Son of God (神の子 Kami no Ko?, lit. "Child of God") is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the third season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was broadcast on April 5th 2019, and was directed by Sakurabi Katsushi and Nogami Yoshiyuki, was storyboarded by Nishikiori Hiroshi and Sakurabi Katsushi, and the script written by Yoshino Hiroyuki.


There is still something I have to do. I'm sorry. I promise, I will return.

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  • Accelerator witnesses Last Order's recovery and embraces her in relief. On seeing the energy about to fall from the Star of Bethlehem, Accelerator moves to stop it, his wings turning to white with his admission to Last Order. Knocked out in the process of intercepting it, he later wakes to find himself bound in an Academy City helicopter but tricks the recovery unit and breaks free.
  • Failing to maintain the necessary output for the Holy Right, Fiamma tries to turn things around with Index's remote control, despite interference on her end. Despite briefly losing his footing, Touma succeeds in knocking Fiamma down. With the Star of Bethlehem about to fall and only one escape capsule left, Touma sends Fiamma away it instead of escaping himself.
  • Turning down an opportunity to be rescued by Mikoto as he still had something he needed to do, Touma finds and destroys the remote control, but not before one last remote conversation with Index, apologizing for his deception. Following Stiyl's instructions, Touma destroys specific propulsion systems on the Star of Bethlehem in order to guide its descent towards the Arctic Ocean. However, when Archangel Gabriel reemerges and tries to restore its power with water from the polar ice cap, Touma changes the fortress's course to slam into the angel, before punching it himself.
  • Unable to find anything to negotiate with, Hamazura Shiage, Takitsubo Rikou and Mugino Shizuri are cornered by an Academy City team led by ITEM's liaison. During the confrontation, it is revealed that Takitsubo has the potential to become the 8th Level 5 and possibly carry out the functions of esper development on her own, and that Academy City had a means to know an esper's potential with the Parameter List. However, they are saved by the arrival of Digurv and the other villagers. Hamazura then moves to extract the information about the Parameter List from the liaison.
  • After landing, Fiamma is ambushed by Aleister Crowley, who intends to eliminate him after he saw the entity behind the Imagine Breaker, having got too close to the truth concerning Aleister's plan. His arm severed, Fiamma tries to face Aleister, but is easily defeated and left for dead. Aleister's brief appearance in Russia is detected by Necessarius. Later, the fallen Fiamma is approached by Ollerus and Silvia, who intend to save him in return for being told what he learned and saw.
  • As World War III comes to end, all Mikoto is able to find of Touma in the icy seas is the torn away Gekota accessory they'd previously got together. However, Touma has survived and is found unconscious by Leivinia Birdway and Mark Space of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight.


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Misha's Arctic route

Misha Kreutzev en route to the Arctic Ocean, represented by a red pin.

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# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Holy Wing 00:25 Accelerator and Last Order, White wings[5]
2 Storm of Swords 03:40 Touma defeats Fiamma, the last escape capsule[5]
3 Tachi Tomare nai Riyuu 07:25 Mikoto tries to recover Touma[6]
4 Hold Your Peace 09:00 Touma speaks with Index[5]
5 Unverified Track 11:09 Eyecatch
6 Majutsu to Heiki 11:17 The Star of Bethlehem's descent and Gabriel's reemergence[7]
7 Unmei no Hajimari 13:41 Touma and Gabriel[8]
8 Kuukyo 15:04 ITEM liaison[8]
9 Wring Your Neck 16:36 Hamazura cornered, Accelerator breaks free[7]
10 Kiseki o Shinjite 19:10 Fiamma's encounter with Aleister Crowley[7]
11 Torimodosenai Mono 21:34 The Aftermath of WW3, Credits (No ED)[9]

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  • "There is still something I have to do. I'm sorry. I promise, I will return."[10]


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