"C-Document" (C文書 C-Bunsho?) is the third episode of the third season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was broadcast on October 19th 2018, and was be directed by Nishikiori Hiroshi and written by Yoshino Hiroyuki.


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Major Events


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New Characters


New Abilities

No new abilities were introduced this episode.


New Locations


  • The voice actor of the unnamed HsB-02 crewman is Murakami Yūya.


  • Touma's memory loss, incurred while saving Index and something he has kept secret since then, is brought up once more.[1][2]

Cultural References

  • Interior of St. Peter's Basilica is shown, specifically nave, the hallway that looks toward the chancel.

Animation Trivia


Comparison of Misaka Mikoto's phonecall.
Top: Scene from the Comiket 94 PV. Bottom: Scene from the episode.

  • The scene where Misaka Mikoto tells Touma via phone that Academy City has intervened in Avignon is taken from a scene from the PV of the Toaru Majutsu no Index III anime shown Comiket 94. However, instead of daytime, the scene in the episode proper is accurately shown to be nighttime due to the different timezones.
  • The brief fantasy scene showing Index being the reason for Touma is taken from episode 4 of the first season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime.

Unanswered Questions

  • What is Imagine Breaker's true identity?
  • What did Terra of the Left really know about Imagine Breaker?




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