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"The Dark Side of Academy City" (学園都市暗部 Gakuentoshi Anbu?) is the fourth episode of the third season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was first broadcast on October 26th 2018, and was directed by Mori Yoshihiro, was storyboarded by Nihei Yuichi, and the script written by Kingetsu Ryunosuke.


In a city on the verge of its law collapsing, an organization skulks in the darkness. Who will slip through the tangle of outcry and bullets to survive?

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Yumiya Rakko's name (弓箭猟虎) is written in the third line from the bottom.

  • The voice actor of unnamed taxi driver is Sahara Makoto and unnamed patrol car driver is Katayama Kousuke.
  • In the e-mail Hamazura Shiage sends to the members of ITEM, Yumiya Rakko's name is referenced directly with regards to her death, believed to be at the hands of the ITEM.
    • Moreover, Wind Defense, the technology Oyafune Monaka uses to prevent sniping,[1] is referenced in the e-mail despite never actually being seen in the episode.

STUDY OS is written in the lower left corner of the taskbar.

  • If you look carefully at the computer GROUP is using to read the IC chip on the money bill, the lower left corner of the taskbar indicates that the operating system is STUDY OS. This is the first ever reference to the Silent Party Arc in other Toaru material.
  • Although no members of the Amakusa Christians appear in this episode, the track Amakusa Shiki Juuji Seikyou from the second Toaru Majutsu no Index II soundtrack is used for the GROUP meeting at the end of the episode.


Cultural References

Differences in Adaptation

  • In the light novel, patrol car that convoyed Management was divided horizontally, but in anime adaptation, it was changed to be cut vertically.
  • This episode did not show the scene where Hamazura steals the truck and when he says to Takitsubo that only skills are required to drive a car (he doesn't have a license), so he lied to Yomikawa.[5]

Animation Trivia

  • Despite being shot in the gut earlier, Management is instead holding his chest in pain as he is being transported.
  • When Frenda checks her phone, her eye color changes to yellow.
  • When this episode, alongside the rest of the Battle Royale Arc was initially aired, the contrasts are much brighter, making the ambient much different from other arcs. The contrasts revert to normal in BD releases.


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Unverified Track Recap
2 Gravitation Opening
Unverified Track Tsuchimikado visits Management
Unverified Track Yobou Banka eliminates Management, Apartment attacked
Unverified Track Etzali's infiltration, attempted assassination
Bang on it! Kakine orders Sunazara to withdraw[6]
Unverified Track Eyecatch
Unverified Track ITEM at café
Yochou ITEM on the move[7]
Unverified Track Retreat and pursuit
Unverified Track Tweezers
Unverified Track External Connection Terminals
Kakumei Zen'ya Ending
Gravitation (Preview Version) Preview

Unanswered Questions

  • What is BLOCK's goal?



This section requires expansion
  • "In a city on the verge of its law collapsing, an organization skulks in the darkness. Who will slip through the tangle of outcry and bullets to survive?"[8]



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