"Hound Dog" (猟犬部隊 (ハウンドドッグ) Haundo Doggu?, lit. "Hound Force") is the twentieth episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the forty-fourth episode overall. It was first aired on February 25, 2011.


  • Accelerator propels himself into a Hound Dog van.
  • Accelerator skewers and threatens Orson to drive.
  • With his missile launcher, Kihara Amata prepares to fire on Accelerator.
  • Vento of the Front gets in the way.
  • Amata awaiting for the smoke to clear after firing at Vento of the Front.
  • Vento of the Front entices the Hound Dogs to attack her.

Index stumbles upon an unexpected sight.

She discovers a bloodied Accelerator and a group of men wearing military uniforms, led by a man in a lab gown: Hound Dog and Kihara Amata, respectively. Accelerator seizes the opportunity which Index's sudden appearance gave and flies to one of the vans of Hound Dog using his ability. With a painful threat to the driver, he speeds off and takes Index along with him, with a certain doctor's hospital as the decided destination.

However, Kihara plans to end Accelerator's life as soon as possible and prepares a grenade launcher to destroy the car Accelerator is boarding. At that moment, a woman with a pierced face interrupts his motive. Kihara fires at her nonetheless, but the woman - the Roman Catholic Church's Vento of the Front - remains unscathed. Vento prepares to confront the attacker, but Kihara does not show any interest to fight her; instead, he boards one of the cars of Hound Dog and speeds away.

Meanwhile, Last Order takes Touma to the wreckage and retells what happened, although she did not mention any names. Touma plans on investigating himself, but is forced to hide when operatives of Hound Dog return, cleaning any traces of the incident from their vehicles.

  • Index blissfully unaware of anything that's going on around her.
  • Index leaves at the orders of Accelerator to find the frog-faced doctor.
  • Fear grips Touma as he weighs his options against a Hound Dog unit.
  • Touma trying to open a door to escape the Hound Dogs.
  • Touma tells Last Order to live if she desires to save "that" person.
  • With Last Order in his arms, Touma is cornered by the Hound Dogs.

Elsewhere, Accelerator settles down inside the car, with Index busy reading a book on fairy tales. He wonders why someone like her is around, and she reveals that she wanted to return the pack of tissue she received from him earlier that day. Accelerator then tells her that he is looking for his companion (Last Order), and plans on parting ways with Index.

Accelerator then asks his hostage driver to pull over, then asks Index to look for a frog-faced doctor on the nearby hospital and to tell that doctor about electrodes for the battery he needs to stay connected to the MISAKA Network. Index tells Accelerator to wait for her before leaving, which the latter deliberately disobeys.

Touma discovers that his enemies, whoever they are, might know their presence and runs away, carrying Last Order with him. This starts a pursuit that would end up with both him and Last Order dying if they are not careful.

With Last Order's help, they barge inside a restaurant. Touma is horrified by the sight of more civilians unconscious inside the building, and barely survives and rain of bullets when Hound Dog stumbles upon their location. The two are forced to leave the building again, to avoid any civilian casualties.

  • Heaven Canceler advising Accelerator over the phone.
  • Motoharu leaves for the city limits to face another threat.
  • Aiho inspecting the photo of the mysterious pierced intruder.
  • Accelerator discovers the Hound Dogs have already tracked him down.
  • Uninformed of current events, Mikoto receives a call from a jealous Kuroko.

Accelerator manages to stop by a phone booth and contacts none other than Heaven Canceler. Accelerator is somewhat relieved to find out that the doctor knows about what is going on thanks to the MISAKA Network, and Heaven Canceler tells him that Last Order is fine, though she can't fill him in with details on her current location and her only companion. Heaven Canceler soon expresses his surprise about the involvement of Index, and he is asked by Accelerator to make her stay for the meantime.

Heaven Canceler soon wonders if what more measures Accelerator is going to take, judging from his current actions; Accelerator declares his plans on killing Kihara Amata and Hound Dog. However, Heaven Canceler urges him to reconsider his plans and to focus more on retrieving Last Order.

Meanwhile, two other characters move towards differing goals.

Tsuchimikado Motoharu discovers that their enemy is God's Right Seat and runs off elsewhere. Meanwhile, Yomikawa Aiho receives an image of the target, and orders a report on an area; there's no response on the other and of the line. Upon her first thought of Vento, she falls to the effects of God's Divine Punishment.

Hound Dog soon traces Accelerator's position to the Recycling Processing Plant. He plans on eliminating his scent to prevent any confrontations from Hound Dog, but he discovers that they already have hijacked the security systems of the area.

Meanwhile, Mikoto stays at a branch of Green Mart shopping for a suitable umbrella to use when she receives a call from Kuroko. Kuroko expresses her disappointment for being stuck with Judgment work and not being able to accompany Mikoto, however, even Mikoto is unavailable for the meantime. What's worse is that Uiharu is always reminding her of the paperwork piling on her desk.

  • Touma protects Last Order from an attack by Vento of the Front.
  • Vento of the Front introduces herself to Kamijou Touma.
  • Hound Dog unit tracking Accelerator.
  • Accelerator smiles upon the fearful Hound Dogs attacking each other.
  • Touma blocks another attack from Vento of the Front.
  • Touma tells Last Order to flee from his battlefield.
  • Meanwhile, Nancy faces the terror that is the Accelerator.
  • Touma exhausted after protecting civilians from Vento of the Front.
  • Vento of the Front gleefully prepares to kill all the civilians in the cafe.
  • Accelerator tasting the fruits of his labor.
  • Vento of the Front begins to cough up blood for unknown reasons.

Touma soon finds out that the soldiers who are tailing him are no longer on the move; instead, a voice of a woman startles him: Vento of the Front. She then announces her intent to end his life, and her fight against the Imagine Breaker boy begins.

Accelerator's fight against the Hound Dog has already begun as well. As the Hound Dog ultilize their Scent Sensor to track down Accelerator, he shuts down the electricity before taking them on one by one.

Touma fends off Vento's attacks one by one while asking Last Order to hide. Vento is amazed to witness the power of Touma's right hand personally, but decides to up the ante by introducing attacks that come from a different direction than intended by her hammer. Initially, Touma is puzzled about how her attacks are directed; but after blocking a sizable amount of them, he realizes that it's the cross dangling from her tongue that directs the attacks, not the hammer she wields.

Vento realizes that her attacks are becoming too useless for Touma's right hand; as she declares to unleash a more powerful array of attacks upon him, Touma advises Last Order to flee the scene and call for help.

Meanwhile, the team of Hound Dog is easily eliminated by Accelerator, who has somewhat enjoyed turning the facility into a bloodbath from Kihara Amata's units. However, Touma is not so lucky; despite being able to dispel any attack from Vento, he is forced to stay defensive due to the number of civilians inside the restaurant. Vento then reminds him that he is the sole target of the Roman Catholic Church, and his value far exceeds even Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

As quick as the battle begins, it ends.

The last surviving member of the Hound Dog unit mobilized on the Recycling Processing Plant breaks down to tears as Accelerator approaches. Meanwhile, Vento is forced to flee the scene when she suddenly vomits blood in the middle of her plans to attack.

  • Uiharu Kazari is sentenced with Divine Punishment.
  • Accelerator absolutely livid at a Hound Dog mocking him.
  • Two Anti-Skill hear an absolute scream of terror coming from afar.
  • Motoharu discovering the plans of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Yoshikawa Kikyou reunites with her unconscious dear old friend.
  • Accelerator becoming a wanted man.

Inside Judgment's headquarters in District 7, Kuroko and Uiharu eat their dinner at the office. While Kuroko is still immersed in the thought of missing Mikoto for the night, Uiharu is more preoccupied at what she just saw on the television: a footage of a woman clad in yellow marching alongside unconscious Anti-skill units. As Kuroko proceeds on eating, she notices that Uiharu has fallen unconscious.

Accelerator manages to douse enough detergent on himself to fool Hound Dog's Scent Sensor, but he finds a survivor amongst the ones he took care of. The Hound Dog unit member attempts to climb to safety and calls to an Anti-skill van for help. He then mocks Accelerator about his failure to rescue Last Order. Before the Anti-skill could react, a door came flying through their van, and all they saw of the Hound Dog operative is a pool of blood.

Meanwhile, Tsuchimikado discovers that there are traps prepared at where he treads, and nimbly passes through them with ease. As he understands how complicated things are, he looks at the mysterious bright spectre on the other side...

And Yoshikawa Kikyou manages to stumble upon an unconscious Aiho. She then hears a radio message stating Accelerator as a primary suspect for murder.

Adapted FromEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 13

Major EventsEdit

  • Vento of the Front meets Kihara Amata.
  • Touma meets and battles with Vento of the Front, though she escapes.
  • The Imaginary Number District is activated
  • Tsuchimikado Motoharu battles with the Roman Catholic Church attack forces.
  • Accelerator becomes a wanted criminal.


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  • This episode marks the first time a recap section features the voice and sound effects of an actual scene it is recapping.
  • The scene where Accelerator fights the Hound Dog unit in the factory is extremely toned down from the Light Novels. Although the scene in which he shoots the hound dog member at point blank range in the jaw before kicking her down into a mechanical press is still present.
  • The design of the Scent Sensor is vastly different from how it was described in the light novel, where it was described more as a small, pistol-shaped device instead of the minesweeper-like design seen in the anime.
  • In the Light Novels, Accelerator takes a shotgun to use as a substitute crutch (his original cane was lost in the fight with Kihara) from the same equipment bag where he discovered the Scent Sensor in the van with Orson.


  • The location of Accelerator's battle against the Hound Dog is strikingly similar to the location of Misaka Mikoto's fight against Therestina Kihara Lifeline.

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Animation TriviaEdit

  • Accelerator bends his neck in an unnatural way during his stay at the control center of the recyling facility.


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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How does Kihara Amata stay conscious regardless of Divine Punishment?
  • What happened to Orson?
  • Why did Vento start coughing up blood?
  • Who was the figure that confronted Tsuchimikado Motoharu?


  • Touma: "If we don't survive first, then we'll never save him. If you want to save him, make sure you don't die first." (to Last Order)
  • Nancy: "Don't, don't joke around!" (before having her jaw blown away by a shot gun).


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