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"God's Right Seat" (神の右席 Kami no Useki?) is the second episode of the third season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was first broadcasted on October 12th 2018, and was directed by Nogami Yoshiyuki, was storyboarded by Sayama Kiyoko and the script written by Yoshino Hiroyuki.


Stiyl peaking through a window in the Tower of London.

In the halls of the Tower of London, in a certain cell, Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis confront Lidvia Lorenzetti and Biagio Busoni. However, they refuse to talk and Biagio is especially defiant. However, Lidvia starts speaking, asking what is happening outside, to which Stiyl says that she can make a guess on what was happening outside. Lidvia then looks toward Agnese as she's transcribing all the things that are going on during the interrogation. Lidvia then makes an incantation to activate the Roman Catholic Church crosses Agnese Sanctis has on her person to allow her to escape from her bonds. With broken metal from her shackles, Lidvia threatens Stiyl with it, and in turn, he threatens her with his rune card. Agnese having recovered from the shock, took her weapon with her, the Lotus Wand, but Stiyl signals for her not to interfere. Lidvia demands Oriana Thomson to be released so that she can be of help to those who are caught in the unrest that is happening around the world. Stiyl comments on Lidvia's dedication in helping others but asks if she is in any position to demand that. Agnes however chimes in and says that Oriana has already negotiated with the Anglican Church, and that she requested for the leader of the weak, Lidvia Lorenzetti. Agnese says that Oriana would have never agreed to Lidvia ordering her release. Stiyl says that Lidvia should not let Oriana's resolve be for nothing, and asks once again about the God's Right Seat, believing it to be the way to resolving the chaos that is happening in the world. Satisfied, she let's go of the metal shard, and fixes up the chair, ready to give up what she knows. Lidvia says she has never personally met them, only rumors, and begins talking about God's Right Seat.

Touma continues falling from the sky. Despite his parachute activating, he is caught and choked by it. He makes a rough landing in a river near a certain bridge, but is immediately saved by a pair of familiar hands. By the bank of the river, Touma finds that his savior is Itsuwa of the Amakusa Christians. Believing that Motoharu has called her as well, he blurts about the C-Document and its involvement in all the protests and demonstrations around the world. Touma recalls Motoharu telling him the history of the C-Document and its purpose, it being able to make everything that the Roman Pope declares ends up becoming "accurate information". So even if the Pope says something that has no basis for it, the followers of Roman Catholicism will believe that as correct. Motoharu says that all it does is make people believe and needs to be used in the heart of the Vatican.

As Touma dries himself up, he relates to Itsuwa on how the C-Document is being used by the Roman Catholic Church to make people believe Academy City are the bad guys leading to the demonstrations. Touma asks if Itsuwa was contacted about this, to which she says that the Amakusa Christians received a request from the Anglican Church to survey the ley lines of France. Hearing this, Touma discovers that he is Avignon, France and not in the Vatican where the C-Document is supposed to be used. Before he can get an answer, Itsuwa tells him that she needs to get her bag first, making Touma realize Itsuwa jumped off a bridge to save him. As Touma thanks Itsuwa, he realizes that Itsuwa's bra can be seen through her wet clothes, much to her embarrassment. As Itsuwa simply ran away instead of attacking him, Touma feels a little anxious at the events.

Touma fails in contacting Motoharu.

While waiting for Itsuwa, Touma tries contacting Motoharu but receives no reply. Then Itsuwa arrives with a green shirt on but her cleavage can be seen clearly from it, making her embarrassed again. To ease her mind, Touma says she kind of dressed like Kanzaki Kaori. But Itsuwa protests, saying that Kanzaki will never wear such unsightly clothing, much to Touma's disbelief. Itsuwa then asks if she could accompany him in searching the Document of Constantine as well until he can meet up with Motoharu, to which Touma agrees.

Itsuwa and Touma go to Drawly Coffee, specifically so that they won't stick out, not knowing that they've been noticed by protesters. Coming inside, Touma discovers that protesters also go to the coffee shop. As Touma begins eating, Itsuwa relates to him the Avignon Papacy that ended with the Pope and the functions of the Holy See being in Avignon for the next 68 years. As Touma eats his second sandwich, Touma accidentally spills it. Itsuwa tries to give him a towel but before she can do so a waitress comes along and hands him napkins, much to Itsuwa's disappointment. Returning back to the topic, Itsuwa tells of how there are things that can only be done in the Vatican. However, she speaks of ley lines that connect Vatican and Avignon that could be used to control magical facilities and spiritual items remotely in the Papal domain. This means that the Roman Catholic Church can use the spiritual items like the C-Document in Avignon. Touma thinks this is too roundabout, but Itsuwa says that by doing so they can ignore arrangements that are required in the Vatican. As Itsuwa says that it takes longer to activate in Avignon that would allow them to stop the C-Document, something is happening outside of the shop. Anti-Academy City protesters have gathered up outside and destroys the shop's windows, and they rush in. Itsuwa takes Touma to the backroom of the shop before they overtake them. After getting away, Touma is angry at the situation where the ones who are suffering are those who are caught in the middle, and is determined to end it as fast as he can. Peaking from an alleyway, Touma determines that the timing of the demonstrations in Avignon is too convenient. It was an enemy ambush. Touma is determined to stop them and go to the Palais des Papes even without Motoharu. Itsuwa agrees, and tells Touma to keep his head down when they charge into the crowd.

Back in the Tower, Lidvia confides her thought toward the God's Right Seat. Lidvia says that they are a group working to obtain victory over original sin, and mentions that there is someone who does not have the original sin: the Holy Mother Mary. Stiyl mentions that the sin was removed in order for the Holy Mother to bear the Son of God. Stiyl asks if the God's Right Seat has obtained the means to wash away their Original Sin, though she says they've only diluted it as much as is possible. And through that, Lidvia states they can use even the magic of the angels or God, which are normally unavailable to humanity. Their essences as humans approaching that of archangels, as Stiyl puts it. Stiyl concludes from this that their goal is to rid themselves of what little Original Sin remains within them. Lidvia smirks at this and says that is just one path they are opting for. However, their true objective has always been laid out: literally God's Right Seat.

Touma and Itsuwa are stuck in another alleyway as another demonstration is going on near them. Thinking that the only way they can get to the Palais des Papes, Touma tries rushing through but gets a call from Motoharu instead. Motoharu tells Touma that he is going to the Palais des Papes, to which Touma later reveals that he got all his information from Itsuwa of the Amakusa Christians. Touma asks if the protesting is the result of the C-Document and that the situation will never improve. Touma asks if there is anything they can do, to which Motoharu says there is. Touma realizes that the ley lines are the key to all this: they need only to sever the pipeline between Avignon and the Vatican. With that decided, Itsuwa takes out a pendulum and a map to search for the ley lines they would need. Touma believes he can destroy the ley line with his right hand but Motoharu advises him against doing so, as they don't know how his right hand actually works and that they may be exceptions in what he can negate. Motoharu then asks Itsuwa if she knows how to destroy the pipeline, to which Itsuwa says she can if the Amakusa-style works. Motoharu ends his call and says he will make his own move, though says if they discover the pipeline then they must take care of it. Then Itsuwa holds out her map showing marks on where to go.

They go from place to place on the map in Avignon, Itsuwa searching for the ley line with the pendulum. They dodge protesters along the way. Finally, they find the location: Musée d' Avignon. Itsuwa says that the museum has been closed early because of the protests. With her spear Itsuwa breaks the lock and they enter the building. Itsuwa is able to notice something on the floor, the location where she needs to perform her spell. Touma says he doesn't notice anything, to which Itsuwa says it's because it has been well concealed. Itsuwa then takes out all the items she needs for her ritual: normal everyday items in the style of the Amakusa. Things like a camera, hairdryer, and even panties, much to her embarrassment. As Itsuwa sets up her spell, she says that it is impossible to sever the ley lines outright but she can manage to make the pipeline unusable. After lining up the magic circle, and making an incantation, Itsuwa dips her Friulian Spear into the floor. As she is about to alter the ley line, something attacks her from behind, destroying the museum's pillars and forcing Itsuwa to end the ritual prematurely. With her own spear destroyed by the attack, she tells Touma not to come close as another attack comes. She dodges it to get back her bag and flees the museum with Touma.

Outside, the run into a man who attacks them, but Touma negates it with his Imagine Breaker. Touma realizes it was a Roman Catholic magician. The man confirms it but says he prefers to be called from the God's Right Seat, and calls himself Terra of the Left. Terra of the Left says that since he can't use magic regular humans use, he has other spell caster use the C-Document. As such, he would like Touma and Itsuwa to help him kill some time. He attacks again, and Touma intercepts it. Seeing this, Terra of the Left realizes that he is dealing with the Imagine Breaker, the one who defeated Vento of the Front. Touma however has a plan and asks Itsuwa to follow along, to which he charges toward Terra of the Left and jumps on top of the wall before him. As Terra of the Left attacks him, Itsuwa is already behind him as she apologizes and uses steel wires to bind him. But Terra says one simple thing to escape, "Precedence". Itsuwa tries to attack him with her spear but Terra of the Left simply says words and phases to pass through a wall. Terra of the Left then uses his Precedence to attack from behind the wall, forcing Itsuwa to dodge. Lying on the ground however, she finds herself under the guillotine of Terra of the Left. Before it can cut her down, Touma arrives to negate it and get her out of the way. Terra of the Left says that he has only heard tales of the Imagine Breaker so he had some expectations with it, but is disappointed with it now. As he prepares his flour, he says that if Vento of the Front had been at her best, she would have no trouble against him. This is the power of God's Right Seat.

This is the power of God's Right Seat.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Touma arrives in Avignon but is separated from Motoharu. He later meets with Itsuwa there after she and the Amakusa Christians are given a mission by the Anglican Church.
  • Touma and Itsuwa meets and comes into conflict with Terra of the Left.


By order of appearance:

New Characters

  • Unnamed Drawly Coffee clerk


  • Imagine Breaker - Kamijou Touma, Level 0
  • Amakusa-style - Itsuwa
    • Friuli Spear

New Abilities


New Locations


  • Acqua of the Back already has his sword of Ascalon in the montage of all the members of God's Right Seat, in spite the fact that in the novels he would not receive it until much later in England.
  • The voice actress of the unnamed Drawly Coffee clerk is Abe Rika.
  • The voice actor of unnamed rioter is Sugimura Ryou and the voice actor/actress of unnamed customers are Suzuki Ryouta, Takeda Kaito, and Watanuki Ryūnosuke.


  • Touma can only recall Kanzaki Kaori without her denim jacket as he has yet to see her new outfit.

Cultural References

  • Lidvia's Italian incantation can be translated as: "St. Peter eludes the Emperor and the Magician's traps." referencing both Emperor Nero of Rome, regarded in Christian tradition as the emperor when Peter was crucified, as well as Simon Magus which in one tradition had him confront St. Peter with his magic.
  • Emperor Constantine's deference to the pope is mentioned.
  • The Avignon Papacy plays a central part in the lore behind how the Document of Constantine works despite not being in the Vatican
    • On the map shown onscreen when describing how the Avignon Papacy came to be, Anagni is shown but is not touched upon. Bar doors appear near Anagni when Itsuwa mentions the Pope being imprisoned in Avignon after the King of France won the dispute. In truth this refers to the Outrage of Anagni , where the King of France, Philip IV of France attacked and captured the Pope at that time, Pope Boniface VIII. The Avignon Papacy would only happen years after the events in Anagni.
  • When discussing God's Right Seat's unique ability to diminish their original sin, the Virgin Mary's lacking of any original sin in order to conceive Jesus Christ, the Immaculate Conception, is referenced. The special property of being in the right hand of God or right seat of God is discussed as God's Right Seat's goal.
  • Despite being Roman Catholic, when Lidvia crosses herself she instead goes from right to left like in Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Christian traditions instead of the traditional Roman Catholic way of left to right.
  • As Avignon is a real world location, many scenes and backgrounds in the episode are based on real world locations:
    • Touma and Itsuwa meet each other at Pont Saint-Bénézet
    • After Lidvia reveals that God's Right Seat's goal is literally the right seat of God, famous landmarks of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame des Doms d'Avignon, the Avignon Cathedral, is shown. The famous gilded statue of the Virgin Mary is shown briefly.
    • Immediately after the Avignon Cathedral is shown, Hôtel des Monnaies is shown where a large group of people are protesting.
    • When Motoharu is talking to Touma via phone, he is on the Remparts d'Avignon.
    • References for Musée d'Avignon, the museum where Touma and Itsuwa try to take out the ley line is based on the Avignon City Hall, the Hotel de Ville d'Avignon, specifically the back of the compound where the back entrance is located at 1 Rue Racine. The street is also where they fight Terra of the Left.[1] The interior shot of the museum is also based on the interior of the building.[2]
  • Drawly Coffee (Drory Coffee in the novels[3]) seems to be a reference to the chain Drury Coffee.

Differences in Adaptation

  • The café Itsuwa and Touma go to is named Drory Coffee in the novels, not Drawly Coffee.[3]

Animation Trivia

  • A different map is shown when illustrating the pipeline the Vatican and Avignon that allows remote control over the magical facilities and items found in the Papal domain. However, instead of pointing at Rome (where the Vatican is in) it points to Anagni instead.
  • Just before Touma finally receives a call from Motoharu, the animation for the protesters in the background outside the alleyway Touma and Itsuwa is in stops moving.


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Jinmon Tower of London[4]
2 Gravitation Opening
3 Garake-Goshi no Kenka Koshi Rescued by Itsuwa, Flashback[4]
4 Itsumo no o Furo♪ Changes of clothes[4]
5 Unverified Track Coffee shop discussion
6 Semaru Kage Rioters arrive[5]
7 Unverified Track Eyecatch
8 Unverified Track Explanation of God's Right Seat
9 Unverified Track Phone call
10 Unverified Track Museum
11 Hell Factor Terra appears[4]
12 Kakumei Zen'ya Ending
13 Gravitation (Preview Version) Preview

Unanswered Questions

  • What is Motoharu doing in the Palais des Papes?
  • Where are the normal magicians that are using the Document of Constantine in Terra of the Left's stead?


  • Biagio: "If you wish to have the Roman Catholic Church lecture you on the Bible, ask us on Sunday." --to Stiyl.
  • Stiyl: "Our objective is clear: to rescue the lost sheep who has been swallowed up by the overwhelming power of magic. That remains the same, now as in time past."--to Lidvia.


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