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"Rosary of the Appointed Time" (刻限のロザリオ Kokugen no Rozario?) is the sixteenth episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the 40th episode overall. It was first broadcasted on January 28, 2011.


Angelene falls to the deck after trying to rescue her brethren from imminent danger.

As the Amakusa stand between the injured nun and the rest of the Agnese Forces, Saiji hands over leaves of paper to Lucia, advising them to use this as an escape pod to take Angelene to safety. Lucia then goes to Angelene's side as the latter assures her that she is alright. Touma then stands up to tell Lucia to maintain her resolve, as he is also willing to fight alongside them in spite of the odds.

As Lucia carries her injured partner and friend, she joins Touma, Orsola and the Amakusa on their push to Agnese's location. Meanwhile, Biagio feels disappointed that the enemy forces are still pushing through. His expression soon changes to amazement upon Agnese's face, which showed her eagerness to be saved. However, Biagio is equally eager to destroy her hopes of rescue.

Elsewhere, Touma, Orsola and Index arrive at the flagship of The Queen's Fleet. Upon invading the main deck, they notice the absence of people, which Index explains as an effect of the ship being monitored using magic. Index attempts to breach the inner decks using her knowledge of magic, but Touma, sensing the urgency, uses his right hand to destroy the doors leading inside the ship. This triggered knights made of ice to form behind them, and Orsola and Index are forced to pull Touma inside.

However, this does not stop Touma to take on the knights by himself. Inside the ship, Touma decides to act as a decoy while Index and Orsola proceed to search for Agnese.

On another ship, as Angelene rests, Lucia is faced with the same nuns she has worked with in the past and is forced into a dilemma whether to attack them or not. But Saiji demonstrates that he does not share Lucia's hesitation in fighting the nuns.

Later, Touma stumbles upon the ship's theater complex after using his ability to carve a path of his own inside the ship. After fending off one of the ice knights, he is contacted by Index and Orsola through cellphone. Index wants to know if casting "Rosary of the Appointed Time" is needed to cast "The Queen of the Adriatic Sea", as she doubts its credibility after using the grimoires inside her head. Touma assumes that one spell is needed to cast the other, but after Index's epiphany, he wonders if there is much to the spell than what it is.

Soon, the roof above Touma gives way, and after dispelling it, a voice comments on his ability. As the icy mist clears, Bishop Biagio Busoni emerges. He lectures to Touma about his hand defying the Lord's blessings, and is something he should abandon immediately. However, Touma does not care about his lecture and directly asks him about Agnese's whereabouts.

Biagio did not answer his question, and instead, throws him a pair of crucifixes that enlarged in size.

As Touma tries to dodge the increasing number of crucifixes thrown at him, Biagio explains about the cross and its powers. The bishop tells him that the crosses he holds can be used in a variety of spells, and can be used to crush opponents, or shear them to bits.

Touma is forced to retreat, and Biagio follows, commenting that his constant destruction of parts of the ship might affect the "Rosary of the Appointed Time" spell. Touma feels the urge to finish the fight immediately and rushes to Biagio, only to be pinned to the ground by another one of Biagio's crucifix-based spells. As Biagio declares that the destruction of Venice is not really his intention in casting "The Queen of the Adriatic Sea" spell, he summons several crosses to crush Touma, then leaves.

Meanwhile, Orsola and Index arrive at the entrance to the room where the flagship's core is located. At first glance, Index assumes that the door is protected by a defensive spell. Then, several ice knights surround them. Index decides to divert the knights towards her and asks Orsola to continue the search as she fends off the ice knights.

Orsola then enters the room, creating a scene completely ironic to their first encounter: Orsola rescuing Agnese. Agnese is surprised to see Orsola and tells her that she could have escaped as she ordered. Orsola then tells her that when she told the same thing to the others, no one is willing to leave; Orsola herself does not know the reason why she longs to rescue Agnese, but Lucia and Angelene are determined to do so.

Then, Biagio appears to interrupt their conversation, commenting that he does not want things that are too tedious, such as looking for another person compatible for the "Rosary of the Appointed Time" spell. Also, he tells Orsola and Agnese that the blood that stains his scapular is of someone whom he needs to crush as quick as possible.

Biagio then explains to Orsola his aims in casting "The Queen of the Adriatic Sea". According to him, the spell has a built-in lock-on mechanism that forces its target to be Venice all the time... but he plans of undoing this mechanism, which the "Rosary of the Appointed Time" is needed for.

He finally reveals that the target is Academy City, and its destruction will spell the end for everything related to science in the whole world.

Orsola prepares to fight against Biagio, but she is quickly defeated by Biagio's magic.

Biagio then asks Agnese to step into the sphere that would initialize the spell, telling her that she will bear the name of the person who has killed the most enemies of Christianity. Orsola is determined to foil Biagio's plans, but Agnese has accepted her fate and asks Orsola to stop fighting. However, Orsola refuses.

The bishop prepares a cross to finish them once and for all, but Agnese picks up her Lotus Wand to deflect the attack. She then activates the Lotus Wand. She declares that she has finally gotten the courage to fight against Biagio. But it seems that it is useless in the end. Biagio activates the spell that also left Touma on his knees earlier, and explains that this spell converts the surroundings into weight that the caster exerts on his enemies.

As he announces that only someone with a stronger hand can defeat his spell, Touma appears and destroys the spell using his Imagine Breaker. Startled by Touma's arrival, Biagio tries to reactivate his spell, but Touma's fist came first, and Biagio staggers to the ground.

Touma then shifts his focus to Agnese, asking if it is possible to dispel "The Queen of the Adriatic Sea" spell. Agnese, however, is not certain about it, as she knows that the fleet will not reconstruct if it is destroyed by Touma's hand.

Then, Agnese suddenly writhes in pain.

Touma is surprised at what is going on with Agnese, then he sees Biagio; he assumes that he has activated "The Rosary of the Appointed Time" prematurely. Biagio declares that he has activated the "self-destruct" mode of the spell, which is designed for drastic measures. Orsola then tells Touma that the explosion created by the spell might reach a 10-kilometer radius, with casualties on land even possible.

He then asks Orsola to evacuate along with the others, while he faces Biagio alone.

As Orsola flees with Agnese, Touma listens as Biagio submits to the will of the Roman Catholic Church with disappointment. Biagio then tells him that he has already accepted death, as long as he takes Touma and the Adriatic Sea's coast along with him. With this, Touma charges to Biagio, who prepares his complete arsenal of spells to reject Touma's attacks. Touma then unleashes his most powerful punch to defeat Biagio once and for all.

Biagio's crucifixes fall to the ground, and Touma then destroys the core of the "Rosary of the Appointed Time" spell. The Queen's Fleet soon follows.

Soon, Touma finds himself being taken to the hospital, with Index following him on his way. Touma feels that Index is happier than usual and thinks that she might be happy because he did not leave Index behind, much to the nun's embarrassment.

Touma then receives a phone call from the Frog-faced Doctor. The specialist from Academy City is concerned that people outside Academy City might be looking into Touma's body without their consent and thus, reserves a supersonic jet to take Touma back to Academy City. Also, the doctor reads to Touma a note from a certain Electromaster: "Prepare for the punishment game."

Meanwhile, Kanzaki Kaori contacts Tsuchimikado Motoharu about Touma's condition. Tsuchimikado knows that Kanzaki is partly responsible for what happened to Touma concerning the Amakusa, and tells her to be Touma's personal maid even for a day, much to Kanzaki's shock.

Although she is somewhat thinking about following Tsuchimikado's advice though...

Then, the door to her dormitory room opens, and Orsola introduces Kanzaki to a new addition to the Anglican Church: Agnese Sanctis.

Meanwhile, the Pope discusses things with a certain girl with piercings and a yellow scapular. The Pope is disappointed at the lack of respect this girl is showing at him, and assumes that it is the same with the other members of God's Right Seat. The girl with piercings then shows him a document...

...a document referring to Kamjiou Touma as an Enemy of God that must be eliminated at all costs.

Adapted From

Major Events


By order of appearance

New Characters


  • Saint Barbara's Holy Cannon - Roman Catholic Church, Ships of The Queen's Fleet
  • Imagine Breaker - Kamijou Touma
  • Paper-Wood Transformation Magic - Amakusa-Style Remix of Church
  • Ice golem - Roman Catholic Church
  • Cross-related magic - Biagio Busoni
  • Spell Intercept - Index
  • Lotus Wand - Agnese Sanctis

New Abilities

  • Rosary of the Appointed Time - Biagio Busoni
  • La Regina del Mare Adriatico - Biagio Busoni (failed)


New Locations


  • The episode replays the final moments of the previous episode, however, it immediately seques into the content of the episode as the opening theme is removed, though the series title card is still present.
  • Uragami returns during this episode.
  • This episode uses the ending theme as an insert song during the closing credits.


  • Motoharu references once again, Kanzaki's debt to Touma. Referring to several events in the series, most notably the 5th episode.

Cultural References

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • The opening is removed in TV airings of this episode, where the credits is shown over in the prologue while the ending theme is played over in the epilogue of the episode. The opening is restored in the BD releases.
  • During the first fight between Touma and Biagio, there are several times were Touma's right hand touched the ground, however only during the first contact his right hand broke the floor as it should.
  • Several crosses that Biagio used on Orsola disappear in the next scene.


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Unanswered Questions

  • How does Heaven Canceller know of Touma's whereabouts?
  • What is God's Right Seat?
  • Is God's Right Seat more powerful that the Pope of the Church himself?


  • Biagio:"My objectives don't stop there, it is -at least- a 100 times more interesting than that." -said to Touma
  • Touma:"Of course I'll fight.If you dare lay a finger on Agnese again.I'll beat you down to a pulp."-said to Biagio


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