Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 08 was first published on January 10, 2006. It features for the first and only time Shirai Kuroko as the protagonist of a novel. It also features the Accelerator in another heroic after the events of the 5th volume.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Tokiwadai Middle School. The girls' school that every schoolgirl in Academy City envies. Of course, all of the students attending this school can be called "Onee-sama" in their own right.

One of those "Onee-samas", Misaka Mikoto, has just finished her Physical Education class, and takes a shower to douse off sweat and to cool off from her tiring class, only to hear a voice from a girl from the shower stall beside hers.

Shirai Kuroko. Member of the committee that protects public order in Academy City, Judgment, and a Level 4 Teleporter. She would later invite Misaka to join her in shopping.

This is the beginning of Kuroko's long, long day. The day when she finally sees the truth behind Misaka Mikoto.

When Misaka Mikoto and "that guy" cross paths, Shirai Kuroko's story shall begin!


Prologue: One of Five Fingers — A_TOKIWA-DAI's_World.Edit

September 14.

Tokiwadai Middle School's System Scan has been scheduled, and among those who participate are Teleporter Shirai Kuroko and Kongou Mitsuko, an Aero Hand. As Kongou considers forming a student faction of her own, only to have the idea shattered by Misaka Mikoto, who is conducting her System Scan as well.

Chapter 1: After School of Girls — After_School_of_Angels.Edit

Mikoto decides to join Kuroko to the School Garden's shopping district. As Kuroko adds more seductive underwear to her wardrobe, Mikoto's childish tastes are soon exposed. Their afternoon of shopping soon ends, and Kuroko receives an urgent call from Judgment.

Meanwhile, news of various countries outside Academy City launching shuttles to outer space began to break out.

Between the LinesEdit

Touma is preparing dinner for him, Index, and her calico cat Sphynx. Index is soon interested to find out what the symbols used in weather reports are, and while Touma explains in science's perspective, Index tries to convert it into magical knowledge. Touma soon finds himself defending their dinner from a sudden attack.

Index is confused about the weather prediction system of Academy City... which seems to be losing its perfect accuracy.

Chapter 2: Girls Facing Off — Space_and_Point.Edit

Kuroko handles a case that doesn't concern the school: a robbery that involves a certain luggage bag. However various clues reveal that this might not be a simple robbery. The Teleporter decides to act alone to apprehend the suspects. The task seems easier than expected, but the tables are turned when she faces a humiliating defeat by a "more powerful" Teleporter. The user of Move Point escapes with a vital piece of Academy City's fastest supercomputer.

Between the LinesEdit

After almost losing his abilities as an esper after his rescue of Last Order, Accelerator suffers defeat of the most unusual kind as he is forced to take a bath with the playful Misaka Clone #20001. They are staying on Yoshikawa Kikyou's place, with Yomikawa Aiho serving as the guardian of the two. Although a bit annoyed that she has to do babysitting, Aiho doesn't complain about the task, though she would need to leave them behind for some Anti-Skill work.

Chapter 3: The Light that Conceals the Fragments — "Remnant"Edit

With links to the incident that involves rumors of the "strongest Level 5" being defeated by a Level 0 spread, Kuroko continues her investigation. All this while keeping everything a secret to Misaka Mikoto, who was a key person in a certain experiment.

To Kuroko's surprise, however, Mikoto has once confronted the Move Point user Musujime Awaki, and this made her decide that the only way to solve things is to dive into the heart of the battlefield.

Between the LinesEdit

In spite of recovering from her injuries, Misaka Clone #10032 decides to act immediately as the race to retrieve the remaining remnants of the Tree Diagram has reached the Misaka Network. 10032 decides that she should move to retrieve the Remnant, even if it would damage her body in the process. And the only way for her to help is to call a certain someone back into the battlefield.

Misaka Clone #10032, despite the injuries in her body, rushes to Kamijou Touma's dormitory room, bringing a request: to save her and the remaining MISAKA Clones.

Chapter 4: The Mediator — Break_or_Crash?Edit

While Mikoto continues on her search for Awaki's location, the user of Move Point moves to higher ground to lose the Electromaster. However, someone else managed to find her — Judgment's Shirai Kuroko. Another fight started between the two Teleporters, which still ends with Awaki victorious, but only until she loses her grip on her psychic abilities.

Shirai is rescued from Awaki's out of control ability, and Awaki manages to escape the scene, only to face the "strongest" esper, Accelerator.

Epilogue: Each of Their Every Day — One_Place,One_Scene.Edit

Due to the extent of her injuries, Kuroko is taken to a hospital, where she would stay to recover. She had to slap Kamijou Touma for visiting her at the worst possible time, and now, she is experiencing heaven at her Onee-sama's side. Meanwhile, Accelerator is staying to recover as he is a patient as well. News about the destruction of the Science Organization has reached him, which turns out to be related to Amai Ao, the scientist involved in the SISTERS experiment.

Kuroko apologizes to Mikoto for being weaker than her Onee-sama, but regains her determination to protect Mikoto despite the gap in power.

Localized ReleasesEdit


어떤 마술의 금서목록 8
Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v08 Korean cover
Release Date 한국어 January 10, 2008[2]
ISBN-13 한국어 ISBN 978-89-252-2296-7
Number of Pages 262 pages
이곳은 학원도시의 모든 여학생들이 선망의 눈길을 보내는 명문 여학교 토키와다이 중학교,

물론 다니는 학생들은 모두 '아가씨' 다.
그 '아가씨' 들 중 한 사람, 미사카 미코토가 체육 수업이 끝난 후에
땀에 젖은 몸을 씻으려고 샤워를 하고 있는데 옆에서 한 소녀가 말을 걸었다.
시라이 쿠로코, 학원도시의 치안을 지키는 '저지먼트(선도위원)'이자 텔레포트(공간이동) 능력을 갖고 있는
레벨4(대능력)의 소녀. 그녀는 미코토에게 방과 후에 같이 쇼핑을 가자고 한다.
—그것이 쿠로코의 기나긴 하루의 시작이 되었다.
언니 미사카 미코토의 진짜 모습을 알게 되는 기나긴 하루에⋯.
언니와 '그 신사'가 교차할 때 시라이 쿠로코의 이야기는 시작되는 거예요?!


A Certain Magical Index Volume 8
Index vol 8 English edition cover
Release Date English August 23, 2016[3]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-0-316-35992-4[3]
Number of Pages 192 pages
Tokiwadai Middle School--a place bathed in the envious gazes of all the schoolgirls in Academy City. Every single one of its female students is a proper young lady, and none more so than Mikoto Misaka. Kuroko--a Level Four teleporter and a member of Judgment, the organization that preserves public order in the city--knows this all too well. She invites her darling Misaka out to go shopping, but that's just the beginning of what ends up being a very, very long day, one in which she sees Misaka's true form and may wish she hadn't...



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