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"City of Water" (水の都 Mizu no Miyako?) is the fourteenth episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the thirty-eighth episode overall. It was first broadcasted on January 14, 2011.


Touma's streak of misfortune continues even after the Daihaseisai.

After the chaotic mess involving Oriana Thomson and Lidvia Lorenzetti, he finds himself in a number of unfortunate occurrences. Touma finds his teacher Komoe while changing, he receives a headbutt from Seiri after her recovery, he was on the receiving end of Aisa's rubber ball she threw in her stay at the hospital, and he was kicked by Kuroko after being forced to accompany Mikoto at the folk dance event. Not to mention being used as a chewing toy by Index.

However, it seems that Lady Luck is still by her side, as he just won a trip to Northern Italy in one lottery he joined in.

...or so he thought. He has no passport.

He manages to think about his travel credentials back on his boarding room, and he thinks that since he doesn't remember traveling outside Japan, he should not have a passport to start. Although this thought was easily dispelled when he discovers his passport - with some stamps on it - along this wardrobe. Index soon remembers having one as well, although it is a surprise that it is completely blank (no stamps from Japan). Then, Index gets the idea of tagging along with Touma on his trip

Touma agrees to Index's proposal, but he appears to be nervous in his trip to Italy, something that Index notices easily. Touma tries to follow Index's advice of keeping cool since it's just a trip overseas, but it seems that Index's clothes (especially those gigantic pins) will be a problem with the metal detectors. Touma is forced to flee with her to the shopping area 1.5km away while it is only less than half an hour before take-off.

After a misfortune of a trip for a change of Index's wardrobe, they arrive at Chioggia. Index acts like the tour guide to Touma, even advising him that touring in countries like this would be better with experience in at least three foreign languages, much to Touma's disappointment. She then begins to feel hungry with the many restaurants situated in the streets of Chioggia.

Then, after Touma just missed a few seconds of watching Index, she's gone.

What's worse is that Touma feels that he will be more lost than Index.

Soon, a resident of Chioggia speaks to Touma... in Italian. Touma is instantly lost in translation, forced to flip the pages of his Italian guidebook. Luckily for him, a familiar nun appears to help him: Orsola Aquinas.

Orsola explains that she has been living in Chioggia, while her conversion to the Church of England is processed, and she has been helped by people from Amakusa with regards to moving out. Touma then tells Orsola about Index, and it is there that Orsola reveals that Index has been found relishing herself with some ice cream (gelato in Italian) and she is currently in her house.

Upon their arrival, Touma laments on being abandoned by Index for some gelato, and even thinking more on lunch than his condition. Meanwhile, members of the Amakusa are mumbling about him, particularly because he is regarded as strong by their leader (not to mention fighting an army of nuns alone and unarmed, and escaping the wrath of Kanzaki Kaori, whom he saw naked).

Minutes later, a hearty lunch was prepared for Index and Touma. Before they could start eating, one of the members of the Amakusa named Itsuwa hands Touma a hot towel. Although surprised at the gesture, Touma shows his thanks, and Itsuwa hurriedly walks back, where she is asked about how their plan went. As he vaguely hears the conversation from the other side, Touma wonders if the Amakusa would join lunch soon. Orsola then tells him that they are undergoing training, and a strict diet is a part of it.

With that, Index and Touma indulge themselves with food so delicious that it is 500 times more delicious than what Touma can pull off at the kitchen.

In the middle of the feast, Orsola decides to recommend the two to visit Venice, a city so beautiful that it is given many names, such as the "City of Water" and the "Queen of the Adriatic Sea". Touma promises to follow her advice.

After the hearty lunch, the moving out continues. Many of Orsola's things are packed on a delivery truck while some members perform a general cleaning. As Touma finds himself wrapping the plates, he goes to look for Orsola for the newspapers he need.

He finds himself between two rooms, and the humming instantly gave away Index, who is taking a shower after getting herself soiled. However, there's also someone else in the other room. Touma is confused, not knowing which door to open. He assumes that there should be no two bathrooms in a house, and knowing that the sound of the shower comes from the left side, he goes straight into the right.

Touma's face slowly turns from fulfillment to outright shock at what he sees inside.

Orsola. Completely naked.

As Touma frantically leaves the scene, Index opens the door on the other side, startled by the blow dryer. This series of unfortunate events force Touma into a very uncomfortable situation, rewarding him with a bite from Index.

That night, Orsola's house is completely empty, and the delivery van where her possessions are has left to its new destination. Meanwhile, Orsola is left with Touma and Index. Touma offers to accompany Orsola, but the newly-recruited nun to Necessarius turns down their order shyly; she assumes that it would be one person too many for a hotel room, which causes Touma to be equally embarrassed as well.

Orsola then becomes serious and honestly tells them that she wants to bid farewell to Chioggia personally, and it might become too emotional for her. With that, Orsola prepares to part ways to Touma and Index.

However, Index instantly senses an incoming attack.

Using Spell Intercept, she counters the attacks, while Touma, knowing that a magician is responsible, guards Orsola with his body. He narrowly evades the magician's attack, but is thrown into the canal by what appears to be a Roman Catholic priest armed with a spear. Index destroys the spear in time, while Touma lands strong punches on the enemy, knocking him unconscious.

Touma asks Index about a long-distance enemy, but Index assures them that it will no longer attack, given the current situation. Plus, Spell Intercept has already hit its target. Soon, Index's assumption is confirmed when a man dressed in the clothes of the Roman Catholic Church struggles at a distance, muttering an incantation.

Then, the ground starts to tremble beneath their feet. As a large splash rocks the canal, a gigantic vessel similar to a medieval ship emerges. Orsola and Touma are separated from Index as the vessel rises to the surface. The two are forced to board the ship, which is then discovered by Touma to be made of ice. Then, the ship begins to drift, appearing to leave Chioggia with an unknown destination.

Orsola and Touma are then forced to hide when a small group of Roman Catholic priests order a search throughout the ship, apparently to locate their whereabouts. Touma realizes that at this rate, bailing from the ship will eliminate their chances of survival, so they decide to hide for the meantime.

Inside one of the cabins inside the boat, Orsola wonders why a huge ship is even necessary to attack them earlier. Touma also notices that their enemy might also be Roman Catholics and it might be regarding The Book of the Law. However, Orsola denies that, as she knows that what happened related to The Book of the Law should be resolved by that time.

Soon, they are startled by the sound of an explosion. As they peek into the window in the cabin, they are shocked to see what unfolds outside: ships similar to the one they boarded rising to the sea, creating a fleet of ships made of ice.

All of a sudden, the door of the cabin suddenly turns, and Touma, thinking that it might be the enemy, frantically covers Orsola and reaches for the door, only to see a small girl wearing a peculiar-looking dress...

Agnese Sanctis.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • The Daihasei Sports Festival has been concluded.
  • Touma wins a trip to Chioggia, Italy, and brings Index along.
  • Touma, Index and the Amakusa Christians help Orsola pack and move her possession.
  • An assassination was attempted on Orsola, though it was thwarted; she is later dragged into an ice ship along with Touma.
  • Ice Ships start to appear from the sea and mobilize.
  • Touma meets Agnese Sanctis again.


By order of appearance:

New Characters

No new characters were introduced during this episode.


  • Spell Intercept - Index

New Abilities

  • Magic spear - Roman Catholic assassin


New Locations


  • A girl from Kirigaoka Girls' Academy is featured during this episode.
  • This marks the first time Touma and Index is outside of both Academy City and Japan since the timeline of the story began.
  • Japanese subtitles were featured in this episode for the Italian dialogue.
  • The italian dialogue was grammatically wrong in some parts.
  • When a magician is trying to attack Orsola with the spear and Index commands him to "stab yourself", in the novel he loses control of the weapon and tries to commit suicide, only to be stopped by Touma's punches. This little tidbit was removed from the anime, surely on the case that suicide themes are handled very delicately by the organisms that regulate censorship. Despise removing the suicide sequence, Index still commands the mage to stab himself, through the result is completely different and doesn't match her words.
  • A new ED song is featured in the episode, replacing the old one; it also features Touma's winter uniform.


Cultural References

  • The episode features Touma dancing with Mikoto around a bonfire, which are quite common in Japanese Cultural and Sports festivals.
  • Actual locations and landmarks of Chioggia are used as background during this episode, most notably the Porta di Santa Maria, the Refugium Peccatorum Cathedral, the Ponte Vigo (bridge), Chiesa di San Martino (church), and Canal Vena.
  • Touma references the gondola, which is popularly used a way to carry tourists around Venice.
  • The Ice Ship is a barque-type sailing vessel.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • The entire fleet of ice ships are CG rendered.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Why did the Roman Catholic Church try to assassinate Orsola, even though the problems regarding the Book of the Law have been solved?
  • Why can't Touma negate the Ice Ship?
  • Why are there a fleet of Ice Ships, and where are they going?
  • Why is Agnese in the ship?
  • Why is she wearing a different dress?


  • Touma: "I, Kamijou Touma, am a misfortunate person."-opening narration.
  • Touma: "For the first time in a long, long while, I get to feel fortunate!"-Touma being excited with his trip to Italy.
  • Amakusa Christians: "He's a monster."-regarding Touma.
  • Touma: "At that moment, something occurred to me. Why didn't I think of the simple solution of knocking to check?"-Touma's narration after opening the right door.
  • Orsola: "I was thinking of looking and saying farewell to Chioggia. I've lived here a long time, you see...and I'd rather not have you see me like that... I'm sure my emotions will get the better of me."-said to Touma after declining his invitation.


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