Toaru Majutsu no Index Epilogue
禁書目録の少女の結末 Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum.
The Conclusion of the Index of Prohibited Books Girl — Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum.
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Index meets a frog-faced doctor at a certain hospital and as news of a certain blast destroying a satellite in space spreads, she spends her time reading a letter Stiyl wrote to Touma, which tells of the Anglican Church's decision to leave Index be for the meantime after the incident has left the church baffled. Soon, after a short talk with the frog-faced doctor, Index heads to Touma's hospital room, where he was welcomed by Kamijou Touma—alive, but had his memories destroyed as a result of contact with the feathers from the St. George's Sanctuary spell. Knowing this, Index anxiously starts a conversation with him, only to be fooled by acting like a stereotypical amnesiac. As a result, a raging Index bites Touma in the head before storming out of his room.

The frog-faced doctor visits Touma's room as soon as Index stepped out and quickly exposes the truth behind Touma's condition. After being reminded about the destruction of his memories, Touma explains his sentiments to keep Index from crying. Understanding this, the frog-faced doctor listens as Touma claims to remember more than the things he had lost in his head, pointing to his heart, where he says his other memories are.


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