The third Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel volume was first published on September 20, 2004. It is the first novel to focus on the science side with the title character, Index, not even making a significant appearance. The story deals with Touma after his memory loss meeting an acquaintance from the past, Misaka Mikoto, and getting involved with her secret, her clones used for an experiment where they are killed by the strongest esper in Academy City, the Accelerator.

Publisher's Summary

"Such misfortune..."

Midsummer evening.

Kamijou Touma murmurs as the money he plans to spend on juice is swallowed by a vending machine after a long day of supplementary lessons.

"Wait a sec! What are you doing here?"

Accompanied by the tapping sound of a pair of loafers, Misaka Mikoto notices Kamijou Touma.


After that, a girl with the splitting image of Mikoto appears.

A meeting of three people.

This is the narrative of the events that happened within that incident.

With Accelerator called out, his slaughtering play begins again as nightfall opens up.


Localized Releases


어떤 마술의 금서목록 3
Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v03 Korean cover
Release Date 한국어 March 13, 2007[2]
ISBN-13 한국어 ISBN 978-89-252-0621-9
Number of Pages 324 pages

한여름날의 저녁. 보충수업을 마치고 돌아오는 길에
주스 자동판매기에 돈을 먹힌 카미조 토우마는 그렇게 중얼거렸다.
"잠깐─. 뭐 하는 거야, 너?"
뚜벅뚜벅 구둣발 소리를 내며 미사카 미코토는 카미조에게 말을 걸었다.
그후 미코토와 얼굴이 똑 닮은 미사카의 여동생이 다가왔다.
세 사람의 만남, 그것이 사건의 시작이었다. 액셀러레이터(일방통행)라고 불리는
레벨5(초능력자)가 일으킨 살육극의 시작이었다─.


魔法禁書目錄 3
Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v03 Chinese cover
Release Date ‪中文(台灣)‬ April 26, 2008[3]
中文 May 20, 2012[4]
ISBN-13 ‪中文(台灣)‬ ISBN 978-986-174-654-8[3]
中文 ISBN 978-7-5356-5296-6[4]

投銅板買果汁卻被自動販賣機吃錢的上条當麻又開始感慨自己的不幸, 但這時他卻被「放電國中妹」御坂美琴給叫住。 然而更讓上条驚訝的是,美琴居然還有一個長相一模一樣的妹妹! 這三個人的相遇,卻也揭開了一件由超能力者所引發的殺戮慘劇事件序幕……


A Certain Magical Index Volume 3
A Certain Magical Index Light Novel v03 cover
Release Date English May 19, 2015[5]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 9780316340540[5]
Number of Pages 260 pages
Touma Kamijou is the unluckiest boy in Academy City. Having settled the magical side of his problems for a while, the scientific side of things starts to heat up when Touma's rival-turned-friend Mikoto meets her own clone. That's only the beginning of a chain of events that leads Touma and Mikoto to face their deadliest foe yet. Kazuma Kamachi's smash hit light novel series continues!



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