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"Move Point" (座標移動ムーブポイント Mūbu Pointo?, lit. "Coordinate Movement") is the seventh episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the thirty-first episode overall. It was first aired on November 19, 2010.


After discovering that the meat shield Musujime Awaki is not composed of civilians, a disgruntled Misaka Mikoto flees from the scene. Meanwhile, the esper with the ability Move Point gloats at her successful escape inside a nearby building; however, the effects of teleporting herself has made her nauseous.

All of a sudden, a corkscrew stabs on her right shoulder. Behind her is Shirai Kuroko, who has received the same treatment from her earlier. Kuroko exposes the trauma Awaki experienced that brought up the side effects of self-teleportation and, breaking from her usual manner of apprehending criminals, teleports some metal spikes into Awaki's limbs. As Awaki staggers to the floor, Kuroko declares that she was just returning the injuries that she received from Awaki, and watching the latter tend to her wounds would make things even for them.

Awaki wonders if Kuroko's fondness for Mikoto is of any worth; Kuroko declares that she has decided to protect Mikoto's world and she can't just ignore how a esper like her who has the power to destroy everything chose to use that power to protect others.

With that said, Awaki prepares her flashlight and the fight between the Teleporters begin.

Kuroko immediately demonstrates how she can read Awaki's teleports, however, Awaki manages to land some hits at her, though she does not escape unscathed. Soon, the wounds Kuroko received from her first battle with Awaki were giving her a disadvantage, and the esper of Move Point uses this chance to teleport a pile of tables and chairs into the space above Kuroko. Kuroko realizes that the pain renders her unable to escape from Awaki's next attack, and before she could run away from the impact, she was pinned down by the wooden furniture.

With Kuroko unable to move from her location, Awaki decides to explain to the other Teleporter the events that revolve around the SISTERS Project.

Meanwhile, in a certain hospital, Misaka 10032 dresses herself up while opening a link with the thousands of her fellow clones. 10032 explains that the only Remnant which can restore Tree Diagram is currently in Academy City, and it is currently targeted by an organization called "Science Society". She requests for confirmation of the facts that she has, and Misaka 10044 responds that her intel is correct. Misaka 10744 is concerned of the damage she received in her experiment. 10032 tells them that her safety is not important as the stopping of the restoration of Tree Diagram. Misaka 14458 acknowledges her intentions and leaves everything to 10032, followed by Misaka 19002's agreement.

Soon, a younger voice emerges: Last Order. She supports 10032, however, she does not want to wait and do nothing. Accelerator then grumbles on the bed beside hers and tells her to keep quiet. Not wanting him to be involved, she covers her mouth.

Awaki soon reveals the real intention of the organization where she works: to investigate on the possibilities of non-humans to use psychic abilities. She needs the reconstruction of another Tree Diagram to find out if it's possible.

In Touma's boarding house, the Level 0 user of the Imagine Breaker receives a nasty bite from Index after he scolds her for making a tongue twister that is a clear insult to the unfortunate esper: "Touma is a twat that takes tofu from the toilet". Soon, their arguing is interrupted when someone knocks on their door. Touma soon discovers Misaka 10032 at his doorstep, requesting his help to save the remaining SISTERS.

As she confronts Touma, the original Misaka Mikoto is still looking for the Remnant, determined to keep the experiments from ever continuing. Using a phone booth, a mobile phone and her ability to manipulate electricity, she hacks into Anti-Skill data and discovers a fight between two espers at a restaurant. She frantically exits the phone booth to rush to the scene, and finds Kamijou Touma standing in front of her.

Mikoto demands an explanation as to why he was there, but he interrupts her question and asks her to go immediately.

In the scene of the fight between two espers, Awaki continues to talk with Kuroko about the Remnant. Awaki decided to work with an outside organization because she cannot fix Tree Diagram alone, so she needed to lure an organization to help her out.

Soon, she asks Kuroko on how she viewed her powers for the first time. According to Awaki, she was one of the persons who wonder why they have powers, and she experienced seeing children who curse their powers and look for answers. Awaki then takes the opportunity to ask Kuroko to join her side.

Kuroko blantantly refuses.

Kuroko, unlike Awaki, did not see herself - as an esper - as a monster, and a psychic's powers are merely powers, who depend on its user. Awaki then watches in shock as Kuroko stands up from the pile of wood pushing her down and tells the user of Move Point that her mentality is unacceptable. Kuroko, though injured, proceeds to pick up a lamp to strike Awaki with, but a gunshot from the user of Move Point neutralizes Kuroko, sending her to the ground.

As Kuroko lies motionless, Awaki experiences a painful headache, followed by various objects around her revolving and randomly teleporting. They soon stop teleporting shortly after that, and Awaki soon stands up and declares that she will kill Kuroko.

According to Awaki, her ability Move Point has a maximum load capacity of 4,520 kg, and it would be easy to strike a building where Kuroko is. However, Awaki loses her temper when Kuroko still manages to taunt her even in her condition. Awaki kicks her in the side, the same location where Kuroko's gunshot wound is, and leaves.

Soon, Kuroko sees the surroundings around her distort, with an unusual light from a distance... the signs of a massive teleportation in progress. Then, another light emerges: Mikoto's Railgun firing into the distance. Kuroko tells Mikoto to escape, while Touma frantically runs through the pieces of rubble floating to catch Kuroko in time and destroys the effect of teleportation using his right hand.

As Touma carries a badly injured Kuroko in his arms, the Teleporter asks who he is before falling unconscious. Meanwhile, outside, Misaka smiles with relief.

Awaki then reports to his subordinates regarding the Remnant in her hands, but the voice of a certain Anti-Skill volunteer interrupts their conversation, followed by a rain of gunfire.

The user of Move Point is forced to bring the Remnant back herself, now wondering what she would do next. As she crosses an intersection, she stops and sees a man with white hair walking with a crutch on his right arm: Accelerator. She cringes to his presence, as she knows that he is the most powerful esper. However, she gloats about Accelerator's loss of power at August 31 and assumes that he has lost his calculation ability then.

Accelerator admits that she is correct, however, he declares that the fact that he has weakened does not guarantee Awaki's victory. With a stomp of his feet, he unleashes a tremor with him as an epicenter and forces Awaki to teleport up. However, the shockwave also caused the glass in the nearby buildings to explode. Awaki is forced to use her ability again, but the effects of teleporting herself gives an opening for Accelerator. The Rank 1 Level 5 launches himself using funnels of wind, and punches Awaki, breaking through the briefcase containing the Remnant and hurling the user of Move Point into a building where she lands in a metal screen, falling unconscious.

As Accelerator leaves, he mutters that he might be considering retiring from being the strongest esper, but he shall stay the strongest in front of Last Order.

The next day, Touma (with a slap mark on his cheek) accompanies Index, who brags to Touma her mastery in using the vending machine. Touma feels somewhat down, especially for being slapped by Kuroko for peeking at her while changing in her hospital room and seeing an entirely naked Misaka 10032 as she recovers inside a tube. Touma also talks about a girl who was badly beaten up and a completely destroyed briefcase, then wonders who was responsible for it.

Meanwhile, Last Order reports to Accelerator that Yomikawa Aiho went outside and destroyed the "Science Society"; however, Accelerator does not feel like listening to her and requests her to keep quiet.

Kuroko soon looks at the scenery outside and realizes that it never rained the night before. She then realizes that she has finally seen Mikoto's battlefield first-hand. Before Mikoto could speak, Kuroko puts herself to blame for what happened, and tells Mikoto to smile, so that she can use that smile to recover.

Mikoto decides to follow Kuroko's request, and thanks her.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Touma rescues Kuroko after her defeat against Awaki.
  • Awaki is defeated by Accelerator, destroying the Remnant in the process.


By order of appearance

New Characters




  • The anime adaptation removes Touma and Kuroko's conversation after he rescues her, where he references Etzali.
  • Touma calls Mikoto Biribiri once again during this episode.
  • Instead of Mikoto slapping Touma it is Kuroko who slaps him.


  • Episode 20 is referenced by Awaki, it is the episode where Accelerator gets shot in the head and acquires brain damage.

Cultural References

  • Awaki seems to be using a first generation Glock 17 during her confrontation with Kuroko.

Differences in Adaptation

  • The scene of Accelerator arguing with Last Order about being too loud while he is trying to sleep and she is talking with 10032 is anime original, because in the novel Last Order tells 10032 that she feels upset because "that person" has not returned yet, implying that he has already gone to look for the remnants of the Tree Diagram.[1]

Animation Trivia

  • The Mikoto's flashback scene with the clones from the 12th episode of the first season of the anime adaptation is reused during this episode.
  • When Kuroko tried tried to hit Awaki with the lamp, she runs for a few seconds towards her. However, it is shown that there is only a short distance between them, and there is no need for Kuroko to actually run as there is no room.


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Unanswered Questions

  • How did the clones know of the Science Society's involvement?
  • How did Accelerator know where to find Awaki?
  • How did Awaki know what happened to Accelerator on August 31?
  • What did the Science Society want with Amai Ao?


  • Awaki: "You must be quite of Tokiwadai's Ace. However, is she really worth going this far to protect? Is the Railgun's selfish yet sentimental dream world worth it?" -Awaki questioning Kuroko after she attacks her.
  • Kuroko: "But of course. Albeit a selfish wish, it is one that Oneesama desires. A world where neither one of us interferes. By a mere flick of a coin, she could destroy everything in her path if she so desired. Even so, Oneesama is someone who can honestly say that doesn't want to fight even in deepest despair. Do you truly think that I could just ignore those emotions?" -said to Awaki as an answer to her question.
  • Misaka 10032: ""I have a request," says MISAKA from the bottom of her heart as she faces you directly. "Please save the lives of MISAKA and her sisters."" -said to Touma.
  • Touma: "Let's go, Biribiri." -said to Mikoto after finding her.
  • Awaki: "Has it not happened to you as well? Where you've used your power to hurt someone. I can understand. You and I are much alike. Well, Shirai-san? If you also wish to know the truth, I'd be more than happy to fill you in." -Awaki's proposal to Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: "Ridiculous. One's power is nothing more than a power, no matter how far it is taken. How you use your power is up tp you. How stupid can you be not to realize something so obvious? You are scared of your own powers? You do not want it because it may hurt someone? Give me a break. Whether you have a power or not does not change whether or not you are the type of person who will harm another. You are merely stating that you are special and no one else is. You are nothing but a corrupted individual with a condescending attitude! I will now proceed to... beat that rotten conviction of yours into shape!" -Kuroko's speech against Awaki.
  • Awaki: "I'll kill you. You've destroyed all that I've lived for. Were it not for you, I would still have hope!" -said to Kuroko after her breakdown.
  • Accelerator: "How pitiful. So pitiful that I would hug you tight if you were being serious. It's true that I suffered brain damage that day. I now perform my calculations externally. However... The fact that I've gotten weaker doesn't mean that you've gotten any stronger!" -said to Awaki.
  • Accelerator: "It's useless! From here on, the path is only a One-way road! Just put your tail between your legs and get your ass back where you came from!" -said to Awaki right before defeating her.
  • Accelerator: "Well, in this state, I might be retiring from the title of strongest in Academy City... But even so... I've decided that I will at least continue to call myself the strongest in front of that brat! Damn it..."
  • Kuroko: "Oneesama, I have realized something. That the place I saw yesterday was none other than your battlefield. This whole incident stemmed from my own experience. S Oneesama, please keep smiling. I will use that smile as energy to get back on my feet once more." -said to Mikoto.


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