Spark Signal (迎電部隊 (スパークシグナル) Supāku Shigunaru?, lit. "Electric Encounter Corps") is the fifteenth episode of the third season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was broadcast on January 18th 2019, and was directed by Mori Yoshihiro and Izumi Takahiro, was storyoboarded by Kurokawa Tomoyuki, and the script written by Tamai☆Tsuyoshi.


A momentary tranquility? There is no such thing. All there are empty casings, anguished cries, and the smell of gunpowder. Yet another darkness goes into motion.

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  • The voice actor of unnamed male high school student is Kobayashi Daiki.
  • The voice actress of unnamed boy is Tanaka Chiemi.


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# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Unverified Track Accelerator visits Depart
2 Gravitation Opening
3 Unverified Track Accelerator after dealing with Depart
4 Unverified Track Tsuchimikados walking through the city
5 Unverified Track Musujime Awaki and Etzali's circumstances
6 Unverified Track GROUP at the hospital
7 Kyuuketsu Koroshi ITEM at the hospital, Hamazura and Kinuhata walking[6]
8 Sorette... Skirt flip[7]
9 Unverified Track Hula Hoop
10 Unverified Track Stephanie Gorgeouspalace kills Thomas Platinaburg
11 Unverified Track Eyecatch
12 Unverified Track Shiokishi speaks with GROUP, New Team
13 Semaru Kage Six Wings appears, Battle with Spark Signal remnants[8]
14 Unverified Track Six Wings pursuit
15 Kakumei Zen'ya Ending
16 Gravitation (Preview Version) Preview

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