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For the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T episode of the same name, see Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode 02.

"Daihaseisai" (大覇星祭 Daihaseisai?, lit. "Grand Champion Star Festival") is the eighth episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. It was first broadcasted on November 26, 2010.


Academy City is filled with visitors from outside its city walls, a majority of them parents and siblings of the students inside. Tsuchimikado Maika takes the time to sell boxed lunches for the visitors while she travels around on a cleaning robot. Meanwhile, a familiar pair passes by her: Kamijou Shiina and Kamijou Touya. Shiina shows her fascination at the many schools composing Academy City, while Touya bumps into a woman who looks exactly like Misaka Mikoto, who is looking for Tokiwadai. Touya goes into gentleman mode as a jealous Shiina glares behind him.

Soon, Shiina catches a glimpse of her son Touma, who is walking with Mikoto. Touma is talking about a punishment game with the Electromaster, with the loser having to do whatever the victor wishes. Touma teases Mikoto for losing confidence after hearing the consequence, and Mikoto is forced to seal the deal.

As the two argue, their parents watch with relief. The day of the Daihasei Festival begins.

In England, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church, Laura Stuart speaks with Aleister Crowley from Academy City as she grooms her excessively long hair. They soon discuss about two magicians who have infiltrated Academy City, which Laura identifies as a high-ranking member of the Roman Catholic Church and her courier seeking a certain object: "Stab Sword". She explains that it has the power to slay a dragon and pin it to the ground, a weapon which can place the Anglican Church in a disadvantage. Laura is worried about having Academy City as the place for the trade, so Aleister Crowley decides to request that Touma to get involved...

Back in Academy City, Index accompanies Touma into the many food stalls provided for visitors. She finds herself hungry due to the various scents of food all around her, so Touma decides to treat her, though later. Touma then leaves her a brochure of events (with events he would join in marked) before sluggishly walking away.

At A Certain High School, Touma finds the entire class even more sluggish as he was; Aogami Pierce told him that the students lost a lot of energy arguing over a viable strategy to defeat the other schools.

Soon, one of Touma's classmates scolds him for transmitting his lack of energy to everyone: Fukiyose Seiri. She adds that her tardiness is understandable, given that she is part of a special committee. Although Touma tries to defend himself, Seiri instead picks him up and tells him that she hates people who blame bad luck on their lack of resolve.

Touma then finds himself being forced against a wall as she continues her speech, his foot eventually landing on one of the hoses, which then exploded after being clogged up. A gush of water drenched Seiri's clothes, causing her shirt to reveal her orange bra. Touma frantically apologizes for the accident, but Seiri looks away calmly and instead sips some milk instead.

As Touma realizes that they are hopeless for the next event, he overhears the voice of his teacher Tsukuyomi Komoe. She is in an argument with a teacher from another school who belittles the students of A Certain High School, and as the teacher leaves, shows a few tears in her eye. Touma and the other students saw what happened, and they managed to use it to psyche themselves for the upcoming event.

Soon, in an athletic track, the Pole Assault event begins, with A Certain High School fighting against another certain high school. Mikoto goes to watch the event and discovers Index sprawled across the seats. After stealing Mikoto's drink, Index finds her familiar and lets her sit beside her. Mikoto sees the determination in Touma's team instantly, which shook her a bit knowing about the punishment game, and watches as Touma's team charges against the clearly superior espers.

Victorious in their endeavor, they return, bruised up by the event, as they walk back Komoe show her concern for her students. Meanwhile. Touma goes to look for Index, but is unable to find her; unfortunately, he left his phone back at school, so he walks back to get it.

At a seemingly empty Certain High School, Touma returns to his classroom, only to find a set of dirty clothes neatly folded... and a Fukiyose Seiri completely undressed except for her panties. Touma nervously explained about his cellphone, and gets his bag mercilessly thrown to his face. Meanwhile, it turns out that Index is still at the athletic field, and hasn't been answering to his calls because her phone's battery is dead.

What's worse for him is that Index is still hungry.

They head over to a stall a short walk away, however, Yomikawa Aiho tells them that a parade going along the street would block their way, and an alternate route would be a detour 3km longer. Out of sheer frustration, Index tries to attack Touma, only for him to be dragged away by Mikoto. As it turns out, Mikoto needed a high school student who has participated in the Pole Assault event for the scavenger hunt, and Touma ends up being what she needed to win in the Borrowed Item contest. After the event, Mikoto gives Touma a towel and a drink before leaving with a flushed face.

Elsewhere, Uiharu Kazari helps a wheelchaired Shirai Kuroko around Academy City. Shirai seems unamused, until she hears an announcement on Mikoto's victory. However, her killing intent seeps out again when she sees Touma with Mikoto.

Touma fails to find Index once again as the parade begins. In his search, he finds a more unusual appearance: of Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Stiyl Magnus. They tell him that the relaxed security of Academy City would be easily exploited by magicians. Stiyl tells them that they only confirmed two who have infiltrated: Roman Catholic Church's Lidvia Lorenzetti and a courier named Oriana Thomson.

Stiyl explains that they are taking the fact that Academy City is neutral ground for both science and magic to perform an exchange involving a weapon called "Stab Sword": a weapon which can instantly kill Saints in one strike. (This rules out Kanzaki Kaori's involvement.) Motoharu later explains to him that it was patterned after how the Son of God was killed. He also adds that the exchange is preparation for a war, another reason to exclude Index from their mission.

Meanwhile, Komoe sees a shriveled Index on one of the benches on the sidewalk and decides to feed her the food she bought. Index is worried about her being separated from Touma throughout the day; Komoe then thinks of a good way for the two to meet more often.

Touma goes back to looking for Index and is found by Maika and Aisa, who then points him to the park where they saw a nun being dragged by a young teacher. He follows their lead, and after finding Sphynx, sees another unexpected sight inside the park: Komoe dressing up Index in a cheerleading costume. Index attacks Touma in response, but her bite missed, and Touma receives a kiss instead. What's even worse for Touma is that Fukiyose saw everything on her way looking for Komoe.

Because of that, Touma receives a nasty punch in the face and is dragged back. Seiri scolds Touma for goofing off instead of helping the school, and by Touma's request, drags him holding hands.

On the streets, Seiri asks Touma if he finds the Daihasei Festival as boring. She finds that Touma's mind is always elsewhere, and she wonders if she is not doing well as one of the committee members for the festival. According to her, she only wanted everyone to enjoy the festival and gain nice memories from it, but she might just be selfish for forcing it to others.

Soon, Touma gets bumped by a running student and is pushed back, his forehead touching Seiri's and his lips only an inch from hers. Embarrassed, Seiri retaliates with a head-butt, which sends him into the breasts of a lady with golden yellow hair and an unusual outfit. The woman apologizes and offers a kiss to Touma as an apology; Touma agrees instantly, but is interrupted by Seiri.

They shake hands instead, and there, Touma feels Imagine Breaker being invoked. The woman is startled by that, and hurriedly leaves them. Seiri is confused, but Touma feels that she is a magician.

Meanwhile, the woman with golden yellow hair tears a slip of paper and contacts someone using it, introducing herself as Oriana Thomson. She reports that the spell she had on her body is dispelled, much to the shock of the woman on the other line. Oriana assures her and tells her she has devised countermeasures, but she needs to lose Kamijou Touma.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • The first day of Daihasei Sports Festival begins.
  • Touma and Mikoto decide to play a punishment game, in which the loser has to do everything what the winner says.
  • Oriana Thomson infiltrates Academy City.
  • Touma meets Oriana Thomson.


By order of appearance

New Characters


New Abilities

  • Several unnamed projectile-like esper powers - Unknown High School
  • Shorthand - Oriana Thomson


New Locations


  • The Tokiwadai Middle School and A Certain High School sports attire make their debut in the Toaru Majutsu no Index storyline during this episode. The former already made its debut in the first episode of Railgun.
  • Shirai Kuroko is seen on a wheelchair, despite being able to stand perfectly without trouble in the previous episode.
  • Though accidentally, Index is the first girl to have ever kissed Touma.
  • Though both members of Necessarius, as well as Stiyl referring to Motoharu back in the 2nd episode, this episode marks the first time both Stiyl Magnus and Tsuchimikado Motoharu appear onscreen.


  • The Daihasei Festival that was referenced as far back as of episode 24 of the first season, as well in episode 2 and episode 6 of the current season is finally featured.

Cultural References

  • The operating system that Laura's computer uses is similar to that of the Windows 7 OS.

Differences in Adaptation

This section requires expansion
Ch1Pt1 - Archbishop clothes, Ch1Pt5 - Fukiyose getting angered by Touma mocking her health products and not because she's naked
  • In the novel, Laura Stuart wears more formal clothes when she talks with Aleister, instead of having a lower-ranking outfit in the anime.[1]
  • In the novel, Aleister describes Laura's way of speaking Japanese as strange and unique, which frightened Laura for a moment, as he was about to discover something.[1]

Animation Trivia

  • When Laura holds up the Stab Sword to show it to Aleister, several scenes show that the handles of the sword is either touching Laura's hair or missing them all entirely.
  • The episode marks the first onscreen appearance of the "Spiky-haired girl with glasses" and "Girl with the headband" in the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaptation. Originally appearing in the background of some of the Light Novel artwork, they later appear in the manga adaptation as well.
  • When Aisa and Maika where in the same scene, Maika has noticeably thinner lines than Aisa, which may be due to her being rendered in CG.
  • A visual pun is presented by Sphynx trying to get away during the scene where Index tries to bite Touma while not wearing her panties.
  • The flashcard that Oriana holds to communicate with Lidvia disappears just before Touma is seen following Oriana.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Does Laura know that the General Superintendent of Academy City is Aleister Crowley?
  • How was Stab Sword brought into Academy City, and who is the recipient of the trade?
  • What the relationship the woman that cling beside Kamijou Touya with Mikoto?


  • Shiina: "Oh my, Touya-san... Are you at it again?" -said to Touya after he meets Misaka Misuzu.
  • Aleister: "We'll have to get that boy to be the travel guide." -regarding Touma and the Stab Sword.
  • Touma: "Hey, guys... Let me ask again. Are we going to do this or not?" -said to his classmates, after witnessing Komoe's tearful reaction from a teacher's insult of her students.
  • Kuroko: "I'll kill him!" -regarding Touma after seeing him on a monitor, being taken care of by Mikoto.
  • Motoharu: "It's not about whether they'd actually win or not. Wars can start simply because one side has the illusion of having a winning chance." -said to Touma.
  • Index: "Touma! How many times does this make it?" -said to Touma regarding him seeing her in an indecent situation again.
  • Seiri: "If you're finding today boring, Kamijou, it means I'm not doing enough as a committee member... I guess, as someone who worked so hard to come up with all this stuff, I kind of want everyone to share fond memories of the event. Maybe I'm just being selfish, though." -said to Touma.


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