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"Serial Number" (検体番号シリアルナンバー Shiriaru Nanbā?, lit. "Specimen Number") is the eighteenth episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the forty-second episode overall. It was first aired on February 11, 2011.


In the ladies' bath of the Anglican Church Dormitory, Archbishop Laura Stuart finds some time to cool off, until a furious Stiyl Magnus blazes through the door, causing her to slip into the bathtub where she was wading in. Stiyl confronts Laura to confirm words written in a certain document, but Laura points out his ungentlemanly act of barging into the ladies' bath instead.

His reaction: throwing a fireball towards the tub, causing the Archbishop to jump out. Stiyl continues with his search for answers, but the stubborn Laura Stuart instead comments on her clothes, which are completely drenched and clinging onto her body.

Kanzaki Kaori and Orsola tackle upon their most difficult challenge of the day: how to operate a new washing machine (in the novels it is stated it is a gift from Academy City, which the anime omitted). As Sherry watches them, Kanzaki complains about the task, while Orsola attempts to familiarize herself with the piece of technology from Academy City.

Then, Orsola has an idea: if there are no dirty clothes left, then they will just wash the ones they are currently wearing, which is soon followed by Agnese, Lucia and Angelene, much to Kanzaki's embarrassment. Orsola then helps out Kanzaki out of her clothes, which soon reveals the surprising fact that Kanzaki wears nothing underneath the yukata she wears. Because of this, Kanzaki opts to keep her yukata, while the obi is placed inside.

Soon, Sherry manages to read the manual and discovers that dyed clothes should be washed separately - including traditional Japanese clothing - and this causes Kanzaki to frantically look for a cancel button.

In the end, the washing machine spews water all over Kanzaki, who despairs over her ruined obi, and the malfunction of the washing machine.

On the other side of the globe, Misaka Mikoto releases her inner Gekota fanatic while Touma rests outside. Sitting on a nearby bench, he finds someone that looks very similar to Mikoto; she identifies herself as MISAKA 10032, and talks about a MISAKA who is smaller than her. She then explains that that smaller MISAKA has stolen her goggles, and this causes Touma to confuse her for the Original.

Touma then decides to buy something that allows him to distinguish 10032. He initially thinks of buying 10032 a ring, which triggers 19090's ideas of a boy giving someone a ring, and 10032 blushes at the idea. However, he changes his plans, thinking that it would be too inconspicuous.

Accelerator, on the other hand, finds himself with more things to be pissed about.

Last Order has called about playing tag with the rest of the MISAKA Clones, and because of this, she might not be back home for dinner. Accelerator loses his patience and tries to break the phone in annoyance, with Kikyou and Aiho trying to calm him down. Aiho then plans on looking for Last Order using resources from Anti-Skill, while suggesting Accelerator to do a search of his own as well.

Touma and 10032 arrive at an accessories store, where despite holding on to a desired design of necklace, 10032 thinks about receiving a ring more. Thinking that 10032 might still be undecided on what to get, Touma decides to treat 10032 on a shop that sells animal-shaped donuts.

He buys eight pieces of donuts shaped like chicks, and 10032 tries to call them into approaching her, thinking that they are real chicks. Touma then interrupts her attempt to make friends with them by stabbing one with a fork and placing it into his mouth. This causes 10032 to release sparks out of pity and anger at what Touma did.

Then, the original Misaka Mikoto appears at the scene.

Mikoto apprehends Touma on what he was doing, and the pair of Gekoto phone straps caught the attention of the MISAKA Clone. Mikoto shields her newly-acquired merchandise from the clone's eager eyes, but she herself is attracted by the chick-shaped donuts Touma is eating. Soon, Mikoto decides to punish Touma for abandoning her in the middle of the punishment game with a lightning bolt, which Touma easily dispels.

Soon, 10032 confronts the Original on what she is doing currently. Mikoto honestly explains that it is a punishment game that stemmed from the Daihasei Festival, but 10032 thinks of her reason as "not being honest to herself". Because of this 10032 decides to take on a different approach: slinging her arms around Touma's right arm, and then displaying the gift she received from him.

Then, a certain little MISAKA Clone hugs Touma's other arm.

Last Order's presence infuriated 10032, which is even worsened by Last Order's taunts to chase her. As 10032 pulls out a rifle and gives chase, Touma and Mikoto are left speechless.

Meanwhile, Accelerator manages to track down Last Order's last known location, thanks to Aiho's help. As they talk by phone, Aiho decides to ask Accelerator an important question: "Is showing goodwill to others really that scary?"

Accelerator does not seem to understand what Aiho tries to point out at first, but soon, Aiho clarifies things; she thinks that Accelerator is still fearful of returning his goodwill he receives from Last Order. Aiho then recalls on his past, as part of the experiments of the Special Esper Dual Modification Technology Research Institute. He has accepted that fact that he was a monster since his days in the said facility, and because of this, he thinks that he is no longer able to show goodwill to people.

Nonetheless, Aiho believes that Accelerator will have the potential of helping others through his powers. Accelerator momentarily thinks of what should have happened when he had used his ability to stop the experiment, but he does not have the courage to think aloud.

Elsewhere, a familiar figure manifests itself - rather, herself - into Academy City. Kazakiri Hyouka. Others around her doesn't see her as a person, but as a prank by some esper or another.

Touma finds more time to rest while Mikoto unleashes her fury at a nearby arcade, where she beats high score after high score with her furious punches. Touma then finds himself being played around by the "mini-MISAKA" he had seen earlier.

Meanwhile, Accelerator arrives at the underground mall, and stumbles upon a nun sprawled across the sidewalk, pleading for food. Accelerator takes her to a nearby fastfood chain and there, the nun introduces herself as Index after satisfying her hunger. He takes the time to ask about Last Order, but Index admits to not having seen her, although she is certain she will remember her face.

Touma, back at the underground mall, talks to Last Order, who appears to be unimpressed at how puzzled he is to her role in the SISTERS Network. Touma also struggles to please Last Order, who unlike Index is not easily contented by food. Accelerator also seems to struggle as well, as Index's incessant talking easily wears through Accelerator's already short patience.

6:00 soon arrives, and Last Order declares that she should go home soon, much to her disappointment. She admits to have enjoyed on her time with Touma, though she also admits that she does not want a certain person to be worried for her. Touma thinks that Last Order has a nice companion, but the little MISAKA Clone tells him that he is weak, to the point that his own hands get worn out when trying to help others.

As Index and Accelerator arrive inside the underground mall, Touma and Accelerator wait as they swap companions. As Last Order is scolded at by Accelerator, Touma listens to Index as she tells him who rescued her...

...but as if Fate is teasing Index, she failed to thank the one who helped her through the crowd.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Kamijou Touma buys Misaka 10032 a necklace.
  • Kazakiri Hyouka manifests herself.
  • Touma meets Last Order.
  • Mikoto, Misaka 10032 and Last Order meet together.
  • Accelerator meets Index.


By order of appearance

New Characters

No new characters were introduced during this episode.



New Locations


  • A certain washing machine makes its first appearance.
  • Despite appearing in this episode, Lucia and Agnese Sanctis did not have any speaking roles during their appearance.
  • This episode marks the first time Last Order calls Accelerator by his name, as well as Accelerator calling Last Order by her name.
  • Last Order refers to herself in the first person during this episode.
  • The part where Touma and Last Order meet Tsuchimikado and Aogami is not included in this episode.


  • Misaka 10032 flashbacks to the previous episode where the clones talk about Misaka 19090's secrets, especially that of a ring being given by a loved one.
  • Mikoto references Touma losing to their bet during the Daihasei Festival from episode 13.
  • Last Order references Touma stopping the experiments, which was featured in episode 14 of the first season.
  • Several episodes from the previous season are used as flashbacks by Accelerator, most notably episode 19 and 20.

Cultural References

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Near the end of the episode, several background characters featured before and after Index and Last Order's exchange, change positions a few times, particularly a group of background characters that were in front of Accelerator are later seen behind him.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What happened in the Special Ability Institute?
  • What was so important about the document Stiyl was asking Laura about?


  • Touma:"I don't get it.I don't get it,but...Such misfortune."
  • Last Order:"He's weak...He's been hurt so much that not only was he unable to protect what he held in his hands,but he even wore them out in the process.That's why I don't want to strain him anymore.This time MISAKA will be the one who protects him!say MISAKA as MISAKA tries an honest declaration."


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