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"Route Disturb" (追跡封じルートディスターブ Rūto Disutābu?, lit. "Tracking Sealer") is the ninth episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the thirty-third episode overall. It was first aired on December 3, 2010.


Touma begins the silent chase for Oriana Thomson.

Upon contacting Tsuchimikado Motoharu, he reports to him about how his right hand reacted to something in Oriana's hand, which is probably magical in nature; Touma also tells Motoharu about what Oriana is carrying. Soon, Oriana gives chase, and after Touma sends out GPS coordinates to Motoharu, he continues his pursuit.

He soon finds himself in an open park, and there, Motoharu and Stiyl replace him as the main pursuants, with Touma tailing close. Meanwhile, Oriana leads them to a terminal of automated buses.

Motoharu notices her unusual means of escape, and they decide to look for her inside the terminal. Inside, he steps on one of the traps set up by Oriana, and Stiyl pushes Touma to use his power to dispel the magical attack. Touma is pissed at how Stiyl treats him, but Stiyl explains that they should know each other's roles (and Touma's role is dispelling Oriana attacks as of the moment). Another attack from Oriana soon appears, and as Touma moves to dispel it, Motoharu and Stiyl take cover on the buses.

Motoharu then declares that they should take down the courier immediately and tells Stiyl to set up his rune cards. As for Touma, the two unanimously decide that he should stay where he is, much to Touma's shock.

The two then continue on their pursuit, now avoiding the traps instead of allowing Touma to dispel every single attack; Motoharu guesses that the traps are merely there to slow them down and thus, must be avoided if possible.

Oriana soon exits the building and leaves behind a giant wave made of asphalt and water. By Motoharu's request, Touma dispels the attack, but the wave creates the perfect diversion, as Motoharu loses track of Oriana's whereabouts.

Motoharu later regroups with Stiyl and sets up an All-Around Reality Circle, using this to locate Oriana. And since he is unable to use spells due to his esper ability, Stiyl is instead going to be the caster. As he finishes the incantations, four pieces of paper placed in the perimeter of the circle begin to revolve as it reaches the center (where a slip of paper used by Oriana in spells is located), and a clear map of Oriana's location appears on the circle.

However, Oriana has prepared for this beforehand.

Stiyl is soon attacked by some kind of magic attack. Touma goes to dispel the magic used against Stiyl and Motoharu soon explains that they might have fallen into one of Oriana's traps as well. Stiyl soon realizes that Oriana might be a more dangerous magician than they first thought. To his surprise, though, Motoharu has been thinking of the same thing earlier on.

The rune magician thinks that Oriana is no mere magician, but an author of grimoires. However, Motoharu also tells them that although she can make grimoires, the fact that it is written sloppily makes them as potent as only until it is invoked, destroyed the moment the spell inside is cast. For now, he puts destroying the spell protecting Oriana from incoming spells into priority.

As Motoharu asks Stiyl to cast a spell, he sets up a Divination Circle and he tells them that he will use it to trace Oriana. However, Touma realizes that it would hurt Stiyl even further, but both have decided about their roles in this battle. Stiyl prepares himself for the next spell, leaving behind a bitter remark about Touma leaving Index behind.

Then, as Stiyl invokes another spell, his cries of pain echo throughout the empty bus terminal.

Meanwhile, at the park where Touma saw Index changing, the depressed nun is being cheered up by her companion Tsukuyomi Komoe, who tries to justify Touma's escape after such an embarrassing moment. Elsewhere, Fukiyose Seiri, carrying lots of stuff with her, complains about Touma's absence while running around. There, she sees Komoe and Index.

Soon, the Divination Circle gets a response. Touma can't accept how cool Motoharu is acting with Stiyl injured from the counter-spell, but soon realizes that Motoharu is injured as well, an adverse effect of invoking Divination Circle. Motoharu soon explains to him that he is decided to risk his life to look for the Shorthand and Oriana and foil the transaction.

As it turns out, the Shorthand is located 302 meters northwest... the venue for the middle school ball throwing competition.

Motoharu and Touma hurry to get to the stadium; they know how many spectators are going to see the event, and the amount of cameras in the scene would ultimately decrease their chances of finding it without being seen. Motoharu also explains to Touma that the spell they are looking for can be as easily invoked by mere touch, which would make anyone inside the stadium a probable victim.

The only reason for them to save everyone is to infiltrate the event, and with Motoharu's clever tactic (which involves driving both of them into a pool of mud and asking the Anti-skill to let them in), they manage to successfully enter the event venue.

Announcements are soon broadcast across the stadium: 200 students of Minamikawa Middle School against 20 students of Tokiwadai Middle School.

As a certain fan-wielding girl remarks about the 10:1 battle incoming, Misaka Mikoto is shocked to find out that among those students from Minamikawa Middle School is Touma.

With Fukiyose Seiri announcing the start of the event, all hell breaks loose.

As Tokiwadai bombards the students from Minamikawa, Touma and Motoharu rush to participate. The game's objective is to fill baskets on top of massive poles while avoiding being hit by the defending team. Eventually, a ruckus among Minamikawa students causes the poles to topple onto one of the students from Tokiwadai. Touma senses what is going on, and with Motoharu's assist, saves the girl.

Then, as the poles came crashing on to her, a Railgun melts away the poles and averts the situation. There, Misaka Mikoto scolds Touma for participating (despite being from another school). Touma then sees what he and Motoharu are looking for - something taped into the pole just beside Mikoto, and asks her not to get involved, as it was too dangerous. In fact, Touma suspects that thing stuck on one of the poles is the Shorthand.

Soon, Seiri goes to Touma to investigate on what is going on, only for Touma to realize that on Seiri's hand, is the thing Touma is feared to hit anyone on the stadium: the Shorthand.

In an instant, a force knocks away Seiri from the pole where the Shorthand is placed, and a mysterious magic emerges from her body. Motoharu urges Touma to dispel the effects of magic to Seiri and after Touma manages to dispel Oriana's magic on Seiri, she is taken to a hospital for treatment.

Mikoto looks on with puzzled eyes as Touma realizes something: that Oriana Thomson is not considerate of the damage she will inflict to others, and will do anything to complete her duty.

On that moment, Touma finally declares war against Oriana Thomson.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Touma, Motoharu and Stiyl begin their pursuit of Oriana, with Stiyl and Motoharu incurring considerable damage in their pursuit.
  • Seiri becomes the first civilian victim of Oriana's operations.


By order of appearance

New Characters


New Abilities

  • All-around Reality Circle - Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Stiyl Magnus
  • Counterspell - Oriana Thomson
  • Divination Circle - Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Stiyl Magnus


New Locations


  • This episode marks Kongou Mitsuko's debut in the main Toaru Majutsu no Index anime storyline.
  • The number of both school participants have been divided by 10 where there are supposed 200 student for Tokidawai in the novel but there is only 20 student in the anime.
  • Touma actually refers to Mikoto by name in this episode rather than by saying "you" or "Biri Biri."


  • Mikoto references the punishment game with her and Touma, that was setup an episode ago.

Cultural References

  • Stiyl references sorcerers, which has a similar definition to a magician, however, his wording implies that they are different and are possibly superior to a magician.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • During the scene where Motoharu's back is focused when he was trying to bandage his injuries, the blood that came out of his left temple is missing.
  • Touma and Motoharu somehow switched positions right after Tokiwadai assault the Minamikawa students during the ball tossing competition.
  • When the paramedics are taking Seiri away, before a close-up to her face, one can see that the stretcher is missing Seiri's body.
  • This episode features a slight animation change to the ending theme, Magic∞world.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Is Fukiyose Seiri going to be safe?
  • How is Stiyl's condition after using the spell?


  • Stiyl: "Convey the wind; not the air, but your will here." -incantation for the All-around Reality Circle.
  • Motoharu: "Kami-yan. Let me remind you something you've seem to have forgotten. This is a battle with lives on the line. Countries, or even the world could collapse, depending on the outcome." -said to Touma.
  • Stiyl: "Kamijou Touma. It annoys me that you're here right now. Why aren't you with her? If she becomes unhappy as a result of this, it'll all be your fault!" -said to Touma, right before being affected by Oriana's counterspell.
  • Mitsuko: "You can smell the dread from their side. My, how filthy." -Mitsuko's pre-game swagger to the opposing school.
  • Touma: "If this is your way of doing things.After getting a countless number of innocent people involved if you don't feel anything after doing that.I will completely destroy your senseless illusion with my very own hands!" -said by Touma after Seiri is hurt by Oriana's spell.


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