Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 2 Chapter 1
ガラスの要塞 The_Tower_of_BABEL.
A Tower of Glass: The_Tower_of_BABEL.
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Index v02 029

Science and Magic meet

Stiyl Magnus is allowed access into Calculate Fortress in Academy City despite being a magician. He meets the one who governs Academy City, Aleister, who seems alarmed about a particular Deep Blood being held hostage by a magician, and thus prefers fellow magicians to deal with the threat to avoid a possible clash between his espers and the magicians outside. To add, the magician who has captured Deep Blood is located within a "cult of science" in Misawa Cram School. Although frightened about Aleister's very existence, he agrees to cooperate.

Index v02 047

A certain Miko

Meanwhile, in Macronall Hamburger, Kamijou Touma ends up dealing with the miko's problems as Index and Aogami Pierce watch. The miko reveals that a lack of planning and impulsive thoughts have left her without a single cent in her pocket. Worse, Index is also losing her temper over the miko who continues to demand money. Eventually, she leaves, just as ten mysterious men in suits accompany her to parts unknown.

That late afternoon, Touma and Index proceed to go home, but not until Index starts demanding to get a pet cat, which Touma quickly rejects due to dormitory rules. Then, Index runs off as soon as she feels a magic spell being cast somewhere, and Touma is joined by Stiyl Magnus. After a show of hostility to his former enemy, Stiyl shifts into his real agenda: to rescue someone who is currently imprisoned by an alchemist inside Misawa Cram School. That someone holds the power to kill vampires, an impossible feat even for the most powerful magicians.

Touma showed no interest in being dragged into Stiyl's business. But after threatened by Stiyl to have Index taken away the moment he rejects the offer and after seeing the face of their target, the "miko" named Himegami Aisa, Touma decided to confront the girl for putting herself in the same situation with Index before he lost his memories.


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