Gabriel (天使の力 (ガブリエル) Gaburieru?, lit. "Angel Power") is the twenty-second episode of the third season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was broadcast on March 8th 2019, and was directed by Onoda Yusuke, was storyboarded by Yuuki Shingo and Nishikiori Hiroshi, and the script written by Tamai☆Tsuyoshi.


Wings of ice spread across the night sky. A giant aerial fortress . Divine punishment meted out. What tidings do the angels and stars bid?

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  • The voice actor of unnamed Roman Catholic cardinal is Wakabayashi Yū.
  • The voice actor of unnamed Pontifical Swiss Guard is Hamano Daiki.


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  • The monorail
  • The monorail
  • In the novels, when Touma uses the Imagine Breaker on part of the Star of Bethlehem, it makes a hole with a 1m radius in a wall but the fragments float instead of falling and are soon pulled back in to repair the hole.[5]
  • In the novels, Touma and Sasha travel along the railway in a single open carriage as opposed to a monorail train.[4]

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# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Unverified Track St. George's Cathedral, Archangel Gabriel and the Star of Bethlehem
2 ROAR Opening
3 Unverified Track Touma encounters Sasha, Fiamma sends Misha to retrieve the parchments
4 Unverified Track Takitsubo recovers
5 Unverified Track Kremlin Report, Accelerator learns of the angel's target
6 Unverified Track Touma and Sasha, Acqua of the Back, the Vatican
7 Unverified Track Eyecatch
8 Jinmon Matthai and Pietro[6]
9 Unverified Track The archangel attacks Academy City's forces, Carissa and the Maiden arrive
10 Unverified Track Fiamma betrays Nikolai
11 Unverified Track Carissa and the Maiden fight Misha Kreutzev
12 Yochō Missile attack on the fortress, Kazakiri arrives[7]
13 Unverified Track Nu-AD1967 (Credits)
14 ROAR (Preview Version) Preview

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