"Chaos" (混乱 Konran?) is the first episode of the third season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was first broadcast on October 5th 2018, and was directed by Nogami Yoshiyuki, was storyboarded by Nishikiori Hiroshi, and the script written by Yoshino Hiroyuki.


  • Index showering with Sphynx.
  • A familiar site to Touma.
  • Komoe is angry.
  • Touma explains how the ruckus started.
  • Fukiyose tries to explain her side of the story.
  • Saigo gives a convincing argument.
  • Motoharu and his mysterious phone call.
  • Suama talks about the gloves she's knitting

In Academy City, in the Kamijou residence, Index is happily taking a shower with Sphynx until it gets mad. Index tells Sphynx to stop moving around as she bathes the kitten. Index promises to Sphynx that when Touma comes back they will able to eat lunch. Of course, Touma comes back and much to Index's chagrin, he lost his wallet and is unable to buy them food for lunch. Despite all of Touma's justifications, this does not spare him from her bite however, and he screams "such misfortune."

Touma goes back to school in the faculty room alongside Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Aogami Pierce, and Fukiyose Seiri, and are confronted by Tsukuyomi Komoe and Oyafune Suama. Touma explains that it all started when Aogami and he were arguing about bunny girls. However, it all went awry when Motoharu and chimed in his preferences and they all got in the fight. Suama questions Fukiyose's involvement, to which Fukiyose says that she only wanted to stop them, through violence of course. Flabbergasted, Komoe tells their punishment is to remove the weeds behind the school gym after school, while Saigo threatens them menacingly behind the three boys. Touma, Aogami, and Fukiyose leave the room, frustrated with their punishment. Aogami blames Motoharu for this but then they realize he has ditched them. In truth, Motoharu is in the shadows, talking over the phone with persons unknown, saying "he'll take care of it".

Back in the faculty room, Suama is frustrated with the students as she knits a pair of gloves. Komoe questions her about it if it is a present for someone. Suama says that she's knitting it now because otherwise she won't finish it in time for Christmas.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E01 06m 38s

Chaos in Toulouse.

Meanwhile, news is being reported on an airship that there have been protests in Toulouse, France that have affected the transportation and other infrastructure in the area. The news is also broadcast in the Interceptor Show, where weapons and other advanced arms of Academy City are being showcased. The news states that many fear that the protest for and against Academy City will only increase tensions between the Roman Catholic Church and Academy City. Meanwhile, Yomikawa Aiho opens the helmet of the HsPS-15, a Powered Suit, sweaty from being inside it. Her colleague thanks her for all her hard work. Aiho asks why there are so many people gathering to watch the exhibition during work hours. Her colleague replies that these people are just industry employees, and that's nothing compared to tomorrow when they open it to the general public, much to Aiho's chagrin. Meanwhile, Uiharu Kazari is excitedly dragging Shirai Kuroko around the exhibition. Close by is Misaka Mikoto, looking at her phone, wondering why Touma won't message her. Kuroko teleports toward her and asks her what's wrong. Mikoto changes the subject and says she is only wondering why there are so many people. Kuroko agrees, as the event is more showy than usual. Uiharu chimes in that Judgment has never been tasked to participate with the security before. Mikoto says that it's probably because of the protests, and it was made as an excuse for the event. Uiharu says that she is only overthinking it even though the tensions around the world are increasing. Then Kuroko checks her phone and says that they have to get into position soon. Uiharu and Kuroko later bid farewell to Mikoto. After being left alone, Mikoto checks the phone, happy, thinking she got a message from Touma, but sadly finds it's just an ad.

  • Yomikawa Aiho sweaty inside the Powered Suit.
  • Uiharu excited for advanced weaponry.
  • Mikoto believes she's got a message from Touma.
  • Fukiyose challenges Touma with her forkball.
  • Fukiyose brags about her forkball skills.
  • Maika pays Index a visit.
  • Monaka runs across Sphynx.
  • Suama having trouble with her gloves.

Back with Touma, he and Fukiyose are taking out the weeds as their punishment after Aogami ditched them as well. After Touma talks to Fukiyose about the cancelled midterms, Touma asks what Fukiyose is good at. Fukiyose then finds a ball and tells Touma she has a mean forkball, and demands Touma to play with her. As Fukiyose rears up with her throw, her panties can be seen, to which Touma points out. Flustered, Fukiyose suddenly throws the forkball with an unprepared Touma attempting to catch it but it hits him on the head instead. Fukiyose asks if he was all right, but Touma simply collapses, saying her throw was just a simple fastball. In the meantime, Index is still having a fight with Sphynx, until Index finds Tsuchimikado Maika on her door. Maika says that since she is her neighbor again and that since she'll be making lots of food, she can come over any time, making Index excited. Suddenly, Sphynx escapes the apartment and somehow outruns Index as she chases after it, asking Maika to watch over the apartment. Somehow making it outside, Sphynx runs into a certain old woman with a red scarf, which calms Sphynx down. Index arrives shortly afterward, to confirm Sphynx is her cat and that they had a fight. Index says she is hungry since they haven't had lunch. The old woman then treats Index to a crepe, happy that Index and Sphynx has made up. Index then notices the scarf, to which the woman says it was made by her daughter. It cuts back to Oyafune Suama, having trouble with the gloves she is knitting. To complicate things, she accidentally spills coffee on her. And as she tries to clean the spill up, Touma enters the faculty room, wondering if he can home now. Of course, he sees her in a compromising pose, and he hurriedly runs out of the room as she tosses school supplies at him.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E01 12m 40s-stitch

Oyafune Suama in a compromising position.

It is afternoon, and Touma is still bothered by what happened earlier. He later passes by a vending machine and Misaka Mikoto in front of it. After readying herself, she kicks the vending machine but is surprised that it doesn't spit out cans for her like the other one she knows of. Seeing this, Touma ignores her, letting sleeping dogs lie. However, Mikoto noticed him and forcing him to plead to her not to bother him since he has been through much earlier in the day. Mikoto however demands to know why he hasn't replied to her messages. Surprised to hear that she has sent him messages, Touma takes out his phone but is taken away by her. Mikoto checks his phone but to her surprise finds not only a selfie of her mother and him but also her being in his contacts. Touma tries to convince Mikoto that he has no idea how "Misuzu" got there and that she was drunk at the time. This was a bad move, as Mikoto assumes that Touma is in a first-name basis with her own mother. Leading to her to attack him using her powers, and forcing Touma to protect himself using Imagine Breaker. Touma says that Misuzu was drunk and fooling around, and telling her to talk to Index she wants the truth. Touma says that it is sundown and tells her that she's supposed to have a curfew. Mikoto doesn't care as she can deal with it, though the checks have become more rigorous as of late with tensions running high. After giving back his phone, Mikoto tells him to be careful as well. With her back behind Touma, she starts talking about the incident back in September 30, showing her worry for him getting in a fight and getting hurt. Ask Mikoto tries to ask Touma more about it she turns around to find him gone, much to her irritation.

  • Mikoto kicks another innocent vending machine.
  • Mikoto accosts Touma.
  • Mikoto discovers incriminating evidence.
  • Touma dispels Mikoto's attack.
  • Monaka hears a familiar name from Index.
  • Monaka gets her own mysterious phonecall.
  • Chaos spreads around the world.

Back with Index, the old woman asks Index about the boy who makes meals for her every day. Index responds that "Touma" makes delicious food and is somewhat a kind person. Hearing Touma's name intrigues the old woman until someone calls her on her phone. After the phone call, she says goodbye to Index, and thanks her for keeping her company. Index also thanks her for treating her with food and later leaves. Now she has a serious look on her face and apologizes to Index. Meanwhile with Touma, he has somehow been able to buy groceries and is heading back home. Walking alone, he notices the protests around the world and wonders why the tensions are running high after the Kazakiri incident. He wonders if he should visit Motoharu and ask him about it. Suddenly, he bumps into an old woman carrying a coat, the same old woman Index bumped into earlier. Touma apologizes but the old woman says that he she was the one is supposed to be apologizing as she secretly points a gun at him. She asks Touma to talk with her with the chaos that is happening around the world.

In a secluded place, Touma tells the old woman that he has nothing to tell her. The old woman says she needs his input to solve her problem and introduces herself as Oyafune Monaka, one of the Academy City Board of Directors. Touma is surprised as a board member should at least have a better-looking scarf. This angers Monaka as her daughter hand-made it for her. Back on-topic, Touma believes that the reason why the problem hasn't been solved yet was because no one can do anything since the reasons and causes behind it were too complex. Monaka however say that perhaps there was a simple reason behind it. Monaka reveals that real reason she wanted to talk to him, something that is within him: the Imagine Breaker. Touma asks if the cause behind the chaos around the world is caused by the supernatural, to which Monaka affirms. She says what's happening in the world isn't the result of the events of September 30, and that it's an ongoing problem. Whatever the truth is, however, is that the Roman Catholic Church is using the disturbances to attack the stable world order built around Academy City. Touma tells her that even if it was true, he has no power to help discover where they are or what tricks they're using in creating these disturbances, and that he at least he needs to know that before he can do anything. Monaka agrees and tells Touma that "he", Tsuchimikado Motoharu, can explain it to him. Motoharu appears and asks if she finished discussing things with him. She tells him yes and that it's his turn to take care of the rest, he pulls out a handgun and shoots her in the gut with it, causing her to fall to the ground.

  • Monaka angered by Touma's comments.
  • Imagine Breaker is the key to all of this.
  • Motoharu prepares to shoot Monaka.
  • Monaka bleeds from her wound.
  • Monaka smiles after hearing Motoharu's reassurances.
  • Touma enduring the supersonic passenger plane.

Shocked and angered by Motoharu's actions, Touma punches him and he falls to the ground, before he lost control Monaka stops him and tells him that she arranged for Motoharu to shoot her. As she lies bleeding, she says her actions would be labeled as treason and her family will be attacked. She tells him that this decision to stop the chaos was not made as a whole from the other directors but from her own choosing, as Academy City wanted to aggravate the situation with the Roman Catholic Church and destroy them. This is why she contacted him as he was a person who can resolve the entire situation. Motoharu tells her that she doesn't need to speak anymore, and that she has played her part perfectly. Motoharu says to her that she doesn't need to worry as he will take care of the rest.

With Touma ready, he and Motoharu go to School District 23, get on a plane and go to France. Their target is a Roman Catholic spiritual item, the Document of Constantine. After enduring the super-fast plane, Touma and Motoharu jump off the plane with parachutes down into Avignon as Touma screams in terror.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E01 23m 18s

Skydiving with Motoharu and Touma.

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No new abilities were shown this episode.


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  • Anime original scenes appear in the episode, mostly expanding on Index and Mikoto's whereabouts.
  • While giving herself and Sphynx a bath, Index sings A Certain Tune but this time adding the lyrics "ofuro" (bath) to it.
  • An HsAFH-11 is briefly seen in the Interceptor Show.
  • Both the Imagine Breaker and Kuroko's teleport sound effects are changed from their previous sound during this episode.
  • In the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga, design of Supersonic Passenger Plane was that of the Concorde, however in this episode it is changed to its original design.[1]
  • The voice actress of unnamed female engineer is Shimizu Ayaka and unnamed news anchor is Watabe Sayumi.


  • Prior to the start of the opening theme, Touma recaps the events of the two previous seasons of Toaru Majutsu no Index.
  • Touma's meeting Misaka Misuzu is referenced this episode,[2] though Mikoto learns that her mother was drunk through a picture on Touma's phone rather than calling her.[3]
  • The events of September 30 is constantly referenced in this episode, and shows how much it affected the world and the characters. Notably, Mikoto mentions it in relation to Touma's involvement, while Touma himself references Kazakiri Hyouka's involvement in a later scene.
  • The scene where Monaka talks to Touma and where she is later shot by Motoharu is same location where Saten Ruiko shows Misaka Mikoto her good luck charm back in episode 8 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.[4]

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  • A Browning M2HB  is seen on top of the tank in the Interceptor Show.
  • GIAT M621 is seen mounted on the belly of the HsAFH-11 in the Interceptor Show as well.
  • Tsuchimikado Motoharu uses a Glock 17 in this episode, and uses it for the rest of the arc.

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  • Despite the previous season's penultimate episode showing that it was the autumn season, the trees and the surrounding mountains near Touma's school no longer has autumn colors and instead shown to be green instead.
  • The French displayed on the signs shown in the news is incorrect, mostly due to bad or awkward syntax, but roughly translated, they mean:
    • Nous Résister: We Resist. "Nous Résistons" would be the proper translation.
    • Ne partez pas de Côté de Dieu: Do Not Leave the Side of God. "Ne Laissez Pas Dieu de Côté" would carry the same meaning better.


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Unverified Track Recap
2 Gravitation Opening
3 Unverified Track Index and Touma
4 Unverified Track School antics
5 Unverified Track News of riots, Interceptor Show
6 Itsumo no o Furo♪ Ball[5]
7 Uchidome to Ippō Tsukō Index's encounters with Maika and Oyafune Monaka[6]
8 Unverified Track Oyafune Suama's embarrassment
9 Unverified Track Eyecatch
10 Unverified Track Encounter with Misaka Mikoto
11 Unverified Track Talk with Oyafune Monaka
12 Unverified Track Shooting and Departure
13 Kakumei Zen'ya Ending
14 Gravitation (Preview Version) Preview

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  • Is Monaka dead?


  • Oyafune Monaka: "Let's talk about the chaos around the world."--to Touma.


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