people believed in superstition and that Academy City is the place where such things as superstition do not exist; even then, even in the city of science, people still treated Touma as someone who attracts misfortune. Touya says that the reason he turned to the occult was counteract the misfortune that surrounded Touma. However, Touma rebukes him for such thinking; he says that even if he was misfortunate, Touma never regretted it at all; as it is the path he is to walk on. Though surprised at Touma's response, he immediately accepts Touma's answer and says that he will stop collecting souvenirs even though he knew that they wouldn't do anything at all. This surprises Touma as he thought his father was referencing real magic. Touma asks his father if he was the one who cast Angel Fall, though he confuses this as a souvenir. Touma then tests his father's truthfulness, by asking him where his mother to which Touya replies that Touma should know more because she was with him. Because of this, Touma realizes that the effects of Angel Fall affect his father as well.

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Suddenly, Misha arrives before the both of them. Touma tries to convince Misha not to attack his father, however, her eyes start to glow and start to take-out one of the weapons she carries with her. Kanzaki arrives in a timely manner as well, saying that Misha shouldn't kill humans without permission from God, and says to Touma that she will handle it and must evacuate the premises with his father. Kanzaki states that the girl before them is not Misha, as she has submitted an inquiry to the Russian Orthodox Church, and revealed that there is only a Sasha Kruezhev. Kanzaki states that the girl before them is a borrowed appearance of Sasha. This confuses Touma, though Kanzaki explains that there is an entity belonging to neither gender, being depicted as both male and female in myth. Touma does not understand, though Kanzaki tells him to remember the name of grand spell that has been activated.

Suddenly, the sky turns dark, as if the day has turned to night, and with a full moon appearing in the sky. Kanzaki states that this is Misha's power, to bring out the night as to power her attribute. She is the symbol of water and the governor of blue, the guardian of the moon, and the protector of the rear side; she is the Power of God. At the same time as this, Misha starts gaining wings, though they start turning into crystals, becoming larger and larger going in opposite directions. Suddenly, Misha lifts up her weapon up to the sky and casts a spell, which covers the sky with intricate geometrical lines. Kanzaki calls the spell The Sweep, a spell that destroyed an entire civilization for its wickedness. Touma gets angry and is apparently preparing to fight Misha, as he says that his Imagine Breaker can affect angels such as Misha as well. However, Kanzaki stops him and says that Touma and his father need to stop Angel Fall while she takes care of Misha. Kanzaki says that she is grateful for Touma saving Index's life and that she would be grateful if he could save hers. Though reluctant, Touma agrees to leave Kanzaki to handle Misha, and takes his confused father away from the beach.

Kanzaki declares to Misha that she will be her opponent. In an instant, Misha's eyes start glowing again and the waters of the beach start stirring erratically. Suddenly, the waters turn into several pillars and gathers into the back of Misha, destroying the crystal wings that were one her before. The water elevates her to a great height and then crystallizes; seeing this, Kanzaki prepares for battle as well and shouts her magic name, Salvare000.

Meanwhile, over in the distance Motoharu says to himself that someone needs to be sacrificed in order to fix the problem that is happening, and apologizes to Touma in advance.

Kanzaki battles or more aptly preoccupies Misha, with Kanzaki being in the defensive unable to attack Misha at all. Kanzaki states that since she is a Christian there is no way she could defeat an angel of Christianity, even if she is a saint. However, Kanzaki points out that she is not an ordinary magician as well; she points out that her magic is that of the Amakusa Christians, a uniquely Japanese form of Christianity borne from the Edo period; a unique fusion of various religions, Amakusa is a fusion of Shinto and Buddhism. Kanzaki states that Shintoism has spells against deities as well.

Suddenly, a very long spear of crystal comes toward Kanzaki who blocks it with her sword and slicing it in two. More shots are fired towards her, and Kanzaki is only able to parry or dodge. Kanzaki acknowledges that she cannot keep this up, and with The Sweep still in effect, Kanzaki pleads Touma to hurry and stop Angel Fall.

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Back in the resort, Touma discovers that Index and Otohime have been drugged to fall asleep. Touma goes to into an empty room with his father following him, still confused about the situation. Touma explains that a lot of people will die if they do not stop Angel Fall; Touya is confused, though this angers Touma and demands him to stop pretending to be innocent and tell him the ritual location. However, Motoharu arrives into the room and tells Touma to stop it as Touya truly doesn't know that he cast Angel Fall. This confuses Touma, as Angel Fall requires a large ritual location. Motoharu states that there was a ritual location – his house. Motoharu says that individually, charms and folkcraft cannot cause any effect, but if they are placed in the correct locations according to Feng shui, then compound effects take place on each of the items. Motoharu enumerates examples, such as the red postbox in the South (near the entrance to his house), the turtle (the guardian beast of water) in the bathroom, the Byakko or the white tiger (the guardian of gold) in the kitchen, and along with the rest of the charms and souvenirs, Touma's house became a temple, and with Touma's parents leaving the door open to come to the beach, Angel Fall was activated.

Touma notes on how such a large coincidence could create such an affect, though Motoharu reassures him that Angel Fall was activated through sheer coincidence, and explains to Touma why he didn't allow him to touch the tiger figurines back when they were in his house, as it might make an even worse magic spell. Motoharu then says that to stop Angel Fall: completely destroying the ritual location in one-shot, or kill the spellcaster. Touma becomes worried and looks at his father while Motoharu says that he is unable to use magic as of the moment, and starts cracking his knuckles, and indicating how the church is giving him interesting things to do.

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Knowing what Motoharu is implying, Touma blocks Motoharu's path from his father, though Motoharu says that Touma should give up, as he will only get hurt. Touma refuses and says that he will not allow anyone to be sacrificed. There is a tense silence between the two of them, however, Motoharu simply smiles and adjusts his glasses. Suddenly, Motoharu charges towards Touma with his fist clenched. Touma ducks and successfully dodges the punch; however, Motoharu uses his elbow on Touma's back and seemingly knocking him down. Touya says that he can do anything he wants with him, but demands Motoharu not to hurt Touma anymore. Motoharu is simply amused by Touya's thinking; however, Touya remains steadfast and says that he will not allow Motoharu to harm Touma any more because he is the father of Kamijou Touma. Touma hears this and gets up, though Touya tries to stop him, Touma remains steadfast as well and says that he is the son of Kamijou Touya.

Motoharu is amused by this situation, however, he acknowledges that he is Touma's enemy now. With this, Touma charges towards Motohau and tries to punch him, though he easily side-steps his attack and gives Touma a chop on his back. Recovering from the fall, Touma uses the fall's momentum to swing his fist towards Motoharu, who dodges it and then punches Touma in the face. Not giving Touma time to recover, Motoharu grabs Touma by his shirt, lifts him up and throws him across the room, destroying a sliding door in the process. Though Touma is injured, he gets back up and tries to deliver several punches to Motoharu who easily dodges them. With his slowed movements, Motoharu knees Touma in the gut and then punches him in the face, finally knocking him out.

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Touya gets angry at Motoharu and charges towards him, though he simply punches him in the gut and knocks him out. Seeing both Touma and Touya are now unable to fight, Motoharu takes out a small container with confetti inside of it. He starts reciting an incantation and scatters the confetti in the room, which has now started glowing which illuminates the room after it has reached the floor. Motoharu then takes out four containers containing origami figures. He calls them Suzaku, Seiryu, Genbu and Byakko, and throws them in the four corners of the room in that order. Touma comes to and notices that Motoharu is performing magic even though he isn't supposed to. Suddenly while chanting, Motoharu begins to cough up blood. He notices Touma and reminds him that them the two ways to stop Angel Fall: kill the spellcaster, or destroy the ritual location. Touma pleads Motoharu to stop, though he smiles and says that Touma is like Kanzaki, as she would have never allowed Motoharu to use the method he is doing, and explains the reason why he beat Touma up as so he would not interfere in the spell. Motoharu apologizes to Touma for beating him up, and says that with his magic he can destroy the ritual location. Motoharu coughs blood again, and Touma pleads Motoharu to stop it, though he refuses. Motoharu's body begins to glow, and with a pillar of life beginning to engulf him, Motoharu tells Touma that he is a liar.

The spell releases a glowing projectile up to the sky like a meteor, with Misha and Kanzaki stopping their battle to see where it is headed. The glowing projectile finally reaches its destination and with a burst of light, destroying the ritual location – the Kamijou residence. Instantly, the darkness from the sky as well as The Sweep disappears. At the same time as this, Misha's form begins to crack apart and disappear, until finally the angel that descended from heaven vanishes. Kanzaki looks on and fall down to her knees, tired from her duel with a divine being. She smiles and says that he owes Touma another one.

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Back in the room, Touma comes to and tries to wake his father up. Touma notices there is blood all over the floor, and gazes to side to see the bloody body of his friend – Tsuchimikado Motoharu.

Back in Academy City, Touma is in the usual room he is in. Here, Touma is saddened and angered on what happened to Motoharu. However, he is soon shocked to discover that Motoharu himself is greeting him. Motoharu explains that he lied to Touma about dying if he used magic; Motoharu says that his esper ability is called Auto Rebirth that allows him to use magic a few more times without problem. Motoharu also explains that he is a liar by principle, and says that he lied about being a spy in Academy City is a lie, as well as being member of Necessarius; Motoharu basically states that he is working multiple organizations at a time, much to Touma's irritation. Motoharu calms Touma down by bringing his parents into his ward.

Here, Touma finally sees the true form of his mother. She asks him how he is doing, to which he replies that he has already gotten used to the place, though his mother tells him that it's not good to get used to being injured and being inside the hospital. His father then tells Touma that he is glad that he is doing alright. Touya then states that house is now gone, which Shiina says was destroyed by unknown explosion. Knowing the culprit, Touma turns toward Motoharu, though he has disappeared somehow. Touya then says until the new house is rebuilt, they have to use the old house. The one where Shiina says the place where she and Touya got married, as well as where he was born, the house where Touma complained was so small.

Suddenly, Touma hears a familiar voice. He turns to look to see Index hiding a corner, to which Touma asks her why she is hiding. Index enumerates the reasons while Touma tries to explain why he did that to her, however, Index finally says that Touma ignored her while she was lying on the ground, to which he can't help but admit. Angered by this, Index bites him which fills the skies of his scream of misfortune.

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  • Kanzaki remarks that angel's name denotes the purpose God has given to them, for example Archangel Gabriel represents the Power of God, as such it is something that cannot be switched by the angels. However, Gabriel uses the name of Misha Kruezhev. Misha is derived from the Russian equivalent of Michael, Mikhail. Here, it is indicated for the first time how there is a distortion that has happened that allows the angels to bypass God's naming of them.
  • This marks the second time Touma is defeated in battle (against Kanzaki), and the first time Touma is defeated in hand-to-hand combat (against Motoharu).
  • This episode gives a slight glimpse to Touma's childhood, which references Touma's misfortune and the reason why Touma is in Academy City.
  • Motoharu references his multi-organizational affiliation for the first time.


  • Kanzaki references Touma saving Index back in episode 6.
  • Index references the several unfortunate situations she got into during the two previous episodes of the arc.

Cultural References[]

  • This episode features an archangel an angel of higher rank. The aformentioned angel is Gabriel and is oftened portrayed as both male and female, or androgynous looking.
  • The civilization destroyed by fire and brimstone due to it's wickedness is a likely reference to Sodom_and_Gomorrah.
  • Motoharu uses origami – the Japanese art of paper folding – figures in his spell.
  • The Four Symbols, Suzaku, Seiryu, Genbu and Byakko are referenced during this episode, and represents the origami figures Motoharu used in his spell.

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Unanswered Questions[]

  • How many organizations does Motoharu work for and why?


  • Touma: "Yes, I was misfortunate! But did I ever say I regretted it? That's garbage! No matter what misfortunes await me, my road is for me to walk!" -said to his father, Touya.
  • Kanzaki: "I never said I was going to sacrifice my life here. Like how you saved her life before me previously, I would be grateful if you could save mine this time." -said to Touma.
  • Touma: "I won't accpet this. If there was such a harsh rule that said someone had to be sacrificed, then I'm going to destroy that illusion first!" -said to Motoharu.
  • Touya: "I don't. If you're going to hurt Touma again, I won't forgive you! You want to know why? Because I'm Kamijou Touma's father!" -said to Motoharu.
  • Motoharu: "Kami-yan, you're really like Kanzaki. If she knew I was going to use this method, she would stop at nothing to keep me from doing it. Right? There would be no point in protecting you if this weren't the case. Sorry for beating you up like that." -said to Touma.
  • Motoharu: "Kami-yan, I'm actually a liar." -said to Touma, just before his spell activates.


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