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"Stab Sword" (刺突杭剣スタブソード Sutabu Sōdo?, lit. "Thrusting Picket Sword") is the eleventh episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the thirty-fifth episode overall. It was first broadcasted on December 17, 2010.


Along with the surprise that a woman of her age can be a mother, Misuzu reveals that she is also a student, taking up a university course outside of Academy City. Touya asks his son for a reaction, but Index butts in instead, expressing her shock for Touma having lots of young women around him.

Misuzu then prepares a surprise for Mikoto: an entire table full of different kinds of food and a large bowl of cheese fondue she personally prepared for her daughter. Mikoto is surprised at the insane amount of food her mother prepared, and Misuzu justified it as a hearty lunch to nourish "certain parts of Mikoto's body" (i.e. her breasts). Mikoto is embarrassed by her mother's remark, and Touya finds himself attracted to Misuzu's figure, only to be interrupted by his wife's deathly glare.

Touma mutters what Misuzu is trying to tell Mikoto, and this gave off a different signal to Index, who also suffers from "insufficient bust size". She thinks of biting him, but after what happened earlier, she instead sits down with a completely blushed face. For some reason, Touma is more nervous in seeing Index not biting him.

Meanwhile, Oriana is contacted by Lidvia Lorenzetti, who expresses her anxiety on Oriana's constant interaction with civilians. Oriana reassures her that she is trying her best, and then asks her about her status. Lidvia is currently inside a hotel lobby, keeping a low profile. Oriana feels jealous of having to run around while her client is cozying herself in a hotel, and even teases Lidvia by adding a flirty tone to her speech, much to Lidvia's annoyance.

Later, Index drags Touma to a fruit juice stand, wanting to try out the things they sell there. Touma warns her about getting fat for eating too much, which led to Index challenging him by measuring her waist. Meanwhile, Mikoto encounters Kuroko, who is still in her wheelchair, and gets asked about her apparent plans. Mikoto dismisses Kuroko's worries about her meeting Touma elsewhere, but when she sees Touma embracing Index in the belly (apparently to get her waist size), she flies into a rage and punches Touma, knocking his hands off Index. However, Touma realizes that he still has Index's skirt on his hands and makes an escape as Mikoto fires an arc of lightning at him.

Elsewhere, Stiyl is enduring Sherry's complaints of Orsola from his phone. As it turns out, Orsola, now a member of Necessarius, is accompanied by Sherry Cromwell, and is scattering crumbs of Amakusa-made cupcake she is eating. Apparently, this is keeping their conversation from being serious, and Stiyl has to hang up.

Soon, Komoe appears to snatch Stiyl's cigarette and scolds him for smoking. Stiyl, however, seems to ignore her, and the commotion that Komoe started begins to attract the attention of other people, including Aisa.

Touma manages to escape Mikoto's wrath, only to be dragged by Aisa into another mess - while holding his hands. Touma notices this and this causes Aisa to blush in response. Soon, she takes Touma to Stiyl and Komoe and calmly tells her that she does not need to do anything.

Suddenly, Touma receives a call from Tsuchimikado Motoharu. He reports that Oriana has been found on the Seibusan Subway Station in District 5. With Aisa's help, Stiyl manages to escape Komoe and joins Touma to the pursuit.

Stiyl soon takes the time to do research about the Croce di Pietro while inside the train two stations away from Seibusan. Touma wants to check it out as well, but it turns out that the documents are in Italian, much to Touma's disappointment.

The pair soon arrives at Seibusan Station, but does not find Motoharu there. It turns out that a traffic jam puts him ten minutes away by foot, and the only way to track Oriana is to perform an All-Around Reality Circle remotely. Stiyl admits to have neither any knowledge in Oriental methods nor an expertise in Western methods, so Motoharu decides to use the All-Around Reality Circle where he is currently. Touma displays concern, knowing the backlashes of an esper using magic, but Stiyl understands the risks and lets him do what he wants.

At District 7, after a refreshing drink, Komoe notices the look of worry on Aisa's face. It turns out that she notices how Touma is acting weird lately. Komoe assumes that it is because of the upcoming events, but Aisa thinks that the tension she feels is something not even a Daihasei Festival event can bring. Komoe then thinks that Aisa might be having feelings for Touma, which Aisa shyly rejects.

Komoe shows her a leaflet showing an upcoming event called the Night Parade, a special event that features light shows that will illuminate Academy City, and asks Aisa to bring Touma along.

Aisa thinks that it's a bad idea, considering that they are not close to each other.

Komoe tells her that Touma is the kind of guy who will enjoy something that another person will enjoy; Aisa smiles at that remark, then tells Komoe that she will never ask him out, much to the teacher's disappointment.

Meanwhile, in District 5, Touma and Stiyl continue the pursuit for Oriana, with Motoharu's All-Around Reality Circle to trace Oriana's location. Motoharu manages to warn them to never let Oriana escape beyond the 1,700-m radius effective area of his spell until he was forcefully cut off. Stiyl is forced to stop to where they are, worried that something may have happened to Motoharu; they do not know that Motoharu has been attacked by Oriana, who has managed to determine the center of the spell.

Motoharu is forced to confront Oriana alone, with Stiyl and Touma not knowing where he is, and puts up a fight against her; however, it appears that mere physical might is no match against Oriana's unpredictable magic. After taking down Motoharu, Oriana tells him that help will not come due to a force field she prepared; she unleashes the death blow, but it appears that Motoharu has survived, and even manages to dispel the barrier she erected earlier.

Oriana is amazed at how extreme Motoharu's actions are just to take her down; Motoharu reveals a trump card: a communication device he concealed on his hands. He declares that now that Oriana has attacked a member of Necessarius and that the identity of the Stab Sword is false, Necessarius can finally move without any problems. After Tsuchimikado unleashes a smokescreen, Oriana leaves, confident that she has done enough to cripple whatever the enemy plans. However, as the smoke clears, Tsuchimikado reveals that everything is a bluff, and the spell he prepared as a communication spell is a fake.

Motoharu mustered enough strength to contact Stiyl about what happened, and relays information on where she could end up next.

Meanwhile, Oriana returns to District 7 and prepares for the upcoming deadline for the Croce di Pietro preparation. She bumps into Komoe and Aisa on the way, causing the former to spill Aisa's juice, revealing something hidden under her shirt: a Celtic cross necklace. Oriana is alarmed, connecting the Celtic cross to Necessarius, and ruthlessly attacks Aisa using one of her spells, causing her to explode in a bloodbath of her own blood.

A few minutes later, Stiyl and Touma return to District 7 to continue the chase, only to see a commotion in a nearby park. There, they see Komoe in tears, her cheerleader outfit stained with blood, and lying beside her is an unconscious Aisa in the middle of a pool of her own blood. Komoe told them what happened, and Stiyl immediately connected the incident to Oriana, who probably mistook Aisa for a magician of the same calibre as Index based on her Walking Church necklace.

Stiyl prepares a few runes and places a spell that causes the by-standers to leave the scene. He then advises Komoe to call an ambulance and hide somewhere while she is taken away. Touma feels responsible for Aisa's safety, but Stiyl points out to him that they can't do anything other than chase Oriana.

Soon, Stiyl watches in surprise as Komoe performs a spell he doesn't know someone who is non-magical could know of: a healing spell only attributed to Index. Stiyl decides to help Komoe complete the spell and asks Touma to continue the chase.

Touma decides to leave Aisa in the hands of Stiyl and Komoe, leaving a promise to take her to the Night Parade after she recovers.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Touma, Motoharu and Stiyl continue their pursuit of Oriana, with Motoharu incurring injuries from an encounter with Oriana.
  • Aisa becomes the second civilian injured during Oriana's operation.


By order of appearance

New Characters

No new characters were introduced during this episode.


  • Shorthand - Oriana Thomson
    • Communication Spell
    • Soil Symbol: Unknown spell that attack a person's veins
  • Electromaster (Railgun-variant) - Misaka Mikoto, Level 5
  • Teleport - Shirai Kuroko, Level 4
  • All-around Reality Circle - Tsuchimikado Motoharu
  • Ars Magna - Aureolus Izzard (flashback only)
  • Imagine Breaker - Kamijou Touma, (flashback only)
  • Rune magic - Styil Magnus
  • Healing Magic Ritual - Komoe Tsukuyomi, Stiyl Magnus

New Abilities

  • Sealed Scripture (fake spell) - Tsuchimikado Motoharu


New Locations


  • This episode marks Lidvia's first actual on-screen appearance since her introduction in the 8th episode.
  • Misaka's electric punch on Touma may be the first shown successful attack on Touma, not being countered by his right hand.


  • Index recalls her accidentally kissing Touma back in episode 8.
  • Aisa recalls on how Touma saved him from the Aureolus Izzard, back in episode 9 of the first season.
  • Komoe references Index showing her how to use the Healing Ritual Magic, back in episode 3 of the first season.

Cultural References

  • The cards that Stiyl used to disperse the bystanders near Aisa's body has the ᛊ rune, which means "Sun".

Differences in Adaptation

  • In the novel, Touma was the one that stared at Misuzu's chest, not Touya.

Animation Trivia

  • Despite using magic on his own, Motoharu did not incur any noticeable injuries before Oriana's arrival.
  • Even though Touma kneeled on the pool of Aisa's blood, when he stood up, there is no hint that he has been kneeling on blood.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What is the condition to use St. Peter's Cross?
  • What hotel is accommodating Lidvia?
  • Will Aisa's condition going to improve?
  • Will Kamijou Touma able to go to the Night Parade with Himegami Aisa?


  • Aisa: "It's not like that, but ...Somehow I feel that Kamijou-kun seemed little strange today. But the atmosphere he had was somewhat strange. He seemed really tense ...From that time ...But I don't think some event would make him feel that way."
  • Aisa: "Huh? You might want to word that differently. Since Kamijou-kun and I aren't that friendly to each other. Also, he would be the one in trouble if some misunderstanding were to occur."
  • Komoe: "Why won't Himegami-chan be healed? We were talking about Night Parade and stuff until just now. But ..."


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