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"Researcher" (木原数多けんきゅうしゃ Kenkyūsha?, lit. "Kihara Amata") is the nineteenth episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the forty-third episode overall. It was first aired on February 18, 2011.


Inside the headquarters of Annihilatus in Russia, Sasha Kruezhev reads alone pertaining Telesma's effects on a normal human's body, referencing on the Annunciation. She is soon accompanied by Vassilisa, whose playful hands wrap around Sasha. Vassilisa wonders if Sasha is still unable to determine what happened to her body (after the events in Angel Fall).

After receiving a hit from Sasha's hammer for suggesting a full-body examination, Vassilisa tells her about Gabriel, the angel who usurped her body. She is amazed for someone like Sasha to receive Telesma whose power is greater than the Twelve Apostles combined, and compares the feat to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who receives a far greater amount of Telesma.

Sasha soon expresses her disgust at her clothes, whom Vassilisa is responsible, and Vassilisa decides to go by her word. The leader of Annihilatus then puts out a duffel bag, then explains her research on Academy City. The sight of a cute-looking wand alarms Sasha into forcing her way out, while Vassilisa can only just sigh in disappointment as a costume from the Magical Powered Kanamin series hangs by her hands.

Meanwhile, darker skies envelop Academy City.

Accelerator heads back to Aiho's apartment while Last Order plays under the rain. The administrator of the SISTERS Network begins to test Accelerator's patience once again, but as usual, he just can't hit Last Order for her childish actions. He soon remembers Aiho's last few messages to him: "Is showing goodwill to others really that scary?"

Soon, Last Order hurts herself in the knees after slipping on the rain-drenched sidewalk. Accelerator walks on, seemingly ignoring Last Order's calls for first aid. However, a few minutes later, Accelerator decides to help her out. After asking Last Order to sit on a bench, he heads to a convenience store to buy bandages for her.

On his way back though, he finds himself in another mess.

A van goes speeding right into his path, but Accelerator immediately activates the full power of his esper ability, rendering the vehicle into scrap. The Rank 1 Level 5 esper demands answers from the attackers, but he decides to let his killing instinct take over after failing to make them speak.

Accelerator rips through the wrecked vehicle, only to find himself surrounded by two more vehicles filled with men in full military gear. However, he does not feel interested with the incoming foes. What does take his attention is a man whose left side of the face is filled with tattoos... Kihara Amata.

What appears to be a fateful reunion turns out to be a violent exchange of words from both parties. In the end, Amata announces his intent of destroying the same person whom he has developed to use the most powerful ability in Academy City.

On the first hit, Accelerator is shocked to find out that his Redirection ability does not work on Kihara's punches. This made him vulnerable to incoming attacks from the man in front of him. As Accelerator feels the same pain he has received from a certain Level 0's attacks, Kihara clears up Accelerator's thoughts on the origins of his powers. He denied having an esper ability, as he does not believe that abilities are the only thing that can defeat someone like Accelerator. Then, as he witnesses Accelerator destroy one of the special gloves on his hand, he denies another of Accelerator's initial thoughts: that the gloves allow him to counter Redirection. A bare-fisted upper cut knocks Accelerator away.

Kihara declares that he knows how Accelerator's ability works and thus, have every possible counter prepared for him. Kihara then asks him about the decision of Academy City to clone third-rank Misaka Mikoto instead of him, then points to a figure too familiar to Accelerator: Last Order... unconscious... held by two of Kihara's troops, the Hound Dog.

Although Amata is unsure if Last Order is alive, Accelerator is certain, judging from unchanged calculation speeds. As a last-ditch effort to help out Last Order, Accelerator unleashes a gust of wind using his ability, causing Serial Number 20001 to fly away from the hands of Hound Dog.

Kihara is initially shocked by his plan to save Last Order, but nonetheless orders his troops to form a group that will retrieve Last Order on nearby bodies of water while he orders the rest to dispose of Accelerator. As Accelerator, in a rare chance, pleads for Last Order's safety to Lady Luck, a girl wearing a nun's habit appears... Index.

Meanwhile, Index's usual companion, Kamijou Touma, looks for her inside the underground mall. She just recently left after feeling responsible to thank a certain albino for his help after being left starved. After having no luck inside, he heads outside the mall, where he notices a noticeable increase of Anti-Skill activity.

Then, in a split second, those Anti-Skill units suddenly lose consciousness. Kamijou Touma is left puzzled as to what happened, and all he knew was from a radio message from another Anti-Skill unit, describing an intruder that has went through the defenses of the city.

Touma instantly thinks of Index, who is still nowhere to be found, but he finds himself with the same girl who has said her goodbyes to him earlier... Last Order.

The intruder, none other than Vento of the Front, walks towards her next destination. She uses Anti-Skill's radio to contact the Superintendent of Academy City, and tells him that she has singlehandedly destroyed three members of the Board Directors. Calm as always, Aleister tells her that they are disposable and has many replacements waiting to be appointed.

Aleister continues to comment on Vento's naivete, calling her advance as insufficient to be called as penetrating Academy City's defenses. Nonetheless, Vento declares her plans to destroy the enemies of the Roman Catholic Church... "You (Aleister Crowley), Academy City, Imagine Breaker, Index, everything!"

As Vento destroys her link with Aleister Crowley, he decides that, although earlier than expected, he shall activate one of his plans... using Last Order and Fuse Kazakiri to destroy Vento of the Front.

"The long-awaited fun, fun showtime begins."

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Vento of the Front invades Academy City, and serves Divine Punishment upon its citizens. Crippling the city's infrastructure.
  • Aleister Crowley orders Kihara Amata and the Hound Dogs to capture Last Order.
  • Accelerator reunites with Kihara Amata and Index.
  • Touma reunites with Last Order


By order of appearance

New Characters


  • Angel Fall (flashback-only)
  • Astro in Hand (flashback-only)- Misha Kreutzev
  • The Sweep (flashback-only)- Misha Kreutzev
  • Water Wing (flashback-only)- Misha Kreutzev
  • Accelerator - Accelerator, level 5

New Abilities


New Locations


  • This episode marks the debut of Hound Dog.
  • The scenes where the Accelerator fights the Hound Dogs are within the bloodiest moments of the novels, in the anime he easily satisfy himself with just beating them up.


  • Vasilisa references Sasha having her form taken by Gabriel, from episode 17 of the first season.

Cultural References

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • During Accelerator's attempt to destroy Amata's gloves, the entire scene is filtered with the color blue, at the same time as this it takes several seconds for Accelerator to touch Amata's gloves while Amata was able to talk, move around Accelerator and deliver a punch to him in mere seconds.
  • Just before Touma notices one of the Anti-Skill fall unconscious, the Anti-Skill member had comrades next to him, however, when Touma came close to the unconscious Anti-Skill member, none of the other Anti-Skill next to him appears.
  • Vento does not push the transmit button on the hand-held radio she is using at any point during her conversation with Aleister, even though the radio is a type that can only transmit when the transmit button (The large, black, oval button on the left side of the radio) is pressed. It is possible, however, that Aleister was using some type of listening device or magic to listen in on the radio even though it wasn't transmitting.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What is the true purpose of cloning Mikoto?
  • Why did Anti-Skill started fainting?
  • How can Aleister spy on Academy City's communication systems?
  • What did Aleister exactly refer to when he mentions Kazakiri Hyouka?


  • Last Order: "'Save him! Please save him!' says MISAKA as MISAKA tries desperately begging!"


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