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For the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun episode of the same name, see Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 15.

"Skill-Out" (武装集団スキルアウト Sukiru-Auto?, lit. "Armed Group") is the twenty-fourth episode of the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adaption, and the fourty-eighth episode of the series overall. It was first broadcasted on April 1, 2011.


Awaki comes face-to-face with a large man in leather towering greatly over her, her target, Komaba Ritoku. Here, Ritoku chastises Awaki for destroying their hidden caches of money, and states that her power, Move Point is a troublesome power. Awaki arrogantly responds to him, rhetorically asking him if it is only troublesome. Ritoku agrees, and states that her power is more despicable than troublesome.

Awaki threatens Ritoku, that she'll end his life in one blow, and attacks him, by teleporting a corskrew into his head. However, she realizes that her teleportation has missed, and is swiftly punched in the face by Ritoku coming from her back. Recovering quickly, Awaki moves back trying to hit him with a car she teleported. Ritoku is unimpressed as he is simply too fast for her as he has already moved above her, kicking several metal rails towards her. Awaki tries to block the metallic projectiles using the car from earlier, but the force of metallic projectiles was too strong for the car too block, and cuts Awaki a few times. The car lands on the ground, and seemingly explodes all of a sudden.

Rising from behind the flames is Ritoku, smugly telling Awaki that he at least deserves a handicap for facing a monster such as her. Awaki responds to this by trying to teleport objects into Ritoku, however, he is simply too fast for Awaki to hit accurately, one of which Ritoku actually sends back to her with a good hit, injuring her in the face. Going into a panic, the machine at the back electrocutes Awaki to calm her down, but it only irritates her in a crucial moment in battle.

Standing before her, Awaki deduces that Ritoku's seemingly impossible mobility is due to him wearing Hard Taping under his clothing. Ritoku smiles as he shares an anecdote to Awaki on how it was not easy in attaining them. Awaki replies that Ritoku should know that there are repercussions in wearing them as they have defects. Ritoku replies that he is prepared for them, flexing his body, Ritoku states that he needs to finish their battle already.

With a small kick, Ritoku charges in a flash towards Awaki. She counters this by teleporting a dumpster between their paths, however, Ritoku simply jumps over it. Seeing this, Awaki once again teleports the dumpster between them, blocking Ritoku's field of vision. However, Ritoku mocks Awaki for using the dumpster, and with one strong kick, makes the dumpster into twisted metal projectile, hurtling towards Awaki. Mouth agape, Awaki is too slow to react, as a cloud of dust engulfs the dirty street of their battle, indicating that the projectile has crashed into the ground. When the cloud clears, what is left his a horrible bloody pile of twisted metal and entrails, and the remains of Awaki's flashlight.

Meanwhile, Accelerator turns off his collar and walks away from several dead bodies surrounding him, disappointed somewhat that he did not get Ritoku for himself, believing Awaki has finished her part already. However, his attention suddenly called upon from above by someone, it was Komaba Ritoku himself standing on a platform; both of them know each other's identities. Accelerator asks what's the reasoning behind Ritoku's plans, however, Ritoku calmly states that Accelerator would be simply be uninterested in Skill-Out's reason for attacking espers. Accelerator interjects unimpressed, theorizing that Ritoku will most likely attack everyone indiscriminately after sending the city into chaos. Ritoku denies this, saying that they choose their targets.

Accelerator asks how Ritoku can be so calm given his situation, however, uncaring for his inquiries Ritoku simply tosses the bloody form of Awaki's flashlight and tells him that he has killed Awaki. Ritoku is amused on how Accelerator has yet to go out with his powers on him yet. Responding to this, Accelerator asks Ritoku if he knows how people confront him end up being sliced up. Seeing Accelerator touch his collar while saying this, Ritoku asks Accelerator if his assumption that his collar is a transmitter for electronic information is correct.

Irritated, Accelerator turns on his collar, and using his vector powers is able to swifly to jump towards Ritoku, screeching maniacally at the same time. Seeing Accelerator's movements, Ritoku takes from his jacket a cylindrical container and kicks it, releasing several metal like scales into the air. Ritoku explains that they are Chaff Seeds used as an electromagnetic countermeasure for radar. All of a sudden, Accelerator loses his powers and falls down into a lower platform, he recovers quickly, and escapes handily from Ritoku from crushing his face with his foot as he jumps from below. Desperate, Accelerator quickly uses his handgun to shoot Ritoku, however, he quickly anticipates Accelerator's shots and all of them misses him. Ritoku kicks Accelerator's gun away afterwards, forcing Accelerator to move back, however, with little time to recover, Ritoku pulls out a Smart Weapon and tries to shoot Accelerator, forcing him to jump off the platform which is quickly destroyed by a single shot by Ritoku's gun.

Totally unprepared to brace for impact, Accelerator falls to the ground from several meters above, and experiences the pain of having his shoulder hit the ground, making him squirm in agony. However, Ritoku who has landed beside him try to shoot Accelerator again and misses as Accelerator rolls out of the way. Accelerator then finds his pistol and quickly shoots one of the binds of the tarpaulin covers of the alley, allowing air to easily pass through. With Accelerator still lying on the ground, Ritoku points his gun on him, saying that it is over and asks Accelerator his last decision: "where should he shoot to kill him?"

Remembering Yomikawa's lecture, Accelerator turns around and points his gun towards Ritoku, and then two gunshots are heard, but only one draws blood.

Blood flows from the mouth of Komaba Ritoku as a bullet has lodged itself inside Komaba's abdomen. He painfully mutters to Accelerator, asking how his redirection is working. Accelerator smirks and says to Komaba that since Chaff Seeds cause electromagnetic scrambling by sending bits of metal into the air, one can simply counter it by removing the metal with ventilation for example, as he has demonstrated by shooting the tarpaulin covering the alleways. Accelerator stands up, now able to use his powers completely now, and asks Ritoku who is a level 0 who had the guts to face a level 5 is able to do it again.

Seeing that he is in danger, Ritoku tries to use a canister of Chaff Seed again, however, he is too slow as Accelerator kicks a high speeding rocking into his hand, losing his grip at the canister due to the pain. Accelerator charges towards him while Ritoku flinches, and using his vector powers lifts Ritoku up and throws Ritoku towards a wall. Accelerator taunts Ritoku and says that being a level 0 doesn't make one evil, however, people will assume level 0s are bothersome since Skill-Out like Ritoku are the ones causing problems since they are all level 0s. Accelerator says that it was the Skill-Outs own fault that level 0 are being looked down by Academy City.

Hearing Accelerator's speech, Ritoku grins in exasperation and tells Accelerator of a hypothetical situation: "What would happen if those who have strong power were to play a game to see who could kill the most level 0's, what would you do?" Ritoku shrugs and looks on his cellphone where a small picture of him and little blond girl is used as a wallpaper, he states that he knew this day would eventually come. He states to Accelerator that the both of them are in similar circumstances and weakly points the Smart Weapon on him. He smiles for one last time, and says to Accelerator to carve this ugly scene into his heart.

A gunshot can be heard, Ritoku's legacy is carved in Accelerator's heart with blood, as Accelerator stands before the horribly disfigured corpse of Komaba Ritoku having the Smart Weapon's bullet shoot back at him, and painting the wall where he lied with blood.

Accelerator returns to the daylight, receiving a call from Etzali congratulating for his job and instructing him to go home, however, Accelerator states that he'll go home on his own and cuts his conversation with Etzali warning him not to expose himself. Having ended his call, Accelerator calls out to a person who is supposed to have been killed, Musujime Awaki. Awaki walks out of the alleyways darkness and asks Accelerator how he noticed her during the fight. Accelerator states that it was obvious since his gun was conveniently reachable at the time he needed it the most.

Awaki smugly asks if that is the way Accelerator should be talking to the one who saved his life. However, Accelerator simply ignores her and simply goes off on his own, prompting Awaki to ask. Accelerator says it is nothing important as he takes out Komaba's cellphone, and reads a list of people requring special attention in regards to attacks on Level 0s, for some free overtime.

It took Accelerator several hours to finish his "free overtime" and it is already nighttime when he was done. On his way to a nearby convenience store, he notices a woman hugging a mailbox. Accelerator feels like he has seen the woman's face before and takes a closer look; he soon remembers Last Order's face upon looking at the mysterious woman.

Soon, the seemingly drunk woman introduces herself as Misaka Misuzu and even tells minor details about herself, that her bust size is 91 cm, that she is a student, and that she is looking for the database center at Dangai University. Accelerator decides to ignore her, but his legs are held in place by Misuzu, and he has to fend off Misuzu's drunken antics.

Meanwhile, Touma plans on Index's next meal; with food supplies on the minimum, Touma decides to replicate a nabe-style meal by using croquettes, and Index could only show her amazement at his ability to make good food out of almost everything. They soon stumble upon a taxi, where a woman dangles from the rear door. Touma instinctively helps out the drunk woman and she begins to act flirty at Touma, much to Index's annoyance. She soon leaves by taxi, not before she exchanges email addresses with Touma.

The mention of Misaka Misuzu of her surname has Accelerator wondering. He decides to ask for answers using the numbers in his phone, but he receives an unexpected response from the same person who got him into GROUP in the first place.

The mysterious person on the other side of the line soon tells Accelerator about Misaka Misuzu. Misuzu is involved in the Recovery Movement, whose aim is for parents of children enrolled in various academic institutions in Academy City to take them outside the city when war breaks, and eliminating her would be necessary for the implications of the Recovery Movement to be cut short.

Accelerator decides to not help operatives of Skill-Out (which was initially hired for the job), but he soon discovers that the device he uses to regain his esper powers has been tampered with. This pisses off Accelerator, and so he decides to go against GROUP's orders... by rescuing Misaka Misuzu.

Kamijou Touma is already on his way, however, and while Misuzu hides inside one of the classrooms inside Dangai University, she contacts Touma. Touma explains why she is targeted by Skill-Out, and he then suggests calling her daughter Mikoto for help. However, Misuzu decides that she does not want her daughter to be involved in whatever she has to face. Touma understands and decides to save her himself.

Meanwhile, Skill-Out continue on their search for Misaka Misuzu's location. Despite the security systems of the university is kept activated, they manage to find Misuzu. One of the Skill-Out, the de facto leader Hamazura Shiage, contacts his comrades by radio, but someone has already overrun his allies, declaring a one-way ticket to Heaven for anyone who oppose him. Elsewhere, Touma pulls off a slab of bulletproof glass from his fights further inside the university building and looks for Misuzu.

Touma manages to discover Misuzu's location, but she is not tied up, and there are five men flanking her. He decides to go inside and try to save her... and wishes that the pane of glass he picked up is really bulletproof.

Instantly, Misuzu's reaction to Touma's entrance causes him to hide instantly, and this also ticked off the Skill-Out. Touma waits for the perfect moment to strike as the Skill-out decide to search around the elevated classroom, and when one of the Skill-Out goes too close, he strikes using the pane of glass.

Soon, gunshots ripped across the classroom from the nervous Skill-Out units, and the pane of glass Touma picked up manages to shield him from incoming gunfire. However, one shot has forced his hand into letting go of the pane of glass. Touma thought that he is going to be shot this time, but more gunshots out of nowhere has disabled most of the attackers. With the exchange of gunshots taking the attention of the Skill-Out, Touma takes Misuzu out of the classroom and into the rear door. Meanwhile, Accelerator, in fact the one who saved Touma from the Skill-Out, looks for the moment to get back at Touma (whom he appears to believe to be a comrade of Skill-Out), but is unable to fire at him.

Outside, Touma and Misuzu are confronted by Hamazura Shiage, who is still shocked that their plan is going to fail and that they are going to be disposed of like useless pawns. Shiage soon decides that he will eliminate Touma instead, since he is not involved in the plan, and he is still confident that he will be able to bring Misuzu's corpse to the one who hired him.

Shiage manages to hurt Touma with a kick in the stomach, but Touma fights back with a shocking comeback, hitting him so hard that Shiage's nose piercing is ripped apart. Touma soon explains to Shiage that there are Level 0s like Shiage throughout Academy City, but they are not doing the same evil things that Skill-Out do; Touma even regards Skill-Out as "even lower" than the usual Level 0.

Touma's remark angers Shiage, who still think that he and the rest of the Skill-Out are trying to do what they can to survive and help others, especially with the death of their leader Komaba Ritoku. However, Touma wants to know if they really had helped someone. Touma then adds that if Shiage does want to help others, they should have used the powers they have to help others, and not to attack espers.

Shiage attacks for one more time, but he finally falls to the crushing blow of Touma's fist.

Later on, Touma receives first aid for his injuries, and Misuzu finally declares that she no longer needs to take Mikoto out of Academy City with the amount of help she has received that night.

Meanwhile, Accelerator receives a visit from his fellow GROUP operatives. Tsuchimikado Motoharu tells him about Misaka Misuzu, reporting that it is no longer needed as of this time to eliminate her, as she decides to reconsider taking her daughter from Academy City. He also adds that Unabara Mitsuki might have been doing things that they don't know, and Musujime Awaki suspects that he might be using shady methods to achieve them.

Tsuchimikado finally congratulates Accelerator for the first job well done, and with that, GROUP marches on to their next mission.

At the same as all that has happened, a disgruntled Mikoto noticing how she isn't getting any mails from Touma even though she sent him a message earlier.

At Judgment Headquarters, Uiharu and Kuroko endure a seemingly endless pile of documents due to many units of Judgment out of commission for the meantime.

Misaka 10032 and the rest of the clones situated in Academy City have fully recovered after the effects of Fuse Kazakiri have worn off.

Kanzaki Kaori continues to learn on how to properly operate one of Academy City's washing machines.

At Yomiwaka Aiho's house, Aiho, Yoshikawa Kikyou and Tsukuyomi Komoe share a talk while drinking beer and enjoying light snacks.

Seiri Fukiyose tries out a neck-massaging apparatus she has heard from Aogami Pierce.

Himegami Aisa discovers a delicious cup of pudding and tries it despite Tsuchimikado Maika's warnings about its effects on her weight.

Last Order wakes up after a full recovery and looks for Accelerator. However, it is Heaven Canceller who greets her. He then reassures her that he will go visit her soon. With that, Last Order continues her rest and Heaven Canceller greets her good night.

Meanwhile, Touma enjoys yet another stay at the same hospital bed he has been resting in whenever he experiences unfortunate events. He is soon visited by Index and Hyouka, and Index proceeds to scold - and bite - Touma for being careless for his own safety.

Adapted From

Major Events

  • Komaba Ritoku is killed during his battle against Accelerator, with GROUP fulfilling their mission.
  • Hamazura Shiage is promoted as the leader of Komaba Ritoku's Skill-Out, and is ordered by Academy City to kill Misaka Misuzu.
  • Accelerator and Kamijou Touma meet Misaka Misuzu.
  • With Accelerator unknowingly helping, Touma is able to save Misaka Misuzu from Skill-Out.
  • Kamijou Touma meets Hamazura Shiage and defeats him.
  • Misuzu opts not to take Mikoto away from Academy City.


By order of appearance

New Characters



New Locations


  • The opening song is removed for the episode (except for BD releases), as per tradition, the ending song is played over scenes near the end of the episode.
  • Fremea Seivelun makes her anime appearance only a month from her debut and design being revealed in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01 on March 10.
  • The episode features the debut of Kanzaki Kaori's new outfit.


  • Accelerator has a short flashback to his fight with Touma back in episode 14 of the first season, after seeing Touma for the first time since his defeat by him.
  • Etzali references Touma's promise to him back in episode 18 of the first season.
  • The massager referenced by Aogami Pierce back in episode 17 is featured in this episode being used by Seiri.
  • Index's biting of Touma at the end of the episode is like a callback to the final episode of the first season, where the episode ends in the same way.

Cultural References

  • Touma references the Croquette.
  • The gun that Touma decided that he needed to obtain is a Walter PPK/S, which is also featured in the previous episode.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Both Awaki's supposed crushing and Ritoku's bloody demise are censored.
  • Kuroko and Uiharu's conversation featured in this episode is reused animation from the episode 20.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Who is the person that is in charge of GROUP?
  • How did Shiage become the leader of Skill-Out?


  • Ritoku: Move point? Such a troublesome ability. -said to Awaki.
  • Accelerator: So, you a level 0 is picking up a fight with a level 5? why don't you show it to me how you do that again? -said to Ritoku after Accelerator gets his powers back.
  • Misuzu: You know I, it doesn't matter if they are a boy or a girl, as long as they are younger I'll kiss them up. -said to Accelerator during her drunken state.
  • Shiage: Damn it! Why would that bastard Komaba go ahead and die? What are we supposed to do now?
  • Misuzu: You know, I came to take Mikoto-chan away from this city... But I'll forget about it, if she has guys like you lads here protecting her, then she will definitely be fine. - said to Touma.
  • Motoharu: That idiot Unabara surely worked hard for this. - Speaking about the calling off of Misuzu's assassination order.
  • Accelerator: Interesting, it's so interesting to have an objective. - When stating his desire of out playing the boards of directors.


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