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"Sheol Fear" (魔滅の声シェオールフィア Sheōru Fia?, lit. "Voice of Defacement") is the fourth episode for the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the twenty-eighth episode overall. It was first aired on October 29, 2010.


Stiyl, Index and Touma take Saiji with them as they discuss the current situation. Fortunately, Orsola cannot be killed because she has not done any bad deed against the Church, but it does not guarantee her safety because as Stiyl points out, the nuns can simply label her an enemy of God and kill her accordingly.

Stiyl decides that they are no longer needed in the conflict, but Touma insists that Orsola needs to be saved, despite the risk of inciting an unneeded battle. Saiji, however, takes things into his own hands and assures Touma that he will save Orsola as he heads off. Seeing Saiji leave, Stiyl then decides to split up and tells Touma to bring Index back to Academy City.

On their way back, Touma still has saving Orsola in his head. Index tells him that he should not get himself involved with magician' conflicts. Touma responds with short remarks. Soon, Touma remembers that he and Index would not have any dinner for that night and runs to look for a convenience store. However, he was in fact going to the Church of Orsola alone.

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Meanwhile, inside the construction site of a certain church, Orsola takes a beating from Agnese, who reveals that her gentle side is merely a deception, and she in fact, hates the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church and the Anglican Church for calling their sects Christian.

Orsola, despite being battered by Agnese's attacks, smiles at her attacker and realizes that compared to the Amakusa Christians who act according to their beliefs, the Roman Catholics act through casting doubts. Insulted by Orsola's remarks, Agnese continues her attack on Orsola, but she remains firm and thankful to the ones who has offered help to her.

Soon, Agnese feels that the magical barrier outside the church has been dispelled, and Touma emerges from the main door. Agnese no longer had the need to cover up what is going on, and asks Touma why he is standing against them. Agnese gives him a last chance to do something and, realizing that he does not have a chances left to do so, directly attacks Agnese, knocking her away. She is infuriated by his action, and has her army of nuns prepared to attack.

Then, a fireball emerges from the side, and Stiyl enters the church, telling Touma to avoid rushing onto the battle alone. Agnese is shocked to see the presence of someone from the Anglican Church; she reminds Stiyl that what is going on is an internal issue involving the Roman Catholic Church. Stiyl debunks her remark and points to Orsola's chest, where the cross of the Anglican Church hangs. He then explains that having her wear the cross makes her a part of the Anglican Church on the spot, and warns her about her courage to point a weapon, let alone hurt, Orsola.

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Saiji also appears from the other side, bringing along members of the Amakusa with him, and remarks that he doesn't need to explain why he is there.

Index then emerges from the main door, tells Touma that she should have gone to save Orsola without his help, but accepts his presence on the battlefield.

With the main forces ready, the battle to rescue Orsola Aquinas starts.

As Amakusa and Stiyl takes down Agnese's nuns, Touma carries Orsola, who is still enduring the injuries she had. Touma heads for the main exit, but has Agnese's forces blocking the way. A girl wielding a spear helps him create an opening and guards his back as he and Orsola rush out of the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Kanzaki watches over the events that unfold, accompanied by Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Motoharu comments on her reaction in seeing the Amakusa, and soon, they discuss the issue regarding "The Book of the Law". Kanzaki then expresses her relief that the Amakusa can still fight for their beliefs.

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Outside, Touma barely evades a flurry of attacks by the enemy, who uses feathers and torches to fling balls of energy towards him. After seeking refuge in the upper levels of the church's exterior, he survives a large explosion which leaves him and Orsola flying and crashing onto the roof. Touma seems unhurt, but curses himself when he sees Orsola's injuries on her leg. What's worse is that some of Agnese's forces have reached their position.

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Amakusa appears to be coping well, fending the enemy's forces with relative ease. However, Index is left surrounded by many nuns. Saiji goes to help, by Stiyl tells him to keep his distance. Soon, an explosion rocks the area around Index, sending Agnese's forces flying. Some of the nuns stagger in pain as Index performs a song; Stiyl explains that it is a spell which destabilizes the mind of a person by dictating contradictions in its beliefs: Sheol Fear. Stiyl later explains to Saiji that it is not 100% effective, especially when the targets have vastly differing beliefs.

Meanwhile, Agnese is accompanied by some of her remaining nuns, and they are feeling the disadvantage they are facing, even with the advantage of numbers. Agnese decides to place her defenders into battle as well, and there, she contemplates about Orsola escaping.

Soon, Lucia's forces arrive, and after reciting a certain incantation, the nuns behind her pull out fountain pens from their pockets and use it to pierce their eardrums, causing the Sheol Fear spell to be ineffective to them.

Adapted From

Major Events


New Characters


New Abilities


New Locations


  • Several members of the Amakusa Christians that will not appear until the 11th Volume of the Light Novels (including Itsuwa), appear during the battle of the Church of Orsola. As of this episode, Itsuwa is the only one who has a speaking role in the anime.


  • Stiyl references the cross necklace Touma gave Orsola as the reason why he - a representative of the Anglican Church - is intruding in the business of the Roman Catholics.

Cultural References

  • The weapon Itsuwa is carrying is called a Friulan Spear, though she carries a special type of three-pronged spear called a trident.
  • Index's Sheol Fear, is a reference to Sheol a early concept of the afterlife Jewish Scriptures. It is described as place of darkness to which all dead go regardless of lifestyle and where they are "removed from the light of God".

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Approximately 1 minute of footage from the previous episode is reused in the opening scene right before the beginning of the opening theme.
  • The bandage applied to Touma's arm is on his right arm, though it is clearly shown that Touma was injured on his left arm during Lucia's assault on him. Though may have incurred other injuries on his right arm.
  • When Index enters the church, her headdress is missing the golden lines that are a part of it. This also occurs near the end of the of the episode.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What happened to Uragami?
  • Why Agnese did speak about "The Church of Orsola" at all, giving away the potential hideout?


  • Agnese: "The Amakusa Christians, the Anglican Church... It's ridiculous for those churches to even call themselves Christian." -said to Orsola regarding, her opinion on the Amakusa and the Anglican Church.
  • Orsola: "I just had an epiphany... as to what we, the Roman Catholic Church, really are. The others act based on their beliefs. Believing in people, and believing in their thoughts... Believing in those feelings, they will probably go to any lengths to pursue whatever they seek. In comparison, all we do is act upon our doubts. Just how ugly is that?" -said to Agnese, regarding her opinion on the true nature of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Orsola: "They had no reason to fight in the first place. Even so, they came running for me, a stranger. See? Is there anything more wonderful that that in this world? They've given me such a wonderful gift. So what exactly should I curse them for?" -said to Agnese, replying to her statement that Orsola should curse those who has brought her here before them.
  • Touma: "You asked what I should do, didn't you? Taking me for a fool... I'm obviously rescuing her!" -said to Agnese, regarding her question on what he was doing in the church.
  • Stiyl: "Furthermore, how dare you point a weapon at her. Do I look like my personality is kind and forgiving enough to let that go?" -said to Agnese.
  • Index: "Like I said... I even told you that I'd take care of things so you didn't have to worry, Touma. But we have no choice now. Let's rescue Orsola Aquinas, Touma." -said to Touma.
  • Agnese: "They can't run... There's no way they can run. That's just how this damned world works..."
  • Lucia: "Focus on attacking; do not worry about defense! Be prepared to die in order to defeat the enemies of our Lord!" -Lucia ordering the nuns to stab their ears.


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