Volume 2 Prologue
相変わらずな日々 The_Beginning_of_The_End.
The Same Usual Everyday: The_Beginning_of_The_End.
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The day after losing his memory, Kamijou Touma tries to return to normal life by buying reference books for school. As he tries to keep others from knowing about his memory loss, he continues living with Index, who now accompanies him on a trip to the bookstore. As he fights Index's urges to eat ice cream, he meets his friend Aogami Pierce "for the first time" and the eccentric boy showed his annoying first impression to Touma and Index, causing the latter to lash out on him.

In order to tame the angered Index, he takes her to a nearby fast-food restaurant (right after the ice cream stand closed down), with Aogami tagging along. There, he sees a miko sleeping on a table. Before long, Index and Aogami sat beside the miko, taking away any chance for Touma to escape the misfortune looming in the corner.

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  • Kamijou Touma experiences life without memories of his past for the first time.
  • Touma meets Himegami Aisa for the first time.


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